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Double Tongue Piercing

By Smita Pandit

If the thought of getting a makeover has been lurking in your mind for a while, let me suggest one great way to change your entire look. If you are bored of the way you look, getting a double pierced tongue might just work for you. Though there are different types of body piercings such as eyebrow piercing, lip piercing, navel piercing, ear piercing and nose piercing, but let me tell you, by getting a tongue piercing, you will certainly be known as one of the most trendiest people in your circle. Well, it certainly takes a bit of courage to get a tongue piercing, but if you are up for it, you can even try the double tongue piercing and take your look to the next level. This trend is catching up fast and many people are going for this latest fashion fad.

Double Tongue Piercing: Procedure

As the name suggests, double tongue piercing involves two separate piercings of the tongue. Separate barbells are worn on the two separate piercings. Before you visit the piercing studio for getting the double tongue piercing, you need to decide which type of double tongue piercing you would like to get. Would you like to go in for the positioning where both the barbells are placed in the horizontal direction or in a vertical position in the center of the tongue? The off-center piercings where the two barbells are placed on either side of the tongue are known as the ‘snake bites’. This off-center placement is slightly more difficult due to the factors such as placement of the teeth and size and shape of your tongue.

Once you have made up your mind regarding the placement of the piercing, the piercing professional will mark the piercing spot and clamp the tongue. This will be followed by the insertion of the needle into the marking. The barbells or the jewelry of your choice will then be inserted into the tongue. Read more on body jewelry - body piercing and non piercing jewelry.

Double Tongue Piercing Care

If you have decided to get a double tongue piercing, you must first find a piercing studio, where the work will be done by certified piercing professionals. This is important because while getting this type of piercing, the placement of the piercing spot and barbells should be correct, a wrong placement can lead to infections and problems such as chipped teeth. Though you could get both piercings at the same time, you also have the option of getting a single piercing first. When that heals completely, you can get the second piercing. Anyway, this is your decision, if you are comfortable with getting a double tongue piercing at one go, just remember to pay more attention to the aspect of tongue piercing aftercare.

If you notice a slight redness and swelling on your tongue after getting the double piercing, there is no need to panic. It is common, but you need to take a lot of precautions to avoid any tongue piercing infection. You will need to pay attention to oral hygiene. You must resist the temptation of touching the barbells every now and then. Whenever you do, make sure that you first wash your hands with an anti-bacterial soap. You might face difficulties while eating, so, it would be better to avoid solid food for a week. You must also avoid alcohol, hot beverages and spicy foods for at least 10 days. Have ice creams, cold drinks and cold foods. After drinking or eating, make sure that you rinse your mouth with a mouthwash.

Poor oral hygiene means giving an open invitation to bacteria and increasing the chances of an infection. For a quicker healing, rinse your mouth with diluted, non-alcoholic mouthwash. Salt water soaks are also helpful when it comes to healing. Make sure that no food particles are stuck around the piercing sites. You must not change the barbell till the piercing has healed completely. Get your double tongue piercing from a certified piercing studio, as only the professional can inform you about the precautions. Don’t take the risk by getting the piercing done from an amateur. Wrong placement of large-sized barbells can lead to lisping and other problems such as chipped teeth, nerve damage, bleeding, increased saliva and choking hazards.

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Now that you are aware of the double tongue piercing care and precautions, keep them in mind during the healing period. Double tongue piercing is certainly a unique way to express yourself, but while you use such a body piercing to make a fashion statement, make sure that you take care in order to avoid any infections. Use the services of a professional and walk out of the piercing studio, with a new look. Flaunt your double tongue piercing and stay in style!

Tongue Piercing Care

By Rahul Thadani

A trend that has gained immense popularity among men and women of all ages in the recent past is body piercings. These piercings can be done to a variety of body parts like the ear, nose, eyebrow, belly, nipple and the tongue. Read more on the different types of body piercings. Most people who are afraid of needles may wonder how this is actually possible, but for the person getting the piercing done, this is more than a fashion statement and they get a huge adrenaline rush while actually getting the piercing done. The pain that is accompanied with the task of piercing is temporary and they can endure it in order to get the look that they desire.

Seeing someone with a tongue piercing brings out different reactions for different people. The fact of the matter is that it causes a lot of pain and carries a high risk of tongue piercing infection as well. This is a situation that can be easily avoided by following some elementary tongue piercing aftercare precautions. These precautions can be carried out from home itself and as a result, are very simple and economical to adhere to. Ignoring the tongue piercing risks can have very dire consequences for any person. Pay attention to the tongue piercing information provided here and keep them in mind to avoid unnecessary complications. Here is more on a facial piercings list and tongue piercings.

Rinse Mouth With Listerine
This is the most fundamental aspect of tongue piercing care. You must regularly rinse your mouth with listerine many times during the day. This may cause a burning sensation and can even end up discoloring your piercing, but you must continue to do it regularly. Using alcohol to clean the piercing is also not advisable. Another means to rinse your mouth or to clean the piercing is lukewarm salt water.

Do Not Touch Your Tongue
For a few weeks after getting the piercing, your tongue will be immensely swollen. Do not panic, as this is a normal occurrence. Avoid touching your tongue under any circumstances during this period. If you do end up touching your tongue, ensure that your hands are thoroughly washed with soap. The risk of infection is high, so it pays to be cautious. Read more about body piercing infections.

Avoid Hot and Oily Food
It's best to refrain from eating food that is extremely hot or oily for a while, after getting a tongue piercing. These foods could damage the pierced area and cause you much pain and discomfort. Eat food that is soft to chew and is relatively cool and soothing. Also make it a point to eat smaller portions of food. Remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating anything.

Do Not Consume Alcohol or Coffee
It is highly recommended to avoid drinking any form of alcohol or coffee while the healing process is ongoing. This will severely slow down the healing process and cause you much discomfort. Staying away from cigarettes and other nicotine products is also important.

Visit the Doctor if Required
If the swelling does not subside even after ten days of the piercing, you must not hesitate to visit the doctor. It's possible that you may have contracted an infection, and taking precautionary measures by visiting the doctor is something you should not be hesitant to do.

Sip Ice Cold Water in the Morning
While you are asleep in the night, blood rushes to your head. As a result of this, your tongue will swell up more than normal, right after you wake up. To cure this, you must drink or sip on cold water as soon as you wake up. This will reduce the swelling to a certain extent. Eat lots of ice cream as another alternative to combat the swelling.

Do Not Play With the Jewelry
Since the tongue is swollen and very sensitive for a few days after getting the piercing done, it is advisable to avoid playing with the piercing and moving around the jewelry piece. This will be the cause of a lot of tongue piercing pain and will be a very unpleasant experience for you. Under any circumstances, do not remove or change the jewelry before the stipulated ten days pass. Replacing it or re-fixing it will be extremely painful. Read further on industrial piercing healing process.

These pointers should help you understand the intricacies of tongue piercing care. It is absolutely necessary that you follow these precautions as they help you avoid a lot of unwanted discomfort.

Tongue Piercing

 By Saptakee Sengupta

With upcoming styles, body piercings have become a latest trend. Eyebrow piercing, chin piercing, navel piercing, lip piercing and what else? Did I forget any part of your body ? Yeah your tongue... so there comes tongue piercing, a practice followed since 14th century by the North Americans. Tongue piercing was first professionally started in the studio Gaunlet, United States and today it is considered as one of the sexiest fashions in vogue. You can get some more tongue piercing information.

How to Pierce Your Tongue
All you have to do is, go to a reputed professional piercing studio and get your tongue pierced. They will mark the point of piercing - on the edges, middle or on the tip of your tongue and clamp your tongue for grip. Then goes the needle to pierce your tongue along with the new jewelry.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry
There are varieties of jewelry available in the market and piercing shops, having different shapes and sizes, to give your tongue a seductive look. You can try out the following types that best suits your tongue.
  • Barbells: Barbells can be worn by both men and women. They have a stainless steel shaft with two balls or studs at both the ends. It is available in different styles like multicolor striped shafts, and whole body shimmering steel or balls with logos.
  • Tongue Rings: Tongue rings look good on women. They are made up of steel, rhodium, titanium, platinum and gold with balls and stone attached to them.
  • Acrylic Tip: Youngsters usually, are very fond of colorful acrylic tip tongue ring. It has a stainless steel shaft and two flexible acrylic balls attached to it at the end. The balls are colorful and trendy that makes them so popular.
  • Titanium Tongue Rings: These are made up of titanium and have a very flashy appearance. The ends of the shafts have different colorful designs like stars, skulls, animals etc.
  • UV Tongue Rings or Barbells: These are the best quality tongue rings available in the market. They are very safe to wear being non reactive with your saliva and don't cause any irritation inside your mouth.
Tongue Piercing Risks
While piercing your tongue gives you a funky look, it also carries many risks with it, if handled carelessly. Know the risks before you go ahead. Read more on tongue piercing infection.
  • Teeth Damage: Dental fracture and tooth cracks are caused by wearing the barbells. So, a periodic filling or replacement of the tooth is required.
  • Gum Damage: When the barbells rub against the gum, they cause bleeding and gum disease. If the damage is severe, a gum surgery is also required.
  • Infections: The inside of mouth is always moist and harbors a large number of bacteria and viruses. Infections are caused from the wounds while piercing and from the unsterilized needle used for piercing. Sometimes, serious viral diseases are caused by transmission of hepatitis virus and herpes simplex virus.
  • Lung Damage: The balls of the barbells are sometimes loose and slip to the lungs. If it gets stuck, it has to be removed by a bronchoscope. Choking is also caused in case a ball is swallowed
  • Endocarditis: Sometimes, bacterial invasion reaches the heart through the bloodstream and inflammation of the heart and its valves occurs.
  • Nerve Damage/Blood Loss: The nerves of the tongue can be punctured while piercing, resulting in severe loss of blood and swollen tongue. It can also lead to impaired speech.
  • Prolonged Pain: The pain lingers and lasts longer sometimes, leading to neuralgia.
  • Allergy: A serious hypersensitive reaction inside the mouth can result if the saliva reacts with the chemicals of the ball.
Tongue Piercing Care
There are definitely some ways to protect yourself from infections. So, just follow the list of do's and don'ts and start taking care of your tongue from the day one itself.
  • Use throat lozenges with Diafflam-CT (antibacterial/ anti-inflammatory) just before piercing your tongue. It relieves swelling and quickens healing.
  • Rinse your mouth with mouthwash containing Listerine or cepacol after every meal for 15 days.
  • Check that the jewelry is not loose and before touching it, wash your hands with disinfectant.
  • Avoid eating spicy food and hot beverages atleast for 10 days, as they may increase the swelling. Have cold foods, ice-creams, cold yogurt, cold drinks instead.
  • Since, the tongue swells up, do not try to change the jewelry before 14 days.
  • Compress your tongue with ice chips for a few days, to reduce the swelling.
  • Plaques may be formed on the jewelry, try to remove it with tooth brush gently and rinse your mouth with anti plaque mouthwash.
  • When you start eating solid food, chew softly and never eat in a hurry during the healing period.
  • The mouthwash must be diluted before use, as the concentrated form destroys the natural enzymes of mouth, delaying the healing process.
  • Restrain yourself from oral sex until the wound has completely healed and the swelling has reduced.
  • Try to talk as less as possible during the healing period, as the newly embedded barbell might cut your tongue.
  • Do not put fingernails, toothpick inside your mouth. They may lead to infection.
  • If you have the habit of playing or chewing over the jewelry, just stop it, as it delays the healing and forms scars on your tongue.
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I hope I have provided you with all the details of tongue piercing. Guys and gals, just learn to take care of your new jewelry and do not succumb to infections. It's a safe method, only when handled with care. So, are you ready to feel the true experience of tongue piercing? Then go ahead and get the best ornament for your tongue.

Fake Belly Rings

By Saptakee Sengupta

Pierced belly buttons look very attractive. Belly rings look fashionable and stylish, but at the same time when we remember the pain of piercing, we flinch away. The pain deprives us from enjoying the fashion. So what, that does not mean there is no other option. Have you every tried to adorn your belly button with fake belly rings? They are just FAKE belly rings that look REAL! Read the following content to know about them. Read more on navel piercing.

Fake Belly Button Rings

There are a plenty of fake belly button rings available in stores. They create an impression that they are pierced in the belly button but actually they are not. This clever trick of fake belly button piercing lets you off from the pain of piercing. They have a clip on or hoop that holds the fake belly ring into the navel. Wide range of silver, golden, platinum and titanium rings with fancy embellishments are available in the market. Magnetic studs are also a good substitute for real belly button rings. Non-piercing faux belly button jewelry replacement glue can also be used to keep the fake belly rings intact. Here I give you few popular designs of fake belly rings. Read more on belly button piercings.
  • Crystal spark dangle
  • Crystal dragonfly dangle
  • Crystal flower dangle
  • Crystal heart dangle
  • Flat silver non-pierced hoop
  • Blue flower non pierced hoop
  • Non pierced gun metal gray hoop
  • Non pierced gold hoop
  • Clip on silver belly bar
  • Stone studded gold spring clip
  • Captive ring belly button rings
  • Reverse or top down fake belly rings
  • Titanium fake belly button rings
  • Platinum clips with studded diamonds
How to Make Fake Belly Rings?

Try out making fake belly rings as per your choice with the following steps. Fake belly button rings are easy to make. All you need is glue, beads and jewelry wire. Check out the following steps to do so.
  • String a bead into the jewelry wire. Bend it half and it shall form the dangling part in your fake piercing.
  • Add the beads to the wire long enough, of your choice. Make the wire long enough to emerge from your belly button.
  • Tie the stringed beads. Then glue the dangling part onto your upper inside of belly button. Secure it properly.
  • Now glue one bead half inch above the upper part of your belly button.
  • Fix it well so that it stays for long and gives the impression of real belly button.
Simple fake belly button rings are inexpensive but their cost increases with the material, designs and embellishments. It's a worthwhile substitute for real rings that cause immense pain while piercing. Fake belly rings look sensational and stunning. You can even try out different designs and colors matching with your outfit. You need not take the pain to take out the real ring from your pierced navel, rather fake belly button rings are easily replaceable without any pain. It has one more advantage, it does not cause any infection or wound as contrary to piercing, that might cause infection if not taken care properly. Fake belly rings are always safe.

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So don't you want to deck yourself with fashionable fake belly button rings? This new piece of jewelry will prettify your cute belly button. Eager to grab this trendy fab? Hurry then! Fake belly rings are total gain with no pain.

Navel Piercing

By Minal Srivastava

Reshma is a new-age, young professional. She has a hectic, maddening and frustrating five days a week, work life but believes in partying even harder on the weekend. Along with her attitude and mental attribute, her wardrobe and accessories goes for a complete overhaul during the weekends. Out goes her formal trousers and the stylishly colour coordinated shirts and stoles and in come the spaghettis, skirts and the varied body embellishments to accompany the wild parties.

Besides the few ear and nose piercing she recently got her navel pierced as well. ‘Yeah it was painful yet I got it done ‘cause I like it’ she says nonchalantly.

She is just a representative of an entire generation who believes in following their whims and fancies.

Choosing the jewellery is all the more fun as there are innumerable options. Besides the designs you can choose from various metal combinations. Different metals have varying effects on the body. According to acupuncture texts, silver needles are used for a sedative effect representing more lunar energy, while gold is used for energizing a point, resembling the brilliant sun. Similarly, other metals can be used for varied desired effects on the body.

This trend deserves special mention, as it is not exactly a pain free procedure. A hollow needle is passed through the body part followed by the insertion of the body jewellery in the hole. A small amount of bleeding may occur as a result of the bleeding. Naval happens to be one of the sensitive spots and needs careful attention even after the piercing.

Then again, since when has pain stood in the way of fashion? Think pencil thin high heels and sore ankles … or the stomach crunching corsets that ruled high fashion through the Middle Ages.

Body piercing is supposed to be a statement. It is supposed to be all about attitude. And while our mommies and daddies were happy growing their hair and burning bras, we seem to have chosen holey bodies as the embodiment of rebellion.

I haven't mentioned the fun aspect. This latest fad, despite the pain, is supposed to be fun! Some macho male friends of mine, who spend more time in the gym than in any other social setting, have been mouthing of one line for ages, "No pain, no gain!"

I wonder if there is a parallel here.

However, fans of body piercing maintain that the attitude is all about following your heart and telling the world that you are. So, the various rings, studs and other foreign metal objects represent an entire school of thought!

What it boils down to is one question, "Do you like it?" The form answer is to simply go ahead and do it if you do. Just don't expect me to punch holes through my body.

Belly Button Piercing Care

By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani

Belly button piercing or navel piercing is a latest fashion trend that has gain popularity worldwide, especially among the young generations. If you are one of the navel piercing enthusiasts and are planning to undergo belly button piercing, then hold on! Understand the various dangers and risks of belly button piercing first and decide whether you still want to wear that fantastic navel ring that you have seen in the stores.

Belly button piercing, like any other body piercing, takes time to heal completely. In fact, it requires longer healing time along with extra care tips, as navel area is rarely exposed. Some of the belly button piercing risks include painful, serious infections and blood poisoning. Also, clothing adds to the irritation of the belly button piercing site, thus increasing the risk of inflammation and infection. Considering all these points, proper belly button piercing care instructions should be followed, so as to avoid any possible complications.

Belly Button Piercing Care Tips

For those who have got your belly pierced and now are flaunting that sparkling jewelry in your navel, here are some belly button piercing care tips. Immediately after belly button piercing, the pierced site appears clean and your navel ring looks cool. Nevertheless, after the first few weeks, you have to give attention to the pierced site regularly. It is high time that you take a note of the following belly button piercing care tips, so as to avoid any unusual and painful symptoms.

Use Only Approved Metal
Using a good navel piercing metal is essential for minimizing the risks of infection. Hence, while piercing your belly button, make sure you use only approved belly piercing jewelry like stainless steel or titanium. If you are changing a jewelry, ensure that it is cleaned and sterilized.

Belly Piercing Jewelry
After getting your belly button pierced, it is quite understandable that you would want to touch or flaunt the jewelry. Tweaking or spinning the navel ring should be strictly avoided, as it can worsen the wound or injury. Every time you touch the navel ring or jewelry, you are aggravating the wound, which in turn can cause bleeding and other painful symptoms.

Wear Loose Clothes
As mentioned earlier, irritation by clothing aggravates the wound area and increases the infection. To avoid this, it is logical to wear loose, comfortable cotton clothes that do not rub the piercing area. In addition, do not wash your clothes with strong detergents, as they impair the healing process when they come in direct contact with the wounds.

Clean the Piercing Site
One of the most important belly button piercing aftercare tips is cleaning two times daily. You can use warm water and antibacterial soap for cleaning the pierced site. Gently remove the crust from the wound by using a cotton ball soaked in warm water. Also, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning the site.

Keep Piercing Area Dry
Another belly button piercing aftercare tip is to keep the area dry. After bathing or routine cleaning of the site, pat it with a clean absorbent tissue paper. Always remember that chances of infection are higher in wet wounds.

Salt Water Soaking
Saline solution is an effective method for quick healing of the belly button piercing. For preparing salt water solution, dissolve ½ tablespoon of sea salt in ¼ cup of sterilized water. Pour this saline solution in a medicinal cup and place it over your navel for about 15 minutes. Doing so helps in preventing infections.

Avoid Public Spas
Do not go to public spas or swimming pools, until the belly button piercing is healed completely. In case you go to any of such public areas, make sure that you put a waterproof bandage on the piercing area.

Check for Belly Button Piercing Infection
Do not ignore any infection signs in the navel pierced site (if present). You can get yourself examined by a qualified dermatologist as soon as possible before the infection progresses. Some of the noticeable signs that signify belly button piercing infection are severe pain, redness, swelling, burning sensation and abscess formation at the pierced site. Read more on belly button infections.

Well, this was a brief information on how to take care of a belly button piercing. As already mentioned, healing process of the belly button piercing is very slow and it takes time to heal completely. For some people, it gets healed within 2 - 3 months, while for others, healing may take as long as a year or more than that. However, with proper belly button piercing care tips, you can at least ensure positive healing with no complications.