Monday, June 21, 2010

Banana Republic Dresses

I knew it! It was only a matter of time before Banana Republic launched a wedding collection. I was browsing online this morning and noticed a little section of their site called Wedding-Perfect Looks.

Right now they have day time and evening looks that are, well, perfect for weddings. Most of the dresses are knee length and priced around $200. My favorite is the orange BR Monogram backless dress that is so sexy it almost rivals my pick for the best bridesmaids dress ever! Check out the rest of the collection in today's Daily Inspiration gallery. The BR Monogram origami-pleated dress above reminds me of the white Givenchy gown that Natalie Portman wore to the Cannes Festival.

I am guessing we'll see more colorful bridesmaids dresses from BR soon and perhaps a few longer ivory silk gowns that are also wedding perfect.

High Flying Fashion

I hope everyone had the chance to get away over the long weekend, even if it was just a matter of getting lost in the pages of your favorite magazine. I spent some time in San Francisco and Napa Valley with some friends and am just now getting back in the swing of things. It's so great to have you guys to to come home to! xoxo.

Although flying is not my favorite part of travel, I do love the opportunity to soar next to the stars and get an ariel view of my city. For anyone who has ever landed in NYC, the view at night is quite remarkable. 

Try landing over Manhattan during a fireworks induced sporting even and you'll see what I mean. Suddenly, the subway system doesn't seem as crowded, Central Park looks like a big green bathtub and your tiny office cube has sunken into oblivion. Travel is a beautiful way to gain a bit of insight. So today, a bit of high-flying fashion to get you thinking about spreading your wings and looking at life from a different perspective. Enjoy!

Wedding Style Guide

Wedding Style Guide, the most beautiful and delicate wedding magazine you've ever downloaded, is now giving you one digital copy for free! That's right. Click here to and set your coffee down. You'll need two hands to virtually thumb through this much wedding goodness.

From the editor of Wedding Style Guide, "Our super-simple easy-view digital magazine lets you flip through the pages as if you were reading a printed version, check the list of contents to find the exact page you’re looking for or zoom in to read all our tips and tricks. Best of all you can select any one of our gorgeous images – or even entire pages – and email them to friends (your working day just got a whole lot more interesting!).

Print out as many pages as you need – cut them up for your scrapbook – no need to chop up your printed versions ever again. Look out for links to our free online downloads – a simple click of your mouse takes you straight there.

Over Accessorizing Wedding

I finally got around to watching the final episode of The Hills and caught up with all the Heidi and Spencer wedding gossip for myself. The best part of the episode was, of course, the gown. Heidi wore a lightweight, strapless, feathery gown custom designed by Monique Lhuillier. was given only three and a half weeks to make the dress, which required 250 hours of work. And as if all those layers and details weren't enough, Heidi topped it all off with ivory LhuillierChristian Louboutin Bow T Dorcet heels and over $2 million in borrowed platinum and diamonds from Neil Lane jewellery. Do you think she over did it?

Heidi told Neil Lane she was going for an Elizabeth Taylor look and loaded up her wrists with diamond bracelets totaling of approximately 350 karats in diamonds. Thankfully she decided against a tiara because she thought it would be "too much." Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock also piled on the bling at The Proposal premiere in LA. The star wore a mix of "chains, pearls, charms, and underwater influences" that drew almost as much attention as her Glamour cover shoot. In fact, her bubbling assortment reminds me of the bridal lariat worn featured in yesterday's real wedding. Any of these options, neck or wrist, make for a fun wedding day look. Check out my Style page for how to multi-layer your look without overdoing it.

Shoe blooms

The latest obsession in wedding attire comes in a rainbow of colors. Shoes! You hardly see a pair of white wedding feet anymore and with so many bright and beautiful options, why would you?

New to the scene are these Shoe Blooms, a "corsage for your feet" and a brilliant way to add even more pop to your peds. These would look wild peeping out from under a wedding gown and can be clipped onto your favorite pair of platforms, peep toes or pumps.

Michael Jackson Fashion

Where would we be without the music or the style of Michael Jackson? If you too are spending the day wrapped up in your favorite Michael Jackson album, you're not alone. May he rest in peace. Here's a little fashion tribute to the King of Pop to go with the music.

Les Chiffoniers Sequin-sprayed jacket at Net-a-Porter. Matthew Williamson leather belt with studs. Guess Skinny Leather Belt with Metal Studs. Banana Republic Studded double-strap belt.

Les Chiffoniers Sequin-sprayed jacket. ASOS Leather Studded Fingerless Gloves. Sequin single-breasted jacket. Eugenia Kim Chainmail embellished fedora.

Hairstyles 4 Summer Wedding

They say a little rain on your wedding day is good luck. While that may be the case, rain reeks havoc on summer hair. And when humidity and rain combine, the best case scenario is that you make it down the aisle without borrowing a baseball cap. As a gal who has a bathroom full of "frizz control" and "stick straightening" haircare products, trust me, an updo is your best defense against wedding day frizz.

1. Hairspray helmet. Drew Barrymore knows how to mix trends but when it came to dressing her tresses for the Golden Globes, she got it all wrong. Never mind a veil, there's no room here for even a groom!

2. Thick and heavy curls. While your dance moves might not mirror those of the fabulous J Lo, after a whirl on the dance floor, you will be tempted to sweet up this style in a quick ponytail or worse. The heat is on but don't let heavy hair weigh you down on your wedding day.

3. Overly complicated yet totally undone. Mischa Barton is just a hot mess in this photo. Plus, there's no way make up like that won't end up rolling down your cheek after a few cocktails. Still, she get props for her style.

4. Hard to make eye contact. Bangs are all the rage right now but think about your poor groom, standing at the end of the aisle as he tried to make eye contact with you behind that curtain of chic. I love Jessica Alba's look here but her gorgeous features are playing second stage to her hair. Plus, years from now when this look is back on the shelf, you don't want to cringe every time you take down your wedding album. Sorry Alba.

5. Impossibly tousled. I love the messy updo that is oh-so popular with everyone and every season. Sure it works for a night out at the bar or when you're walking home from a very late date. But on your wedding day, the last thing you should be preoccupied with is keeping that one piece of hair perfectly in place. This look can be done a million different ways on only a handful of them will come out looking Kate Hudson perfect. Paired with a few beads of sweat, this look also has the potential to go from tousled to totally devastating. Instead, get swept up in a simpler style with less loose pieces and more meaningful pulls a la Becki Newton.

So do you agree with my summer hair suggestions? Stay tuned for the best hairstyles for summer weddings coming up next. And check out today's Inspiration Gallery for summer hair deemed sexy by Allure. Note: not all of these styles are summer wedding approved!

Hairstyles 4 Summer Wedding

So I've already weighed in the my picks for the worst hairstyles for summer weddings. Now it's time to help a girl out with the best ideas for flawless summer hair.

1. Controlled messiness. If you are a fan of Kate Hudson's swept up style but worry that with one drop of sweat, those carefully pinned curls could turn on you, then try something more akin to what Sarah Michelle Gellar did with her golden locks. Braids are the ultimate summer style for brides who want to channel their inner hippie without looking like a crumpled flower. The pieces in the back are loose enough that they can get tucked back in throughout the night without ruining the entire look. And best of all, the hair is kept off the face which means that your glowing skin and glistening eyes will take center stage.

2. Beach-combed curls. Kate Bosworth embodies all that is summer. Her style is always casual and you quickly get the feeling that she'd rather be on the beach then anywhere else. If your hair is naturally straight and can handle a gentle curl, this look is all class.

3. Intentional texture. Here's a way to get volume without welcoming fly-aways. A soft updo that's secured in place with a few bobby pins frames the face without overpowering it. This style is interesting enough that you'll want it photographed from every angle yet doesn't call attention away from your best features.

4. Side-swept bangs. Unlike longer bangs that are more high fashion than they are wedding day appropriate, side-swept bangs like the ones so elegantly arranged by Tyra Banks are more flattering for most brides. I also like the way Tyra's bun is smooth and and perfectly styled to showcase her gorgeous jewelry. This style would suit any frame and any neckline, so long as your tan lines aren't showing!

5. Perfect ponytail. The quintessential summer hairstyle will always be a ponytail and so long as you don't fasten it with a rubber band, this look is red carpet worthy. All the stars are tying back their hair in a high ponytail these days but rest assured, the look with never go out of style. This is fun, flirty and ultra feminine and when done right, anything but casual.

So do you agree with my picks for the best summer wedding hairstyles? Let me know what you think and to see how I kept my wedding day curls in order all night long, click here. Also check out Lucky magazine's Top 10 tricks to turn a bad-hair-day into a good one.


There's so much inspiration to be had in the Alexis Mabille Fall Couture collection. From color to texture to detail and form, every piece is a bride's dream come true. I love the lacy dresses, the black ribbons and the deconstructed forms. While these aren't bridal gowns per se, the elements are all wedding related. I love the idea of wearing black shoes with a white gown, even a wedding gown. It's dramatic but so striking. The use of ribbons throughout the collection inspires me to think about veils and headpieces in new way. How does it inspire you?

From, "Alexis Mabille is the young contender at Paris couture—a new talent with a romantic touch, a French sensibility, plenty of skill at his fingertips, and a refreshing way of thinking about merging old ways with new."

Chanel Fall Couture

Here are some detail shots from Chanel Fall 2009 Couture. I especially love the beaded veil, fur shrug and textured tights. For more pieces from the collection, click on today's Daily Inspiration.

10 Red Dresses

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