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Perms for Fine Hair

By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani

Styling fine hair is challenging, but you can perm it beautifully with some basic hair treatment tips. Naturally, it remains straight and looks very thin. Hence, from selecting haircut styles and ideas to curling it, fine hair needs special attention. Those who are very conscious about their looks prefer perming their hair for added volume and body. Gentle perms for fine hair are better than tight curls and spiral perms. Let's try to understand more about perming for flat, fine hair.

Tips for Perming Fine Hair

Those who have thin hair shafts already know how difficult is it to curl or perm their hair. Unlike thick hair strands, they do not hold the hair formulations. Another downside story regarding thin hair shafts is increased susceptibility to breakage. Even wrapping the hair strands to the perming rods may cause damaging effects. In simple words, self perming hair at home is strictly not recommended for those having fine textured hair. The following are some tips concerning perms for fine hair:
  • Before perming fine hair, decide the best haircut that suits the hair texture. As a general rule, fine textured hair looks at its fullest, when it is short and cut at a uniform length. Accordingly, opt for short haircuts or medium length layered hairstyles.
  • For fine hair that has been recently colored, perming is not advisable. This is because, repeated application of chemical based products will cause hair dryness, breakage and thinning. On the safer side, wait for some time and proceed with gentle perms for fine hair.
  • Analyze the different types of perms, giving due importance to the perming procedure and after maintenance tips. Do not decide a perm type just because it looks good, but check whether it really suits fine shafts or not, before perming.
  • Coming to the types of perms for fine hair, the best choice is body wave pattern. In this, large sized, concave rods are used to create bouncy, loose waves. It is suited for medium long and long hairstyles.
  • Of course, you can go for spiral perms for fine hair, but the concerning part is maintenance level for spiral perm hairstyle. So, consult the hairstylist about the preferable perming alternatives for fine hair, then only decide one for your hair.
  • While perming fine hair, it is best to put hair rollers in a zig-zag parting pattern. The logic is to avoid hair breakage and splits, which are common with straight placing of perming rollers. Follow the same tip at the time of hair setting.
  • As the waves or perms for fine hair do not stay long, most hair hairstylists suggest a rod to roller perm or transfer perm. The method involves wrapping hair in small rods, applying solution, leaving for some time and unwinding hair. The hair is then wrapped into a roller of specific size and further perming steps are done.
  • Last but not the least, be thorough with the hair care tips that you are supposed to follow after perming. Like for instance; dry hair by retaining your head in an inverted position and always comb with a wide-toothed brush. Also, deep hair conditioning at regular intervals helps in reducing hair tangling.
On a concluding note, creating perms for fine hair should be proceeded with perming solutions, which are specifically formulated for the hair type. Failure to do so, and the perming will take its toll on hair. In worst cases, you may need to cut the permed hair portion. Provided that you visit a reputable beauty salon and perming is done by a qualified hairstylist, the damaging effects of perms can be reduced to a certain extent.

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Susan Coffey

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Katy Perry's

Katy Perry's Louboutins and Leger Looks

Latest Bridal Gown

When it comes to planning your wedding, then the most important steps in this is to find a wedding dress designer. Looking for the best wedding dress designer is a little tricky. In the selection of designer wedding dress, there are many things that should be considered, because it is not only the capabilities of the design. Each designer has his own sense of style and the difficulty is that the design fits your style. The latest design of wedding dress is presented by Steven Robert Birnbaum & Bullock. Both of them are the famous designer for designing the wedding for the bride-dress wear. Robert Bullock & Steven Birnbaum offer hands on know-how and they work directly with the brides to find the hat, cloak and veil their dreams. Robert Bullock & Steven Birnbaum’s couture-quality clothes usually retail from $ 2500 to $ 7000.But now you can use these designer clothes in the wedding gown sale Suite by Steven Robert Birnbaum & Bullock and the selling price of these dresses range from $ 700 to $ 3000.

Cruise Weddings

Are you ready to do this, not large, the single is to connect with a memorable ceremony aboard one of the many cruise ships, which are currently blue of the sea? Ship Weddings communities are much more than you think and in more than just a place of the ceremony, maintaining and possibly even the honeymoon, they also offer a range of other benefits, such foreign place!
Since cruise ships are aware of the growing popularity of their vessels, including by business marriage, it is not surprising that many a row is now on package tours all restaurants with the intention of those who say their wishes on the high seas Some ships are equipped with a chapel, weddings, others will be trained wedding planner, who takes responsibility for planning a wedding on the ocean end-to-end, including what to do with guests!
Although many spouses to assess the flexibility to marry on board a ship, there are some things you want to investigate, with the spending. Although the practice is that a third party with the entire planning your wedding – music, flowers, catering, cakes, and the decorations are made of your control – you decide on the various options and how they are in your household. For example, although some companies have their own cruise officiator for the ceremonies, others require that you have a minister or any other person on board.
Even if you decide that you remain on board for a cruise after your wedding, you need to think about the total cost of a honeymoon, and also what to do with the guests. If you use the Set for the duration of the cruise – wholly or partially – you will very likely be in a position a lot, but you’re in a position to pay the costs?

Latest Bridal Collection

If you dream for the wedding dress for your marriage as Let us not confuse you with the top designer dress, to always remember your special day. By the latest wedding dress designer, you can look at fairy wedding day. Famous designers such as Melanie Potro, Alfred Angelo, Mori Lee, Christian Lu and many other designers have the boom in the design world. You can also use the article on blogs, as well as magazines about the latest bridal collection of the designer.
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Cinderella Gown Collection

The style and fashion in this modern world forever changed. The old fashion again with the new changes in them. Austin Scarlet of the famous fashion designer’s designer dress collection. The collection was designed by him is known as Kenneth Pool Collection. The Kenneth Pool garment collection of Austin is truly an ideal Cinderella dress. This Cinderella dress will definitely make you feel like a princess. Sometimes feel too many women like Princess Cinderella. Wear Cinderella dress from Austin Scarlet can fulfill the wishes of many women. This famous designer was the winner of the project runway in the first season. Currently, he is one of the leading top designers for designing evening wear and wedding dresses.
The Cinderella strapless dress has a scalloped neckline and a ball gown silhouette. It also has a chapel and a train dropping waist. The substance, in this garb is Duchesse silk. This dress is available in three colors like ivory, white and champagne. Austin Scarlet has a unique touch to this outfit.

Indian Lehenga Choli

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Candid LA Outfit Info

The Saturdays Candid LA Outfit Info

The Saturdays were spotted out in LA at the Hollywood Dance Center a last week, all looking great in their cute little outfits.

Mollie must have been in a dance mood, wearing a white Wildfox Couture tee with some pink ballet shoes on, with her shorts and brown ankle boots.

The Ballerina t-shirt is on-line at, and
Vanessa kept it comfy in a loose grey combo and green lace-up sneakers.
Frankie - always one of the sleekest Saturdays - wore a black top, Ray-Ban sunnies and some studded Kelsi Dagger sandals (available at kitson) along with her pink Jack Willis "JW" logo shorts.
Una was pretty in her loose grey dress which showed off just a peep of pink; she carried a luxe black studded bag from Givenchy.
And Rochelle was boldest in bright orange Victoria's Secret Pink range pants and a cropped denim jacket. She also carried a black Balenciaga bag.

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Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen Back on the Gossip Girl set

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Natalie Portman's Looks

Natalie Portman's Venice Looks 

 The Venice Film Festival kicked off on September 1, and Natalie Portman attended the opening ceremony event looking gorgeously glam in a red bead-embellished Rodarte gown.

The look was accessorized with a quilted rose-colored Dior clutch, and metallic sandals.

Promoting Black Swan earlier in the day it was a simple deep purple dress from Miu Miu along with Charles David satin platform pumps.
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Taylor Momsen's Gossip

More of Taylor Momsen's Gossip Girl Looks

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