Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blow Dry Hair Straight

Instructions to blow dry your hair straight:

•Start by washing your hair.

•Comb with a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles. Partially blow-dry your hair to get rid of excess moisture.

•Spray a tonic on your hair, or a handful of mousse spread from tips to ends for extra oomph.

•Pin hair up and take out small sections at a time to blow-dry.
Hold the dryer in one hand and a styling brush in the other.

•Place the brush underneath the first section of hair and position it at the roots. Keep the tension on the hair and move the brush down towards the ends, while directing the air flow down the hair, following the movement of the brush.

•Blow-dry using a large, round brush with a metal core. Wind hair completely up the brush, focusing on creating lift at the roots. Gently blast hair with a hair-dryer until dry.

•Curl the brush under at the ends to achieve a slight bend. Continue until the back sections are completely dry and then repeat on the top sections of hair.

•Finish with a light, flexible hairspray.

Lipstick Colors

light pink is an option for the hot weather, while plums or dark shades complete your look in the winter.Lips for daytime are often seen in red lipsticks in winter.

In spring season pink, light green, lots of white and off-white, mimicking spring flowers. Lipsticks are usually paler too, in pinks and corals, often in translucent glosses.

People with fair complexions can use brown shades or some glowing peachy shades. Remember dont use orange red or shocking pink.

Tips 4 Silky Hair

To get shiny hair without making your hair look like an oil slick.

Wash your hair with a shine-boosting shampoo and conditioner.

Then give your hair a cold-water rinse.

Use a drop of a light straightening product-a quarter-sized dollop for your whole head is enough.

With a round brush, dry your hair on a cool setting.

After drying your hair, run a flat iron through your hair.

This might make super fine hair look finer so once you've flat ironed, flip your head over and blast your whole head with the dryer.

You'll add a little movement back into your straight, shiny 'do.

After following these all steps you can get beautiful straight hair. have a good day...

Kurta Salwar 4 Men

As we know kurta shalwar is not only fashion but also a tradition in PAKISTAN. just have a look of these dresses . . .

these guys looking so nice in kurta shalwar suits. dont you people agree with my opinion???

Kurta Salwar 4 Women

Ring with Diamonds

this design personifies style and luxury. its absolutely stunning...
The brilliance of diamonds surrounding the prominent round aquamarine gives this ring a perfectly glamorous look. Metal used in this ring is 14K White Gold.

Gemstone Information in this ring:

Number ofRoundAquamarine: 1
Approximate Dimensions:7mm
ApproximateCarat Total Weight:1.2cts
Minimum Color:Medium Blue
Minimum Clarity:Eye Clean
Setting Type:Prong

Diamond Information of this ring:

Approximate Carat Total Weight:0.3cts
MinimumColor :I
MinimumClarity :I1
Setting Type:Pave

Hair color 4 Women

Hair color- Dark Brown is a product name actually. you people dont think that i am just talking about a hair color and telling about its color. It is Lustrous and Vibrant Color. It is purely made for women.

It is Rich, non-drip Color Creme works with your natural tone and highlights to create customized shade that shimmer and shine.

It has Nourishing Color Creme in it. It nourishes each strand with built-in conditioners to leave healthy and natural looking hair every time you color your hair. This hair color is so lush and radiant that resist fading to give you long-lasting hair color.

As i have dark brown hair so i use it to dye my hair. and i get beautiful and silky hair. i love my hair color now... i would recommend it to you beautiful ladies who want there hair color as brown.

Mens Hair Color Kits

hi friends... i got to know about a hair color for men. My relatives use it for the first time last month and i noticed a good change in them. There hair was just looking natural. So i decided to share it with you people.
These hair colors are available in Clairol Natural Instincts Mens Hair Color Kits.

Light Brown M009

Darkest Brown M015
Dark Brown M013

Dark Blonde M005

Black M019

Brown Black M017

Clairol Natural Instincts Provides Men Of All Hair Types with Natural, Healthy Looking Gray Coverage for healthy and totally naturally looking color.

This 6-Piece Hair Color Kit Includes:
1.It has no Ammonia Colorant .
2.It has developing Lotion in it.
3.Deep Conditioning Treatment with Aloe.
4.This kit has Premium Men's Gloves.
5.The kit has simple Application Directions.

With Clairol Natural Instincts for men , you can get best color results. This color is natural looking and provides long-lasting gray coverage.
you can get following benefits from this hair color.
1.Patented Long Lasting Color Formula - up to 6 weeks
2.Blends away even the toughest grays and restores your natural color.
3.Protective Conditioning Treatment Infused with a complex of Vitamin E, Proteins & Aloe
4.It has Zero ammonia - Low peroxide.
5.Now with up to 4 weekly treatments to protect hair and lock in color.
6.Superior conditioning to the leading men's color.
7.The color leaves hair thicker and fuller.
8.Works For beard and mustache too.
9.It protects against damage.
10.Applying this colour is as easy as shampooing.

this was all information that i collected for you guys. i hope you people will absolutely try it to get healthy and natural looking hair. best of luck guys...

Hair Brush

i have curly hair and i was really worried with my hair brushes before. But last week my sister sent me revlon hair brush as a gift. When i came to know it is designed specially for curly hair then i was hoping that it would be just a fake statement. because i thought my hair never can be good with any brush. But after using Revlon Tunnel Vent Hair Brush 1ea, my hair surprisingly got bouncy and silky.Revlon Tunnel Vent Hair Brush 1ea great for blow drying my hair daily. It is very best for curly hair.

The vents in this brush allow the heat to go through the hair while drying my hair and it never built up any static in it.It is also great for styling and curling the bangs and feathered sides.

i was used to spend hours in brushing my hair but now i get ready in just 5 minutes and i m hanging out. it is easy to use in very curly hair and make me feel beautiful now. i m really happy, it changed my life

Josie Maran Lipstick

I love light colours of lipsticks because they give natural look to my lips. Today i went to wallmart and purchased Josie Maran Lipstick Mysterious. The shades of this lipstick are vibrant and the glide. the speciality of Josie Maran Cosmetics is that they are made from organic ingredients. Even the packaging is recyclable.

The lipstick smoothened my lips with a tingling sensation. my lips in it are looking like they are shrink in size but more attractive than before.the best line i can say about it is, 'A lip color and conditioner in one'. . The lipstick is formulated with rich conditioners like Jojobba Seed Oil and Coconut Cream. it also works as a rich lip conditioner for my lips.It also contains Josie's signature ingredient, 100% pure organic Argan oil. these ingridients helps to replenish and repair skin cells of dry lips. it gives beautiful color to my lips as well as it works as conditioner for my lips. it gave life to my dry lips....

Fashion Lip Gloss

Are you having lip facials to get smoothness on lips? Now no need to spend dollars on lip facials because i have a tip for you.
if u have dry lips then just add a dash of sugar to olive oil and massage lips.
and my advice is to use lipgloss for a very natural look of your lips.

these are different colours of lip gloss. you can choose according your lip natural colour to get a natural look. they are not much expensive. so you can look great without spending much.

you can apply this lip gloss on your lips with a brush. it can make u look more stylish then ever you were before.

Wrist watches for men

these are some watches which i like most fo men.

check out this rolex wrist watch. rolex is top brand making luxury watches. i love there look and durability and i m sure you people would agree with my opinion.

and this wrist watch just look like a cool bracelet for men. hey dude you will look cooooooool while wearing this bracelet type watch.

Female Celebrities shoes

these are some shoes which i saw in celebrities' feet. so i collected these shoes to share with you people.

these are all high heel shoes which a common girl like me can only wear while going on special ocassions like weddings, birthday parties and some other cool places like night clubs.
some women who are used to wear high heels can also wear these shoes while going office too.

Wrist Watches 4 Women

Hairstyles 4 Men

Curly Long Hair 4 Women