Monday, July 12, 2010

Precious Dresses

You know what I always say - a dress is the universal outfit. You can dress it up with great jewelry and a pair of stilettos, you can dress it down with boots and minimal accessories. You can do anything with it! And, these adorable long sleeve dresses from Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren Rugby are the perfect transitional dresses to bring you from the end of winter to the beginning of spring. And, I mean, aren't they just adorable?? I'm in love!

Ralph Lauren Rugby Ginny Frilly Dress

Ralph Lauren Striped Polo Match Dress

Ralph Lauren Jersey Dual Match Dress

Ralph Lauren Competitor Polo Dress

Types of Skirts

Girls Pleated SkirtGirls Pleated Skirt
polka skirtskirts polka skirt big
Small Girls Fashion SkirtSmall Girls Fashion Skirt
Ralph Lauren Equestrian Print Cotton Skirt

Lilly Pulitzer Riley Skirt Solid Canvas

Lilly Pulitzer Largo Skirt Lawn Printed

High Heels

High Heels CAN Negate One's Hijab

All of the scholars of the four madhabs are pretty much together on this one. That the wearing of high heels is haraam. Alot of my sets feature high heels. In my daily life, I think high heels look pretty but I end up wearing flat sandals and flats. I don't own sneakers. Now that this winter has passed though, I have decided to give up wearing any ridiculously high heeled shoe when I return my winter boots to the winter storage since I read this hadith and it got me being cautious since I had never known before where the scholars had come up with their ruling from [now I do]:
Narrated by Abu Sa’eed Al Khudri, Allah’s Apostle said :"A Jewish women used to put two wooden legs to lengthen her shoes, so that no one could recognise her, for she was very short.”

The Prophet forbade this action that is a kind of cheating others with the same intensity that he cursed plucking the eyebrows. My sets will still include high heeled shoes but know that I myself, will buy heightless shoes (still sylin'). I am short. That is how Allah S.W.T made me and it isn't a bad thing. Please forgive me when I slip of and gently remind me sisters I know IRL:D The sets will continue to contain crazy heels, but only cuz I liked the colour or them. Please find a more halal shoe in the same colour where you live:This shoe I won't wear anymore, even though I could always walk in it without making a sound. It was the height issue, not the sound people, that was actually cursed. The sound thing came from wearing anklets and making loud noises with them in times of jalaliya, and some highheels do the same thing today so women USUALLY are pretty good about staying away from those. But any shoe that makes you considerably taller also counts.
Here is a heeled shoe that I am comfortable with so long as it doesn't make a clicking rat-ta-tat sound when I walk. All shoes make some kind of noise but we all know what kind of noise makes everyone in the mall turn around to stare at us. This heel "called a kitten heel" and always under two inches (some runners out there make you three inches taller) doesn't make me noticeably taller and doesn't have the health drawbacks of the heel pictured above. Still cute, still pretty, still sassy, but nothing overboard ya know?
This, albeit more folksy, would have been what that Jewish woman's shoe looked like that the Prophet allahi wa salaam cursed.
Here is a halal wedge size. Nothing incredibly high. Modest, but still styling and beautiful, oui?
Flats--- you can't even tell they aren't heels when you're wearing an abaya.
And an always halal option is flat sandals. They aren't boring at all.

High Heels shoes

jeans with High Heels
her mom High Heels
legs look sexy with black High Heels
sexy High Heels
High Heels in red color
High Heels chair shape
women in High Heels
High Heels
High Heel shoes
High Heels shoping

Hottest Women’s Footwear

Hottest Women’s Footwear for Summer 2010

Summer is the season to flaunt exquisite fashion statement by donning chic clothes, accessories and fashion footwear. It is time to go out with friends, enjoy vacation and play on beach. Everyone look out for cool, stylish and comfy stuff to wear in summers. If you are looking out for stylish and trendy womens shoes for summer 2010 then our Hottest Women’s Footwear for Summer 2010 list will surely serve your serve. First stylish and trendy women’s footwear in this list are Ballet Flats.
tory burch ballet flats
Ballet Flats or Ballerina Flats are for all occasions. They are casual, classy, comfy and ritzy as well. Different styles of ballerina flats are available today like plain ballet flats, studded ballet flats, round toed ballet flats, peep toe ballet flats. Just choose the one that go with your stylish dress, add some accessory to your look with trendy summer nail art and you are ready to go.
repetto leather ballet flats
Hottest Women’s Footwear
melissa ballet flatstory burch crochet ballet flats
Tory Burch Rory Crochet Ballet Flats is interestingly stylish and apt for a ritzy look. Ballet flats can easily be stretched to fit comfortably and come in all sorts of colors and designs. Just like Melissa Coral Peep-Toe Ballet Flats which is in orange color. These are apt for night out or for shopping.
zipper ballet flatschristian louboutinstudded ballet flats
Hottest Women’s Footwear
chloe buckle ballet flatsjimmy chooballet flats
Ballet Flats are actually inspired by classic dance footwear and today many of celebrities can be spotted donning this sexy women’s footwear. It is a comfy and ritzy option for summers and can be worn on place of wearing heels. This women’s slip-on shoe are one of women’s wardrobe staple. Look around and browse stores like Nordstrom or, find a perfect pair for yourself and make high stepping statements this summer.

sexy swimwear

sexy swimwear for Summer 2010.

Russian Models, Irina Sheik in sexy swimwear for Summer 2010.
irina sheik
sexy swimwear for Summer 2010.
Irina is beautifully flaunting monotone bikinis, one-piece suits and printed tankinis. It is a very stylish summer 2010 swimwear collection as from pastel shades to bright shades, swimwear in all colors are presented.
irina sheik swimwear pics
These swimwears are apt for swimming as well as for posing a killing look on beach.
otto swimsuit 2010
sexy swimwear for Summer 2010.
swimwear trends 2010
sexy swimwear for Summer 2010.
otto swimwear
sexy swimwear for Summer 2010.
sexy irina sheik
Irina Sheik is looking awesome.

Men’s Fashion 2011

Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2011

Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2011 is becoming more and more stylish with every collection. Just like Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 Collection, Versace Spring 2011 Collection was all about ritzy and cool menswear. Donatella Versace and Designer Martyn Bal, new man on Versace menswear block, offered up a Stray Cats version of the Versace man.
versace summer 2011versace spring 2011
Lot of black-and-white geometric set menswear short-sleeve henley-collar T-shirts, jackets and underwear were presented. Collection drew influences from classic cowboy to the 1978 film Grease and even optical art and is perfect for man who loves to shake a leg on Elvis tunes.
red leather donkey jacketblack and white suit
Versace Spring 2011 menswear collection included faux-bib-fronted shirts, a drape jacket with a shawl collar in black leather, jackets and trousers in sheeny tonic fabric, donkey jacket in red leather, low-slung leather pants with fringes trailing from the side seams, and a big cream overcoat.
versace menswearrock style
Highlights of Collection were the bangin’ Medusa-head belt buckles, super-slim trousers and Elvis-worthy fringe, optical silk shirts, the graphic section of swimsuits and mens silk robes in a black-and-white Vorticist patterns.
versace underwearversace mens intimates
Models with slicked back hairstyle were looking stylish. There were also stylish mens accessories like superb chain jewelery pieces shown on shirts and attached to some of the bottoms.
elvis presley hairstylefringed pants
Variety was the key of this show as different variations in classic trouser, was shown. Versace menswear spring 2011 included everything one can ask for like formal suits, single and double breasted suits made of sharkskin, pointy two-tone shoes and much more. Stay connected for more updates on Milan Fashion Week.