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Urban fashion

Giddy up girls, this week The Cut Reports that, “Wendy Nichol is three seasons into her eponymous line and can already count Scarlett Johansson and models Kim Noorda and Elizabeth Jagger among her many fans.
Not too shabby, considering she is completely self-taught. Following a four-year stint as a buyer and designer at Club Monaco, Nichol left to pursue her own label, which debuted in fall ‘08. Her first collection was a mix of tough leather cuffs, feminine pearl necklaces, and delicate rings, all accented with her now-trademark studs. Nichol’s youngest daughter, Sofia, served as the look-book model, glammed up with red lips and perfecting a pose worthy of a Jurgen Teller–shot Little Marc ad. Nichol shopped the pieces around and landed at Brooklyn’s Bird.
Fast forward a year later and the likes of Bergdorf and Barneys Co-op are stocking the ever-expanding line, which now also includes bags. Citing cowboys and Native Americans as her main inspiration, Nichol’s fall collection consists of fringed clutches and horsehair-accented jewelry named after chiefs and princess, outlaws, and notable cowboys and cowgirls. The addition of chains and spikes toughen up Western-inspired pieces, giving it a slick urban vibe. Prices begin at $100 for small studded earrings and top out at $700 for a large fringed saddle bag, with all items sourced and constructed locally. Check out some of our favorite looks from her line.”
These remind me of a classier version of a Cowboys/Indians party I went to freshman year at college. Emphasis on classier.
Well Ms. Nichols’ fabulous pieces may set you back a penny or two, I found some great mock-offs that are recession and fashion friendly.
How about this leather and stone necklace from – Tar- zjay?
Yes mam, that is just a little more than a frozen yogurt and a Coke Zero.
And this bag is extremely versatile from Urban Outfiters:

Dori Csengeri fashion

Give me a needle and thread, and I can maybe sew on a button. Maybe. Give Dori Csengeri a needle, thread, and some gemstones and this former textile designer will whip you up necklaces, rings, earrings, and more that are positively swoon-worthy. Dori uses embroidery techniques to create intricate loops, swirls, and whirls that form tactile backgrounds for a rainbow of sparkly gems, including Swarovski crystals. Her unique understanding of patterning means that Dori’s jewelry is complex but never over-the-top. In other words, that opulent necklace with the hand embroidered clasp will work just as well with an evening gown as with your favorite slouchy top and skinny jeans. Just don’t blame us if every time you wear one of Dori’s pieces, everyone just wants to reach out and touch you. Here’s more from the designer.
Oligoville: In five words or less, Dori Csengeri is. . .
Dori: . . . something different
Oligoville: How would you describe your ideal customer?
Dori: While designing, I can envision the woman who will wear my work. She has a defined taste and personality. I try to create for her something different, fresh and exciting, so she can play with me the game of fashion and participate in the creation of her own image. My jewelry presents the choice for every woman who does not want to blend into the background.
Oligoville: How’d you end up a designer?
Dori: During my studies of textile design, my dream was of becoming an important and interesting designer. Over the years, I was bothered by the fact that my textile designs “leave” me and that I have no control over the way the end-user sees them or uses them. My prints were scattered all over, in many countries and were never presented as one mass, as a collection of serious design work. Designing and making textile-based jewelry was the way to expressing and to fulfilling my dream.
Oligoville: How/when did you launch your brand?
Dori: My brand was actually launched in 1992, when we started working internationally. I started small, with one assistant. Today I have 25 embroidery artists to assist me.
Oligoville: How did you come up with the idea of doing embroidered jewelry?
Dori: After years of practicing textile design, we moved to Paris, where I studied painting at the Academie de Port-Royal. It was a period of exploration; I was looking for new ways to express myself. Among other things, I was experimenting with collages from textile materials. This is how the soutache cords landed on my desk. From there on, the road to jewelry was fairly short. I started with small color compositions in textiles, which evolved into my first creations, beautiful lapel broaches. With time and experience, I developed a needlework technique which is suitable to the creation of the small or larger pieces of passementerie that are used to make my jewelry. More important, the technique could be [taught]. Today, at my Studio, I have a team of experienced embroidery artists; some have been with me for more than 10 years.
Oligoville: Who and/or what inspires you?
Dori: Inspiration is not a button you press and hoopla, there it is. It is the accumulation of memories and experiences “burned onto the disk.” There is Art, scenery, markets, travel and thelittle things that catch and hypnotize the imagination. When I design a new collection, it is the new colors of the season that turn me on. Especially, new materials that come to my desk, but also older ones, from my endless stashes, that have suddenly seemed to mature for the collection.

Oligoville: What’s 24 hours like in your life?
Dori: At 6:30 am I take a walk [for an hour or more] in the park near our home. Then the day starts, toward 9 am. with an espresso and croissant at our nearby corner café on the boulevard. These are the quality moments of the morning that we share with my husband and partner, Giora. Though we work together, we do it at two different locations, so we rarely see each other during the day. The day is usually related to the atelier, design, customers, suppliers, materials etc.
Evening is time with my friends, or to see a movie or a concert or modern ballet, or for a quiet moment at home watching TV or reading.
Oligoville: What’s in your closet? What are you wearing right now?
Dori: Right now I’m wearing a bathing suit, slacks, t-shirt and a straw hat; I’m on my way to the beach, a few minutes walk from home. Otherwise, I collect clothes. I don’t shy away from markets and flea markets. . .I wear [clothes] with a twist, such as a man’s tie, Oldstar baskets in various colors, scarves, my jewelry, and I love hand-held fans.

Oligoville: What’s in your bag (or backpack or satchel) right now?
Dori: Right now, it’s a beach towel, sun-block cream, mineral water, and the weekend’s papers and magazines.
Oligoville: What has been the most rewarding part of your career?
Seeing my jewelry shown and worn worl wide, across geography and cultures. Maybe, a visit to Japan, to launch a new collection and meet with ladies who are real fans of mine, was one of the most inspiring events of my career. It dawned on me how many friends I have earned through my jewelry.

Fashion By Rules
There is an interesting partnership that is made up of a fashion designer and a music producer/performer, and together they have forged a company that yields merchandise as varied as ear pods and dresses. The common thread is music.Val Kolton is the musical half of the duo who has devoted himself to the brand and its varied products while Terri King has dressed everyone from the Rolling Stones to Nine Inch Nails. Both bring their rock mentality to the products and both provide an undeniably distinctive look, whether it is a hat, ear buds or dress.

The apparel collection which is for both for men and women suggests that rocker look without being too over the top, meaning you don’t have to be a rocker to look like one. 

The men’s collection is punctuated with wonderful white shirts and T shirts worn on their own or with terrifically fitted jackets with zap details as well as an exaggerated fit. The ladies scream sexy by what the clothes suggest and not reveal – leather inserts, slash details and corsetry work in dresses and tops. Make no mistake that these clothes draw attention to their owners and certainly turn you into the rocker you are or the rocker you ‘wannabe.”

A word of thanks to MAO pr for allowing me to make use of their clients for these columns and do not forget to catch the entire V-MODA look and philosophy on their web site and as always you can keep up with me on Facebook and See you next week.

Summer Maxi Dress

 Hot and then cold. Sometimes weather can creep up on you no matter how much you check the forecast. So you want to be prepared when the sun goes away that you still remain stylish, yet cozy. The ever-trendy maxi dress has proven to be more than just a comfort summer trend. Its been seen on celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate Olsen for months, the long dress is back and better than ever with a variety of shades, prints, patterns, cuts, and material.
With an unfamiliar name, the Maxi dress is typically a floor or ankle

length less-formal dress that is formfitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, cut to flow over the body. This summer maxi dresses are best paired with gladiator sandals or summer wedges and also make a perfect summer vacation outfit. Many of the long dresses have been deemed to be “bohemian” but this is not always the case. Maxi dresses can be styled according to your personality, as some of the basic solid styles are canvases open to interpretation with accessories such as bangles, charm bracelets, stud earrings, headbands, and metallic necklaces. Many dresses that incorporate a pattern such as paisley, tie-dye, or floral should be accessorized-down – (meaning hold off the the gobs of jewelry) to not take away from the dress.
If things get chilly in your neighborhood at the beach or when the sun goes down, make sure to bring along a light scarf or cardigan to cover your shoulders. The scarf is perfect if you don’t want to bear a cardi, but cardigans work best for warmth if the temperature tends to dip dramatically after dusk. The best thing to do, is keep a neutral cardigan with you, such as gray, black, off-white, or beige so that no matter which dress you choose your basic cardigan will compliment it. With one or two simple accessories you can easily adjust to different weather factors from day to night.
This month we’ve seen a great variety of maxi dresses worn on Angelina Jolie and Miranda Kerr and

mommies-to-be, Heidi Klum and Ellen Pompeo. Each celeb showcases a different dress cut, pattern, and fabric to meet their body type. Miranda Kerr blends both solid and prints into her dress while accentuating her waist with a braided leather belt. Paired with metallic sandals, Miranda keeps accessories to a minimum since the later half of her dress has such a bold print.
Angelina’s chocolate strapless dress is ever-so simple, yet classy as the silk fabric adds sheen and glamour to her look without any extra additives. This is a perfect look to throw on when the summer day is warming up as it doesn’t require much fuss. Both Heidi and Ellen chose maxi dresses that have empire waist seams to highlight their torsos, making them comfortable and versatile from warm to cooler weather.

To find which maxi dress is right for you for the rest of the summer months, explore the many options in our fashion widget. Don’t forget to make the dress your own with your favorite jewelry, shoes, headgear, and outerwear.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are one of the most trendiest womens sandals, the concept of which has been inspired from the gone by era. The shoe style of roman warriors of the yesteryears was picked by the designers of today and what resulted out of the inspiration was 'Gladiator Sandals'. Its evolution has been quite interesting.

The Inspiration
Gladiator sandals are one of the most trendiest womens sandals, the concept of which has been inspired from the gone by era. The shoe style of roman warriors of the yesteryears was picked by the designers of today and what resulted out of the inspiration was 'Gladiator Sandals'. Its evolution has been quite interesting.

Styles of Gladiator Sandals
Being airy and cool, gladiator sandals make a great choice for scotching summers. Its a unisex style with the variety available for both men and women, though unlike men, women have a bulk of choices to choose from. From flat to high heeled, from ankle finish to knee length extended, gladiator sandals offer a wide range of options to go with both casual wears and formal ones. They can be easily co-ordinated with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses too.

The wearers
Gladiator sandals are best suited to women with long slender legs. The knee high sandals would just make a perfect choice for them however, women with bulky, thick ankles would have to be really cautious while selecting their pair of gladiator sandals. The flesh on the calve has to be played down and hence, the high-heeled gladiators sandals finishing a little above the ankle would be the safest bet for them.

The Combinations
There are some eternal combinations with gladiator sandals which can never go wrong. For eg:
  • High heeled gladiator sandals should be combined with flowing feminine skirts or narrow fitted jeans. These are best to add on a dash of glamor to the entire look.
  • Short gladiator sandals can be co-ordinated with shorts or knee length skirts. Black color should be avoided in this case since it tends to attract too much of attention towards the feet.
  • Knee length gladiator sandals are paired best with denim capris.

10s to Women Fashion

Check these important style rules for all fashion conscious women to be the ultimate style diva.

  • The foremost thing to do is, mentally, swap the word “Fashion” with “Style” as style embodies the wearability quotient with itself.
  • Try to dress up smartly at home too. A slight attention towards dressing up would definitely help you exude positive vibes and find interest in the most mundane household chores.
  • Get rid of the clothing items which are outdated or don't suit you and build on new a wardrobe bit by bit by adding pieces that suit you well.
  • Every time you go shopping, try and pick versatile pieces which are comfortable and at the same time can be worn on any occasion. You can segregate your wardrobe into two parts one, dedicated to the well cut classic pieces while other containing few fun, street fashion sort outfits. This would help you have balanced combination of graceful and trendy dresses.
  • It is wise to stack your wardrobe with must-have pieces rather than stuffing it with the make-do ones.
  • Make sure that your wardrobe is created as per the style staples which can be used from season to season or even, can be dressed up and down. A pair of well cut jeans, a sexy little black dress, a smart classic white shirt etc. should be incorporated in every female wardrobe as these particulars can be played around easily with fab accessories in every season.
  • A trendy bag and a couple of stylish shoes and stilettos is again, a must-have for every girl's wardrobe. An outfit with a complementing bag and shoes multiplies the overall style appeal manifold.
  • It is necessary to know your body type and dress accordingly. No amount of style efforts can make you look good if your dressings are going against your structure type.
  • Learn how to highlight your assets and play down your flaws. Abreast yourself with the dos' and dont's of styling as per your flaws and assets.
  • Last but not the least, always shop smartly. Plan your buys in advance and pick the ones which suit your body type and compliment your personality the best.

Cargo Pants

Cargos are one of the most comfortable set of clothing but most often people consider it as a style which can be carried only in the weekend or while on a safari trek. But this notion is absolutely misleading as surprisingly,cargo pants can be styled to wear anywhere anytime! Check out how:look.

The Chic Boho Look
If you are also fond of the chic boho look, then style yourself with rolled cargo bottoms and a breezy floral printed chiffon top. Complete the look with a trendy pair of wedge heels and you are ready with fresh and breezy summer look which can be carried easily throughout the day.
The Chic Boho Look
The Chic Boho Look
The Glamour Look
Cargo pants can even be worn to the Saturday night parties too. Team up your favorite pair of slim fitted cargo pants with an embellished tank top and sexy stilettos. That's it, you are all set to hit the party right away.
The Glamour Look
The Glamour Look
The Sleek Professional Look
The versatility of cargos is not only restricted to parties and weekend but one can also wear them at the workplace too. A crisp white tailored blouse with a pastel shade cargo pant can work well for offices. Accessorize the look with a thin belt and a pair of gold hoops and well you are ready with a sleek professional look.
The Sleek Professional Look
The Sleek Professional Look
The Sophisticated Look
For a sophisticated look, try cargo pants with a fitted black tee. You can customize the look with either carrying it full length with ballerinas or roll up the cargos and team it with black patent heels. The overall look can be enhanced manifold with a pair of chandelier earrings and a smart clutch. One can carry this look from the office to the town market.
The Sophisticated Look
The Sophisticated Look

Fashion Skirts

 Every girl is fond of wearing skirts. Irrespective of the flaws and irregularities each female loves to don the most elegant and the most sexy dressings of all- Skirts. Though the issue is how to look agreeable in a skirt with the physical flaws. Here are few tips to camouflage the common irregularities of body:

Minimizing Curves
Minimizing Curves

No matter whether you have huge bums or heavy thighs, the best way to cover up the heaviness is by going for plain dark colored skirts. Alternatively slimming underwear like spanx can come handy for portraying a relatively slimmer look. Knee length skirts with pleatings or vertical lines can also help in camouflaging the heavy lower torso. Another simple way to divert attention from the bulges is by wearing something which draws attention to the upper half. Besides, skirts made up of heavy fabrics like denim or leather helps a great deal in holding in the tummy.

Adding Curves

Adding Curves

If you belong to the skinnier category, try to add curves to your lower half with balloon skirts, tiered skirt or boho patterned skirts. These are few options which can help you look fuller. Body shapers like butt lifters and padded panties can be other means of enhancing the assets. On the contrary, fitted knee length skirts can help accentuate your luscious curves.

Looking Taller

Looking Taller
The obvious solution for it are a sexy pair of stilettos. In fact, a bit of skin exposure can actually make your legs look leaner. Pick up the skirts whose hemlines end just above the knees or are slightly more shorter. Dark toned monochromatic outfits can help a great deal in elongating a frame.

Flawless Legs

Flawless Legs
If you belong to the skinnier category, try to add curves to your lower half with balloon skirts, tiered skirt or boho patterned skirts. These are few options which can help you look fuller. Body shapers like butt lifters and padded panties can be other means of enhancing the assets. On the contrary, fitted knee length skirts can help accentuate your luscious curves.

Hot Winter Trends

Just because it’s winters, doesn’t mean you have to look plain and dull. Get ready to stay warm in style this season and beat the cold with hottest trends. The trendiest looks of winter demand colorful choices, architectural clothing shapes and bold combination of different pieces. Here are some useful tips to help build your fall wardrobe. 

Add Colors When it comes to colors there’s no bigger hue than purple this winter! Though blacks, whites and grays go great this season but a splash of red and purple here and there adds a special glamorous touch. Wear contrast colors and make a style statement with a printed shirt or pant (use one at a time). Just because this is the coldest time of the year it does not need to be dull and boring, so be bold and play with colors.

Layers The trick to a stylish fall is to experiment with layers. Try a solid color under-shirt, a button-down over that, and perhaps even a sweater or vest on top. Let the layering do the work of keeping you warm and look for a more stylish, lighter alternative to the life-preserver overcoat.

Jackets and Coats
Cropped jackets, blazers, military or wrap coat, you have loads of options to choose from. Pick one that suits your body type and is comfortable for you.

Sweater Dress The sweater dress is the new sensation this winter. The fact that you can wear it many ways is the main advantage. Pair it up with opaque leggings and boots and you are ready to go. Team it up with sheer stockings and statement necklace and be sure to leave a mark!

Leggings Tights and leggings are going to be really big this winter! Sheer black leggings, opaque tights in glossy and shiny style, colored and patterned tights are some of the most popular ones.

Mufflers Stoles and Scarves The trendiest way to beat the chill is to experiment with scarves and mufflers. Try tying it in different styles and opt for a variety of prints. A silk scarf is a great accessory but if you are more practical go for hand knit woolen mufflers.

Shoes When it comes to footwear, women have loads of options in winter. Booties, ankle length boots, knee length boots are all hot, and no matter what your heel preference is, there’s plenty of variety!

Accessories Accessories are going to be really bold this season. Look out for statement necklaces, chunky earrings, narrow belts, smart clutch bags, and stone studded jewelry.
Welcome this winter with open arms and bright hues and stay warm in the most fashionable way! Mix and match, add layers and make your style more dramatic with the right use of colors.

Costume Jewelry

fashion jewelry

fashion jewelry
So many weddings to attend and you don’t want to spend too much on jewelry, neither repeat your stuff. Well, Costume jewelry is the easy solution.
Have a bright outfit and you don’t want to wear that gold chain again….well match it up with costume jewelry in the same shade.

Don’t want to move around wearing millions around your neck… costume jewelry again provides a safer option.
Costume jewelry has gained tremendous popularity recently owing to its versatility and variety, myriad hues and affordability. It offers a cost effective yet glamorous option for those with a penchant for ornaments. It helps in keeping up with the latest trends without burning a whole in your pocket as well as providing a safer option. Real jewelry can be a sound investment in uncertain times. But for most of us, the new reality calls for faux — small indulgences that can make an old frock seem new.
Also known as imitation jewelry, fashion jewelry and junk jewelry, it comes in various shapes, sizes and texture and is made of materials as diverse as metal, glass, stones, crystals and even plastic. The variety costume jewelry can offer is unparalleled. You can find something to beautify each part of your body. From necklaces, earrings and hair ornaments to nose rings, toe rings, anklets, maang tikka, armlets and bangles… name it and you have it!
Trendy Wooden Bangle
Shell, paper, terracotta, glass are some of the other popular fashion jewelry.
Trendy Wooden Bangle
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose what suits you and your mood the best because fashionable Costume Jewelry not only makes women different and more stylish but in Coco Chanel’s own words, adorns and makes her more beautiful too.
Have a look at the trendiest collection of costume as well as real jewelry at

Indian Jewelry Fashion

Jewelry is one of the finest mediums that reflect the glorious artistry and craftsmanship of the early civilizations of India. The exotic creations on metals, stones and various other materials are aesthetic expressions of the creativity and refined senses of craftsmen down the ages. Jewelry in India has gone a long way as coveted treasures and essentials of embellishments attracting royal households to the tribal folks. Sometimes extravagant and gorgeous sometimes delicate and humble the chiseled beauties are great pieces of art evoking the true spirit of India. With the approach of the modern age the Indian jewelry has undergone certain changes but the jewelry market is raging with demands for both ethnic and contemporary. Wholesale Indian jewelry are exclusively meant for the retailers where they get the opportunity to make choices from a whole lot of varieties and place orders at bulk rates.
Gold jewelry is the traditional favorite appealing bling enthusiasts of all ages. The sleek and lightweight golden ornaments varying from pendants, earrings, rings and bangles are popular for daily wear. Gold jewelry sets comprising of earrings, neckpieces and bracelets with heavy inlays are meant for festive occasions like wedding. Diamonds chiseled to various shapes and sizes sparkle to beauty reflecting an air of aristocracy and sophistry. The American diamond sets are making good markets nowadays. The jewelry range is enthralling as well as overwhelming comprising antique, traditional and modern designs.
With the current craze for designer jewelry the wholesale collection is replete with designer ornaments. Colorful semi precious stones are engraved on various kinds of metals to create elaborate and simple designs. The eclectic ‘kundan jewelries’ available in the form bracelets, earrings and sets embodying traditional ‘kundan’ work from Rajasthan are available in bulk forms. The cornucopia of colors, the intricate craftsmanship and the ornate inlays appeal even the most discerning retailer. Enamel jewelries like ‘meenakaris’ and ‘polkis’ are also back from the Mughal and Rajput courts to modern jewelry showrooms. Immaculate, luxurious and versatile the various pearl jewelry sets are simply irresistible. There are milky white pearl jewelry sets crafted into simple and sophisticated designs. The precious collections include pearl jewelries with beads, crystals and semi precious stones uniquely crafted into medley of designs.
Various costume jewelry sets also find place in the wholesale collection of Indian jewelry. Crafted from lacquer, jute, coconut-wood and ceramics these dainty marvels of panoply of colors, designs and shapes are ruling the roost. The fashion conscious men and women of today simply grab the finesses from the retailers to pair up with their favorite outfits. The tribal jewelries comprising of exotic hairpins, dangling earrings and neckpieces impress with their ethnic and rustic flavors. The ‘terracotta sets’ in variety of earthen shades and matte finishes are unique collections in tune with the latest styles and trends. The jewelry products from India Handicraft Store, has gained accolades from retailers worldwide for their unparalleled grace, top rated quality, authenticity and reasonable price rates. We welcome you to come forth and take a tour to our exclusive collections of wholesale Indian jewelry. Please do inform us unhesitatingly if you finalize with some bulk choices.

Men's Rings

A recognized national leader in fashion jewelry design offers over 1,000 new styles of men's and ladies' jewelry. Among a wide range of traditional designs there are a few fashion styles that outmatch the rest. At Gem Fashion store we know what is hot in jewelry at the moment and help you to find a type of jewelry you want to accomplish your fashion goals.

Don't know where to start? Browse through the featured collections below or give us a call 1-866-638-3275 and we will guide you through the selection process.

Featured Collections
How bad do you want to look good?

Rings are not only for weddings. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes. If you are like me you don't just want to look stylish, but also stand out from the homogeneous looking fashion crowd. You want to be noticed!

This is exactly what our dazzling collection of Big Gemstone Ladies' Rings has to offer. It has that fashion, style, grace and pizzazz what many women are missing. Each of the unique designs makes a fashion statement. Combinations of real and simulated gemstones. The entire collection comes in rhodium finish, which gives the jewelry cool white sheen look. For your convenience, all rings come in jewelry boxes ready to be a gift.

CZ Wedding and Engagement Rings

According to ancient traditions, a wedding ring, as a symbol of conjugal faithfulness, should be simple, without any fancy features. Nowadays this principle is not so stringent. More and more married couples want their wedding rings to be decorated with diamonds or other gemstones.

By shopping at Gem-Fashion store you will be able to search through hundreds of wedding and engagement ring styles and seek out great deals. We carry gold, silver, rhodium and stainless steel wedding jewelry for men and women. Limitless combination of stones and styles including matching wedding bands.

From antique style lockets to hip hop crosses...

A simple silver or gold pendant hanging on a plain matching necklace can make a fashion statement, especially when the design is of the latest theme. The variety of these designs allows them to be worn by any gender or age group.

Whether you are looking for a heart pendant or for a silver picture locket, the options are endless. Take a look yourself and remember you don't need a celebrity's bank account to afford these beautiful creations.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Gem-Fashion helps people to develop their unique style and keep up with fashion. It is structured with an eye opened towards contemporary designs and trends in jewelry.

The appearance of jewelry changed dramatically over the last century. Materials that are not at first glance associated with jewelry are widely used nowadays. Stainless steel has become one of the most sought after materials in fashion as of late, and it's no wonder why...

Whether you are looking for fashion stainless steel rings, or men's cross pendants % necklaces, or engraved wedding rings, they are all available and ready to be shipped.

Do you want the women to think you are made of money?

Yeah man, who doesn't. That's possible too...
We all know, women adore successful men. What can make them think you have money? Your impressive appearance. So, let's use jewelry to complement your wardrobe.

A right chain will make you look like a million buck. Just make sure it is made of real metal such as platinum, gold or silver. Don't run for fakes, they are pretty obvious. And an important tip: keep it neatly tucked in your shirt, you don't want to look like a kid.

We carry a wide variety of men's Leather & Silver Bracelets imported right from Italy. Available in many styles. Great quality and affordable prices.

Men's Biker Rings, Signet Rings

Don't leave the excessive ring wearing to the ladies. The right ring style can give you just the right amount of sophistication without going overboard.

Top quality Sterling Silver Biker and Signet Rings. We have reduced prices throughout the entire inventory. Gem-Fashion owns most of the designs which can be custom-sized at no additional cost. Available online in our store. You don't have to leave your home.

Winter Dresses Trends
Winter season is running so most of the ladies and girls are facing much kind of problems in fashion. They want to do fashion from skin showing dresses and sleeveless dresses but they don’t know that they can do big fashion on winter season because it is great season for fashion. When ladies are wearing dresses in old fashion like sleeveless, sin showing and other miniskirts so they are facing problems of winter.

But do you know that you can do great fashion in winter season? Now this time winter is best one of the most stylish and fashionable season because you can wear well stylish cloths on this season. If you want to go in party then you can wear best full size skirt and wedding dresses with full size sleeves and also you can wear full length shoes. Now this time you can find best woolen shirts, stylish sweaters, sweat shirts, scarves, hoodies all can be part of your winter season which can make stylish to you in winter season.

Now this time most of the people are using woolen sweaters and scarves to get the protection from winter and also to find stylish look. This season is best for everyone because nowadays you can wear very stylish dresses without any problems. Now this time designers are providing best designed woolen sweaters and scarves which has big demand in market, because all of people like to wear sweaters and scarves to find stylish look and also to get protection from winter. So now this time you should purchase woolen sweaters, shirts, skirts, scarves, and stylish shoes to get the beauty on yourself. In 2009 and 2010 you will get best stylish winter dresses 2009-2010 which is making stylish season to winter 2009-2010. Now this time you can find online great winter 2009-2010 collection which is great opportunity for all people.

Laddies Jewelry

Jewelry is a most important part of fashion from the ancient era. Today, we are experiencing a real renaissance as far as ladies fashion jewelry goes, as women love adorning themselves with something latest every day. In the modern era fashion jewelry is creating a new history for itself.

It is not only worn on the earlobes or slung around the neck like a necklace, but it is also worn on the nose, eyebrows, tongue, elbows – well, anywhere you can find a spot that suits you! Fashion jewelry manufacturers are the real people who are the original designers and manufacturers of the jewelry. Dealing in both wholesale and retail ladies fashion jewelry, fashion jewelry manufacturers have the infrastructure and team to create different designs based on the growing trends in the market. 

They conceptualize new trends to occupy the fashion market and to stay ahead of their competitors. 
The fashion jewelry manufacturers constantly create new jewelry designs, which are then manufactured into the real jewelry pieces in the jewelry manufacturing units by expert and trained craftsman and artisans. The growing crazes and trends in the ladies fashion jewelry segment has made the jewelry manufacturing market quiet competitive, forcing these fashion jewelry manufacturers to create beautiful and new designs at competitive prices. Ladies fashion jewelry is now taking another thrust as now jewelry is meant to be complemented with one particular outfit. Changing your piece everyday has become inevitable; as a right piece of jewelry can have a great impact making you look & feel beautiful, modern, and alluring.

1st Ladies Style

This request for information was a multi-part question: According to the Wash Post, Pat Nixon had a beauty salon installed in the White House, Nancy Reagan renovated and expanded it. I have heard that Laura Bush had it removed but cannot verify. Do you know anything about this?While it's hard to put an exact number on any of the dresses worn by First Ladies since they are frequently donated or provided at a great discount, do you have some sense of what might be the most extravagant Inaugural wardrobe worn by any of the First Ladies? Based on what I can find, it seems like it might be a tie between Laura Bush in '05 and Nancy Reagan in '85. Any thoughts on this one?

It might be fun to include Rosalynn Carter in our story, since she was so refreshingly frugal compared to many other First Ladies. I am wondering if you know of any quotes or anecdotes about her specifically as they relate to fashion, beauty or style?

Carl Sferrazza Anthony's response: I believe Nancy Reagan's Inaugural trosseau may have proven to be the most expensive in terms of 1981 and then 1985 US currency. A lot has been written on this topic and you may find some factual information that is reliable in the otherwise unreliable Kitty Kelly biography of the First Lady. Kelly's tone is acrimonious but she did punctuate her work with some substantive factual research and I believe information on the Inaugural clothes can be found here. You might also consult the fully-reliable Make-Believe, by Laurence Leamer; it covers the 1981 Inaugural.

 As for Rosalynn Carter, the real reason she wore a "used" gown to her husband's 1977 Inaugural Ball actually had nothing to do with frugality and everything to do with sentiment: she had worn the gown to her husband's first inaugural ball following his swearing-in as Governor of Georgia, a moment she held as a highpoint personally and so, attached emotionally to the memories associated with that dress, she wanted to wear it again. She did own - and bring to the White House - a sewing machine, she wrote, but found little to no time to ever use it.
Regarding your first question it is true that Pat Nixon accepted the supplies and machinery for a beauty shop that were donated to the White House by a cosmetology association, and she had them installed in a small room on the second floor, in the family quarters. Nancy Reagan did refurbish this - but beyond that, I don't know anything more. I do know that it did still exist during the Clinton years because I personally saw it, when I was invited into the private rooms.

1st Ladies Jewelry

Probably the best possible source on Jacqueline Kennedy will be the catalogues of her personal items that were sold at the famous Sotheby's auction in 1996. Perhaps the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston has a copy: not only detailed descriptions but color illustrations of the items.My area of expertise on First Ladies is focused largely on their political impact, speeches, media relations, policy interests and symbolism. I only have the most limited scholarship on what they wore. However, there are some individual presidential spouses I have conducted indepth research on of whom I've written full-length biographies and there is some information I do know.

In doing some general research, I also find items that are now in the museum collections of various presidential libraries and museums: a locket with a miniature painting (I can't make out the scene) given by her husband and worn by Abigail Adams during the long years of their separation while he was serving as a diplomat following his years in the Second Continental Congress. 

Julia Tyler, widowed for nearly three decades, wore a painted miniature of her husband, clasped at her throat. As First Lady, she also wore a pearl and diamond string of some kind as a "diadem", apparently a type of headband. You can actually see her wearing it in her official White House portrait. Sarah Polk, widowed for nearly a half a century, always wore an ivory carved cameo of her husband. Mary Lincoln seemed especially fond of a black onyx set of earrings, bracelet, ring, necklace, and pin (it seems to be set with diamonds as well) which she was actually photographed wearing for pictures she gave permission to be released to the public.
Julia Grant most especially loved very green emeralds, very blue sapphires and very red rubies - I believe this is from a contemporary newspaper account of the Victorian era, but like so much written by others (as opposed to documentary evidence from photographs) it may not be true. Ida Saxton McKinley was known to be a jewelry collector, most especially diamonds. Her father and grandfather had begun the habit of giving her diamond rings, bracelets, and it was the foundation for an extensive collection she built over her lifetime. She also seemed to collect jewels that had not been cut or set in metal and kept them in a simple bag that she enjoyed giving to visiting children - to play with!
Nellie Taft also enjoyed diamonds and wore thick neck collars and matching thick (wide) bracelets - almost looking like they were shiny clothing cuffs. She was most famous, however, for her diamond tiara, which she was photographed wearing in the White House. Florence Harding always wore a thick black velvet neckband to cover her wrinkles and the Christmas following her husband's 1920 election, he gave her a large diamond sunburst - as it turns out, unknown to her it had been chosen for him by her best friend, the heiress Evalyn McLean who owned the Hope Diamond. Mrs. Harding in her white diamond sunburst at her neck, and Mrs. McLean with her legendary blue diamond at her neck often appeared together wearing these famous objects. The wedding ring which incumbent widowed President Woodrow Wilson gave to his second wife Edith Bolling was fashioned from a gold nugget given to them by western state citizens.
Eleanor Roosevelt owned a blue aquamarine ring given her by the government of Brazil which she turned over to the federal government since it was a state gift. Mamie Eisenhower was famous for often wearing beautiful costume jewelry, and even pieces from discount stores such as J.C. Penny's and Woolworth's. As a widow, she was rarely photographed without her colored-glass U.S. flag pin. Finally, although she was not as closely identified with it as was Barbara Bush with her three-strand fake pearls (which were copied by several companies and sold as "First Lady Pearls"), Nancy Reagan wore a large and wide gold necklace and bracelet in the latter years of her tenure: she was often photographed in the matching items and even addressed the United Nations in 1988 wearing them.

Laddies Sleeveless Dress

The whole issue of how much skin is "socially acceptable" to show in public by First Ladies has been ongoing from almost the start of the presidency.

When Dolley Madison famously wore her low-cut dresses that showed off her shoulders and the top of her bosom, former First Lady Abigail Adams snidely remarked in a private letter that Mrs. Madison looked like "a nursing mother." There was a famous anecdote about Dolley Madison encountering an old friend who, like her, had been a Quaker, but left the faith. She looked at his head and saw he was no longer wearing the large black hat that Quaker men traditionally did (like the fellow on the Quaker Oats box). "Brother," she asked, "where is thy broadbrim?" He looked at her gown without sleeves or neck and with plunging neckline and quipped back. "Sister, where is thy kerchief?"

Some forty-five years later, when Harriet Lane - the niece and White House hostess of the bachelor President James Buchanan (and the first to be called "First Lady") popularized what was called the "low-neck lace bertha" it set off something of a popular style - yet when her immediate successor Mary Lincoln wore shoulderless, armless dresses, she was criticized as "showing off her bosom."
When Frances Cleveland, the 21 year old bride of President Cleveland, wore gowns without sleeves and showed off her shoulders, the Women's Christian Temperance Union circulated a petition pleading for her to cover up her skin because she was a bad influence on the morals of young American girls.
In the Twenties, Florence Harding wore some evening gowns that bared her shoulders - despite her being 60 years old - keeping current with the vogue of the Jazz Age, but she also carried capes and wraps so she could cover up when she wanted to.
Grace Coolidge frequently wore evening gowns in the flapper style - without sleeves. She is wearing a sleeveless red dress in her White House portrait - which you can find online at the White House.
Bess Truman and Mamie Eisenhower sported what was then called 'the new look" of the post-war era and frequently wore shoulderless and sleeveless evening gowns - and received no criticism or even snide remarks, despite being in their late 50's and early 60's.
In fact, Mamie Eisenhower is I believe the only First Lady who wore a sleeveless, neck-less gown to her husband's Inaugural Ball in 1953 (in her famous "Mamie Pink") and then again in 1957 (in yellow/gold). Mamie Eisenhower also sported sleeveless dresses at the end of her tenure, in the late 50's and early Sixties, reflecting the newer style for women's clothes - and, of course, her successor Jackie Kennedy helped to widely popularize this style. Jackie Kennedy also wore numerous evening gowns in bright and pastel colors that were sleeveless and shoulderless.
In recent years, Nancy Reagan often wore sleeveless and shoulderless evening gowns to state dinners, but during the daytime dressed more formally and covered.

Fashion of the 1st Laddy

reagan_hdst.jpgI do recall that early in her husband's tenure as president, Mrs. Reagan wore black knickers with a dress, which generated lot of controversy, but I haven't done further research on it - though I seem to remember a story about it at the time in the Washington Post.

With regard to First Ladies' most outrageous outfits, there are several instances of First Ladies' wardrobes causing controversy. One prime example is a story about Ida McKinley scandalizing in Turkish pants outfits, but this is not based in fact. I have done perhaps more extensive research on her whole life in preparation for what will eventually be published as the first full-length biography of her life and nowhere is there any claim of accuracy - and obviously no documentation - on her wearing these pants. Perhaps it was done as a satire - I know that H. L. Mencken famously cracked that Millard Fillmore's only accomplishment was installing the first White House bathtub, and for almost 80 years now, it still circulates as "fact"! Below are several other outlandish stories involving fashions of the First Ladies.
Jackie Kennedy wore a leopard coat that is credited, unfortunately, with setting off a trend that seriously depleted the worldwide leopard population.
One of the women's magazines, I think it was Ladies Home Journal, often had a big cover story and profile of an incumbent First Lady after she'd been there for a few years and often accompanied by a spread of them in new styles, etc. This is where Pat Nixon first appeared wearing pants - the first First Lady to do so. I seem to recall that it was an issue in the re-election year of her husband, which would be 1972.
There is also a great story of how Frances Cleveland unwittingly expedited the demise of the bustle dress in either the late 1880's or mid-1890's (she was First Lady from June 1886 to March 1889 - she married the incumbent President in the White House and he was defeated for re-election - and then returned from March 1893 to March 1897 when he came back to defeat Harrison in their second face-off election and served a second full, though non-consecutive term.) In any event, as the young bride of a President and then as a young mother of three young daughters (one of whom was the only child of a President actually born in the White House) she was enormously popular and her clothing style was copied by many other women. Two reporters in Washington during the summer apparently were hard-pressed for a breaking-news story and completely made up the claim that Mrs. Cleveland didn't like the bustle and would no longer wear it when the forthcoming social season began that fall. The story moved fast - and women by the thousands apparently abandoned the bustle too.
Along those lines, Frances Cleveland wore many gowns that showed off her bare neck, shoulders and arms - (sleeveless I think is the right term). It alarmed the Women's Christian Temperance Union and they actually drew up and had their various branches copy a petition, then sought to get all its members to sign it, asking the First Lady to stop wearing these dresses because it corrupted the morals of young women who copied her. She kept wearing them.
Mary Lincoln liked to wear ball gowns with very long trains but also without shoulders and President Lincoln once remarked that he thought she needed "a little less tail and little more neck" instead. She was also known for wearing elaborate head-dresses of multiple roses, and in a letter to his wife, one Senator described Mrs. Lincoln critically, as wearing a "flower-pot" on her head.
Eleanor Roosevelt was famous for sometimes running from one task to another, from private life to a public event at the White House, and on occasion shocked people by showing up wearing her hair net or a white head scarf tied in her hair which looked like a rag of sorts.
I cannot recall the specific person who either stated or wrote about Julia Grant who wore the heavily beaded, embroidered, laced, tasseled and ribboned gowns of the Victorian era, but she was sarcastically described as looking like a piece of a furniture set.
In contrast, her successor, the highly moralistic Lucy Hayes wore clothes that covered her entirely to her wrists and neck, and wore her hair simply parted in the center with nothing but a Spanish comb and reporter Mary Clemmer Ames mused whether the "world of Vanity Fair" would "paint and powder" her image in magazines - and compared her beatific expression and simple style to the Mother of Christ.

Clothes & Public Appearance

In thinking about this subject I have to immediately let you know that I am not in any way versed on matters of clothing of the First Ladies except in the political symbolism and the socioeconomic status they may represent in terms of currency and cost. I think your work on Edith Wilson especially merits study, however, because she was one of those who spent an inordinate amount of energy on her clothes, particularly, and public appearances generally. Apart from a vanity that seems apparent from not only her private letters but in her public memoir, I believe she very much equated the role of First Lady at the time of her tenure as did many of the Washington elite and general population: a form of Yankee royalty. Certainly the effort she made in her public appearances in Europe with the royal family members of England, Italy and Belgium suggest a hyper-consciousness about maintaining this status and keeping it on par with the Europeans: in that instance, I don't believe it was purely a motivation of personal vanity but a patriotic sense of truly embodying her own nation and asserting that the United States was on equal status with the powers of the old world. That very first trip by an incumbent President and his wife to Europe at the end of World War I was an important one in terms of policy as well as symbolism. It was the first time that Europeans gave sustained and serious attention through their media on Americans, generally, and the President, particularly.
As far as the notion of her developing a sort of "power suit," I am more hesitant to affirm only because my understanding of that term applies to women in Washington who wield their own independent power more than that of derivative power through marriage - the First Lady, and spouses of the Vice President, Cabinet, Senate and House, Supreme Court and diplomatic corps excepted. Also my understanding of the term "power suit" derives from official life in Washington since the 1980's with figures like Nancy Reagan, Elizabeth Dole, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Lynne Cheney, Tipper Gore, Nancy Kassenbaum as examples. These women have had the dual need to present a traditionally feminine appearance with the flexibility of a packed day of meetings and often air and train and car travel - thus practicality. They began wearing increasingly shorter dresses and pants. In terms of style - and again, I am no expert at all, or even an astute observer.
I also know that Mrs. Truman was actually criticized for wearing no variations from her skirts in the mid-1940's that were measured a certain length from the floor with matching shorter-sleeved jackets in navy blue, grey and black only. Mamie Eisenhower wore the same suit style but in lighter colors. Jacqueline Kennedy updated this slightly with eye-popping monochromatic colors for the new technology of color television. Her famous pink suit worn when the president was assassinated is the most famous example of this. Tying this together, I know that Mrs. Reagan, and other women of power or married to powerful men in Washington of the 1980's, were shown to be wearing the same type of suit as Mrs. Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy. So, with her skirts that never showed more than her ankles and, as you say "asymmetrical lines", Edith Wilson seems more of person who followed the current vogue of her era rather than set a tradition, consciously or unconsciously. Please take all of that with the over-riding fact that I am not in any way an expert on this aspect of First Ladies except as it turned up as a cultural statement for a particular era or, mostly, had a political impact or repercussion.

Man's Tie fashion

The right men's tie can be the polish that gives an outfit the perfect shine. But with an infinite number of colors, patterns, and fabrics to choose from the gentleman can be left with a difficult choice of which one to choose. For many men, the solution is to avoid variety and stick with a small collection of solid colored or simple striped ties. While there is nothing wrong with conservative solids and stripes, the multitude of options available makes a strong case for injecting some variety into the wardrobe. Solid Tie

Looking at color and pattern options, the most basic is the solid. A solid tie is easiest to match; one simply selects a tie that coordinates with one of the colors in the suit or shirt. However, within this simplicity lies the danger of over coordination, the faux pas of looking too matched or having put to much time into the outfit. Avoid a blue tie and blue shirt with a navy blue suit; combinations such as this often look forced. Instead think of the tie as your chance to interject something new and exciting.

The Striped Tie

Equally classic is the men's stripe tie, which is easily matched with solid suits and shirts by selecting a stripe that complements. In the case of a patterned jacket, shirt, or both, the key is to maintain colors that complement and attend to diversity of scale. A finely pinstriped suit calls for a boldly striped tie, while a strong checked shirt would be better suited by a more subdued stripe. One note of caution about striped ties: Like the various Scottish tartans, in the United Kingdom, certain stripe patterns signify membership in a particular group, particularly military units, universities, and gentlemen's clubs. When interacting with business contacts in the UK, it is good practice to check with a knowledgeable party that ones tie does not bear the stripe of a group or association.

The Plaid Tie

Harder to find, this choice of neckwear is a great way to embolden an otherwise plain outfit. Creating the illusion of dimension, this tie will draw attention to itself so do not pair it with an overpowering shirt. Look to pair this tie with solid colored suits and shirts.
Men's Tie
Polka dots, paisley, and figure – meaning small repeating images such as a university/club/military crest – have become much more common over the years. If kept in good taste, avoiding flamboyant colors and designs, these ties can liven up any solid or striped suit. Such ties are matched to an ensemble by their primary color, with attention paid to avoiding secondary colors that visibly clash with the shirt and suit. As before, when the shirt, suit, or both are also patterned, the key is to maintain a difference in scale between the patterns.

Men's Tie Construction

Always look for quality material and good construction when choosing a tie, and avoid anything that appears poorly crafted. The most common material in ties construction is silk, and for most it is considered the gold standard. Beware of cheap polyester impostors; polyester doesn't possess the same drape as silk, and tends to bear a high sheen that leaves an impression of poor quality.
With some attention to detail and an eye towards elegance, a gentleman can quickly become a master at selecting the perfect tie to complete his carefully chosen ensemble. While the solid silk option is a safe and classic choice, one should not be afraid to venture into the world of bolder patterns and textured fabrics. It is this sort of confident stylistic venture that sets the gentleman's wardrobe apart from that of the uninitiated.

Men's Shirt CuffsButton

The shirt cuffs are a small but very important part of a gentleman's ensemble; besides the collar, they are one of the only visible parts of a shirt when a jacket is worn. Shirt cuffs should extend one inch past the jacket sleeves, and they can provide a polished look to ones ensemble. In this article we will talk about two of the most common types of cuffs; Button and French cuffs. 

Dress Shirt CuffButton Cuffs

Button cuffs, in contrast, are single cuffs, which wrap around the arm and are buttoned into place. These are the cuffs most commonly found on ready made shirts. Button cuffs may have a single button or may be adjustable, with two buttons side-by-side. Some have two buttonholes and two vertical buttons, a more formal option often called the barrel cuff. Button cuffs may also have a small button on the sleeve, between the cuff and the end of the cuff opening, intended to prevent the area from opening and exposing the gentleman's wrist. 

French Cuff
French Cuffs

French cuffs are the most formal option, yet are perfectly appropriate for daily wear in many industries. The French cuff is a double cuff, folded back and fastened with cufflinks to create a distinctive and distinguished appearance. Cufflinks must always be worn – though there are more subtle options available, such as fabric knots – so the gentleman must be prepared to keep a reasonable selection on hand. French cuffs are not made to be rolled up; throw in the phenomenon of cufflinks being prone to disappear, and the French cuff becomes a less attractive option to low maintenance men.
Remember that the choice of ones cuff type is a very important detail and should be chosen with the intended use of the shirt in mind. Though not everyone requires a closet full of French cuffed shirts, a gentleman should have at least one for those occasions when he wants to appear just a bit more stylish than the ordinary. Embracing this elegant look is an excellent way to declare to all observers that one not only takes pride in his appearance, but also has an appreciation for subtle elegance.

Men's Jewelry

For a man wearing a suit the right jewelry can upgrade your look from smart to brilliant. At the same time, ostentatious 'bling-bling' is distracting and unattractive; men's jewelry should always be subtle. The watch passes the test by virtue of its functionality; cufflinks and tie clips earn provisional legitimacy on the same grounds. The wedding band is respected for what it represents, and other rings may be subtle enough to work to a man's advantage in the right setting. Piercings have featured prominently in so many counter-culture movements, from pirates to camp to punk rock, that they immediately arouse negative reactions from many. If you are going to wear an eyebrow stud with a suit, the suit had better fit you like your own skin if you don't want to be remembered as 'the guy with the eyebrow ring.'
A general rule of dressing says to match metal to metal. That means that if your belt buckle is silver, for instance, so should be your cuff links, tie clip, and anything else shiny you wear. As with all things, this is a general guideline, not a hard and fast rule: a man with a gold wedding ring can wear silver cuff links if he likes, and one who wears an heirloom silver watch is free to wear brass buckles. Another rule says not to wear gold after dark (nor button-down collars, nor brown shoes, for that matter). This is good to keep in mind when dressing for the night-life, and again, it is a good suggestion rather than a cardinal law.

Men's Watches - A Guide to Wearing a Timepiece

The watch is one of those elements of dress by which some people will choose to define you. The gaudy, bejeweled timepieces that bulge from the French cuffs of investment bankers certainly have their place, as do the thin, un-numbered dress watches seen on gallery curators' wrists. Some men have a treasured timepiece that they wear exclusively for decades; others own several watches, for different occasions or simply for day-to-day variety. The latter requires more effort for the American man, though, who must reset all his clocks twice a year, and for men who's work or fancy require them to know the time to the exact second.

As with most things, the simpler a watch, the more formal. When one dons a tuxedo or tailcoat, tradition decrees that one not wear a watch at all, as keeping track of time isn't something we associate with partying. Those few whose professions still demand rigid formality in dress, such as politicians and trial lawyers, ought to wear classy timepieces free of jewels, moving bezels, excess dials, and the like. Gold and silver are equally suitable, as are metal and leather bands. For those whose positions grant more flexibility, any decent watch will do; take advantage of this opportunity for personal expression and find something that's really you.


When you choose to wear French cuffs on a dress shirt, you have the opportunity to wear cufflinks. Cufflinks come in many styles, of gold, silver, gunmetal, and brass, with all variety of precious stones and other embellishments. When you select them for purchase or wear, know that people will examine them closely and make a decision about the wearer based on them - are they bold, classic, gaudy, or novel - and more importantly, do you want to be perceived as this. Really think about what they say about you, and make sure it aligns with how you seek to present yourself. Our advice is to stay with simple classic designs or with cufflinks that have some type of sentimental value; avoid the diamond studded pink Playboy rabbit links unless you are Hugh Hefner.

Tie Accessories

A tie clip will keep your tie from flying over your shoulder on a windy street while evoking an on-the-go lifestyle that requires such assistance. A simple stripe of gold, silver, or some other metal is acceptably classy; anything more appears gaudy. Tie clips look best worn at an angle to counteract the rigidity they connote for some. A tie chain works much the same as a tie clip, but instead of a fixed bar holding your tie in place you have a drooping chain of silver or gold. Lastly there is the tie tack; it looks something like a stud earring with an inch of fine chain extending from the back. One sticks it through the center of the tie and then attaches the chain to a button hole. Since it requires poking a hole in the tie and thus damaging it, we do not recommend it’s usage.


Unlike other pieces of jewelry, a man does not have a rotation of wedding rings to be coordinated with the day's other jewelry. A man should be advised that a plain band, of gold, silver, or platinum, is the most stylish choice available. If you are already married and have something more ostentatious on your finger, do not fret, few people notice it and no one will think less of you for it. Besides a wedding ring, other rings of symbolic value may have a place on the well dressed hand. A class or fraternal ring is seen on many stylish men's hands. Rings worn entirely for their own sake are somewhat dubious however, since most contemporary societies frown upon such blatant displays of wealth. If you are in a position where looking rich works to your advantage, though, a ring embedded with precious stones can accomplish this within the boundaries of professional attire.

Mens Fashion Tips

The best choice for mens dress shirt fabric would always be cotton. This is the ultimate fabric choice for comfort and style. Cotton is a natural fibre that allows the skin to breath and is cool to the skin. It does not feel warm and prevents perspiration retention so there is a lesser chance of odour in your dress shirt.

Longer cotton fibres are preferred over finer cotton as cotton fibre is not tied in knots to bind the fibres. They should be considered long for 1.5 to 2 inches.

Another pick for dress shirts is linen which is a great pick for summer casuals. Both these fabrics wrinkle easily compared to synthetic fibres. Some fabrics are a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon and rayon for a lesser wrinkling.

When synthetic fibre is combined with cotton, the fabric becomes less breathable and will not be able to hold colour so it lacks vividness and lushness in colour. But mens dress shirts made from cotton and synthetic blends are ideal for frequent travellers because they wrinkle less. But it will be a nice pick if its more than 50 percent cotton for you to enjoy its advantages.

Cotton fibres have two kinds: the two ply and the one ply. Two ply cottons are prepared by intertwining two lengths of cotton yarn into one. Fabric made from this is tightly woven and smooth as well as stronger than those made from one ply which is made from a single length of cotton yarn. It is not a uniform in its pattern and weave compared to two ply.

This is a 100 percent cotton fabric with fine horizontal ribbed effect on the surface. The finest and grandest poplin quality is the Sea Island poplin. Sea island poplin is the best choice for summer dress shirts fabrics as it gives a fine, soft and translucent cotton fibre. Poplin is more expensive than other fabrics.

This is another high quality dress shirt fabric. Similar to poplin, it is made from extra ling cotton yarn of 1 .75 to 2.5 inches. This is spun from fine yarns and thus creates a smooth feel. This allows a more luxurious feel and hold colour well providing a good lustre to the fabric.

Cotton Batiste
This is one of the most delicate of mens dress shirts due to its lightweight, sheer and fine weaves. It gives off a graceful drape and lustre to dress shirts.

This is a lightweight and plainly woven fabric using a white cotton yarn vertically and a coloured yarn running crosswise.

These are weaved tightly and plainly from fine yarns. It gives a silky look with great lustre in dress shirts. Broadcloth looks very much like poplin because of their similar weaves, but this has a coarser yarn.

Royal Oxford
This has a heavier yarn with chunky and durable fabric. Royal oxford creates a rugged texture in dress shirts especially solid coloured ones because of its bold basket weaves.

Pin-point Oxford
This is a broadcloth weaved with yarns thicker than the plain broadcloth. It has a thicker and coarser nap, but it has a finer weave and weights lighter than standard oxford fabric.

This fabric has prominent diagonal weaves that creates diagonal lines on the surface. Similar to oxfords basket weaves, twill gives a nice texture on solid coloured dress shirts.

The smoother your cotton dress shirts are, the more formal you shirt would be. Usually, poplin and broadcloths are considered the formal fabrics whether its white or blue. Next are Royal Oxfords followed by end-on-ends and pinpoint oxfords.

Having a bit of information on these fabrics gives you an idea on what is the right choice of fabric for your dress shirts. Oxfords are best for rugged men since they are more durable. More stylish men can opt for poplin and pima fabrics.

Men's Fashion


Who doesn't love a bad boy? Edge your personal style by incorporating the vintage rock tee, a dress shirt left open, and a leather jacket. The mixture of textures screams trouble! And now there is another reason to wear your favorite ACDC shirt in a new 2009 kinda way! This look is for the hipster strolling Melrose or the record exec who is scouting new acts. Stick with dark denim for that alternative flair. Just say no to SKINNY jeans, a man should wear jeans that fit his body. (Do not emulate photo completely, could be hazardous to your dating life!) Whether you are a "regular", "mid-sagger", or a "full sag" this ensemble can work for you too! (Note: if you are above the age of 14, a full sag deserves a citation from the Fashion Police). Celebs who love this look: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Rob Patterson


How to dress like a GQ cover with your wardrobe basics? Patterns, such as, tweeds, herringbone, and plaids are a big trend for menswear 2009. The easiest way to try this trend is by separating that 3-piece suit that you might have worn once to your best friend's wedding. The key piece is the VEST. Try a solid dress shirt under a fitted vest. Add a stripe tie for a contrast effect. Celebrities who love this look: Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney


 Here's a quick fashion lesson to learn-- Less is More. Yes, guys this applies to you too. Stay simple- dress shirt, great tie, and a bold sweater. This look works for all body shapes & sizes. Make sure to tuck your dress shirt into your favorite jeans-- no one likes to see your tails sticking out. Take the time to dress for success and you will definitely get an A for applying these rules in fashion! Celebrities who love this look: Michael Vartan, Tom Cruise, Ryan Seacrest


 Experiment with the looks that work for you. A hoodie can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. Here's a look that is for the guys who are going from college and transitioning into the Hollywood scene-- begin with a light colored dress shirt, layer on a contrasting sweater, and complete the look with a dark or colored hoodie. Key to pulling this off with ease, stay away from printed or obnoxious graphics on the hoodie. Celebs that love this look: Usher, Jason Mraz, Robin Thicke
And just because I love the men in my life, . . .Here's one more tip, aside from the typical dress shirt, tie, and blazer, why not skip the first 2 buttons on the dress shirt, toss out the tie, and cozy up to the idea of a cardigan. Not talking about Mister Rogers' favorite thing to put on in his neighborhood, but a varsity sweater can be sophisticated without aging you a bit!