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Whether you are looking for two-tone rings, celebrity rings, or other artisan jewelry, a piece or more from David Tishbi Collections is the right choice. No matter what the personality, David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry has something exciting for all, from the sophisticated and dreamy to the earthy and pure.
The Collection
David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry covers many styles and feels, appealing to all types of desires including Gerard Butler and Khloe Kardashian-Odom. For people going for the more earthy feel, the Chai collection includes simple, yet sophisticated pieces. If you are looking for a whimsical piece, the Metamorphic collection is sure to hold some dreamy wonders. The Purity collection most definitely plays home to a fine set of elegant trinkets.

Specializing in a “two-tone” jewelry process, this jewelry is able to emphasize a striking juxtaposition of gold and sterling silver. Unique designs in conventional solids are also staples throughout the collection that covers all areas. Amethyst, topaz, garnet, diamond, pearl, moonstone, quartz, and tourmaline are just some of the genuine stones that go into making the vibrant and various pieces. Each piece stands alone in its distinct motif, craftsmanship, and allure.

With more people turning green, becoming more resourceful and mindful, David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry is made through a process of production that keeps all of that in mind. The online catalogue includes a “green” alternative. Also offered, jewelry boxes made from 100% recycled materials for a $1.00 per box with all proceeds from these boxes being donated to charity.
David Tishbi
Almost ten years ago, David Tishbi introduced the modern day jewelry market to his creative world. His magnificent handmade jewelry came from his imaginary wonderland of amazing design ideas. Today his collections are stocked by retail establishments the world over, marking his ascent in the world of premier designer jewelry. David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry maintains an ongoing commitment to the industry setting standards that makes it a leader in handcrafted jewelry and design. See more at

Eco Conscious Sprout Watches

To keep up with an ever-evolving world, this eco-conscious company is doing their part to be kinder to the earth and preserve our natural resources. These eco-friendly timepieces from Sprout are made from people who are nothing less than environmentally aware. Producing watches for over 50 years, Sprout watches carry a 100% biodegradable case and buckle, a natural bamboo dial, mercury-free battery, a mineral crystal lens and a 100% organic cotton strap. Sprout is insistent in making the most eco-friendly watch possible and with their unique and colorful designs.

Sprout watches are in two sizes. The small size sprout watch is 80% eco-friendly while the larger size watch is 86% eco-friendly. All watches are in compliance with the CPSIA and are lead and phthalate free. The corn resin that is used is in full compliance with the American ASTM D6400 as well as the European EN13432 standards for compostable material. Through their corn resin used to make each watch, the shelf life is similar to regular synthetic plastics meaning it will not break down during regular wear and use.

The majority of the cotton used in the world is made with toxic chemicals, but not Sprout watches. Sprout watches are 100% organic and that means that they are grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. The cotton used is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers making these watches extremely eco-friendly.

The bamboo used as the dial of watch is eco-friendly based on its properties as a natural fiber, a quick-growth plant that sequesters greenhouse gases, and a renewable plant that can grow back after its three to five year harvesting period. It largely doesn’t need chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers to grow and this is why it is added in the watch. As for the lens, most of the medium price range of watches is made from plexiglass, which is a type of synthetic plastic. Sprout watches carry a mineral crystal lens which is a type of glass made from sand.

Sprout watches only use Mercury-free batteries and the reason for this is because exposure to even small amounts of it can cause negative health effects including damage to the brain, kidneys, lungs and a developing baby. The packaging for the watches is made from at least 80% post-consumer fibers and it is both recycled and recyclable. More on these watches and the entire collection can be checked out at


Designer handbags are forever going to be in style. Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Chanel are just some of the household designer names women carry around day to day. Some women though, have these bags just stored in the closet collecting dust. And if that’s you, FashionPhile is just the thing you’ve been looking for.
In 1999, Sarah Davis, a young Law student, had a brilliant idea to help pay off her loans – selling pre-owned designer handbags. It started with E-Bay and with the help of her sister and brother-in-law; it has become the largest pre-owned designer handbag company.

Classic Chanel and Hermes handbags that you can find at FashionPhile

People all over the country send Sarah their designer handbags to sell to other people at a cheaper cost. Sarah explains, “Designers never have sales, so this is a good way to find that high-priced bag for a little bit cheaper and still in good condition.” If over-spending on handbags is your vice, FashionPhile could be your rehab.
Not only are people finding designer handbags at a discounted price, but in ways, they are helping recycle. Giving up your bag and buying another pre-owned one takes less manufacturing. Plus it saves room in your closet where otherwise your bags would be piling up.
Authenticity has been challenged in handbags over the last few years. FashionPhile makes sure that the bags people are sending are 100% the real deal. As an avid handbag buyer herself, Sarah Davis knows what’s fake and what’s not. Luckily, she has had loyal clients throughout the years that are just as in love with bags as she is. “You won’t find more than a tiny scratch on these bags. They are in high-quality condition and if they’re not, we don’t show them.”

The showroom in Beverly Hills
With the newest addition to FashionPhile’s business being their year-old boutique in Beverly Hills, business has sky-rocketed. There are hundreds of bags lining the shelves and even more in their storage room. Ben Hemminger, Sarah’s brother-in-law, jumped into the project to help with the business management. “If you came in to the store next week, half of these bags will be bought and new ones will be up. With all of the ones we have in storage we could open up another store!” WhichFashionPhile plans on doing within the next year.

Bend the Rules” Underwear

What do Charlie Sheen, Bruce Willis and many of Hollywood’s ‘Hot Men’ have in common?
The answer to that lies just under their pricey designer clothes where you will find Bend the Rules underwear, a hot item with the Hollywood “it” crowd. They love the luxurious fabric, trendy look and fabulous fit.
Hollywood A-list men, and even some women too, are trading in their boring Fruit of the Looms or Hanes for Bend the Rules pizzazz.
Most people can’t seem to buy enough of them! Charlie Sheen who has purchased over 100 pair. And even though they are men’s BoxerBriefs, women also love to wear them. Female celebrities such as Christina Aguilera love the soft luxurious feel of the fabric.
Bend the Rules Red with Dragon.“The list of top celebrities wearing our underwear is so long it’s difficult to think of the ones who don’t own a pair of ‘Bend the Rules’”, says company founder Markus Bender.
He explains the craze, “I think men are becoming much more conscious of their bodies and the effects it has on their person of interest. We receive a lot of calls from men and women saying how hot our underwear makes their guy look. Probably why Hollywoods’ hottest men are buying them by the dozen!!!”
Bend the Rules designer and CEO, Markus Bender, previously a personal trainer to the Beverly Hills elite, is meticulous with the way clothes fit the body. Unable to find a pair of mens underwear that felt great and would flatter his nearly perfect physique, he designed his own, working for over a year with fabric knitters to develop the perfect fabric. A fabric that retains it’s shape, feels incredible to the touch and is very breathable, since an active lifestyle is a big part of what he enjoys doing. Also, he never was keen on the shapeless back of most brands, he made sure his Bend the Rules are contoured to hug and give shape to your glutes.

Charlie Sheen with Bend the Rules' Markus Bender.
Tighty-whiteys are so blasé. Why give your guy conventional undergarments in his stocking when you can spice up his private wardrobe with rockin’ Bend The Rules underwear and t-shirts?
Twilight's Kellen Lutz with Bend the Rules. We'd love to see him IN these!
Twilight's Kellen Lutz with Bend the Rules. We'd love to see him IN these!
Bend the Rules of Beverly Hills underwear and t-shirts, designed by Markus Bender, are boldly emblazoned with fierce dragons, skulls, and gothic emblems – perfect for the ‘bad boy’ on your list. Bend The Rules M.O.
Bend the Rules is a Beverly Hills-based maker of the finest men’s boxer brief on the market.
Markus spent over a year perfecting fabric – which he feels was certainly time well spent. Not only does the formulated blend of Tencel feel more luxurious, its 130% more absorbent than cotton. It’s breathable, antibacterial and is made of a natural fiber that is ecologically sound for the environment. Bend the Rules gives comfort, function, and a superior yet fashionable fit.
Fill up your special guy’s stocking this season with something that will spice to both of your lives.
To order or to find out where to buy them, visit:
Women love Bend the Rules too!
Women love Bend the Rules too!


With many choices under $80, Company 81 fashions fill your Christmas list without emptying your pocket.
If you’re looking for budget friendly Christmas gifts, Company 81 matches cost consciousness with the best in fabrics, styles and washes, articulating an overall vintage feel in the line. They bring their refreshing style to everything they make, including loungewear, plaid shirts, fitted jeans, graphic tees and more. And it’s all achieved with an understanding that their clients shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage just to wear their clothes.
Company 81
Named for the year it opened, Company 81 has been a family owned and operated venture since opening the doors in 1981. Cutting its teeth and still based in the fashion hotbed of New York City, Company 81 presents a unique clothing line that invokes classic Americana without compromising modern integrity. The designs are reflective of classic American male personas, from the boy next door to the college boy or athletic male.
Stylin’ On a Budget
Company 81’s carefree designs will go wherever the fashion takes them but one accessory they don’t indulge is the dollar sign. Company 81 prices many of the popular selections from their label under 80 dollars, making it an affordable gift for those looking to impress the people on their Christmas list. Budget friendly options are available in everything Company 81 offers, from Tees, Polos and Button Downs to Short Henleys, Hoodies Rugbys and Jeans Outerwear.

Celebrity Approved
While we often think of celebrities wearing the most expensive clothes in the market, Company 81 defies that convention by designing clothes beloved by both celebrities and the guy in your apartment building. Many of the hottest young stars have been spotted wearing the new line from Company 81, including the face of company 81, 90210’s Adam Gregory as well as Fame’s Walter Perez, The Hills’ Brody Jenner, Jason Kennedy from E! News, Weed’s Hunter Parrish, recording artist Steph Jones and X-Games Pro Ryan Sheckler. Yet the clothing rack at Company 81 knows no boundaries as it appeals to the discriminating taste of distinguished leading men like Blair Underwood and the feminine sensibility of Ciara.
Design Your Own Adventure

Selective Eyewear Elements

Who says boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses? We dare anyone to call you “four eyes” when you’re sporting a set of frames from Selective Eyewear Elements , aka “SEE”. Great frames can bring out your eye color or your bone structure and it certainly adds a kick to your overall look and style.
Best of all, if you change your mind, you’re not stuck with it forever, unlike that tattoo or surgery. If you’re in the mood for a transformation, you’d be hard-pressed to make one that’s as dramatic, as simple, or as affordable as donning a great pair of glasses.
SEE's stylish eyewear.
SEE gives you the opportunity to have ‘fresh fashion daily’ when you wear a pair of their European designed eyeglasses and sunglasses. Utilizing bold, funky colors and patterns combined with either retro frames or ultra contemporary frames – SEE has become the front runner in making a ‘spectacle’ fashion statement affordable.
SEE Eyewear
SEE is Catching like Fire!
With 26 stores in twelve states, SEE’s stores welcome both the adventurous and conservative eyeglass shopper. All models are available to touch and try on, and of course, SEE passes on the savings to its customers. And there is so much to try on… from aviators, to horn rims, to wraparounds, to rimless, eggplant, olive, copper, plaid, cheetah, sting ray and everything in between. SEE carries a full range for every face type and look.
SEE's delicious choices.
Celebs love SEE
Glossy magazines and show biz insiders adore SEE. Influential publications such as Women’s Wear Daily, Italian Vogue, InStyle and Lucky have all featured the company, while Paramount and Twentieth Century Fox are only two of the big studios who’ve gotten behind SEE. Celebrities–who make a career out of their image – such as Ozzy Osbourne, P. Diddy, and Jenny McCarthy have been seen stepping out in SEE’s frames as well.
SEE's gorgeous sunglass styles are available as well.
SEE Creator
Selective Eyewear Elements is the brainchild of Richard S. Golden, who created SEE with the idea that financial gain should not be the main goal of this business. Instead, he stands on the idea of marrying high fashion and reasonable prices.
Become SEE VIP
Ever wondered what it would be like to be on the VIP list on the hottest party in town? That’s how you’ll feel when you sign up to be on SEE’s “A-list.” You’ll be in the know about special bashes, amazing promotions, and fashionable events that anyone who’s anyone simply MUST be at! Plus SEE will let you know how to get involved with some of the extremely relevant charitable causes they work with. Check their ‘bribes and secret offers’ on the website.
SEE Sunglasses
SEE has Heart

Fashion Accessories

Eyewear from Cinzia like Trendies by Cinzia and Redeux are also complemented by an assortment of stylish accessories. Zia’s, Cinzia’s handcrafted necklaces feature pendants designed to hold and carry eyeglasses when not in use. All of the necklaces are unique pieces of wearable art assembled by hand in the Cinzia studios. From necklaces to tiny travelers and handbag cases, Cinzia places great emphasis ondesigning accessories for their eyewear. The company is enthusiastic about broadening their accessory horizon as they experiment with color, style and type of items. Their Guitar String Bracelets are comfortably stretchy and convey a chic industrial look when worn in abundance while Cinzia’s cashmere wraps and scarves balance comfort with style.
Cinzia's designer eyeglass holding necklaces.
Cinzia's designer eyeglass holding necklaces.
A great feature on Cinzia’s website ( is the opportunity to experience a Virtual Eyewear Consultation. The complimentary option is a recent addition to the website and allows customers to benefit from a VIP virtual eyewear consultation by Cinzia Stylist, Lindsey Reisack. After you answer questions and upload a .jpg image of yourself, Lindsey will recommend eyewear selections in reading glasses and sunglasses/sun readers based on your facial futures.
Cynthia Shapiro
Behind the company’s creative direction is Cinzia founder and head designer Cynthia Shapiro. Her inspiration comes from an authentic place; Shapiro saw a style void when it became time for her to buy a pair of readers. From that experience Shapiro began her work on eyewear fit for a modern day fashionista. Shapiro’s lines draw heavily from neutral color palettes and are notable for their sophisticated design.
Shapiro steers her vision of what readers and glasses should be by the company’s creative compass, believing that at Cinzia readers do more than magnify your vision; they magnify your style. Her readers can be recognized by their handmade quality and the attentive manufacturing in limited edition releases.

Cinzia’s Eyewear

Lightning may not strike twice but Europa International has successfully launched two new eyewear lines with Trendies by Cinzia and Redeux, both manufactured by Cinzia Designs. Cinzia Designs was founded in 2002 and is a division of Europa International, allowing the brand to benefit from Europa International’s 30 plus years of eyewear manufacturing experience in the optical industry. Cinzia Designs catalog of eyewear includes readers, ophthalmic eyewear, sunglasses and sunreaders.
Trendies by Cinzia
With a nod to balancing function and fashion, Trendies by Cinzia is a fun and budget friendly line of reading glasses, sunglasses and accessories. Trendies by Cinzia were developed as a way to sport a rebellious look without having to rage against your own bank account. The eyewear is designed to mix and match and the color line features the season’s hottest colors and shapes.
Cinzia's Trendies collection.
Cinzia's Trendies collection.


Cinzia Designs has also introduced the Redeux collection. Redeux revisits the past with vintage looks from the future. The homage to fashion’s past revitalizes many popular looks from earlier decades. The collection totals five distinct and stylish pieces, including Abracadabra, Cult Classic, Rapture, Venus Fly Trap and Year of the Cat.
Cinzia's Redeux eyeglass line.
Cinzia's Redeux eyeglass collection.

Stylish New Jewelry

Accessories_14 Accessories_17 These eyecatching pieces are crafted by hand in Dorian's studio in NYC using semiprecious stones, sterling silver & Venetian glass - originally inspired by her travels. “Italy had always been one of my favorite countries to visit," notes the award-winning designer. "The almost palpable sense of their history, the appreciation of the things that make life pleasurable, and the celebration of beauty wherever it may appear, was not only evident in its magnificent buildings but also in something simple as a carefully placed bowl of colorful handblown glass beads shimmering in a shop window.”
Another fashion jewelry site we love is Tano Jewelry. Tano has the most affordable Wholesale Fashion Jewelry for businesses and the cutest headbands and jewelry for consumers.
Accessories_16 Accessories_20
Accessories_19 Accessories_13Accessories_18
Accessories_15 From the clusters of Labradorite-faceted briolette bracelet to the silver cuff bearing a glass medalion of a Venetian lion, pearl & silver tassel earrings, or a pearl choker adorned with a mother-of-pearl flower, these pieces are as collectible as they are colorful. “The transformative power of color is amazing,” says Webb. “Because of its intimate nature and closeness to the body, the right color of jewelry can immediately draw attention to your most flattering features...To me, a piece of jewelry is successful when, inevitably, every time you wear it, someone tells you how beautiful you are.

Makeup naturally nude

Keep your makeup naturally nude & gorgeous with these easy tips from CoverGirl makeup artist Molly Stern:
  • EASY DOES IT "Keep it light," advises Stern. "The days of allover pancake coverage are gone. If you have ruddy cheeks, just apply coverage where you need it. The main thing is to keep skin fresh."
  • HIGHLIGHT A SINGLE FEATURE "Identify the feature you want to highlight. If it's your eyes, make them lined &smokey and plump up your lashes, but tone down your lip & cheek." Alternatively, go for a dramatic mouth, but keep the rest of your face neutral.
  • MASCARA: THINK BROWN, NOT BLACK "A well-defined lash line is important, but for summer, take it down a notch by using brown instead of black mascara because it gives a softer eye."
  • BLUSH FROM A BOTTLE "Cream blush is more natural than powder, because it looks like it's coming from the skin rather than sitting on top, adding rosy depth in a natural way that's not powdery." In case of beauty emergencies where you find yourself blush-bereft, rub some of your lipstick on your cheek. (Stern suggest CoverGirl TruShine lipstick - it's sheer, but still loaded with pigment.)
  • THOU SHALT NOT OVERDO SELF-TANNER Before applying the self-tanner, be sure to exfoliate with a body scrub first, especially porous areas like knees, heels & elbows. (If you accidentally go overboard, rubbing alcohol or Windex can lift some of the excess color.) "Go lighter than you think you should," says Stern. "If you’re fair, makes no sense to get Hawaiian tan. Instead, you might want to use tinted moisturizer and add a tiny bit of darker shade & get deeper look."
  • DOES YOUR FACE MATCH YOUR ENSEMBLE? "The emergence in fashion of so many gorgeous prints & florals means that it's really important to keep a balance with your makeup. Keep it fresh, and the colors neutral - a light shimmer on the eye and a nude lip looks really modern." (And don't forget to blend, blend, blend!)

Some makeup product picks to try:

  • Beauty_3 Beauty_4  
  • FOUNDATION & CONCEALER As an alternative to some of the more pricey brands, Stern recommends CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Age Defying Concealer & Advanced Radiance Moisturizing Makeup. "Their motto is clean, fresh, easy, breezy, and these foundations are guaranteed to match 97% of skin tones. The colors are sheer and even contain Olay ingredients to repair and smooth, whether you're preventing the signs of aging, or trying to repair them." (Alternatively, Shu Uemura foundation can easily be thinned with water for a fab sheer foundation.) At
  • Beauty_6 Beauty_5  
  • POWDER TruBlend Naturally Luminous Loose Powder with Minerals "It's gorgeous for dusting some shimmer on shoulders, the back of the neck & the neckline." At
  • Beauty_7  
  • MASCARA CoverGirl Volume Exact -
Beauty_8 Beauty_11 

Get Gorgous Summer Skin


Summer is all about digging into juicy, refreshing fresh fruit...but have you ever considered what an effective - and cost-effective - skincare solution it provides? Unlike many of the pricey department store lotions, face scrubs, cleansers and other beauty products, fresh fruit is budget-friendly and you know exactly what you're putting on your skin. Raechel Cunningham, licensed aesthetician and director of New York Laser & Aesthetics Spa in New York City, has hand picked some of her favorite fruits for a medley of do-it-yourself, homemade skin-tastic remedies to treat, moisturize and rejuvenate all your skin care needs:
  • Aloe Soothing & cool to the skin, and stops pain & itching. High in AloeEctin B, which stimulates the immune system.
  • Avocado Hydrates dry skin; filled with natural fatty acids, protein, Vitamins A and C.
  • Apples High in AHA’s and antioxidants. Great for dissolving flaky skin.
  • Baking Soda Neutralizes the Ph of the skin and pulls out excess heat.
  • Banana Contains Vitamins A, B, and C. Soothing and healing. The most beneficial part of the banana is the inside of the skin.
  • Blueberry High in AHA’s and antioxidants. Great for revitalizing dull skin.
  • Chamomile Soothes irritated skin.
  • Egg White Full of protein, eggs whites act as a tightening agent and is great for oily skin.
  • Garlic Purifying and antibacterial properties. Great for acne. Beware if you are not a garlic lover!
  • Green Tea High in antioxidants. Stimulates circulation and has anti- inflammatory properties.
  • Honey High in Vitamins C, D, E and B complex. Honey has natural effects on the skin and is known to be an antiseptic salve.
  • Lemon Packed with Vitamin C and AHA’s. Great for oily skin and acts as a natural skin lightener.
  • Milk Full of proteins, Vitamins A, D, & E. Has strong soothing properties.
  • Oatmeal Contains healing properties. Oatmeal serves as both an exfoliator and moisturizer. This is great for dry/sensitive skin.
  • Olive Oil High in natural fatty acids. This emollient is a moisturizing ingredient similar to avocado.
  • Strawberry High in AHA’s, BHA’s, and Vitamin C. This acts as a cleansing astringent for oily skin. Helps to even skin tone.
  • Sugar This is a natural AHA in which Glycolic acid is derived from. This is a great exfoliator for the skin.
  • Tomato Contains Lycopene which is excellent for the skin. This ingredient is great for oily skin. It removes surface impurities, exfoliates, shrinks pores and regulates skin tone.
  • Wheat Flour Thickening agent for skin remedies.
  • Yogurt Contains enzymes which aid in removing dirt and dead skin cells from the skin.

Raechel's Tips & Tricks for maximum fruit & veggie beauty benefits:

  • When selecting fresh fruit and veggies, it is best to use organically grown varieties. This will give you maximum benefits.
  • Fruit and veggie skin care is best used when prepared and applied on the same day. Avoid making more than you need for a single application.
  • Make sure you clean and sanitize all counter tops and mixing utensils before making any of the recipes.
  • Leave all ingredients out of the fridge for up to an hour before mixing. Don’t let the fruits get any warmer than room temperature.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies are very high in acids. Be careful not to overdo it. If you apply anything to your skin and encounter a burning sensation, remove immediately and apply cool water.

Beauty_6 CLEANSE:

  • Normal/Acne/Oily skin: Mix 1 tablespoon plain or vanilla yogurt with the juice of 1/4 lemon & massage onto skin. Rinse with warm water.
  • Dry/Sensitive: Moisten a chamomile tea bag with warm water. Gently massage moist tea bag in tiny circles around face to gently loosen dead skin cells.
  • Olive Oil makeup remover (all skin types): Take a paper towel and fold in half 3 times. Apply a drop of olive oil to paper towel. Keeping your eyes closed, wipe downwards from upper eye lid down. Avoid getting olive oil in the eye.

Beauty_5 STEAM:
After cleansing & before exfoliating, steam your skin to open the pores. Fill a 6 quart pot ¼ of the way full with water, cover with a lid and bring to a boil. (For astringent and tonic properties, add lemon juice to boiling water.) Take the pot off the stove and place it on an oven safe surface where it is a good height to lean over the pot exposing your face to the steam. For best results sit down at a table with a small to medium towel draped over the back of your head to keep the steam localized to the face. Steaming can occur for 5-10 min. Exfoliate after steaming.
  • Normal/Acne/ Oily: Combine 1 tablespoon of tomato juice with 1½ tablespoon of sugar, and massage in tiny circles all over face and neck. Avoid using near eyes. Rinse thoroughly
  • Dry/Sensitive: Mix together 1 tablespoon of yogurt with 1 tablespoon of plain uncooked oatmeal, and massage into skin with tiny circles. Rinse thoroughly
  • Dry skin: Slice 1/2 an avocado. Use the inside of the skin with avocado residue & massage into small circles over skin. Once you have completed the whole face, turn the avocado skin to the rough side and gently massage in tiny circles. Rinse thoroughly & prepare to apply mask.

  • Acne: Whip together a clove of minced garlic, ½ tomato with seeds finely chopped, 1 tablespoon tomato juice & 1 egg white. Apply to skin, and to ensure the ingredients stay put, either lie down, or unfold a gauze pad, cut out holes for your eyes and mouth, moisten & press against skin over the mask.
  • Dry skin: Whip together 1 mashed strawberry, 1 teaspoon of honey, ¼ avocado meat mashed & 1 teaspoon of wheat flour. Leave on 3-5 minutes.
  • Normal/Dry: Mash together 3-5 blueberries, 2-3 circular slices of a banana & 1 tablespoon of wheat flour. (If it's too firm, add a drop of apple juice.) Leave on 3-5 minutes
  • All skin types: Mix together ½ lemon, 1 tablespoon of honey & 1 tablespoon wheat flour. (If it's too soupy, add more honey or wheat flour.) Leave on 3-5 min.
  • Puffy eyes: Moisten 2 green tea bags with warm water and apply over eyes for 5-10 minutes while you lie down & chill.
Beauty_2 BODY CARE:
  • Sunburn relief: Into a bath filled with tepid water, pour 2 cups of raw uncooked oatmeal, 1 cup of milk & 1 tablespoon of honey. Soak for 5-10 min. Alternatively, pour 2 cups baking soda into cool-tepid water & soak for 10 minutes. After you get out of the bath, apply 1-2 aloe peeled aloe leaves...slimy, but a huge relief.
  • Dry/Ashy skin: Pour 1 quart of apple juice & ¼ cup of olive oil into a warm bath & soak.
  • Rough hands: Chop 3-5 mint leaves in a mixing bowl, and squeeze in 1/2 a lime. Add in 1 tablespoon each of sugar & olive oil. Massage into the palm of your hand working the product around. This is a great cuticle treatment!