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Dry Spots on Skin

By Mamta Mule

While you get ready to take out those warm blankets and rugs with the arrival of cold whether, shopping for the best brand of moisturizer needs no mention. The dry skin problem that starts with the winters needs to be addressed each day with the application of a moisturizer. Dry patches, dry spots on face or other parts of your body or entire skin becoming extremely dry is a common trouble. But what if winters are not the cause of dry spots on skin? Yes, you might get these any time throughout the year and probably just a dab of moisturizer won't give any results. What causes such dry spots on skin?

Dry Spots on Skin: Causes
Definitely the whether remains one of the common causes of dry spots on skin, but there can be many other reasons as well. Such dry white spots on skin can be commonly caused due to eczema. Eczema is a skin problem where in the epidermis layer of your skin swells and reddens. You might also experience itching and crusting of these dry spots. Psoriasis can be another cause of dry spots accompanied by flaky skin. This is difficult to be cured and needs to be diagnosed by a dermatologist immediately. Extreme environmental conditions can also lead to dry spots. Extremely cold whether or too much exposure to sun-rays can be the cause. Another causes of dry spots can be dehydration and aging. Red dry spots on skin can also develop as an allergic reaction to the soaps or cosmetic products we use. Read more on white spots on skin.

Dry Spots on Skin: Treatment
You can try the below mentioned treatment for dry spots on skin at home itself. If you do not see any improvements in 1-2 weeks it is best to visit a dermatologist.

Start the treatment with drinking a lot of water. Fresh juices are a good way to maintain your skin texture but stay away from aerated drinks and caffeine. A healthy and balanced diet is must, which will provide your body the necessary nutrients to fight such conditions.

Protecting your skin from harsh whether is also essential. Wearing hats and using sun protection umbrellas is a great idea. Use a sunscreen lotion and a moisturizer from the best brands according to the whether. Stay away from he cosmetics for a few days. Also skip the use of your regular soap. Opt for an herbal or a homemade body scrub for a few days. In case your profession demands application of make-up everyday, opt for natural mineral make-up.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is know to be one of the best solution of dry spots on skin. Apply vitamin E oil or pop open the vitamin E capsules an apply the oil inside of them over the spots. This is an effective remedy for curing eczema as well. Read more on red spots on skin.

You can apply honey over he spots directly to cure the problem. You can also use a mixture of ½ tsp of honey and an egg yolk for this problem. Add 1 tsp dried out milk powder to this mixture. Mix well to form a paste and apply over the affected area. Wash off after 20 minutes.

Olive Oil
Application of olive oil over the dry spots is one of the safest and effective remedy. Apply it at least 2-3 times a day and massage gently in the area. Do not wash off if possible. Else you can just cleanse it after an hour. Read more on red itchy bumps.

The aforementioned treatment for dry spots on skin are sure to help you. Follow these for about two weeks to get the results. Regular skin care, especially cleansing should not be missed.

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Dry Feet

By Dr. Sumaiya Khan

Dry feet can prove to be a very discomforting condition to deal with. Not only are they very unsightly but they also tend to cause a lot of pain while standing and walking. This dryness is usually accompanied by cracked heels which further makes walking a very painful task. There can be various conditions that lead to dry skin on feet. These factors range from medical diseases to pure disregard for foot care. Given below are details regarding the various factors that cause dryness in feet and how to cure dry feet.

Dry Feet Causes
  • Faulty footwear: One of the most causes of dry feet is the use of improper footwear. Shoes that are ill-fitting do not support the feet. This can happen when wearing either too tight or too lose shoes. The excess pressure on the balls and the toes of the foot leads to dry skin on feet.
  • Aging: As a person ages, the skin looses its suppleness and hence, it is more susceptible to damage. A change in the environment and in temperatures can easily adversely affect the skin of feet.
  • Athlete's foot: A common fungal infection, athlete's foot is an infection that affects the feet and results in flaky, scaly and itchy skin. This fungal infection results in blisters which can burst at any time, leading to pain, swelling and inflammation. People who walk bare-footed or who have moist feet for prolonged periods of time are more susceptible to get this infection. Read more on dry feet causes.
  • Bathing: Washing feet with very hot water results in the loss of the protective oil that covers the surface of skin of feet. This leads to excessive dryness on the surface of the skin. This may be seen if a person were to bathe frequently. This condition is especially aggravated if one were to use a lot of soap and other agents that tend to dry out the skin.
  • Psoriasis: Psoriasis is a skin condition where there is a disorder in the immune response of the body which causes lesions on the skin. This condition results in dry, itchy skin on feet which easily flakes and peels. Toenails are most frequently affected by this condition.
  • Other causes: Dry feet can also occur as a result of using certain medications, due to diseases like thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalance, change in metabolism, etc.
Dry Feet Treatment
  • One of the easiest methods of dealing with dry feet is to use moisturizers that will help restore the softness of feet. However, you first need to go in for dry feet peeling which will help get rid of the dead cell build up. You can do this by scrubbing off the dead skin. This can be done with the help of a pumice stone. When scrubbing off dead skin, try not to injure the healthy skin underneath. Cocoa butter and petroleum jelly works great on dry feet.
  • One thing that works wonders on dry and cracked feet is Epsom salt. Epsom salts are commonly used to treat severe cases of dry feet. Take some Epsom salt in a big vessel that contains lukewarm water. Now dip your feet in the water and keep them soaked for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then, scrub the skin with a foot file to remove the dead cells.
  • Baking soda is one of the wondrous dry feet remedies that help to eliminate dryness. Take some water and add baking soda to it. Immerse your feet in this water for around half an hour. Then, wash with clean water and dry them. Read more on dry feet cure.
  • Dipping feet in a solution of vinegar also helps to restore softness of feet. Add one cup of white vinegar to around five liters of water. Add a drop of dish washing liquid to this solution. Soak your feet in this solution for about half an hour. After soaking, rinse your feet and pat them dry. You can then apply a lotion and wear socks and sleep peacefully knowing that your feet have been pampered well! Read more on cracked feet home remedies.
This was all about the various causes and treatment options for dealing with dry feet. Although this is not a very serious condition, it can lead to quite a lot of discomfort. Hence, as they say, prevention is better than cure, so be sure to practice a religious foot care regimen. A little bit of foot care goes a long way!

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Dry Hands

By Sonia Nair

Rather than a health problem, dry hands is more or less a cosmetic concern. However, it can be unpleasant in looks and even touch. Even though, dry winter weather is found to be one of the common causes for dry skin, especially dry hands, some people experience this condition throughout the year. This article deals with the causes, symptoms and remedies for dry hands.

Dry Hands Symptoms and Causes

Dry hands are found to be rough and prone to crack easily. The chapped skin on the hands may snag on clothes, hair, etc. Apart from looking unpleasant, the dry, cracked hands may feel unpleasant to touch. As mentioned above, it is common for people to develop dry hands during winters. However, some people have this condition for other reasons too. Apart from the dry winter weather, the most common dry hands causes is lack of moisture. It can be either due to reduced water intake or the inability of the sebaceous glands to produce adequate sebum, that locks in the moisture. Repeated hand washing is another cause for this condition. The chemicals in soaps can strip off the natural oils on the skin. Even, household detergents and cleaners can make the hands dry, if used regularly. Extremely dry hands can also be caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells. Rough work, that involves the use of hands can be another reason for the condition. Now, you have a fair idea about dry hands causes and symptoms. The following paragraph deals with remedies for dry hands.

How to Cure Dry Hands

In order to cure dry chapped hands, you have to counter the causes. If dry weather is causing the problem, then, avoid exposure to such weather and provide sufficient moisture to the skin by drinking lots of fluids. In case of lack of moisture, again, you have to consume more water. At least two to three liters of water per day is required by the human body. Apart from drinking water, moisturize the skin, after washing the hands. You may also apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the hands, before sleep and keep it overnight. Reduce unnecessary hand washing with soap. If it is unavoidable, go for moisturizing hand soap. A mixture of one tablespoon almond oil and a cup of butter milk can be an effective dry hands home remedy. Mix them well and massage the hands with the mixture. Another dry hands solution is vitamin E, which can be applied on the hands on a regular basis. Aloe vera gel is also one of the remedies for dry hands. If you have dry hands, then, avoid the exposure of the hands to household cleaners and detergents. Otherwise, use rubber gloves, while handling such substances. Some skin care products can affect the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, so, avoid use of such products. If the air inside your home is very dry, use a humidifier to prevent your skin from getting dry. Some people suggest use of lukewarm water, for washing dry hands. It is said that lukewarm water is good for preventing dryness of hands. Read more on taking care of hands.

Regular skin care, along with a balanced diet and good intake of water is necessary for a healthy skin. Apart from that, you have to prevent the above said causes, that can result in dry hands. As mentioned above, dry hands with symptoms, like, itching, bleeding, scaling, redness, etc., need medical attention. In such cases, the above said remedies may not work. However, if the symptom persists you better consult a medical professional. 

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Dry Skin Around Mouth

By Niharika Arya

Your skin is sensitive to many conditions and sometimes its resistance power can even amaze you. Dry skin around mouth is a condition faced by many people. It can affect your self confidence as you become more conscious towards your looks at such times. In such condition you get chapped, cracked, scaly and dry flaky skin. It can also cause itching, redness and in worst cases it may also result in bleeding. People may get this condition occasionally or sometimes they have to face it regularly. It is caused due to many reasons.

Some Reasons or Causes for Dry Skin Around Mouth

1. Chapped Lips: Continuously licking the lips may result in dry skin around mouth. Due to licking of lips the naturally secreted fluids are wiped of with the saliva and hence results in cracked and chapped skin.

2. Seborrheic Dermatitis: Seborrheic Dermatitis is caused in the oily skins. Yeast present on the skin combines with the oil and causes this infection. It takes place due to the sudden change in the weather, excessive scratching and increased stress level.

3. Allergic Reactions: It is caused due to allergic reactions to fluoride or any other reason. Coming into contact with such allergens the skin becomes sensitive so, its necessary to find out the reason behind the allergic reaction.

4. Aging: Age can also be a factor for dry skin around mouth. Regular use of moisturizers and creams can help you get rid of aging.

5. Angular Chelitis: It is caused at the corner of the mouth. The skin dries to an extent that it results in splits or even bleeds while talking or opening the mouth. Ignorance in the treatment can result in yeast infection in the mouth.

6. Climatic Conditions: Dry skin become worse in the winter season due to less humidity. Oil glands secrete less amount of oil as compared to the body requirement and this results in dry skin.

All the above causes can be treated. You just have to follow some of the below mentioned suggestions that can help you get rid of dry skin around mouth. In case of worst conditions, it will be advisable to consult your doctor.

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin Around Mouth
  • Water is considered as the best medicine to cure dry skin. At least drink 7 to 8 glasses of water every day to avoid such conditions. Water increases the moisture level of the skin and keeps it healthy.
  • Have a nice sleep for at least 7 hours a day. This will maintain the balance of your body and will help you to relieve all stress and strain.
  • Stop the usage of flavored lip balms and lipsticks. Prefer naturally flavored products.
  • Regularly apply cocoa butter on the affected area. It will retain the moisture level and will help in healing fast.
  • UV rays from the sun are also very effective in curing dry skin around mouth. They naturally secret skin moisturizers and prevents the skin from drying.
With these precautions and remedies, you can easily fight with your dry skin conditions. No one wants to lose their confidence by some conditions which can be easily cured. So, get rid of dry skin around mouth and get your confidence and looks back.

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Soap for Dry Skin

By Pradhnya Tajne.

It is important to take care of dry skin, otherwise the skin can become scaly, cause itching and even cracks can appear in skin. If you have dry skin then using mild cleansers and a good moisturizing products can help you keep the skin smooth and well hydrated. However, selecting the right products is important as some soaps or products can be harsh to your skin, and further strip the skin of the moisturize. The simplest way to take care of the skin is to clean it with a mild dry skin soap, then pat the body dry with a towel, and apply a moisturizer to lock the moisture in. It's that simple. However, if you are having extremely dry skin, and haven't paid attention to it, then giving 2-3 pampering moisturizing sessions to your body once in a week, will help to retain the moisture level of the skin faster. Here are the some choices of the products for dry skin, and tips on forming a skin care routine for dry skin.

Best Body Soap for Dry Skin
As already mentioned above the best body soap for dry skin is Dove. This moisturizing soap for dry skin is a mild soap and less drying compared to other soaps. Dove is formulated to have a pH neutral, which is between 6.5 to 7.5. Dove is made with ¼ moisturizing cream, and is one of the mildest cleansers. Go with the unscented variety if you have sensitive skin, or trying Dove for the first time as a skin moisturizer and cleanser. There are also other variates like Cream Oil Ultra Rich Velvet and Nourishing Care Shea Butter Beauty Bar of Dove, which you can try out to see if it suits you better than the classic White Dove. Other good dry skin soap brands are Aveeno, Keri, and Purpose.

Skin Care Regime for Dry Skin
Here are some tips to form a skin care routine for dry skin, which you should follow to maintain a moisturized skin.
  • Take a bath with any one of the above mentioned soaps, and water. The water temperature doesn't make any difference, so use water for a bath which is at a comfortable temperature.
  • Then pat your body dry with towel. You don't have to completely dry the skin. A little moisture is good.
  • For good natural skin care for dry skin use olive oil (the 100% pure variety, and not the virgin or extra virgin variety), and apply it all over the body nicely. If you feel that olive oil is too greasy for the face, then use jojoba oil, which is a lighter oil.
  • To keep your skin moisturized and clean during the day, use a mild cleanser. Mild cleansers of facial soap for dry skin like Neutrogena are great, you can carry a small face wash bottle with you when out for long hours.
  • After washing your face, if you feel your skin is very dry, then apply a little jojoba oil. If carrying oil is not a practical option for you, then use a light moisturizer for the face, and a lip balm for your lips.
  • We tend to wash your hands many times in a day, which can lead to drying of hands. So, after washing hands you can consider applying a moisturizer.
  • Then in the night time again wash your face with a mild soap, and wash your hands and feet with water if you wish to. Then pat your skin dry and again apply olive oil. If you take a shower before going to bed then apply olive oil to the whole body, to lock the moisture in.
  • The above tips were for the daily routine, 2-3 times a week you can also do mild scrubbing for skin exfoliation, then take a bath with milk to nourish your skin. To take a milk bath, add ¼ liter of milk, 1 tablespoon of almond oil, and few drops of essential oil of your choice and soak in the bath.
So, pick a good dry skin soap, and follow the above routine to maintain a smooth, soft and well-moisturized healthy looking skin!

Extra Dry Skin

By Tilottama Chatterjee

If you're prone to extra dry skin you'll be familiar with the way it can make you feel itchy and uncomfortable. Soap can exacerbate the feeling of 'stretchiness' such that your skin feels like its being pulled in opposing directions. Dealing with extra dry skin takes a little more care than normal skin but the extra effort will pay off, when you're left with skin that's smooth and supple. A few additions to your daily skin care routine can banish this problem completely. The following are some suggestions that can help you deal with extra dry skin.

Extra Dry Skin on Face and Body
Facial skin is delicate and even ordinarily needs more care than the skin on the rest of your body. If the skin on your face is very dry, be sure to use a soap free cleanser, or one that is made specifically for extra dry skin - ordinary soap contains compounds that make your skin dry. Wash your face twice a day with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser and make sure to moisturize with a face cream for dry skin immediately after. This is especially important if you have extra dry skin, as the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin, is more prone to drying immediately after washing.

Legs and hands in specific may also take a beating if you are prone to extra dry skin. Use a special formulations like an extra dry skin lotion, to counter the drying effect, and moisturize whenever you feel the need but specially after you shower. Remember to pat your skin dry instead of rubbing, as this can further irritate already sensitive skin and take care to use a cream based shower gel. If you have a tendency to experience intense dryness on your hands and feet, make sure you pay special attention to these areas, as also knees and elbows, these too are generally prone to dryness. A good moisturizing hand soap can also counter the dryness that normal soap creates. Some of the popular products formulated for extra dry skin are Jergens ultra healing extra dry skin moisturizer, Olay body quench lotion and Lubriderm advanced therapy triple smoothing lotion.

Home Remedies for Extra Dry Skin
Although there's little you can do to change your skin type, you can take a few steps to minimize the effects of dry skin. Keeping yourself well hydrated is advisable irrespective but it takes on even more importance if you have extra dry skin. Drink at least 2 liters of water, or 10 to 12 glasses, daily. Eating habits can also take a toll on your skin leaving it dull, dry and flaky, so follow a balanced diet and up your intake of olive oil, leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts - all beneficial for healthy looking skin. Another practice that's a great extra dry skin remedy, is using a body oil on dry skin, before you bathe. Coconut and olive oil work wonders in this regard, forming a 'shield' that protects your skin from the drying effects of soap and water. For very dry feet, a tried and tested remedy is to slather some lotion on clean and dry feet, then put on some warm socks and leave them on overnight.

Tips for Extra Dry Skin
The following are some tips to keep in mind if you're dealing with a dry skin condition. With time, incorporate these into your daily routine, and they'll soon become second nature.
  • Avoid bathing in very hot water - hot water dries out your skin, so shower in lukewarm water for best results.
  • Intense heat is also drying and the sun's rays can harm your skin, so make sure to use good sunscreens on exposure, and as far as possible, stay out of harm's way when the sun's intensity is high.
  • Wear rubber gloves on your hands when washing dishes or on prolonged exposure to water, to protect them. Using a hand cream at regular intervals will also help keep your hands soft, smooth and moisturized.
  • Skin exfoliation is important and is not to be ignored as at least once a week - dry skin brushing, or using an exfoliating body wash, will get rid of surface flakiness and prep your skin for hydration.
  • As far as possible, use soap free formulations and mild cleansers.
Dealing with extra dry skin can be tiresome, but a few simple tricks can restore the shine and give you a healthy glow. Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more - that's the cardinal rule to follow!

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Ray Ban Sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses

Reputable Gucci eyeglasses

Author: RezaHyver

Like Chanel and Oakley
, Gucci is also an international brand for many accessories, including shoes, sunglasses, clothing, watches, jewelry, and hats, as well as other consumer goods. Gucci eyeglasses are one of the main categories in the Gucci Group. Statistics from Business Week magazine showed that all Gucci’s products helped the company generate about 2.2 billion Euro revenue in 2008. Consumer goods from Gucci are made with the best quality as well as great looks. Along with Gucci eyeglasses, Gucci shoes, hats and others are being enjoyed by individuals around the world. Nearly all individuals living on this planet want to look attractive and smart.And there are several ways to achieve such a goal. Wearing stunning accessories like sunglasses and hats is usually a good yet easy choice. Gucci always flatters those target customers with its fashionable accessories incorporated with the best quality. All of these Gucci products including Gucci eyeglasses are aimed during the production process to offer a unique feeling to their future users.

In particular, Gucci sunglasses are renowned for their sleek style and fine craftsmanship. Those high quality eyeglass frames produced by Gucci are available in eye-catching colors and various styles. Basically, Gucci sunglass lenses provide 100% protection against both UVA and UVB rays, whilst ensuring crisp visual clarity. In addition, Gucci eyeglasses especially sunglasses are famous for their sophisticated yet stylish looks. Coming in both plastic and metal frames, spectacles made by Gucci can meet customers’ different tastes. Like other reputable brands, Gucci glasses are designed with the famous Gucci symbol or mark. Common models of Gucci sunglasses include Gucci 1566, Gucci 1583 and Gucci 2772.
Founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921, the House of Gucci is a Florentine fashion and leather goods brand as part of the Gucci Group. Gucci is actually a subsidiary company owned by Pinault Printemps Redoute (PPR), a French company. According to the Business Week magazine, Gucci ranked 41st among the magazine’s annual 2009 “Top Global 100 Brands”. Headquartered in Florence, Italy, the Gucci Group is also the largest-selling Italian brand in the world, since it now operates approximately 278 direct stores worldwide. In addition, Gucci also maintains a license agreement with Safilo, the world’s second largest eyewear manufacturer, to produce Gucci eyeglasses. Gucci’s worldwide business can also be testified by its international offices and headquarters in Florence, Paris, London and New York. For more direct information about Gucci Group and its products, visit

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Retro Sunglasses 4 Women

Author: SmartBuyGlasses

Katy Perry, who was recently in the news for her behavior on American Idol as well as her appearance and performance at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards, is a diva in many ways, especially in terms of retro fashion. She rocked a pair of retro-inspired Oliver Peoples Alina sunglasses with a sleek white streamline look across slightly horn-rimmed frames and very Ray-Ban-looking lenses.
Another great retro design was achieved by Chanel, with their Chanel- 5120 model which features large round lenses and frames with a white streamline bar across the brow. Checkered pattern temple bars add extra spice while the lens’ slight bulging gives a very fish-eye appearance.
Miu Miu designs several retro-inspired designs, the most interesting of which is the Miu Miu 02IS design in white, with round lenses framed in square plastic, giving a retro traditional look with modern flare. The white temple bars hoist the whole design higher on the face than traditional bug-eye frames, and the gradient tinting of the lenses adds extra retro flare. Both Katie Holmes and Paris Hilton sport these classy retro-modern shades.
Chloe also designs a retro set of sunglasses with a bit of eyebrow
intensity, the Chloe 2180. These rounded, gradient-tinted lenses are supported by large horn-rimmed black frames with white ‘eyebrows’ along the top. The small temple bars stay obscure leaving the focus on the frontal design. Christina Aguilera loves these Chloe sunglasses, and the tiny logo on the temple bar is so unobtrusive its almost an understatement on a star as designer-friendly as Aguilera.

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Eyewear for Elegant Women

Author: Lauren Johnson

Elegance is coming back into style, and thank God for that because the modern sense of style was beginning to resemble an alien in drag. Yes, elegance is back, and hopefully here to stay. For any elegant woman, this time has been long awaited. Brush off your Versace sunglasses and your oversized hats, elegance is back baby!
The best designers for elegance are the ones who never ventured too far into the modern design age of metal, pleather and, dare I mention it, faux fur. True designers never give into fads and flash design trends, they stay true to a unique vision and whether people like it or not, they stay elegant and classy even in wastelands of style. One great, classical designer is Burberry, whose tireless devotion to British country style has long been applauded by classy people everywhere.
Though Versace dabbled in couture, we’ll forgive the label because its family has undergone such stress recently. Versace remains a stable and reliable choice for classy eyewear with the ever-so-elegant logo. Versace remains a favorite with elegant women because the designs play with modernity while still paying homage to antiquity, a rare and unique blend in the eyewear design industry and one that only Versace has been able to pull off with any success.
Prada, of course, is an elegant choice for classy eyewear, but I’m not sure they deserve the rank of ‘elegance’ due to their overly boxy, overly avant garde designs that played into the fads of the times rather than staying true to an overall design vision.

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Gucci sunglasses

Author: Riley Gabriela

Are you looking for a quality pair of sunglasses
to make a style statement? Are you hunting for sunglasses that symbolize your style quotient? Look no further than high quality Gucci sunglasses. They will help you make the ultimate style statement. Accessorize it with your apparel and accentuate your personality. These sunglasses are available in an eclectic range of sizes, designs and styles. They are bound to enhance your looks, making you look like a zillion bucks! They are durable as well. They will last for years! They are designed to fit today’s modern trends. The choices are simply limitless! These sunglasses will surely appeal to your fashion sense and match your personality.

Given the unlimited variety of sunglasses available online, choosing the right Gucci pair can be overwhelming. Here are a few pointers that will help you narrow down your choices. Buy a Gucci sunglass that complements your skin tone and suits your face cut. Don’t pick up a pair that does not do justice to your looks. If you have petite features, don’t buy an oversized frame. Stick to a smaller sunglasses. Conversely, if you have bigger features, opt for a bigger pair of sunglasses. Beware of cheap knock offs in the market. Don’t get lured by flamboyant advertising and tall claims. Choose wisely! The good news is that these sunglasses are available online. You can get in touch with reputable suppliers online.

You can choose from a wide range of branded contact lenses, designer frames and Gucci sunglasses online. The best part is that these eyewear accessories are available at a fraction of the industry’s marked up prices. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is true! Moreover, sunglasses are designed keeping UV protection in mind. A pair of branded sunglasses like Gucci can offer the right UV protection to your eyes. So it serves the purpose of making a style statement and protecting your eyes as well. As a matter of fact, your eyes are vulnerable to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is imperative to buy a pair of sunglasses that protects your eyes and makes you look gorgeous as well. Gucci fits the bill perfectly!

A pair of Gucci sunglasses is a must have accessory for fancy fashionistas. It makes you look incredibly stylish and suave. It distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd. These sunglasses speak volumes about your personality. Truly, Gucci is a name to reckon with! It has carved an enviable niche for itself in the fashion world. It is the most preferred brand of fashionistas. Whether you are petite or large, simple or flamboyant, Gucci has a wide array of sunglasses that will match your exact needs and preferences. You can buy them at competitive prices online. They symbolize style, fashion and comfort.

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Ray Ban Aviators Sunglasses

Author: bsmithfield72

Ray ban is one in every of many brands of sunglasses customers seem to love. The Aviators are one in all their oldest very long time styles that have been first launched for fighter pilots. Later they had been allowed by most people to buy them. The aviators are unique in that they provide the consumer to buy smaller lenses reasonably than a one measurement suits all type of frame many manufacturers do. Sunglasses are apart of many peoples lives especially in case you reside in sunny climates like California or southern regions areas of the United States like Miami.

Sun shades made by Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, and Emporio Armani are other manufacturers like Ray Ban that ship quality style sun shades normally supplying you with the selection, and choice for more customization to suit your facial features.

On the subject of sun shades measurement truly does matter. Not all facial features are made the identical making it important for prime manufacturers like Christian Dior or Gucci to supply a excessive end options to the consumer. Sunglasses which might be too huge can be uncomfortable and annoying to have on, and worse nonetheless, can drown out your complete face. Many producers will mass produce a standard measurement and supply a limited quantity of kinds in other sizes. The good news right here is that if you buy aviators or Gucci sunglasses for instance, you get the choice in a number of styles.
Many lower end manufacturers will doubtless depart you restricted ranges in eye wear which incorporates colour choices. Most of the commonplace model sun shades are black, but manufacturers just like the Aviators, Christian Dior, and Gucci provide a plethora of distinctive colours to suit your funky style. Is your favorite color pink or green? No downside these positive brands have an answer for you. Some will even have a particular color gradient, where two colors are combined for that further cool effect.
The smaller sun shades that ray ban offer for instance, are great for kids. Christian Dior affords a junior fashion as well to maintain the children completely satisfied providing high quality frames kids look cool wearing. You'll notice many of the products in the range have thicker frames and arms, simply because we all know that kids have a tendency to by chance break things. Whats extra, as of late with the standard model name sunglasses a hundred% UV safety against the sun's glare is a must have.
Should you like to buy you must be able to find any of these top manufacturers like Christian Dior and Ray Ban at your native buying malls. For those who favor to buy on-line doing a simple search for the model name will yield loads of outcomes for you to select from, and Amazon as one of the largest online retailers, is a good place to verify as well.

To learn more about Ray Ban Aviators you can visit the website which goes more in depth and how to buy. Ray Ban Aviators have more than one style then just the fighter pilot look, and will likley offer the fashion fit you want.

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Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

Author: The Honeyroom

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses are designed to offer you high fashion combined with high performance. They come in titanium
frames and UV protected lenses which give you the protection you need together with the beauty and style that goes with wearing designs from of one of the most celebrated fashion houses the world over. Since the founding of the Dolce and Gabbana design house in 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, it has established itself as one of the design power houses. It is little wonder therefore that the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses have come to be ranked in a class of their own.
Sunglasses have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives especially during hot weather. Having a beautiful pair of sunglasses adds an alluring element to one’s best outfit especially in summer. You also want sunglasses that you will be complimented for when you don them in public places. It is for this fact that you will definitely love that great feel that Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses will add to the summer air. You will also appreciate the fact that Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses have a genuine feel of the sunglasses that were in fashion in the 1950s. Their ruby red plastic frames are reminiscent of this early period in sunglasses history, when sunglasses were just starting to hit the markets as a serious fashion item. The retro look has also long been a favorite of many young people and the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are following in this trend and putting it straight into the mainstream market. It is all these factors combined that have made Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses among the leading brands of sunglasses in all the major markets and fashion realms. Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses.
Whether you are looking for something with glitter and glamour, or you are attending one of those occasions where more subtle looks are appropriate, then Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are still a sound choice for you. You will no doubt find something in the wide range of these sunglasses that will suit you for every occasion. This is because they come in a variety of styles, like the tried and tested styles of aviators and variations of many other traditional sunglasses. Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses will definitely come in handy whether you are at home having a poolside lunch, out attending that special function or just enjoying a drink with friends on the verandah.
So when you think about performance style, these are all combined together to give you one great pair of sunglasses that is Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. Remember that apart from offering you the much needed UV protection, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses combine glamour and youthful elegance all in one to give you that magical look that no other sunglasses out there can afford you. So go on and get yourself a pair today. Check online stores for some of the best deals anywhere and a wide variety of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.

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Versatile & D&G handbags

Author: Julminia

As a superior, extraordinary team work; the duo Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are celebrated for their fashion house. In 1985, they co-founded world renowned brand Dolce&Gabbana in Milan, Italy. Since then, the talented Italian designers have worked well as a couple and coworkers, although they parted in personal life in 2003, their seamless cooperation in business continues and was strengthened to extend their brand into a lifestyle enterprise. In 1990s, the lines of Dolce&Gabbana have been expanded into fragrance, handbags, shoes, eyewear and jeans. The signature styles of this brand include animalier print, sumptuous materials, and audacious designs. DG label is widely commented as buyers’ favorite and one of the hottest designers on red carpet. Appealing to A-list celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts, Freida Pinto, and Eva Mendes, this label has numerous loyal fans across the world.

Dolce and Gabbana handbags have pretty much taken over the designer handbag industry. The best thing about Dolce and Gabbana handbags is the long history that they have. For over twenty years Dolce and Gabbana have been making their fans happy all over the world with their special designs. Although they are not as rich in tradition as some other designer handbags, they make up for this in other areas.
Dolce and Gabbana handbags are stylish. No matter what type of style you have, you can relax assured that there is a Dolce and Gabbana handbag that will suit your requirements. And to add to this, Dolce and Gabbana handbags are also great because of the quality and durability that they offer. It is quiet okay to say that if you own one DG handbag that it will last you for many years. By having a Dolce and Gabbana handbag you are getting the best of the best. Sure, you will have to pay a lot of money up front, but in the long run you will benefit from its superior quality.
 One other thing about Dolce & Gabbana bags is they are distinctive, like no other high fashion house. They are not only distinctive from other manufacturer's handbag, but also from each other. While other companies will take just one bag’s design and recycle it 30 times with little design tweaks, each D&G handbag is uniquely it's own. One bag will be all slouchy soft leather - the perfect on the go bag, the next will be a leopard print creation for a night on the town. Another with a whimsical burlesque design that will surly make you be noticed, and yet another with an olive-y denim print with snake trimmings - perfect for a cup of coffee and a good book at the local cafe. No matter what your style or mood, Dolce & Gabbana handbags always hit the spot!

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Best Hard gun case

Author: Monroe Snider 

If you own a laptop and take it with you when you travel, then you need to read this article. We all understand that laptops are expensive and need to be taken care of. That is, unless you are filthy rich and don't have any worries about money. If you are the type of person that, like me, wants to protect their investments, then listen up. Laptop cases are necessary if you are traveling with your laptop computers frequently. Laptop cases basically protect laptops from harm and permits you to carry additional items like extra batteries, mouse and other laptop accessories. These days almost all persons use laptops whether desktops or portable computers. Anyone who utilize laptop computers basically need laptop cases that will cover your laptop and keep it safe and secure while you are in transit. These cases are available in the market in a whole range of colors, styles, designs and trends. Choose a laptop case that will blend with your lifestyle making it simpler and easier for you to carry your laptops whenever you are on frequent trips.
Women's handbags are so many accessories, such as the safe transport of your laptop. Bags explicitly contrary to the usual bag.
All laptop cases serve different functions and different needs. If you need additional protection and are less concerned about slipping and laptop bag, briefcase or messenger bag may be a good choice.
These compartments, and nothing more than a computer can not stand not use metal zippers and other metal materials. X-ray belt bag is opened, the computer must be clearly visible TSA screeners. Guidelines will be removed for use on U. Airports to meet the only case.
laptop case protects from damage and scratches. A variety of cases, laptop available. They meet users' needs and style. Take care of your laptop case.
If you accidentally buy a bag of bad computer, it will create problems for you. If the bag does not fit correctly on your computer, it will create problems when walking with the bag. Always choose a bag with perfect size, shape and color.
sets - of course, trec. De Will be swinging around in bags laptop bags is required. Furnishings should be comfortable holding a laptop.
All Samsonite laptop case is well constructed, and includes a padded compartment designed to carry a laptop safe, protecting it from the collision and bumps while traveling. Organizer pockets large and easily accessible, and a model that includes the carrying handle is designed with non-slip shoulder. Includes swivel clip handle to avoid play, and is designed to help distribute weight evenly when the bag was made on the shoulder. When you buy a computer, chances are think, and do not think I've been standing cardboard. hardshell laptop cases.
board is very easy. If a board can easily go for a laptop.

17 inch laptop cases are very widespread in the university environment. Both men and women enjoy a 17 inch laptop backpack is the perfect fit can be found in design. Finally, a well established, there is this 17 inch laptop bag manufacturers and experienced sales over the Internet.

This is the trunk, safe reliable and popular brands, although not the only one. If you're traveling for action, Samsonite laptop cases on the road. The working professionals or not, almost certainly requires a laptop with you for work purposes.

Most people think that to reach checkpoints at airport terminals can be a real pain. However, if they are on a computer, the pain at least twice. It is necessary that the computer is on the case and place in a bowl. This can cause a jam in the post, as the line builds up.

One end plugs into the wall strip. You and five other laptop can connect to devices on a single strip. your projection system and the way you bring a power strip.

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Bridal Accessories

Author: Ingress

Almost each and every bribe look for bridal accessories through magazines and bridal boutiques from months before their wedding just to look gorgeous, stylish, good and complete on the day of their wedding. And when they've already found the couture wedding gowns of their dreams, chances are they will then be looking for other items that will complement the gown they'll be wearing. Parts of the bridal ensemble are those pieces that truly define what tradition has taught us. That is why we should not get surprised about these various wedding shops that sell different couture wedding dresses, bridal jewellery, bridal tiaras, bridal handbags and other things which are often used during weddings.
Your big day is fast approaching, and there are so many things you need to think about! From choosing the perfect location, hiring the best photographer and video specialist, choosing your wedding cake, to deciding on arrangement in the wedding reception, it is easy to forget some little things, such as bridal accessories. These beautiful little pieces give accent to your wedding gown, so you have to take them seriously because without them, it can be very hard to look good on the most special day of your life.

There are plenty of beautiful bridal accessories that are available in market. Basically, they come in wide variety of selections to fit every personality, as well as style of a wedding ceremony. You should ask yourself what look you want to have, like are you going big and glamorous? If yes, it will be fantastic if you will include some elaborated touches such as bridal pins, silk wedding flowers, or other nice pieces. On the other hand, if you want to have a fairytale look on your wedding day, bridal tiaras and gorgeous chandelier earrings are perfect accessories to wear.
 Choosing the perfect bridal accessories can be a bit challenging. So before you decide anything even if you are quite uncertain about it, here are some questions you need to ask to yourself:
 * What accessories will be perfect for my wedding gown? Does my gown will look more stylish and attractive with loud accessories, or shall I go with low key accents that won't overpower my dress?
 * Will you but bridesmaids accessories as well? If yes, are those accessories should be uniform or slightly different from yours?
 * Will my choices of accessories match the look of the entire wedding venue and the theme of my wedding? Should I choose pieces that have colorful accents, or perhaps gold or silver that is safe when combined with any color scheme I choose for the wedding decors?
If you want to add a more sophisticated appeal in your wedding without looking too "whiz," go monochromatic or stick with the same color in different hues that complement the color theme of your wedding party. Also, going neutral ablest you to have a more versatile approach in completing a simple, yet sophisticated bridal look.

If you want to add a more sophisticated appeal in your wedding without looking too "whiz," go monochromatic or stick with the same color in different hues that complement the color theme of your wedding party. Also, going neutral ablest you to have a more versatile approach in completing a simple, yet sophisticated bridal look.

Bridal accessories, wedding supplies and other wedding accessories can easily be found and purchased online. Today, by just browsing the net, you can find a wider option for your wedding ceremony, and with just a few clicks, you are done with the task of buying essentials for your upcoming special occasion - your wedding day!

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Tips When Buying Lingerie

Author: Terence Michael

If there's one thing that women love, it's shopping. The world of fashion ranges from handbags to make-up, and jewelry and shoes, and a whole lot more. 
To complete your wardrobe, why not opt for some sexy underwear while you're at it? It would definitely be a major turn off if one finds out that you are wearing some big and old fashioned undergarments. So to make your outfit perfect, you need to have some fashionable and comfortable lingerie to go with your beautiful dress.
Lingerie fashion has truly come a long way. Lingerie now comes in various styles, colors, and patterns that truly caters to every woman's taste and needs. Undergarments were primarily used before for hygienic purposes. But these days, it's more than just hygiene that makes a good pair of lingerie. It now has something to do about fashion trends as well. Here are a few helpful tips in picking out that pair of lingerie of yours.
You should always know what your size is before heading in to a lingerie shop. This way, shopping will be more convenient and much faster. Finding lingerie for you would be much faster as you no longer need to fit the right size for you. You can also try out some sexy underwear like corsets and thongs if you're up for it. But it's cool if you're not into it, there are also other choices and varieties that will suit you.
 When buying undergarments, you should consider quality above everything else to be assured that these are durable and long lasting. Don't waste your money on buying underwear with poor quality, because these items don't last very long. Aside from it's poor durability, the materials used in this might also be rough and uncomfortable. Make sure to find underwear that's comfortable, soft and gentle on you. These are delicate pieces of clothing that are protecting delicate parts of your body, you know.
 Another important factor to consider in buying your lingerie is that it should make you feel relaxed and comfortable. What's the point in buying some sexy lingerie when in fact you don't feel comfortable wearing them? So it is vital that you pick those undergarments that are stylish and yet will make you feel at ease.
Gone were the days when women wear some huge and old fashioned lingerie. The new in thing these days are actually those undergarments that are sexy and fashionable. Especially when going to parties and you are wearing a lovely translucent evening dress, some sexy undergarments will surely make your outfit more attractive. It wouldn't give your dress or yourself much justice if you just matched it with a pair of granny panties. More and more women go for sexy lingerie nowadays. This is because sexy lingerie empowers them, and makes them feel good about themselves.

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Louis Vuitton in London

Author: Honghong
Louis Vuitton, that is, LV , can not be more familiar to common people, not to mention the faddists. As the most popular luxury brand, Louis Vuitton newly opens its exclusive store in London, which draws hundreds of faddists to attend.
Located in the famous West End, the store occupies 3 floors, covering an area of 1,500 square meters. The present celebrities not only feast on the various kinds of intricate handbags, but also enjoy an extraordinary show brought by the brand-new display counters. The store style is designed by Peter Merino himself, a well-known New York architect. It takes him almost 1 year to finish the whole construction. Peter feels quite satisfied when he has done his work.  
It reflects the basic color of London in 21st century, integrating the three components innovation, heritage and fashion into one. As Peter Merino remarks, the new exclusive store, as it were, own the reputation as “the most luxury Louis Vuitton store in history”. Now that the store is open, the faddist will not miss this important fashion event. These fashions include the popular American actress Gwyneth, Australian model Ella as well as the brand designer Marc Jacob. In 1885, the first oversea Louis Vuitton store drew up its curtain in Oxford Street, while the new store in West End contributes the best present for the 125th anniversary of the LV garrison in London. If you want to know more information about Louis Vuitton handbags, you may get on the web site:

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Septum Piercing Dangers

By Chandramita Bora

Septum piercing falls in the category of nose piercing. Nose piercing in general, involves piercing of the skin, as well as the cartilage of any part of the nose. Out of all types of nose piercing, the most common and the popular one is nostril piercing, followed by septum piercing. In fact, septum piercing is rapidly gaining popularity in recent times. However, any kind of piercing involves certain risks or dangers, and so is the case with septum piercing as well. So, people considering to pierce their septum must be aware of the various septum piercing dangers, before making a concrete decision. In this article, we are going to have a brief look at septum piercing, and the risks associated with this piercing along with a few tips on nose piercing aftercare.

Septum Piercing: An Overview

The septum or nasal septum is the cartilaginous wall that divides the two nostrils. The cartilage is however, usually not pierced. It is the thin strip of very soft and flexible skin, just between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose, where septum piercing is mostly done. Piercing the skin instead of the cartilage can greatly minimize the pain, as well as other discomforts associated with this type of body piercing. Septum piercing can be done with piercing needles or guns. As far as jewelry is concerned, you can use captive bead rings, circular barbells, plugs, tusks, curls and septum retainer.

Dangers of Septum Piercing

All types of body piercings, including septum piercing, are associated with the risk of contracting certain blood borne diseases like hepatitis, from the needles and piercing guns used in the procedure. This type of septum piercing risk can be avoided by getting the piercing done by a reputed piercer, and making sure that the piercer uses only sterile single-use needles. The next common risk associated with almost all types of piercing is the risk of infection and pain. This can be minimized greatly, if piercing is done on the soft and flexible skin that lies between the cartilage and bottom of the nose. As far as infection risks are concerned, it can be managed with proper piercing aftercare.

Apart from these usual septum piercing dangers, this piercing can sometimes lead to 'septal hematoma'. As mentioned already, septum piercing usually involves the soft fleshy portion of the septum and not the cartilage. An injury to the soft tissue within the septum can disrupt the blood vessels to cause the accumulation of blood and fluid under the lining. Nasal septum hematoma can eventually cause nasal congestion, and interfere with breathing along with causing pain and inflammation. If not treated immediately, the condition can ultimately cause formation of a hole in the septum, leading to nasal congestion. Sometimes, that part of the nose may collapse, resulting in a cosmetic deformity, known as 'saddle nose'.

Septum Piercing Aftercare

Septum piercing takes a few weeks to heal completely. Septum piercing healing time is usually about 6 to 10 weeks, and during this period, a lot of care needs to be taken to lower the various septum piercing risks. The most important part of septum piercing aftercare is regular cleaning of the piercing and the area around it. You can clean the piercing twice daily with the help of an antibacterial soap. Use a cotton ball soaked in water to wet the piercing. Then take a few drops of antibacterial soap on your hand and work on a lather. Apply this to the piercing and gently rotate the jewelry, so that the soap can get into the piercing hole. Also try to loosen up and remove any crusting with the help of the cotton ball. Let the piercing soak for about 2 to 3 minutes, after which rinse off the soap with plain and clean water.

After cleaning, do not forget to dry the piercing with a clean tissue. Towels should be avoided for drying a fresh piercing, as they can not only harbor infectious agents like, bacteria, but can also pull the jewelry or irritate the piercing. Do not use table or Epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide, betadine, methylated spirit and Neosporin on the piercing. Along with proper cleaning, be sure to avoid touching the jewelry or the piercing site with unwashed hand. Also do not remove the jewelry until the piercing has healed completely and avoid irritating the piercing during this period. You can read more about nose piercing care instructions.

To sum up, a lot of care needs to be taken to avoid septum piercing dangers or risks. Therefore, before opting for septum piercing, it is better to do some preliminary research about this piercing, weigh its various pros and cons and finally have a discussion with an expert professional, in order to get a better understanding about piercing aftercare. A properly done piercing can significantly reduce the possible risks associated with the procedure. After the piercing, if you observe any signs of serious infection such as, increased swelling, pain, redness or unusual discharge, make sure to visit your physician as soon as possible. 

Nose Piercing Bump

By Pradnya S

Nose piercing which is a kind of body piercing, is the latest fashion trend. Nose jewelry looks absolutely stunning and hence most of us opt for wearing it. But, after piercing, there are chances of the development of a bump on the nose. This bump can pain at times and can lead to a lot of discomfort. Most of the times, the bump develops within 2 to 3 days of piercing the nose. But, in rare cases, it might also develop after a month or two. In some cases, the surrounding area tends to become red. Discharge of pus and blood will also be observed. Nose piercing bump bleeding will be observed only if the the condition is severe.

Causes of Nose Piercing Bump
The causes of nose piercing bumps are listed below.
  • Touching the pierced nose can often give rise to the bump. If your hands and fingers are infected, then there are more chances that the bump will develop, thus increasing nose piercing infections.
  • Improper nose piercing is also one of the reason which can give rise to the bump on nose. Also, if the technique which is used for piercing is wrong, then it can cause a problem.
  • Changing the nose jewelry within a few days after piercing the nose is also one of the reasons for nose piercing bumps. Hence, make sure that you change the jewelry only after 2 months or so have past after piercing the nose.
  • If the jewelry is extremely small, then the hole can choke, which then develops the bump.
  • Wearing a poor quality jewelry is also one of the reason which is responsible for the presence of bump on the nose.
Nose Piercing Bump Treatment
Washing your nose and nose bump with fresh water, every once in a while will help. But, make sure that you do not clean the area very often, as instead of helping, it will intensify the situation. Washing the area twice or thrice in a day is sufficient. You can also make use of lukewarm water for washing. With a cotton swab, apply tea tree oil regularly to the bump to palliate the situation. You may also like to know more on nose piercing aftercare.

If you follow a few measures, you can get rid of nose piercing bump in a few days. In order to avoid nose piercing bumps, make sure that you get your nose pierced from a professional. Also make sure that the tools which he is using for piercing your nose are clean. The jewelry which you are going to wear should be of a good quality. The quality of the jewelry also plays an important role.

If not taken proper care of, there are chances of the nose bump increasing in size and the situation becoming more intense. Hence, proper measures should be opted without any delay in order to curb the situation. In some cases, there are chances of the development of the nose piercing bump on the inside of the nose. This is a more intense situation and it can lead to discomfort. Since the bump is present inside the nose, not much can be done for treating at home. Hence, it is better if you visit a doctor and get it treated. Read more on nose piercing care instructions.

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If the nose piercing bump does not disappear even after trying different treatments, then it is better that you remove the nose jewelery. Avoid removing the jewelery at home. It will be better if you get it removed from the person who has pierced your nose. After the nose infection has been healed completely and after the bump vanishes, you can wear the jewelery again.

Septum Piercing

 By Mamta Mule

You would have surely heard a lot about the hot trend of septum piercings. For those who are confused or unaware, septum piercing basically refers to piercing of the nasal septum, which is a wall of bone and cartilage at middle of the nasal cavities. This is a type of nose piercing, but less common than nostril piercing. There is a small gap between the cartilage and base of the nose where there is a small patch of skin that is soft and thin, this is where septum piercing is done. Septum piercings are becoming more popular these days, due to the bold and extremely stylish look they give to the person donning it. Well, if you have decided, or wondering of having a septum piercing then, here's some septum piercing information that will help you.

All About Septum Piercing
Septum piercing is usually performed using a regular piercing needle, a septum clamp might also be used. In case someone needs a larger hole, a scalpel might also be used that will help have a larger and thicker piece of jewelery pierced here. Usually, a ball closure ring or a septum keeper is recommend to be used as the first septum jewelery, which can be changed once the piercing heels completely. Read more on nose piercing information.

Septum Piercing Jewelry
Once you decide to have a septum piercing, you are sure to be surprised about the huge variety of jewelery available for septum piercings. You have a choice in terms of the metal used to make this jewelery such as stainless steel, gold, silver, etc. Stainless steel is the most popular choice. One of the most popular septum piercing jewelery is the captive bead ring. Other septum piercing jewelery options are steel septum tusk or straight barbell, circular barbell, septum spike (two piece or one piece) and septum retainer. Septum retainer is preferred by many as it is shaped like a staple, has two ends and can be flipped upside to move its ends into the nostrils, hence, making it invisible whenever desired. Designer ball closure rings, septum tusk and circular barbells look amazing and are adored by many.

Septum Piercing Care
Healing can take about 2 to 3 months. It is best to touch it the least. Clean it while having a bath and at least twice a day using regular soap, shampoo or shower gel or with any other item suggested by your piercer. Later dry thoroughly and gently using paper towels. Do not move the jewelry during the healing period. If you keep the septum area clean, it will promote the healing process. Avoid pressing your nostrils, or nose blowing to stay away from nose piercing bump. The body piercing artist might also recommend you to apply natural oils to promote the healing process. Remember that you should not apply any natural ingredients, creams or lotions without doctors or your piercing artist's recommendation. Remember that if you have opted for a large gauge piercing, then it will take longer duration to heal and definitely needs to be taken care of. Read more on nose piercing aftercare.

Septum Piercing Cost
Septum or any type of nose and ear piercings usually costs lesser than lip piercing and tongue piercing. The nose piercing prices can vary depending upon the piercing artist you choose and the area. Usually, septum piercing cost ranges between $40 to $70. Further it will also depend on the cost of the piece of jewelery you opt for.

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Most of you might be definitely eager to get a septum piercing, right? Then what are you waiting for? Just find the best piercing artist in your city and get ready to flaunt one of the most fashionable body piercing!