Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boyfriend Jacket

The Boyfriend Jacket

The boyfriend blazer is back. Or it's not back, but rather, it's new. Or. whatever. Anyway, it's what we're all supposed to be wearing. When I'm reborn as a six-foot, willow-thin model, I plan to follow every fashion trend, but until that day, I'll tailor them to fit my personal style.

And so, this D&G blazer. I'm not quite sure how my boss would take it if I showed up in it with the shorts they picture it with. But as part of a suit, it's hot. A tailored blazer is just one of those incredibly sexy things. And I love that they pair it with a T-shirt.

The only bummer is that it's made with wool, which means it better come off the shelf fast before we're all on to the next thing for Spring. I hear see-through pink is the next big trend. Something to contemplate while I finish my bowl of ice cream.