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Custom Gown

Chances are if you're looking for a wedding gown you're browsing online. Maybe you've narrowed down your search--decided you like the evening gown look but not absolutely, positively, 100 per cent sure an A-line is out of the question. Next you get up from the computer and go out shopping. You hit every salon within a twenty-mile radius, go through racks of gowns in fabrics you never knew existed. You try on a few in every shade and texture of white imaginable. And while you feel you've had a crash course in bridal, still, nothing out there's really grabbed you. Then . . . a week or two later this picture of a gown finally comes together in your head--the neckline you found in Weddings; the sleeve on the dress you tried on in the salon combined with the sweep train you spotted last week in the Film Noir. Once all this gets put together you'll have a custom designed gown, something one-of-a-kind like no other in the world.

I know the exact dress I want but can't find it online or in the stores. Luckily a friend recommended a designer she used. How is custom design different from buying in a salon?

REALITY 101: Making a gown from scratch requires more fittings than gowns ordered through a salon so you'll need to be open to the experience of watching your gown develop from the ground up. In addition, a custom designer or skilled seamstress puts many hours and a high level of craftsmanship into the creation of a custom gown. Working with fragile white fabric and delicate lace is an art form. Figure any custom gown crafted by a designer usually takes four to six months to complete from a listing of your measurements. Since the design process involved with a custom gown is more of a direct collaboration between you, you'll have more input with decisions regarding fabric, silhouette and style. Custom gowns are typically 80-90% handmade. This means machines do some work like the side seams, cross seams, etc. There are however stitches on these one-of-a-kind gowns only expert handwork can touch in order to produce that exquisite finish.
Step 1
Every first consultation begins by asking questions about the actual wedding itself. You'll look at and evaluate all the factors involved in optimizing gown design; the scale of the ceremony, the nature of its backdrop, your use of tradition, even the surfaces on which you'll be walking. With respect for cleaning and preservation, sometimes even post-wedding plans are made for the gown.

If you've brought any photos, magazine clippings, sketches or swatches of fabric, these are discussed, usually with the designer running a few of her own ideas back to you. I keep a scrapbook for each of my clients starting with the ideas she's brought in. Cost of materials, fabrics and a few other details are explored. If the designer has a small sample collection, this is usually when you can begin trying on gowns to see what the fabrics are going to look and feel like with you in them. This is also the time you'll be looking over how well the samples are made. And don't worry whether or not you know haute couture techniques here--just pull up a hem or take a look inside one of the garments. You'll know fine workmanship if its cleanly made and as beautiful on the inside as out.

Eventually a gown is in the making. After a final sketch is approved, a written estimate follows, complete with with fabric swatches and your measurements are taken. For every gown order a paper pattern is made. Think of the paper pattern as a blueprint, a record of all your dimensions on it. From this, most designers (some dressmakers too) work out a muslin. The muslin is an actual cotton mock-up and 'living pattern' of your gown's design, fitted exactly to your body. Now, think of your muslin as the foundation--the groundwork upon which your dress will be built. This is where most of the fine tuning will be done to that perfect fit before one cut or stitch goes into the true gown fabric(s).
After your muslin fittings (there may be two of them), the muslin is unstitched and laid out on the actual fabric and the gown is made up. Since most of the fitting has been worked out on the muslin, second and third fittings usually follow up with finishing touches to the gown like hemline, closures, remaining design details, etc. Be prepared for more than three fittings though. A gown made from the ground up is a work in progress and each step along the way is painstakingly taken, checked and rechecked. Keep in mind you want your gown delivered at least a month before your wedding. Yes, you'll need to synchronize your calendars on this one. You want to be able to relax and deal with all those other last minute details involved with your wedding, not still fussing around over hemlines.

So what's the difference between a dressmaker and a designer?
DRESSMAKERS-Once upon a time before mass production, every woman either had a dressmaker or became her own. Nowadays most dressmakers specialize. You'll want one with expertise in bridal and/or evening wear. Dressmakers either work on an hourly basis or estimate out their labor. They usually work from store bought patterns and expect you to supply the fabrics and materials such as buttons, zippers, etc. This is a good option if you already have a unique cut of silk or know how to shop around yourself for the fabrics.
CUSTOM BRIDAL DESIGNERS-More and more have sprung up in studios and ateliers over the past decade. They're experts in helping you translate what you see in your imagination as reality. Like a dressmaker, they work one on one with you. Unlike a dressmaker, they usually have tonier establishments and higher prices. The reason? Their services are zeroed in on brides. Most offer small sample collections as well as bolts of fabric right in house to inspire you along with your decision. Custom designers usually work all the materials and labor into the price of the garment. Prepare to pay more here. Prices can range from $1000.00 for something simple and unadorned, up to $10,000.00 for the works: full trains, layers of petticoats, underskirts, bustles, intricate beading, etc. Median price range for a custom wedding gown as of this writing would be around $3-5000.00.
ONLINE- Most bridal designers have their own sites. Type in bridal designers and you'll come up with thousands (great if you want to browse even more gowns) Type in bridal designers--Los Angeles and you've narrowed it down some. Mostly what you'll come up with is a hodgepodge of big names, the not-so-famous one-of-a-kind designers with their own sites; a few bridal retailers carrying designers, etc. If you've hit a top LA designer you absolutely love like Amy Michaelson and happen to live in the area, try to make an appointment. Realize some top designers do custom work in their flagship store. Remember though top designers get top dollar. As for custom designers, if you're near a metro area, your chances of connecting with the right one are good. Check out the gown photos on the site. Is her vision and your own on the same page. Next go to her real brides gallery . . . (if there is one) see what others looked like on their wedding day in her creations.
SALONS-Bridal salons and specialty stores sometimes employ custom designers or dressmakers either in house or as outside contractors. Depending on how they are set up, sometimes they'll give a referral if it doesn't interfere with the flow of business.
CONSULTANTS-Bridal consultants or planners are an excellent source for referrals and usually know who is truly expert in the area by years of working with them. Some consultants are willing to work on an hourly basis or for a small referral fee.
FASHION EDITORS-Fashion or wedding section editors in regionals can be helpful if you reach them directly or run across their editorials on bridal wear. Most newspapers feature a spread on weddings twice a year. Here, private designers are sometimes featured and listed. Ask for back issues.
MAGAZINES-In the past few years, studio and private wedding designers have put gallery style or half page ads in some of the major bridal glossies. A few run regional sections with listings and the designer's particular specialty.
YELLOW PAGES-Before the internet, this used to be the first place brides looked. After word of mouth, this is still the best place to find a dressmaker (not designer) in my opinion.
FRIENDS-Finally word of mouth and recommendations through friends find the best designers and dressmakers. Someone knows someone who knows someone and often the same name will keep popping up in discussion. Follow it.
A custom designed gown is the pinnacle of pure construction. Brides who opt to go custom believe a gown should be comfortable as well as beautifully lined so she can wear it like a second skin--the whole component moving with her as if it is part of her body. If you think about this, it makes sense. She's connecting with a man. In spirit they link. The dress is symbolic of all that, so it should be a part of her and move right along with her. In the end, a custom designed gown is definitely worth the wait.

Dressing 4 Kids

Traditionally, English wedding entourages are made up primarily of children ranging in age from about four to sixteen. The royal weddings honor this convention. Remember Princess Diana in her big silk dress? Her eldest bridesmaid was Lady Sarah Armstrong, the Prince of Wales cousin, aged sixteen, her youngest, five-year old Clementine Hambro. The rest of her party had children of all ages in between. While not all English or even European parties are this traditional, lately, I've seen a trend toward a bevy of small kids or all flower girls in the wedding party. If you're one of these brides intrigued by a child-packed entourage check out Little Eglantine a UK based company specializing in custom wear for kids.

Designer Stephanie Staub has combed the world for some of the most unique fabrics. Imagine embroidered taffetas in an array of colors. Any design or fabric you see here can be swapped or changed out. That's right. If you love the neckline above, try it in the pink embroidered taffeta below. Be imaginative . . .

Not only does Stephanie design gorgeous children's clothing for weddings and christenings, she gives us a glimpse into that wonderful time of childhood. These photos sure capture a joyful and innocent time--a time of hope and even promise. And what better way to say all this than adding a flock of kids to your entourage . . .?


Lace and cotton Georgette. Combined they make a luscious combination. The 'Mira' dress is part of the Dioresque series, a capsule collection of dresses redolent of the 1950s era. A halter top in Chantilly lace sits atop a full gathered skirt.

This dress could easily go semi-formal or less formal depending on accessories. A fingertip veil paired up with gloves would put it into the former category while fascinators, hats and cage veils the latter. Here, the model is going somewhere in-between and looks like she might be opting for a restaurant or small garden wedding.



Florals aren't exactly a new and radical concept in bridal wear but oh la la! they sure are and ever will be pure romantics. And just look what options and diversity a designer has when it comes to planting them in collections.

Florals can decorate an entire bodice and skirt, adorn a hemline or be a small a suble accent on a belt or shoulder.

I'm always intrigued by embossed florals on fabrics like the Mabille dress above.
One of my favorite looks is the classic Gatsbyesque white picture hat. This 1998 Frank Olive ad for Nordstrom is a study in pure design sporting a bit of Audrey Hepburn.

Another find from Martha Stewart Weddings 1998 is the Dioresque look of a floral festooned 5- inch ribbon sash. It came complete with DIY instructions.

Traveling With Gown

The gown and you in it are central to your wedding day. Getting not only your gown but yourself and all your accessories from one point to another is something you need to think about whether you're navigating across town or half way around the world. Things might go a little easier if you've invested in a dress made out of microfibers (yes silk can be microfiber); you'll have little worry about it wrinkling. In most cases your dress will consist of delicate silk with legnth and volume (many underslips and linings) that need to be kept intact.

By Car
Getting your gown home safely from the shop is the first step. You’re going to have to treat it with all the love and care of a newborn. No, you won’t need an infant seat but just about any size back seat of a car will do. In all probability once delivered, your gown will be packed in plastic, the bodice stuffed with tissue. Hang it on the hook above the back door draped across the back seat. This applies if you're going on a two block or two thousand mile trip.

AIR TRAVEL- With so many destination weddings these days, salons and stores have special procedures preparing your gown for not only that car trip home but air travel. You need to decide whether or not you're checking your gown as baggage or carrying it on board the plane. Either way there are pluses and minuses. Once upon a time carry on was a given. No matter how BIG your gown--and some gowns run very big-- the stewardesses found a way to look after it. Since then the friendly skies have become so heavily booked, unless you travel first class, space is going to be tight. If your gown isn't too poufy and more of a sheath than ball gown, the overhead bin will work. Take into mind this a good-to-go situation only if there's no other baggage crushing your gown.

To avoid hassles during check in, be certain beforehand the box or bag holding your gown is an approved size. Yes, some airplanes don't have additional room for oversized carry-on pieces so make arrangements with them before purchasing your ticket. Some airlines allow the cabin coat closets in first-class to be used for bridal gowns even if you're flying coach. However, doing my research I found some airlines are better than others on this. Again, MAKE ARRANGEMENTS BEFOREHAND!


You've met folks who never check in luggage; they're afraid once they land in Boston their bags will turn up in Cleveland. Well, imagine asking a bride to check her gown as baggage. If you're brave enough to consider it, think of little old me, a fashion desgner who must fly with five gowns at a time, that, by the way, just like your gown, need to arrive in New York in pristine condition (otherwise they don't sell). I have no choice but to check them as baggage so here's what I do. Since I'm a pro I know how to pack them. Your store can do this for you. All you need do is decide on whether you want to pack the gown in a box (salon's job but you can do it) or suitcase (your job).

I've done both.

Use a large box, about one-third the length of the front of your gown.
Line the box with tissue and lay the gown over it. Your gown should be centered in the box and laid face down, spread flat out. This way you can avoid any wrinkles or creases from forming.

Now, start with the side seams and fold your skirt length-wise all the way over the tissue. Your skirt should not exceed the width of the box.
This is when you add more tissue and fold the top of the gown over into the box.

The top of the gown (bodice) will be facing up. Now use more tissue and pack the bodice, cushioning anything else (florals, bows, belts, sleeves) that should be protected. When you are finished, the dress should really be packed in tight so as not to move around in the box.


If your gown is a generous A-line or ballgown complete with petticoat, you need to go for the biggest suitcase you can find. Otherwise, like the box, find a suitcase about a third of the size of your gown. Your gown should be the only piece of anything you pack in the case other than tissue. Follow the same proceedure you would for packing your gown in a box, especially the part about stuffing the bodice with tissue. This way your gown can retain its shape.

Garment Bag

The first thing about bagging a gown in a garment bag is finding out where the dress hangers are. Most gowns have these little hangers resembling straps that keep the stress off the shoulders. They are typically found at either the armhole or waistline. After hanging the gown up on a padded hanger, pack the gown with tissue in the bodice so it keeps the shape. If there is a full skirt, pack the bottom of the bag so the skirt rests on it to eliminate stresss to the hemline.



Brides either marrying onboard or sailing to their destination via cruise ship generally have few worries. Closet space is available and pressing services onboard ship are top notch. This of course depends on the cruiseline. I've heard horror stories about cheap cruiselines with bathrooms so small your shower is in the toilet. Think Cunard, Norweigian, Royal Carribian and you're in a major city floating on water, everything you ever wanted readily available. Same goes without saying for private yachts. Shorter cruises on, say, ferries are trickier but usually have more closet space than that aboard a plane or train.


Once upon a time in America this was one of the most common and luxurious forms of long distance travel. No more. Over time train travel has lost its chic factor. But for those who have a morbid phobia about flying or just plain love going by train, here's the scoop. Trains offer a little more space for moving around from compartment to compartment than planes do. You'd think this would mean more room to hang a gown but when I spoke to the Amtrack agent she said it's either the overhead bin or baggage car for the gown. Since Amtrack is the only game in town if you're getting from point to point in the USA, please avoid coach unless you are going a short distance. Then, use the above info to box your gown and check it in as baggage (yes box--your gown. The way they throw baggage around your gown will be packed tight in the box) If you're going a little further than say Buffalo to NYC: go for one of the larger compartments if you can. Here's the link for finding the right sleeping car which invaribly means having your own space to guard your prized pocession.

Train travel through Europe is a little different and more common. Schedules there actually run on time and go faster than their American cousins. Going short distances via coach, the space problem still exists so you can do one of two things: either box your gown and check it in as baggage or buy an extra seat on which to put it. Take into mind there are many more train routes that go through Europe. This means whether your destination is a major city or smaller village, a train either runs through it or nearby. Check online if you are traveling through Europe or Asia and find out as much as you can about space.

Once you reach your destination remove the dress from the bag and make sure to put it on a padded hanger. An alternative to the padded hanger is my hanging dress form above. This is a display hanger I use in the studio to show off my designs. They have another function: keeping your gown shaped and taking the stress off the shoulders or from whatever point your dress hangs. You can order one from Robert Hamm

If you can invest in a portable steamer, do it. They're twice as fast as the conventional iron and give a clean, finished look. As with over pressing, the steamer if held too close can water spot silk. A small travel iron is great for getting all those corners and pleats. Having a portable stemer and travel iron both is ideal. The optimal option if you can arrange it is getting your gown professionally pressed once you reach your destination.

Other Options and Tips
*If you don't want to travel with your gown have your salon, dressmaker or yourself ship the gown ahead to its destination. Out of the big three--UPS, Fed Ex and the US Postal Service, the latter is the cheapest way to go. Brides have always exercised this 'Send my things on ahead' option by arranging for a friend, family member or hotel/venue/consultant to sign for it. Thus, this has become so convenient for destination brides, many hotels and venues are signing for the wedding dress as part of their service.

*Pack your bridal accessories for travel seperately from your gown. Once you reach that beautiful destination you can assemble your whole ensemble.

*More suggestions about pressing: If your gown is made out of tulle, don’t you dare press it! Steam it instead. The same goes for your veil; ironing scorches tulle.

*Pressing hard to get at wrinkles out of your gown is done with a cool, dry iron over a piece of broadcloth or muslin, called a press mitt. Forget worrying too much about wrinkling your gown going to and from the ceremony. Just push the bulk of your skirt aside once you’re in the car--that is, if you will be in a car or carriage.

Short Bride Dress


The very first wedding I ever went to was my aunt's. She was married in 1963 in a short dress--because--as all the grown-ups told me, the family couldn't afford a big to-do ergo big dress with a train! Today these
little dresses would go well for a big or small to-do. I'm finding some brides simply love the short dresses and are going for them on their wedding day just because they are easy to wear and sexy . . . .

Also 'the little white dress' is part of the new bridal wardrobe concept: a collection of dresses for the pre-post wedding activities like shower, rehearsal dinner, and reception. Oh, and I forgot, the engagement party. Any of the above would rock and pop when you announce your upcoming nuptials to the world . . .




the spring collection of headbands and fascinators for 2010. Starting from the Top Left: Silk dupioni and tulle pouf pancake hat trimmed with pearl beading. Top Right: Dupioni rose headband with pink jewel. Second Left: A silk fascinator with tulle pouf and organza floral. Beaded daisy trim. Second Right: Emroidered
organza fascinator with Venise lace trim and beading. Third Left: Alencon lace and silk fascinator with tulle pouf and hand made organza floral. Third Right: Two handmade silk florals sit atopa Chantilly and Venise lace fascinator.Bottom Left and Right: The uber pouf fascinator of Silk dupioni and Venise lace. Generous tullepouf.

Wedding Gown

Meet Emma and
Jayne. Both are similar, Emma being white and Jayne tea dyed with a rose
tint. Both are dupioni silk wrapped with a Chantilly lace bodice and tulle
skirts bordered in laces. Perfect for the beach or destination wedding.



I always said if there were a sequel to Breakfast at Tiffany's, we'd find Holly Golightly sporting a hat on her wedding day. Since HG is really that zanier side of Audrey Hepburn that surfaced in the 1960s, she set
the trend for le chapeau as an item of chic rather than a required accessory. 

So brides of today are following her lead, wearing a hat to clinch a whole bridal look while expressing a little panache . .Silk and tulle fascinator and cabbage rose picture hat available through Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal under Head Chic.

Bridal Fashion

There's a wide range of novelty belts, bows, sashes, trims and
ribbons introduced into bridalwear lately. Until the 1980s, bridal was a field
of little experimentation and typically a bridal gown was pretty but looked
somwhat the same as the next gown. If you were a modernist and wanted to express
yourself in a suit instead of an A-line, forget finding what you wanted on the
racks. Besides, your mom might have freaked out at the prospect. All that's been
relaxed thanks to a generation of designers and brides daring to go their own
way. By way of ribbons, trims and sashes, designers have introduced color and
different textures into the mix . The above gown is sashed in back with silk
gauze, a fabric so light, it could be mistaken for angel wings.

Touches of the
spectrum here. Blues and peaches merge to make up a tie-belt cincing the waist
of a full skirt . . .

The best example
of a self belt (means made out of the same fabric as the dress). Georgette linen
and striped ribbon combine to make up this belt punctuated with a fabric

Above and below images of The APRIL dress from the Dioresque Collection.
Gray satin tie belt is embellished in front by a fabric rose. Ties in the back
falling the length of the dress . . .

A photo of my own wedding gown above shows that I put all the
bells and whistles on one dress (and actually got away with it, I think). It had
a 5 inch sash doubling around the waist and tying into a side-front bow. Pinned
to the sash was a giant silk floral and tassel tie. The shoulder was embellished
with handrolled silk dupion florals.


Want a top-of-the-line couture look on your wedding day but don't think you can shell out the bucks for a designer label? Well, check out these gowns from Pre-owned Wedding where you can actually order online. You can also visit consignment a bridal shop. Now if the word 'consignment' conjours images of 1980s gowns full of the usual pouf and paste of sequins, perish that thought. Most dresses in consignment shops are actually cutting edge and you'll find it more like going to a high-end designer salon. With catchy names like One More Time, these places offer some elegant, gently worn gowns in better shape than your average designer sample. In fact, the proprietors can get real persnickety about what they take in—some only accepting top designer names like Vera Wang and Reem Acra in all natural fibers. In addition, once gowns are accepted they’re cleaned and pressed (Ask where though. More shops are specializing in environmentally safe cleaning)

If you’re price conscious going for a pre-owned gown is the way to go. Gowns that retailed last season for $3000-4000 are typically half off but sometimes can go for as little as $500-600. More good news. You’re going to get very personalized assistance—the same as in a full service bridal salon. Though there will be re-altering involved, you won’t have to wait 4-6 months for your gown. Bear in mind once-worn gowns have already been pre-fit and altered to someone else’s body. Just make sure they’re once-worn; an over altered dress that’s been on more than one body could lose its original shape after a while. Ask how many and what kind of alterations the gown you want has had. Typically, if it’s gone through more than two brides, forget it. In addition to alterations your shop may offer customizing services (for a fee). Shops realize with previously-worn gowns, there’s a kind of possessive energy the new purchaser wants to create to make the gown her own. Therefore some shops focus on customizing.

Brides dress

Shopfronts burst with enticing wares and girls scour the shelves for the most beautiful dress, it’s that time of year again the wedding season.
he focal point of any wedding is the bride. Naturally, every woman wants to be the most beautiful ever on their special day and the principle tool - a stunning gown. But getting your hands on the dress is no simple task, 23-year-old bride-to-be Thanh Nga says.
“I want something that’s trendy but exclusive. It has to be beautiful but affordable because I have to balance my budget.”
No mean feat. But with the endless choice on the high street there is hope.
A world apart from Hanoi brides in the 1980s who could only hire a gown for a few hours, any style and price from VND2mil is possible.
Something that all modern-day brides can indulge in is fashion. But for such a personal day, wedding gown trends are not as transient as catwalk styles.
The running theme is interest in foreign designs, wedding gown designer Thu Huong says.
“Every year, I upgrade my collection by looking at Western fashion magazines and I modify them to suit Vietnamese brides in term of taste and size.
In my 20 years of experience, I’ve usually used taffeta, silk and satin as my main materials.”
But different areas of society do have different tastes, she says.
“Women who work in offices usually go for something simple, elegant and expertly made. Blue-collar workers often choose intricate details or glitzy materials. So, I make gowns to suit everyone,” she says.
Huong’s dresses range from VND2-6mil.
On the more flashy end of the market are shops like Altamoza, Moza, Paloma and Quynh Anh who hone in directly on young fashionistas. The imported or locally made gowns often come as part of a package including bridal make-up, photo albums, flowers and cars, with prices ranging from VND3.5-12mil.
To battle the competition, many stores offer special deals. Jessica Thanh Hang targets bigger budgets, with expensive imported gowns while Juliet offers brand new gowns for rent. There’s no extra charge for being the first to wear it because the shop has outlets in outlying provinces that rent second-hand gowns.
Spiralling up to the extreme end of the market with tailor-made designs in silk, satin and velvet are shops like David Minh Duc.
The newest trend this season is tradition, David Minh Duc’s manager says.
“We give ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress) a touch of haute couture with layers, glass-bead accessories and sequins,” she says.
You certainly pay for the labour as a full package can range from VND5mil to 42mil.
But if a personal designer isn’t enough to ensure your dress is going to make a sensation, there is another, perhaps more extreme option.
“I’m studying for a masters degree in finance in Australia and I bought my dress during a trip to Melbourne,” a 28-year-old newly-wed, Lan Hoang said.
“There are many bridal shops in Australia which provide gowns for Asian women. I did my research and found an affordable gown.
“I know not many people in Vietnam are going to have an Australian-made dress so I’m really happy,” she said.
Be it on the local high-street, via a personal tailor or during a trip abroad, all the choice certainly makes the run-up to the big day a little more stressful. But for the first glance in the mirror with that special dress, it’s sure to be worth it.



Reese Witherspoon is the latest celebrity to launch her own perfume. The legally blonde star is already Avon’s celebrity face is teaming up with Avon’s scent experts to create her own independent fragrance.
The fragrance takes inspirations from her early childhood and will have notes of gardenia, magnolia and jasmine. These are the scents which Reese remembers from her early childhood in Tennessee. She had a beautiful yard, with a huge magnolia tree, that would blossom and gracefully fall every year.

This is where the fragrance ‘In Bloom’ comes from. Reese has also said that the fragrance is a reflection of her life at the moment, as she feels strong, independent, and very happy.

The fragrance is due for launch in November and Reese is said to very excited about her latest venture, and is happy that her new fragrance captures all the feelings and memories she wanted to portray.

Paris Hilton perfume


Paris Hilton is set to release her 9th perfume this August. Paris has just signed up to another 5 year contract with Parlux Parfumes and is to release many more perfumes and aftershaves before 2014.
The Heiress who had recently scooped top FiFi Award Female Celebrity Fragrance of the Year is set to continue her success with her new fragrance Siren. Other fragrances which she has released are Can Can, Fairy Dust, Paris Hilton, Heiress, and more.
“Siren is all about being sexy in a playful way. I feel irresistible as a mermaid. What girl doesn’t want to have fun being a fantasy creature that men can’t resist?”

Paris’ ad campaign features her as a mermaid topless on a rock with long hair and a sparkly gold mermaid fin.
Siren is said to be a tropical floral fragrance including notes of mandarin, apricot nectar, honeysuckle, coconut orchid, and water lily, with a dry down of vanilla bean and creamy musk.
I’m sure this perfume will do well as Paris has created a lot of publicity and money from all of her previous perfume sales. I’m not too sure about the mermaid in the sun advertisement though. It doesn’t seem to fit in well with the scent of tropical flowers, and the thought of a fish in the sun doesn’t smell very appealing. But if its publicity Paris is after in this one, I’m sure she will only succeed

Anti Aging Perfume

Forget anti aging creams, therapies, and surgery, as we now have anti aging perfume. A perfume which is designed to take years off your appearance.
Ageless is a perfume created by Harvey Prince and Co with the concept of reversing the effects of ageing. With this is mind the fragrance is developed with notes of youthfulness including pink grapefruit, pomegranate, mango, jasmine and soft musk.
This perfume is said to be ‘the essence of youth’ it plays around with teenager smells of pink flowers and fruits and memories of playfulness and a younger past. However I don’t think these factors actually reduce the physical affects of aging.

I believe that this was a clever idea though up by someone. Claiming that a perfume will reduce the effects of ageing is bound to create publicity. Now days everyone wants to physically look younger, and the media has made everyone feel insecure and doubtful about naturally aging, making us believe that we must try and proceed with drastic and expensive measures to stop the effects of aging.
If you like the smell of this perfume then fair enough as it is a nice floral citrus scent, but buying this one for its anti aging effect could prove wallet damaging

Hairdressers and Beauty Salon

TH1 HairdressingSo here on bopnews we write about perfume news, perfume reviews, perfume tips and anything perfume related which we think you may be interested in. Perfume is applied to the most pristine people who want to make a good impression. People who wear perfume are proud of there appearance, and also like the thought of impressing others around them with beautiful smells of nature, memories and flowers.
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• Up to date treatments using top suppliers K.M.S, Paul Mitchell, GHD, and Nioxin
• Top of the range Re-Styles and cuts provided by hairdressing artists
• Colour Treatments- high lights, low lights, foils, slices, re-touching, colour correction, roots and full head
• Hair Texture- waving, tight curls, spirals, and slight waves
• Hair Treatment NANOMAX a rare treatment which will restore your hair to its natural beauty.
• Body treatments- exotic treatments, anti-aging facials, skin facials, eye treatments, Caci treatments, electrolysis, make-up and self tanning, pamper packages, and also treatments for young women
• TH1 beauty salon also offers its customers a paper day on Mondays.
After you have visited this contemporary and inspiring hairdressers and beauty salon you will feel and look fantastic, creating the perfect canvas for applying your perfume

Beyonce Fragrance "Heat"

Beyonce Fragrance "Heat" A Hit For Perfume Sales

Beyonce Fragrance "Heat" A Hit For Perfume Sales
Beyonce has no problem scoring hits on the chartsration with Lady Gaga, is currently climbing up the Top 10), and now the singer’s success is translating into major perfume sales. Her first fragrance, “Heat,” is officially yet another hit for the music star. Beyonce’s perfume only debuted in stores in last month. At the recent Retail & Luxury Goods Conference at Harvard Business School, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren revealed that its already made more than $3 million in worldwide sales since its launch. “Heat” was heralded in by an in-store signing and meet and greet with Beyonce at the Macy’s in Herald Square in New York. Lundgren said that 72,000 bottles of her perfume were sold that in that hour. “Heat” blends a floral mix of magnolias, neroli, and red vanilla orchids with the scent of almond macaroon, honeysuckle, nectar, and crème de musk. Beyonce told WWD that this was the first time she had creative control on a fragrance (she was previously the face of a Tommy Hilfiger scent) and its all her. “Everything, from the bottle design to the name and the ideas for the commercials — that’s me,” she said. “This was my first fragrance, and I wanted to make sure that it was something I would love forever.” With demand as high as it is, Beyonce might have to add some more heat to the production line. Trying to pick up a bottle of “Heat” at Macy’ estimates over a month before it ships. Ouch. So while fans hopefully aren’t in a hurry to smell like their favorite pop star, she’s helping heat up the celebrity perfume market on her own


Woman Spraying Perfume

It has been such a long time since someone stopped me to ask what perfume I’m wearing.. I am of the faithful and loyal type with my perfumes (although that might be a lie since “perfumes” is plural- but oh well.. Its a tiny lie.. I think) Anyhoo my first perfume beside the Jeans one that came in different colors(Pink, Blue, and Red I think), which I think every girl of my generation probably owned one would most probably be the Envy by Gucci.. I didn’t like that one much (Only wore it because I got it as a present).
In university I wore J’adore for 3 years until a friend of mine got to me by complaining about how much she hated florals. So I left my innocence for something I thought had more “oomph”.. I got Hypnotic Poison which I’m sure almost all of you have worn at a time in your life.. I loved it! Buuut my close friend wore that perfume from High School so I abandoned it. I don’t want to smell like my friend?! (As much as I do love her). Next, I went for Pure Poison but then found out that this girl I didn’t like much wore it (I’m also not going to smell like someone I’m not a big fan of).
Next in line was Euphoria (my friend that hated innocent florals loved this one- I guess it definitely has that “oomph”)… Although for a while I hit every single counter in the states from the ones in Nordstroms, Saks, Neimans, and Sephora; still no luck – and after that loooong marathon of scent sniffing I was left with blossoming finale- a migraine! Long story short.. I still wear Euphoria and depending on the day I either love it or hate it.
Now, my friend the Hypnotic Poison wearer is looking for a new scent and having gone through what she is going through right now, I thought some of you might help with suggestions of the perfect scent. Or just share your perfume stories

Ladies Best Perfumes

best women perfume
Perfume is now a fashion statement. floral fresh woody oriental.When do you plan to wear your perfume – everyday or for special occasion? When selecting a perfume it’s very important to know where you are going to wear it. Not every fragrance can be worn at work.
A fresh scent applied moderately should be all right. Trying perfumes – testers and free samples You can do it in any department store or perfume shop – they always have testers.
Most quality perfumes change their scent as you wear them, the scent might be quite different from the original.Another great way to test perfumes is to ask for samples. Finding discount perfumes online
An expensive department store is a good place to try and choose your perfumes, but is it the best place to buy? It’s certainly not, because being a smart shopper you can find the very same brands of designer’s perfumes much cheaper in specialized discount perfume shops and online.
Getting fragrances online is actually the easiest way to find cheap perfumes.
Big online shops keep their prices significantly lower than department stores. Some of them specialized in selling knockoffs – replicas of famous designer’s perfumes. Carefully chosen perfume can be a great accessory.

Must Follow Tips on How to Use a Female Perfume

Executive Summary about Must Follow Tips on How to Use a Female Perfume By Roberto Sedycias
Perfumes have been a special choice for many people, especially women. Moreover, there are special techniques of applying perfume on the body.
During that period, perfumes were pure extracts of flowers. The tradition of perfume has never changed till date though the formula and techniques of preparing perfumes have taken a great change in due course.
Today, there are several companies manufacturing perfumes and making the world a great place for scents. Some refute this belief saying that perfume has always been gender neutral. However, in the modern days, perfume manufactures packaging perfume by dividing the gender. Perfume is one of the most sought-after accessories women want to improve and express their personality. It is the perfume that makes a woman sexy, mystical and desirable among men.
It is a very common practice for many women to apply perfume on their wrists. Many perfume user forgets to secure you lead of the bottle tightly. As a result they let the precious perfume evaporate in the process.
Perfume, like any water substance, can evaporate if exposed to sunlight. A perfume is as good as it smells. The significance of female perfumes has always been considered with utmost seriousness.

Perfume for Women and Perfume Gift Sets Information

Executive Summary about Perfume for Women and Perfume Gift Sets Information By Anthony J Smith
Choosing the right perfume isn’t easy at all. If you step into any place where perfumes are sold, you would be taken in by the sheer extravagance of the perfume bottle itself. Sometimes, it is that very perfume bottle that wins your heart.
Perfume bottles that are currently available in the market have detailed designs to initiate a positive impact among the consumers. In fact, there are those who collect perfume bottles that look rare and classy. This association enjoys great popularity with its readers and displays its collection of beautiful and rare perfume bottles on their online gallery. The result is that the collector market is emerging as a place where collectors compete to show off their perfume bottle designs

Best Perfume for Women
Shopping for and wearing perfume can be a lot of fun, which is one reason why perfume is always in such demand. Unlike some other luxury goods, the best perfume for women has very few negative side effects, can be easily stored and (if stored correctly) can last for years. You don't need to take out insurance for your luxury item, unlike, say, a Rolls Royce. But, for some women, no perfume seems to work well for them. The best ladies perfume they find usually doesn't come labeled as perfume.

More and more workplaces and even government agencies are banning the use of colognes and perfume. It doesn’t matter that you're wearing the best perfume for women on the planet – it will still be banned. This is because strong smells such as tobacco, fresh paint, gas fumes, cologne and perfume can trigger severe headaches and migraines in many people.
This writer happens to be a migraineur (that's a fancy word for someone suffering from migraines). This means I can't wear or get near anyone wearing the best perfume for women, unless it's outdoors or in an incredibly well-ventilated room. The strong scent – although pleasing – eventually triggers a migraine.
Does being a migraineur mean that I have to shun all of the best perfume for women in the world? Not necessarily. It took a long while, but I have discovered that there is a popular perfume for women that does well with me, providing I only wear it once or twice a week and use only two squirts and no more. The best perfume for women for me is Charlie – one of the least expensive perfumes you can find.
But what about all of the other days of the week that I can't wear perfume? It hasn’t bothered me so much. I never had a man tell me that I smelled good whenever I wear Charlie. However, the scent that has given me the most compliments has been … Secret deodorant (any scent except Unscented). I stopped wearing Secret because I had to keep beating men off me with a stick. It got embarrassing.
Other women may find that the scent that turns heads and doesn't trigger aches is from a shampoo bottle, a body butter or even their lip gloss. Most cosmetics and health care products are made with scents in order to be appealing. Some of these products give a subtle but long lasting perfume. Just be sure you have a big stick handy when you find the best scent for you

Top Perfume
The top perfume will make you smell fantastic. Whetehr that perfume is cheap or expensive, if it works for you then it will be your top perfume. Although "you get what you pay for" is often a good adage to follow, it doesn't work when shopping for a top perfume for you. In this modern day and age, once hard to harvest ingredients in the best perfume for women can now be cheaply made en masse in factories. Perhaps this isn’t such a romantic notion of how top perfumes can be made, but the proof is in the nose.
A top perfume also doesn’t have to make you feel guilty by wanting it. Before scientists could chemically synthesize scents, the only way to get the ingredients for a particular smell was to harvest the source. Many of these popular sources include the secretions of glands from the civet cat and ambergris, which was made from whale oil, which could only be had by whaling.
Also, even using just botanical sources to make a top perfume is getting harder and harder to justify in this overpopulated and underfed world. For example, it takes about one hundred pounds of rose petals in order to make one ounce of essential rose oil. That's one reason why any perfume with real rose oil is so fabulously expensive. But it's also expensive in terms of resources used.
A top perfume for you is one that makes you feel better about being alive. You can’t really do that if you're worried about how much you've paid for a couple of ounces of a liquid that looks like watered-down beer. Many human noses can't tell the difference between copycat designer perfumes and the "real thing". Why should you pay the price just for a label on a little bottle?
You also have to be honest with yourself about your health when shopping for a top perfume. If you are headache-prone or have a history of migraines, then perfumes should probably be crossed off your shopping list. Strong scents – even really pleasant ones from a top perfume – may trigger a migraine.
However, you don’t have to worry about smelling bad and can still revel in the luxury of a good scent. You just need to get your top perfume from beauty care items other than perfume. A body lotion, deodorant, body mist or even a shampoo might give you just enough scent to make you, your wallet and your head happy

Ladies Perfume and Fragrances

Ladies perfume makes the perfect gift for that special lady in your life. Whether it's your girlfriend or family, women young and old cannot resist a bottle of nice high quality fragrance. Ladies perfume makes a fantastic gift. There are two distinct things about perfume. The bottle and the fragrance. Women can appreciate each. If this is a gift you choose to give then make sure the fragrance is nice and the bottle represents something special to her as well.
J'adore By Christian Dior For Women.
Dior J'adore
You probably want to put a little effort into buying the right perfume. Cheap women's perfume is not tasteful. Women know what smells cheap and what smells classy, even if they have never heard of the brand that you have purchased. Of course, this does not mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a little bottle of perfume. You just have to make sure the perfume, whether discount or full retail makes a decent gift worthwhile. You have to remember also that just because it is something that smells nice to you, does not mean that it will smell nice to her. Remember that once the perfume touches the skin and dries it will smell different so be sure to test the perfume out thoroughly.
Some very famous yet expensive women's perfumes are made by names like Chanel, Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Thierry Mugler or Lanvin. True perfumes contain a greater amount of perfume oils and are more expensive than colognes and toilet waters. Most perfumes consist of 10 to 20 percent perfume oils dissolved in alcohol.
Talk to the sales person about what new women's perfume just came out. The woman you are giving the perfume to will appreciate having the newest thing that just came out. Be sure to take your time as well as you really do not want to rush the whole purchasing process. In the end, with enough thought, time, and effort, you will finally find the women's perfume that will put a big smile on the face of the woman receiving it. With a little thought women's perfume can be a special purchase for that someone special.
Purchasing Perfume Online
You can find a huge variety of women’s perfumes on several websites. There are top brands for women and top designers available for them too. There are online perfume resource centers where you can search for designer fragrances by makers like Gucci and Christian Dior or you may even find Versace women’s perfumes. Such online sites have interesting message boards, and you can make friends there, add your comments about each perfume and rate perfumes as well. Such activities are fun and exciting for some who feel that they can share something with another who is using the same perfume.
Celebrity Perfume
Famous designers as well as famous personalities develop designer women’s perfumes. Stars often start their own perfume brands. These celebrates include film stars, sport stars or music stars. Sometimes important social figures also like to have a brand of perfume bearing their own name.
The price differences of women’s perfumes are according to the brand of the perfume. Big designer houses like Armani, Prada and Gucci who are famous because of other products are already highly priced. Besides that, when great and famous personalities lend their names to a perfume brand, the buyer has to pay a price for it. These are the high-priced women’s perfumes, but there are lower priced perfumes too, which are also popular.
Luxurious Perfumes
Some of the luxurious varieties are the Princess by Vera Wang, Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez and the fragrance by Sarah Jessica Parker called Covet. The Princess is an Eau de Toilette Spray, but the other two are perfumes. The Princess toilette spray has an exotic fruity fragrance with a bit of vanilla, and there is an unexpected twist in it, the fragrance of pink guava. There is a hidden treasure in the gold brown cap, which is a keepsake gold band studded with tiny amethyst-colored crystals.
Another fragrance that is an epitome of ultimate luxury is Live Luxe. The fragrance is so intoxicating that it makes you feel glamorous and opulent. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Covet is just as irresistible because of its ultra feminine fragrance. There is a seductive blend of precious fragrance notes that makes it impulsive and indulgent. There are three types of fragrances available, which are top, middle and base notes. The top notes have fragrances of chocolate, wet greens, geranium leaves and Sicilian lemon. The middle notes have flower fragrances of magnolia and honeysuckle and the base notes are musk, teakwood and amber.
Affordable Perfume Brands
If you are not on an extremely tight budget then you can shop at a fine department store. Even if you are on a budget you should stay away from the dollar stores. This is obvious but some folks will try to pull this on the girl as a gift. Ideally you will want get the opinion of another woman if you are really unsure of what you are looking at. Try to find her favorite perfume if you know what it is or you could always try for something a little different.
The more affordable prices for women’s perfumes come for manufacturers like Revlon and Lancôme. Revlon’s Charlie White cologne spray has a refreshing scent of white flowers, which are fresh and light. The aroma is so delicate and pure that it creates a romantic aura and you become the centre of attraction for guys.
Lancôme’s Poeme perfume spray is just as popular but totally different, because the fragrance is adventurous and spirited. It is a scent of contrast, because it is a mixture of the icy transparent Blue Himalayan poppy and the intoxicating desert Datura flower.
Each ladies perfume is an innovative mix of fragrances, put together in such a creative way that it attracts women to buy them and in turn helps women to attract men

Perfume Brand Loyalty
Perfume brand loyalty is something the younger generation have not adopted and to attract these customers some fragrance houses have fixated on using celebrities. Names like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are used on new scent formulations in an effort to revive sales. These perfumes often have short term popularity.
Perfumes are often revamped producing a lighter version. One fragrance that has just had this treatment is the famous perfumes Estee Lauder Youthdew. Under the casting vote of Tom Ford, this old favourite of many has been given a new look and lighter touch. You can still smell a hint of the original Youthdew, but it is no longer so overpowering that you know what the scent is hours later. Yet I think Estee might be horrified at this subdued version.
Others stay true to famous brands like those by the House of Caron which began as a perfume house not as a couture clothes house.

Top Perfume Sales

Launching a new perfume globally can cost as much as $100 million, whilst maintaining the highest profile of a fragrance such as Chanel No.5 also costs money. The Nicole Kidman advert for Chanel No.5 cost £18 million and is expected to be used for 5 years.
Successful fragrances are worth their weight in gold.
Chanel No.5 sells a new bottle of the scent every 55 seconds and has 6% of the fragrance market share. This perfume brand just grows in strength. I'd venture that is because it actually smells like a proper grown up perfume. So many new perfumes just don't beat it as a super scent.
In Britain, hot on Chanel's heels are the perfumes Jean-Paul Gaultier and Eternity, both with soaring sales and both very popular perfumes, each with a 4% market share. Anaïs Anaïs also has 4% market share, but sales of this fragrance are in decline compared to earlier years.
 Dior J'adore 30 ml gift set (30ml EDP and 50ml body lotion) £29.50 at Debenhams.Other major players with 3% market share include fashion perfumes Angel, Coco Mademoiselle, J'adore (in decline) and Allure. Pleasure has a 2% market share making the hundreds of other fragrances just bit players in the fragrance market.
Image right is courtesy of Debenhams a perfect gift for any woman. Dior J'adore 30 ml gift set (30ml EDP and 50ml body lotion) £29.50 at Debenhams.

Perfumes and Fragrance

Perfume Bandwagon 
 Perfumes are a 25 billion dollar industry, yet are one of the poorest performing sectors of the cosmetics industry. The fragrance market is stagnating and is cluttered with new scent products which means there is no longer any brand loyalty. As many as 300 new brands appear every year. Consumers jump with speed to the latest new 'designer perfume' product.
They must have the new perfume and can't live without the fragrance when it first arrives on the shelves. But they soon tire of the perfume and are ever seeking the novelty in an even newer scent.
The older generation, keen to be seen to move with the times, also adopts new fragrances at the cost of old favourites. This means fragrances often only have a shelf life of 3 years

Business of Beauty

If you think of the fashion designer Andre Kim as just a flamboyant figure of fun, think again. Kim is a shrewd businessman whose company makes W100 billion (US$1=W928) in sales from products using his name as a brand, and a hard worker who stages over 20 fashion shows per year, at home and abroad. There are 17 trademarks registered at the Korea Industrial Property Office under the name Andre Kim. Among them, a dozen or so are available under design license contracts and those include apartments, air conditioners, credit cards, bedclothes, lingerie and children’s clothes.
Kim is staging yet another fashion show to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Korea-China diplomatic relations, a major part of a three-day Korean Wave festival, which started Wednesday. The show’s finale featured K-pop star Ivy.
Kim, then, is a crossover figure between pop culture, fashion and a star marketing. His slow, self-taught English and very marked Seoul accent are so unique that comedians love to mimic them. Once accused of contaminating the Korean language with his frequent use of English words such as “elegance”, “fantastic” and “beautiful”, he takes pride in speaking the Queen’s English.
You hold a lot of design licenses from apartments to refrigerator to air conditioner to children’s clothes. You must make good money.
“I’m very thankful. It seems many Koreans are disappointed that I only make haute couture. I want to make prêt-a-porter in the future, but that’s still just a plan. So I found a way to get closer to everyone through popular items like lingerie.”
Andre Kim Bridal FashionDo you design all your products yourself?
“I bring my unique style and ideas to every item. Designers design items based on my ideas, and I make the final decision.”
For many decades, there have been rumors and gossip about him. Long Korea’s only male fashion designer and famous for wearing makeup, he has adopted and raised a son but never married. His proclivity to use beautiful male models has also raised some eyebrows.
You are famous for the love of your son.
“Yes, ever since I had my son, I’ve been truly happy. Now I know how all mothers and parents feel.”
In 1982, Kim adopted a five-month-old baby boy. Kim told him he was adopted when the child was five. Kim junior studied French literature at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and married one of the designers in Andre Kim’s atelier when he was 22. The couple had twins two years ago.
Why did you become a fashion designer?
I liked clothes even when I was a boy. When I saw a bride wearing a jok-du-ri (or bridal tiara), hwal-ot (traditional wedding outfit), and traditional wedding makeup, it was so beautiful. As I remember it, Korea was very beautiful and clean in the past. During the Japanese colonization and right after the Korean War, my village in the countryside was very poor. Yet a new bride wore new clothes for a year. Though it was economically difficult, people were always clean, neat and beautiful. The kitchen was gleaming, and my mother always wiped the floor clean. When I see today’s well-off people with their dirty houses, I get really annoyed. Even when we were poor, our food, clothes, and houses were clean and aesthetic. We are people with a high taste for culture.
You lived all your life surrounded by beautiful men and women but you aren’t married.
I enjoyed my work and I had affection for everyone around me. After some time passed, I lived for my son. If I had married, I would have been a very good husband. A loyal, faithful and true husband.”
During the two-hour interview, he uses the words “honesty” and “diligence” more than 20 times.
Why couldn’t you have fallen in love?
“I love my work too much. Even now I work on weekends since time is precious. On holiday, I continued my work overseas.
Andre Kim Bridal DesignDo you like men more than women?
“No. I have more girl friends. No matter how much our world has changed and opened, I still like women with virtue, knowledge and intellect who take care of people around them and with a balanced character.
Who do you live with now?
“Before my son got married and moved out three years ago, I lived with him. Now I live with a housekeeper in the same apartment building as my son.
Do you do your own makeup?
“Of course. I apply basic cream, foundation and powder. I do the eye makeup as well. I dye my hair every day since I wash my face every day.
Transforming himself from a designer of fantasy into an entrepreneur, Kim may be a kind of barometer to gauge the diversity and openness of Korean society.

Choosing the Wedding Dress
Moments that highlight many a wedding day is to suffer from nerves. This is not unusual due to the fact that this is the one day in your life when all eyes are upon you. It is the bride that will always will be the centre of attention at the wedding and why not with all the effort put into looking fabulous. Nerves affect many brides mainly due to worry of everything going according to plan. Well if you have planned your wedding day with careful thought then you need not worry.
Before the mention of accessories lets talk on the item we would like to accessorize and that is the wedding gown. Choosing your wedding dress without doubt has to be wonderful experience with so many stunning designs and styles to choose from. We now need to highlight areas that need to be considered when selecting what is going to be the perfect wedding dress. What you have to keep in mind when choosing your gown, wrong choice - wrong image - wrong you.
Different gown styles are not particularly designed with you in mind so all that glitters is not gold meaning, no matter how glamorous some of the gowns are does not mean it is going to be the ideal wedding dress for you. Your shape figure height are important issues that need to be looked into before committing to buy. Take along a member of family or friend to help you pick the dress that will give you the perfect look.
If the wedding dress you see adorned on the mannequin/dummy standing in the bridal shop window catches your eye do not act on impulse. Just because it looks great on the dummy does not necessarily mean it will on you. We can not have you looking like a clown in your gown. Can dreams come true, yes. You will go to the ball Cinderella. Fairy godmothers do exist armed with needle and cotton to conjure up the dress you may have always dreamed of wearing? All you have to do is to provide the details of the fabric colour and style you would like and with her magic needle you get to walk down the aisle where your prince charming awaits in the gown of your dreams.
A good thing by having your wedding dress tailor made is because any alterations to meet the requirements of your comfort level can be done at your own leisure. The seamstress can advise you on certain materials and fabric for your wedding gown. White/ivory/ beige are favoured colours for a wedding dress. Accessories protrude an air of elegance when worn up against these shades. Neutral/pastel colours are so easy to coordinate with the bridesmaids attire. Looking through magazines to gather ideas will keep you updated with all the wedding fashion gossip. No bridal gown on a dummy will ever look as good as the real thing nor do the get to walk down the aisle.
So there you have it, choosing the ideal dress you have perfection. Now go knock them dead because today the worlds your (oyster) another lovely shade for the gown. After hours of research I found this fabulous site and hey what do you know everything you could possibly need is all here to make your wedding day special..Well worth a visit dont just take my word for it.