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Short Dresses

Attending prom ought to be the best part of a girl's life when she is in high school. When attending such a momentous occasion, you’ll want to have the ideal prom dress. Knowing what body type you have can be helpful when you’re looking for a dress. 

Customarily, girls have on long dresses, maybe ankle length or a bit longer, to go to the prom. Lately, that trend has begun to fade. A short prom dress is currently acknowledged as a fashionable selection for prom. The short dress can be just as stylish and chic as a longer one. You should give just as much consideration when you are selecting a short prom dress as you would if you were looking for a long one. You want to look gorgeous in your dress, but feeling comfortable in it is a priority as well. 

Though long, even floor length dresses, If you're lucky enough to have a great set of legs, have a look at the great selection of short prom dresses available this year. Short dresses in bright colors and fun patterns are a great alternative to traditional long dresses and gowns.You'll find styles with fitted bodices and knee-length layers of tulle glammed up with sparkling rhinestones, to a strapless short satin ball-gown with a netted underskirt in a bright contrasting color for unexpected flair to a soft drapey sheath with a ruffled hem. All the glamor of a longer prom dress with lots of stylish flair. Feathers, beading and embroidery are featured on gorgeous short prom dresses for a more fun, than formal look.

Short Prom Dresses
It's finally prom. You've been looking forward to it since the beginning of high school (maybe even longer!). But then, the anxiety sets in. What am I going to wear?!? Calm down and listen. Here are a few tips for you as you prepare for the big night:Go shopping with whoever you want. Don't let a parent or friend guilt trip you into going with them. 

The buying process is half the fun of prom, so make sure you're with someone enjoyable, yet honest so that they will tell you when something looks good on your or not. Obviously, PROM DRESSES are at the top of any checklist for girls’ prom plans. And, while you’re making that list, add a camera and film, because prom pictures will immortalize you in the formal gown you’ve chosen. Prom Dresses from 2008 are just one category of formal wear, so take time to shop the many online sites we have to offer you. 

Whether you are looking for designer fashion wear in formal clothing, trend-setting styles or need to pick the cheapest or most affordable evening wear for that special occasion; don’t fret! There will always be the perfect dress to fit, both, your imagination and budget. Finally, factor in the necessary time in planning for any alterations you may require or to take advantage of generous return policies, if necessary.

Cocktail Dresses

While you can't go wrong with the quintessential little black dress, you can make the most of your attributes by selecting a cocktail to enhance your figure, detracting the eye from your weak spots, and drawing attention to your assets. You can even use jewelry to draw the eye to the neckline and away from the body entirely. Follow along with our tips for selecting the perfect cocktail dress, regardless of your shape or size.

When you're dressed to kill and you know it, you're free to relax and enjoy the occasion, spend time making merry with friends rather than wasting energy wondering how you look. Cocktail parties are hit since years. They are a social gathering between friends, families etc and are being thrown with the main purpose to enjoy the eve. The main thing that makes the cocktail party hit is cocktail dress. But for making anything hit tips work as a great helping hand. Similarly to enjoy the best flavor of cocktail party it’s very important to know about beauty enhancing tips related to dresses.

The Little Black Dress (LBD) is the best option to wear for cocktail parties since years and will remain so forever. It lends a chic look on wearing. But changes are always welcome in fashion line and are very good to alter the appearance. Tips given here will give you equally chic look like LBD on cocktail parties.

Summer Dresses

The most important things to consider when narrowing down ones wardrobe for the summer months are very simple to keep in mind, the three Cs being a useful mnemonic for remembering. Colour, Comfort, and Cut are the primary factors that should influence any gentleman's decisions when purchasing summer wardrobe items – they are of supreme importance for a variety of reasons.

During hot summer months in Eastern Europe, light dresses and skirts come out for Eastern European women, and slacks and summer shirts come out for men. Women will wear sandals or heels and men will wear summer footwear but usually not sneakers. Western women who fear drawing too much attention by wearing breezy dresses and skirts shouldn't - Eastern European women will upstage you even when you wear what you consider to be your most provacative outfit!I’ve had my share of attending one wedding after another especially in the summer season where weddings are at they peak!

We must be smart in buying dresses that you can wear not only at your friends’ weddings but also for other special occasions! Below are 3 of my favorite dresses I’m just drooling to buy and what’s good about it? They’re all less than $100!

Formal Dress

When faced with occasion to buy a new formal dress, most of us have heard that age-old "wisdom" that it's good to choose a dress that one can "cut off and worn again" (in less formal circumstances).The truth is few of us ever really have our formals cut down to street-length, and few shortened formals would ever be anything other than "shorter formals" even if they were cut.Looking for a dress that feeds the dilusion that it can later be cut into a more practice, street-length, dress is not the most realistic or best approach.

A formal dress is for a formal occasion. Formal occasions call not only for a beautiful dress, but for one that will make its wearer her ost beautiful. Formal occasions aren't about dress that border on being street dresses.First of all, do not try to cover up your body with baggy . You have assets and you should not hide them underneath a bunch of fabric. 

The excess fabric will only make you look bigger, so you may as well embrace the fact that you're how you are, even if this is only a temporary condition. Your formal or tuxedo should be fitted to your current body—do not buy it in a smaller size expecting to lose weight. The occasion for which you are preparing is important enough that you want to look really nice. You will be stressed out enough without worrying how you are going to squeeze into that tiny cummerbund.

Dress Halter

HalterDress options are many because so many women love the look and elegance of this type of dress. As you consider the options for a wedding dress that fit your overall body and your preferences, the halter is likely to come up.

These dresses are designed to be flattering to most people. If you want to show off your shoulders and your bust line, then this is the right type of dress for you.Keep in mind that halter dresses are some of the most popular options available.

They are generally available through most of the designers that are popular today. You can buy them off the shelve or have them custom designed for your particular body needs. In most cases, these dresses are great for just about any woman and her body shape and size.

Evening Dresses

Evening parties are very enchanting and are the best place for enjoyment. They are full of glamour. And such glamorous events need dresses that can represent them in the same manner. That's why it's seen that evening dresses are very high in glamour quotient.Perfect evening dress provides the ultimate pleasure. It increases your festivity by infinity times. Every woman desires that all eyes should befall on her. 

Romanticism of the aura entices women to make an exclusive style statement in the crowd. And for that right selection of dress is must to become an apple of everybody's eye.Anyone can choose the most beautiful dress amongst many but what is important is to opt for the one beautifies you.

Evening dress comes in various fanciful ways but women should go for the one that suit her style and personality. Guidelines are best to channelize you in this task. Below are given few tips to make your evening party a memorable experience.

Casual Dress Fashion

casual dresses first grew in popularity after World War I. Young people at that time didnt really own casual clothes, but wore their older clothes when they didnt want to dress up. In Indian wear, the kurta pyjama takes on the role of a casual outfit.Even among women, a salwar kameez and dupatta or a churidhar kameez in lighter fabrics and embellished with embroidery have found favor as the can be used for dressing up or down.

Over time, casual dressing has evolved from the sloppy look of yesteryears to a smarter chic of today. Even in the business circuit, the dress code has moved from suits and heels to khakis and loafers for work wear.
The wardrobe for casual dressing for the corporate world would include khakis, white shirt, loafers and other proper accessories. Basic dress pants and
could also be added. Scarves, earrings, and could add a touch of color to the entire look. For men, a smart blazer in a solid color would go well with a pair of slacks. These days knits have become popular as they offer comfort and are also easy care.

Today, however, chinos and slacks have become very popular not only with the corporate types but also the younger lot. Sports outfits too are no longer restricted to the field. They have become a part of the everyday wardrobe with track pants and T- shirts being the accepted look at clubs and poolside meetings with friends. Worn-out denims and khakis are definitely in- things with the people who matter. For building a casual dress wardrobe… think khaki, denim, red, black, white.

Make sure you have a great pair of shoes to go with the casual dress look. For instance, like a colorful retro sneaks, boots or sandals. Use casual accessories like sporty watches and bags to complete the look.

Bridesmaid Dress Fashion

Bridesmaids dresses have a bad reputation for being hideous monstroseties of ruffles and pleates.
Fortunately the bridal industry no longer carries dresses like those; in fact, bridesmaids gowns are lovely numbers that can be worn in other formal occassions. The number one thing you should consider when choosing your bridesmaids dresses is their comfort. Just because it’s your wedding, doesn’t mean you can make your entourage wear something they don’t like!Ask your bridesmaids for their input; take one or two of them when you go shopping for the dresses and listen to their opinions. Chances are, your bridesmaids are girlfriends you’ve had for a very long time. You can count on them to be completely honest wit you.Pick out a style that will suit their body types.

I recommend A-line dresses, as they look flattering on everyone. If your bridesmaids are on the heavy side, avoid tight-fitting dresses. Avoid bodices if your bridesmaids are flat-chested. If you’re still confused about what dress style to get, ask your couturier or the saleslady at the bridal shop for advice.
Choose a color that will suit your wedding’s color scheme and match your wedding gown. Make sure the design of your bridesmaids gown is as simple as possible so they can wear them at other formal events.

You might also want to consider just ditching the bridesmaid dress idea and have them wear any dress they want. That way you’ll spend less on your wedding and you won’t have to worry that your bridesmaids will itch and squirm in a bridesmaids dress that doesn’t fit them well.

Homecoming Dresses]

In America, the excitement of homecoming events first began last century as fundraising efforts by local high schools & colleges.

A successful homecoming event is, and still remains, a good way to attract the most numbers of school alumni and rekindle a deep sense of school spirit so that they give (and give generously!) to fundraising efforts during Spirit Week.Indiana University and the University of Illinois both claim the first modern homecoming celebration featuring a popular football game. Today, the homecoming football game is one of the biggest of the year, usually played against a traditional rival, and preceeded by special pep rallies, bonfires, or other extravaganzas in celebration the night before.Also accompanying the homecoming hoopla are parades complete with marching bands & floats, and a Homecoming Court that crowns the Homecoming Queen and King, who are usually chosen from among the most popular and talented students and athletes.

Homecoming mums, which have grown more elaborate year after year, are another popular tradition featuring corsage creations inspired by the favorite Fall flower. The most important ccessory, however, has to be the elegant homecoming dress or gown worn at the culmination of any homecoming celebration - the homecoming dance, which over the years has taken on all the significance of a school prom.

Themes for the big night don't necessarily have to focus on romance, however, and school dance committees have free reign on picking a theme that usually runs the gamut from Oscar party themes to Hawaiian luau or Halloween fright nights.Around the Web, learn more about the annual tradition of planning a college or high school event, plus ideas for homecoming dresses and hairstyles, advice on other party themes and decorations, and more tips for throwing a homecoming event they'll long remember...

Plus Size Dresses
Plus Size Prom Dresses, Prom Gowns, Prom Fashion, Prom Styles Remember your 2009 Prom with a perfect prom dress.

Look gorgeous in your grad gown choosing styles which are perfectly proportioned for the plus size figure, flatter your curves and accent your best features.

Plus Size Prom Gowns: Soft satin A-line gowns are slimming and easy to wear. You can dress in celebrity style in a gown with flowing a-line silk skirt and halter neckline, accessorized with beautiful gathers or beadwork.

Materials for 2009 plus size prom dresses can vary from smooth satin, to glittering metallic or delicate chiffon fabrics.Knee length short prom dresses are good choice for formal occasions like prom 2009.

Knee- short skirts and halter tops help you show off. Choose from sophisticated and elegant colors like black and red, be bold in pretty colors like turquoise or beautiful patterns. Add extra glamor to prom 2009 outfit with sparkling sequins and beading work.

The prom is an extra special occasion, and of course you want to have an extra special look. Do you imagine breezing into the prom as a retro starlet, a sleek sophisticate, or a fairy tale princess? Do you want to look timeless, trendy, sweet, or sexy? Formal occasions give us the chance to dress up in extravagant clothes that we don’t normally get to wear---enjoy it!

Pageant Dresses

 Have you recently decided that you would like your child to enter into beauty contests? 

Whether your child is a toddler, a teen, or an elementary school aged child, it is likely that you will be in charge of choosing and buying a beauty pageant dress. 

A beauty pageant dress is an important part of a pageant; therefore, you will want to make sure that you take your time and choose the perfect beauty pageant dress for your child, not just any ole of the first things that many parents do is try to envision what type of dress they would like their child to wear. 

While this is more than doable to do, you never really know what you will find. Instead of wasting time discussing what you may or may not even come across, you may want to move and save the discussions until after you start shopping. So, in that case, the first thing that you may want to do is head on down to your shopping mall or dress store.It is also advised that you bring your daughter along with you.

If your daughter is unable to attend, for one reason or another, you can look, but you may want to hold off on buying. A beauty pageant dress is one that should be a joint decision between everyone involved, even your child, especially if she is a teenager. Once you and your daughter have a handful of beauty pageant dresses that they would like to at least try on, you will want to get started with doing so.

Wedding Lace Dresses

Looking lace wedding dresses for your weddings? Try this elegant designs.

lace wedding dress

Lace wedding dress, beautiful strapless white gown with tiered skirts.

lace wedding gown

Lace wedding gown - stunning lace bolero.

wedding dress with lace

Absolutely wedding dress with lace.

Echo Design

Summer is only a couple of weeks away. Bring on the fun in style...

Large terry handheld tote $ 98;Available in 5 different colors
Really cute bag to bum around on the beach with.

Studded scarf with fringe $98
Add some color and embellishment to your wardrobe. Pair with a simple solid colored tank and white jeans for the full effect. Fab!

Imperial paisley oversized square scarf $48
Echo is known for their beautifully designed and durable scarves!Perfect for just about any occasion,transform a plain outfit with a paisley scarf.

Cheetah Spots scarf $58
If you're not ready for an cheetah print dress,shoe or bag-start slow with this beautiful scarf!

The Jimmy Choo Ramona Pyramid Gold Studded Bag
I love this bag. I wear a lot of dark colors...I'm slowly playing around with bright colors and neons,lol. But this purse will so good with my color palettes. It's an edgy casual day to day bag that for the MOST part would look good with anything. The thing is it's $3,125. Is it worth it?

Wedding Gowns With Color

                                         Wedding gowns with color inspiration for your best weddings.
wedding gown with color

wedding dress with color 

 Red is most popular in wedding dress with color.

wedding dresses with color accents

Something green in white wedding dress with color accents.

Tips 4 Corporate Dress

  • You must have the basic pieces of clothing. For females, these are black slacks, long-sleeved blouses, a black tailored jacket and a pencil skirt. For men, these are black slacks, long-sleeved polos, and a tailored jacket.
  • Wear simple jewelry. Pearls are a good option.
  • Go for a classic style instead of a trendy one. You goal is to imbibe a professional,smart and lasting image so now’s not the time to be creative and experimental with your outfit.
  • Invest in good quality clothing,shoes and accessories for corporate attire because you will be using it often.
  • Keep in mind that your goal for corporate dressing is to attract and not to distract people. With this, it’s safer to choose subdued, monochromatic and neutral rather than bright and striking colors such as red and neon green.
  • Use a leather belt if the pants have belt loops.
  • Consider the appropriate fabric according to the season. Wear lighter fabrics like linen during summer and thicker material such as tweed during winter.
  • Match your handbag, belt and shoes. Black is a good choice of color for these items since they look good with practically almost anything.
  • Tie your hair in a bun or a ponytail if your hair is shoulder length or longer. And go to a professional hairstylist regularly for a neat haircut.

Corporate Dress

Corporate Dresses

A corporate dress is a clothing prescribed for business wear. Wearing a corporate dress is part of representing your image as a professional in an organization.

Corporate dress depends on the nature of work. If your job requires you to be exposed to outdoors most of the time, you will need clothes with light and comfortable fabrics. But for jobs which require you to stay in the office often, you will need thicker fabrics.

A corporate dress may suggest your line of work. For example, you can distinguish a military personnel from a nurse just by seeing their uniforms.

Corporate dresses can also suggest hierarchy of positions in an organization. For instance, bosses are expected to dress more formal than their subordinates.

Bridesmaid BodyTypes

  • Petite – Choose dresses which are slightly above or exactly knee-length. Avoid long dresses because they will make you look shorter. Instead, you can opt for a short, form-fitting dress with interesting details. And high heeled shoes are definitely your allies.
  • Tall – You can wear tea-length or ankle-length dresses. Spruce up your outfit with a sash or a belt to break off long lines and accentuate your waist.
  • Full-figured – You can wear a dark sash to cinch your waist and show off your curves. Less embellishments create a slimming effect. For skirts, you can also opt for bias cut, A-line, slightly flared or pleated.
  • Pear-shaped - A-line skirts, subtly flared or pleated skirts conceal large hips. Add interesting details on the top to draw attention away from the bottom.

Bridesmaid Dress

  • Consider the wedding theme and venue. For instance, if the theme is traditional, then bridesmaid dress will most likely be elegant and sophisticated gowns. If it is a beach theme, then bridesmaids may let their hair down and wear summer dresses.
  • The bridesmaid dress color should follow the exact or at least a shade darker or lighter than the motif. It looks pleasant that way.
  • Consult the dress design with your bridesmaids. In that way, they would know which style and cut would they agree on and that would they be most comfortable in. Let them leaf through wedding magazines and catalogs for ideas.
  • You can search the web for thousands of bridesmaid dress designs.
  • If the bridesmaids have similar body shapes and they all agree on one design, then that’s good. Otherwise, you may have different designs of bridesmaid dresses. There is no rule that bridesmaid dresses have to be identical.
  • You can seek advice of a professional designer since they are well-versed with a woman’s silhouette and they know which clothes suit any body type.
  • If necessary, remind your bridesmaids that there are no provocative numbers allowed in a wedding.

Tips 4 Black Dress 
  • You can recreate the look of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s sans the black gloves by wearing a sleeveless little black dress paired with pearl earrings and long pearl necklace.
  • You can wear an little black dress underneath a blazer in neutral color and pumps for daytime business wear.
  • You can attach brooch pins on your little black dress to add a little splash of color.
  • little black dress matched with a red-polished nails spell sexy while little black dress paired with french manicure is classy.
  • You can wear a metallic or bright-colored belt to liven up the little black dress.
  • You can use chunky accessories like beaded necklace and match it with the LBD for a trendy look.
  • If you’re wearing the little black dress, keep legs bare or use a pair of stockings that matches with your skin tone. Don’t overdo the look by wearing black or white stockings.

Black Dress

The little black dress (LBD), popularized by the famous fashion icon Coco Chanel in 1926, is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. Before it became a fashion staple, black used to be the color for mourning. Now Little Black Dress is worn on many different ways, whether it’d be parties or business wear, from formal to casual outfit, the possibilities are endless.

Little Black Dress (LBD) is a classic piece which is very versatile. It is usually worn in the evening but it can also be worn on daytime if matched with the proper accessories. You can dress it down or jazz it up depending on your preference. 

This understated yet elegant dress can be worn on different occasions. Wearing the little black dress is almost fool-proof. A black dress gives a slimming effect.

When a woman finds it hard to choose a dress color, the safe choice is black since it complements any body type. Since black is a neutral, you can pair it with any color of shoes or accessories. And black can also highlight your accessories because it provides a contrasting background. 
Because of its versatility, many women own at least one little black dress. And if you are not one of them, you should definitely buy one.

Jewelry Accessories

We all have those days when you just can't find any inspiration.Your outfit is dull and you feel dull.Maybe what you're really lacking is -accessories. A beaded headband and a long necklace can add something to a common graphic tee,skinnies&flats look.TIP:Don't over accessorize,it's not cute.Like Coco Chanel once said,always take off one thing before you leave the house.

My bargain (accessories) finds:

Retro Print Headbands.'Nuff said.

These unique statements studs are from Heritage 1981,the baby sister of Forever 21.It's just $4.50!!!

I love this! It is the territories pendant(32") necklace.I love the colors and the texture of the beads.This piece is so versatile.I can definitely see myself wearing this a white tee,denim cutoffs,bangles,glads and a large hobo bag.

Wow,I'm really doing the bohemninan thing lately.Anywho,this turquuse ring can only be found at Urban Outfitters for a debatble price of $18.Is it worth it?

Wow,this bracelet is gorgeous.It's the "Anissa Studded Bracelet" from Forever 21.This gorgeous,gorgeous bracelet is five antique metal filigree plates with faceted bead strung on elastic.

Tips 4 Mini Dress

  • For a preppy casual look, try matching a mini dress with ballet flats or walking shoes.
  • For partying, go for mini dresses in solid black or dark colors. Pair them with high-heeled sandals, clutch and diamonds, silver or gold jewelry.
  • If you have an apple-shaped body (top heavy), you can wear a wrap dress. It will draw attention away from your top and into your gorgeous legs.
  • Mini dresses in pastel, bright, or floral colors and light fabrics are good for summer wear.
  • You can wear opaque tights or black skinny pants underneath a mini dress if you don’t want to show off your legs.
  • Want to add something new in your wardrobe? You might want to have a bubble dress. It is a kind of a mini dress that is cute, feminine, trendy and great for cocktail parties too.

Mini dress

A mini dress is a one-piece dress with a hemline which falls inches above the knee. Mini dresses may either be sleeved or sleeveless. Mini dresses usually bring a youthful, feminine and sexy appeal to those who wear them.
A mini dress can go from daytime to nighttime. It is versatile and it can be worn with different kinds of sandals. For those who are adventurous, mini dresses may also be paired with walking shoes. Wearing a mini dress is one way to show off gorgeous legs

Mini dresses are good for girls in any height. But for thick women, pulling off a mini dress can be quite tricky. Nevertheless, it can still be manageable for them if they know the tricks of the trade.

Vintage Clothing Tips

  • Match vintage pieces with modern clothing so that you will not look like you’re outdated and overdoing the vintage thing.
  • Select vintage pieces which are still wearable.
  • The best way to clean a vintage dress is through handwashing using mild soap. If you must dry clean your dress, remove the buttons first or cover them with aluminum foil for protection.
  • Check if there are stains on the dress. If so, ask the seller if the stain has been around since they obtained the dress. Long-standing stains tend to be permanent.
  • Also check if there are any damages or loose stitching in the dress.
  • If you are planning to purchase a vintage dress through online auction, do not hesitate to ask about the details of the dress. You can also ask for more photos of the dress.

Vintage Dresses
The vintage haute couture and the ready-to-wear vintage or prĂȘt-a-porter vintage. A vintage haute couture dress is a special piece of clothing specifically made by a fashion boutique to its client. This kind of dress is highly prized because of its uniqueness and good quality.
On the other hand, the ready-to-wear vintage dress is a retro type of clothing that is mass-produced. You can find this kind of dress in thrift shops.

Fashion has undergone many evolutions throughout the years, and each decade represents a unique characteristic or trademark in fashion history. For instance, 1960’s was the decade where mini dresses are the rave. 1970’s was the disco era and flared pants, ethnic dresses and skirts of all lengths are the “in” things. Even the detail of each dress is unique because the materials used and the person’s taste in clothing changes with time.

Vintage dresses are the trend nowadays from casual to formal wear. A lot of celebrities mix and match vintage pieces with modern clothing. The Olsen twins, Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz and Sienna Miller are just some of the famous personalities who are fans of vintage dresses. There are also celebrities who wear vintage gowns to red carpet events.

Now, you can see on the pages of fashion magazines that the trend is bringing back the looks of the past by wearing vintage-inspired dresses. These dresses are actually new but have the traits of clothing styles during the past eras.

TIps 4 Summer Dress

  • Wear clothes which are made up of fabrics like cotton, linen, chino, tightly-woven lightweight wool and silk. They are lightweight, comfortable and more appropriate for the warm season.
  • Go for loose-fitting clothes because it allows air circulation throughout the body. It also helps you to avoid skin irritation caused by friction from wearing tight-fitting clothes.
  • Avoid buying clothes made of synthetic fibers because they can trap heat and perspiration. The result is your clothes might get smelly soon and you will feel even hotter.
  • For your bottoms, instead of wearing denim which is a heavy cotton material, you can opt for cotton and linen trousers since they are lighter and more appropriate for summer.
  • Always use sunblock for sun protection. And wear sunglasses if you’ll be going outdoors.
  • Use footwear that allows for more air circulation to avoid having smelly feet.

Summer Dresses

Summer Dress

Summer dresses are made up of lightweight and comfortable fabric which is ideal to wear for the summer season. There are many variations of summer dress for men and women.

A typical summer dress for women can be any of the following: a long dress or maxi dress, mini dress, sleeveless or short-sleeved blouses. T-shirts, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, mini shorts, or mini skirts. For men, the usual summer outfit consists of tank tops, polo shirts, board shorts or summer pants.

Summer dresses

Tips 4 casual dress
  • You may opt to wear minimal jewelry or none at all. Instead of using gold, pearl or diamonds, try fancy wooden or plastic accessories.
  • Casual wear is all about comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Try rubber shoes, slippers, flats or loafers for footwear. Your feet need to take a break from those killer heels every now and then.
  • Invest in clothing pieces that are durable, long lasting and can be mixed and match.
  • In wearing casual clothes, there are no rules and restrictions. So if you want to wear prints, then do so!

Types of casual dress

  • Active Casual – the type you would wear when you are moving a lot; sporty
  • Business Casual – relaxed version of business attire yet still maintaining the air of professionalism
  • Dressy Casual – comfortable yet semi-dressy, for dinners, art exhibits, casual weddings
  • Rugged Casual – utility attire, outdoorsy
  • Sporty Casual – relaxed and comfortable, the type you would wear when running errands
  • Smart Casual – pulled together look, neat and presentable

Casual Dress

casual dress

A casual dress is a comfortable dress which is intended for daily wear. A casual dress can either be a one-piece or two piece suit. Casual dresses are almost associated with ‘dressing down’.

There are many types of casual dresses but the most common are shorts, dress, jeans, swimwear, shirt, skirt and blouse.

In wearing casual dresses, anything goes, as long as your outfit looks neat and presentable. Casual denotes freedom of expression. This means that by wearing casual dresses,

There are no rules or restrictions unlike in formal dresses or ceremonial dresses. You can wear casual dresses according to your own style and preference.

There are many kinds of casual dresses which were popularized throughout the decades, but ultimate casual dress is t-shirt and jeans. The pair are known for comfort and utility. They are also a fashion staple for both men and women.

Prom Fancy Dress

A prom dress is a fancy dress worn during prom night, a social gathering in high school or college. Prom dresses vary depending on the prom theme. The traditional themes are either formal or semi-formal. But some people would like to make their prom unique and thus they hold a costume-party theme.

Finding the right prom dress is one of the most important things that a teenager considers in planning for his/her prom night.

Teenagers are very meticulous in choosing their prom dress because it is a special event that only happens once or twice in a lifetime. It is an occasion where they can look glamorous and socialize with their classmates and friends, so it is important for them to look their best.

There are many styles of prom dress but the basics of a traditional prom dress consist of tuxedo or long-sleeved polo, black trousers and patent black leather shoes for gentlemen, while ladies usually wear either cocktail dress, ball gown or evening gown. In the early years, the trend for ladies were puffy ball gowns but through the years, the trend of prom dresses have evolved to sleeker and more elegant styles.

Popular Prom Dress

  • a–line/princess cut – seamless waist, form fitting at the top and slightly flaring from waist down; good for bottom heavy figures
  • ball gown – seamed waist, form fitting at top and full skirt from waist down, for average to tall figures
  • empire cut – high waistline starting beneath bust and long full skirt from waist down, good for camouflaging large hips and thick waist, also gives an illusion of height for petite figures
  • high-low – low-hemmed at the back and above the knee at front, good for showing off long legs and hourglass figure
  • sheath – body hugging all throughout, good for tall, for slim figures
  • tea length – knee-length, shows a more casual or relaxed side, ideal for tall, thin figure
  • tulle skirt/bouffant gown – form fitting at top with a stiff, puffy skirt at bottom, for bottom heavy figures

prom Style Fashion

Prom Dresses Liverpool - Two tone chiffon A-line with ribbon waist and bust line

Your Prom is one of the highlights of your academic year and choosing your Prom Dress should be part of the fun!

However it can easily become stressful and turn into a nightmare.

At Captivating Brides and Special Occasions we aim to make choosing your Prom Dress in Liverpool as stress-free as possible.
We understand that choosing the right dress is essential, and can guide you through the vast array of styles and colours to find the dress that is perfect for you.

So where do you start ?

When you start looking on the internet or in magazines for inspiration, the secret is not to get too rigid an idea of the image that you want to aim for. This is a fabulous opportunity to experiment with a look that you would never normally consider.
When you actually try some dresses and different images for yourself, you may find that your original idea just didn’t work, and that you fall in love with a dress that you had never dreamed would suit you.
This is where the experience of the staff at Captivating Brides and Special Occasions can help.

Choosing a dress for your Prom is not like choosing a t-shirt or a pair of jeans and most people are not used to how they look in a formal gown and wrongly believe that they are too tall/too short, too thin/too fat, too pear shaped etc., etc.
This is why it makes perfect sense to come to us for your dress. We have over 10 years experience of advising Brides on the styles that suit them best and helping them choose their dream dress.

Everyone has the worry that someone else will turn up at the Prom in the same dress. We make a note of which Prom all our customers are attending and we will not sell the same dress to two people attending the same Prom.

So whether you are going for “The Girl Next Door”, “The Little Minx” or “The Prom Queen” style, drop in and try on some dresses and we will help you choose your perfect dress.

5 Tips to help you choose The Perfect Prom Dresses in Liverpool

Prom Suit Hire in Liverpool

Tips For Prom Dress

A new worry about sentence commits. Incoming fact, they start developing crazy complete earlier then. Prom is a time out of higher educate and an innovation to something new. It is full of loudness, hex, and amusement. Prom is something that all young young ladies ambition around, and they would keep alive in the evening out for numerous ages to come.

One of the most fantastic parts would promenade wholesale sexy dress is complete. You should initiate looking for your gown weeks or perhaps still calendar months ago. Be sure to give yourself adequate clock time would get everything you need for your special evening taking places and accessories. You should also deal how long it would get for the dress to arrive in the mail.
You can purchase an off the ledge, but you desire your dress to be exciting and special equally it was produced just for you.
If it is a wholesale sexy dress you're looking for, be trust to view your personify type perfect fit. Not each physical structure cases can wearing good clothing. Start taking values to look what will fit on fashion and highlighting your picture. You require a wholesale sexy dress that is not just outside, just is pretty and seems great for you.
Wholesale sexy Dresses come in many attractive styles and shades much as loop, short, quiet cover, unbraced and simply name a few. Wholesale Sexy dresses get in different materials like satin, chiffon, charmeuse and taffeta, the lean is endless. For an additional set up some suppose to buy a beaded dress, sequenced, or metallic.
Some Other important element when selecting a Wholesale sexy dress is the colour. Not every colour would be adequate for your skin tone or body case. If you have an picture in complete use, consider the deeper colours much as wine-colored, midnight sexual, light or forest. If you have a long and poor figure, much as colours gold, dark, or taupe may be best for you. In place to look sexier, costume should be seen by a model that has vertical or endless, cutting edges.

Alyce Designs, Mori Lee, Jovani and are merely a few brands that offer designer wholesale dresses sexy, so look round. Implementation of these simple yet precious suggestions when looking for your wholesale dress sexy, you surely would close with the costume predicts that you always dreamed.

Tips 4 prom dress

  • Browse the latest prom catalogs or teen magazines for the latest styles of prom dresses. It is usually featured on January or February issue of the magazine. Aside from getting expert fashion advice, you can also find make-up and styling tips as well.
  • You can also search the web to get ideas for your prom dress design.
  • If you’re planning to have your prom dress tailored, a good time to do it would be a month or two before the actual event. That way, you will have ample time for dress alterations if necessary.
  • You should not try hard to fit into your dress; the dress should fit you. Do not follow the trend if it doesn’t complement your body shape. And don’t squeeze yourself to a dress that is a size smaller than yours. Wear a dress that is comfortable, something you would be confident wearing in. And wear something that will best feature your assets. After all, it’s your time to shine girl!
  • If you’re planning to have a date with you, discuss how you would coordinate your dresses. His tie should match your dress color. Otherwise, he may go for a black tie.
  • Pick a dress which goes well with your skin complexion. Cool colors (blue, pink, green, violet) complement fair skin tones while warm colors (yellow, orange, Choose a dress color that will enhance your youthful beauty, such as pastel colors.

Elegant Prom Hairstyles +Tips

Elegant prom updo 2010

Elegant prom updo 2010 with big wave curls

These tips will help you give your up do more volume, oomph, curls, waves, and shine!
1. Your Prom UpDo Hairstyle Needs More Volume
Hold your hair at the roots using straight clips while you are blow drying. This adds body and speedy height for your updo, that will stay with you all night.

2. Your Prom UpDo Hairstyle Needs More Oomph
While your hair is still moisture add middle Velcro rollers at your crown, after that blow dry. You can add a smallish bit of styling gel for extra hold.

3. Your Prom UpDo Hairstyle Needs More Curls
This works perfect for those big loose curls. Place the barrel of your curling iron middle strand, not at your ends, wrap your hair around your curling iron, but don’t clamp it down on the hair like normal. Hold for 15-20 seconds and have perfect curls that will last all night.

4. Your Prom UpDo Hairstyle Needs Natural Waves
This will give you those waves that look natural and soft. While your hair is moisture split it into four braids, on each side, braid two very tightly and braid two loose. Dry your hair using heat or let dry naturally, then unravel for hair that looks soft and natural.

5. Your Prom UpDo Hairstyle Needs More Shine
For a shiny finish to your prom updo spray with a fine-mist hair spray. Use a fleecy soft make up brush you save just for this and brush softly over your sprayed hair. You only need to use a soft touch of the brush, it smoothes beautifully without moving a hair out of place.