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Different tattoos

Tattoos have been in trend of fashion from a long time ago in different regions. And now it is very common to see people with tattoos around the world. Every areas and nations have their own original tattoo culture and tattoo traditions. Different tattoos can express different fashion charm and culture and the life of art ….

Firstly , men and women will choose different tattoo designs to show off their sex charm. It is commonly said that men are the symbol of “ambitious animals” preferring fighting and conquering. Therefore, most of them like to put the “dragon tattoo” or some fierce signs on their arms, chest or backs.
They think those kind of tattoos can express their desire of authority and conquering . In the ancient era, the dragon represents the authority of the status of the King, so nowadays, the dragon tattoo becomes the new favorite of most popular fashion tattoo designs for man. Tattoo artists create different dragon tattoo designs and colors , you can see the following popular dragon tattoo designs:

As for women, they are the symbol of “angel , tender like water ,pretty like flower “ they are the elfin of the nature, the gift given by the God. So most women prefer the flower , nature and little butterfly tattoos.

Tattoos can also explain our religious or political belief.. Some religion believers like to put “God” tattoo on their arms, chests, or their backs. Cross tattoos are the most effective and powerful way to express your love in God.
Cross is typically use to represent Christianity. The Cross tattoo gained the attention of thousands of people from all over the globe and are very popular these days.

Most of the christian folks get cross tattooed to show how much respect they have for their ancient civilization and their religious belief.
Similarly, some political figure or folks will put their political party’s sign tattoo on their chest to express their political belief.
Once it is reported that “Obama Mania” has overtaken an unlikely cross section of the American public. Tattoo artists are getting requests to etch images of the recently elected president on the arms, ankles, and backs of their customers.

One more type of cross tattoo is memorial tattoo. These tattoos are very famous amongst people who have lost their loved ones and want to have a permanent memory of their beloved in the form of tattoo.

Tattoos for Mom

For this coming Mother’s Day, what special gift or surprise do you prepare to sent to your mom?

Do you know this fashion trend- tribal tattoo for Mom, fashionable for so many years and still go on.
If you don't think the trend exists then you haven't been to the beach or an amusement park on a 90-degree day recently.
It was once said that in the past days when the first popular tattoos were seen on the arms of American soldiers,

the most memorable
tattoo designs was the heart with a ribbon in the center that displayed the word, "Mom."

Since then, tattoos “MOM” have continued to be a powerful way to show love to moms.

In turn, mothers have also shown their feelings toward their children through tattoos.

They prefer to tattoo her and the baby surrounded by flowers on their arms to show out their selfless and great Mother’s love like this one…

Some freshly ink tattoo women revealed that they got their tattoos to illustrate how proud they are to call themselves Mom.

What's more, they say having a tattoo featuring their child's face is a way of carrying their babies close to their hearts even when they are not physically present.
Others choose designs such as baby footprints, handprints, portraits, or symbols of love such as hearts featuring a child's first initial and the date of his birth.
if you are not ready to take the plunge and show your mom your undying affection with those kinds of tattoos showed above, well, no worries!!

This pretty little classic tattoo "MOM" rose design card will reflect just as much love as the tattoos. Of course it's painless!

Mother's Day Card Tattoo Design-Hand Embroidered Red Rose

Hand embroidered in classic colors onto a folded brown card with rounded corners.

The front of the card has a red rose with a white banner wrapped around it and the word "MOM" embroidered in black thread in the center.

The rose is accented with a few green leaves on each side.

The inside of the card has been layered with beige blank Strathmore acid free, medium weight artist paper to hide all these pretty stitches and give you plenty of room to write your mom a nice sweet note.

While your mom has asked specifically NOT to honor her with blood and ink , that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of this kind of Card Tattoo Design,.

Quite a great work to appreciate what Moms sacrifice to us for their whole life.
Now go kiss your “Mom”, kiss her “heart” with your honest heart.

United States Fashion

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The United States fashion section does not yet have a section for handbags. However, I hear from a source that this may be in the works. For now, if you are interested in handbags, you can try the designer handbag directory website.

If you have some spare time, check out the Fashion in United States guide. I think you may enjoy what you experience.

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You can discuss Fashion in the United States at the Fashion Industry Network.

World’s Tattoo Events

With the fast development of design tattoo , more and more people, no matter movie star NBA stars or common fashion-oriented person, join and keep pace with the its amazing boom.
In the whold world , so many tattoo surprises and new tattoo invention come with the long-lasting tattoo festivals or tattoo expos.
Tattoo artists will bring their new tattoo designs and their favorate advanced tattoo kits to the tattoo festivals or tattoo expos to show their prefessional tattoo art ..
Here we briefly review the most recent top 2010 world’s tattoo events , helping you to learn more about the new trend of the world tattoo development…
Firstly, it is the famous tattoo artist “Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth 2010″
Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth is coming back . Last year proved to be a dynamic event, with an assortment of vendors, over 40,000 attendees and some of the greatest tattoo artists from all over the world, all packed in The Mandalay Bay Convention Center. So this yesr, his new tattoo show must be a glaring focus point for the new tattoo fashion trend….dont miss it ..

Next, let’s get the “Tiger Rose Tattoos & Music Festival” .
The 2nd annual “2010 Tiger Rose Tattoos & Music festival” will take place on may 1st and 2nd at the Santa Maria fairpark on the central coast of California. Tattoos & Music is a 2 day body art and music festival bringing in over 100 of the best tattoo artists from all over the world and over 20 live bands playing on stage.
This year’s event will include world-renowned artists, live tattooing & piercing, live entertainment, kids activities, tattoo contests, unique vendors and so on……

If you dont want to miss the largest but valubal tattoo events , then you must need to be clear the details about
Tattoo The Dells” .
It is turning out to be the largest event . The Wisconsin Dells area is the largest tourist attraction spot in wisconsin.
Some of the worlds best artists will work along with some of the areas best artists to create some unbelievable artwork.
Victim Tattoo & Piercing is teaming up with Ripleys Believe It or Not to Bring a weekend of Tattoo, Modification, Artwork, Freaks, Trophies, Music, & More.

Look at this dragon tattoo picture above, it seems a little much or complex to you, but very easy to the world-rated tattoo artists.. in the tattoo fesival or expo site , you can witness what is the reall tattoo art and how is this fancy tattoo art made out..
Mydepots—Tattoo , the first to provide a working outline for the tattoo artist to use as a tattoo stencil pattern and the most advanced tattoo kits, will bring you more 2010 world’s tattoo events news…

Tattoos culture

With an increased tolerance and popularity of tattoos in modern society , more and more liberal research on the topics of tattoos come up ;

However, little research has ever been done on the existence and structure of tattoo culture in modern society.
How many of you know how much about the tattoo culture , are you in or out?

If you are in, then how much do you know the difference between body piercing and tattooing?
How many world famous religious or regional tattoo culture do you know ?
Distinguish Tattooing and Body Piercing
Tattooing ,as an body art form, has been claimed over the years by many countries, tribal and ethnic groups.

In many cases it is the same scenario of what came first the chicken or the egg. We will probably never really know who were the first people to mark their skins.
But we do know, and indeed that there is much evidence proves this ancient and totally unique practice has been carried out since the beginning of time .

Therefore , the Body Decoration is nothing new to modern people.
A tattoo, or dermal pigmentation, is a mark made by inserting pigment into the skin for decorative or other reasons.

on humans are a type of decorative body modification, while tattoos on animals are most commonly used for identification or branding.
tattoos on pig
tattoos on pig
Persuing beauty ( no mater internal or external beauty) is our nature existing in our deep mind.

People have always striven to change one’s appearance no matter what will they pay for that .

And for millions of people throughout time, tattooing has been one of the most popular forms of permanent body art.

tattoo angel
tattoo angel

Fans are obsessed with celebrity tattoos.

What do they say? What do they mean? Sometimes its obvious…

Sometimes we just don’t know. This kind of tattoo is over the top crazy.

Lil Wayne’s “fear God” eye lid tattoo is a good explanation for why he is almost never seen on camera without a pair of sunglasses.

tattoo designs
tattoo designs
Body piercing usually refers to the piercing of a part of the human body for the purpose of wearing jewelry in the opening created.
Body piercing is a form of body modification.

The word “piercing” can refer to the act or practice of body piercing, or to a specific pierced opening in the body.

Some people practice piercing for religious or other cultural reasons, while many individuals, particularly in the modern West, choose to be pierced for spiritual, ornamental, or sexual reasons.
body piercing
sexy body piercing
So what exactly does a piercing mean today?
Today, it can literally means anything.

Some people view it as a form of self-expression.

Others do it for symbolic reasons like overcoming a personal hardship.
Someone else might have body piercings because they feel it’s aesthetically pleasing.

The reasons really depend on the individual, but one thing is certain. Body piercings are now mainstream and they’re here to stay.
In a word, no matter what kind of art, they are parts of our life art.

You can appreciate it or hate it.. no matter what, you cant stop their blooming steps, just like a newly-born baby ,you cant stop their growing up life…

Gathering Tattoo Styles

Persuing beauty ( no mater internal or external beauty) is our nature existing in everyone’s deep mind. People have always striven to change one’s appearance no matter what will they pay for that , And for millions of people throughout time, tattooing has been one of the most popular forms of permanent body art.
Tattooing ,acted as an art form,has been popular and welcomed in the whole world for so many years .Different religion and region has their differential tattoo art culture and styles.
When you get a tattoo or you decide to finally get one (cos process of tattoo removal is very long and painful) , hopefully you want one that will represent something other than a cute little bunny or a thorny red rose. If you do decide that you want something with a deeper meaning such as an Army, or a warrior tattoo you might get down to thinking as to what else is available to you out there.
Not surprising – you have a ton of choices available to you. Not only can you depict an entire story, history, meaning or culture on your body with a tattoo but you also can choose from the below-mentioned styles of tats.
After doing some research on the thousands of different tattoo styles, there are more than enough choices available out there! The symbolism and encroachment of tattoos varies in different places and cultures. Tattoos may show how a person feels about a relative (commonly it is mother vs father or daughter vs son) or about an unconnected individual.
In the period of early contact between the Mori and Europeans, Mori chiefs often drew their moko (facial tattoo) on documents in place of a signature. Whatever your reason may be – if it’s a ethnic thing you may be interested in checking out the following options available to you:
Firstly it is the Family coat of Arms.
Family Coat of Arms – Irish family crest
Getting a coat of arms tattoo or a family crest – isn’t something you should take lightly. Many tattoos are designed with different symbols and images and most people that get these styles of tattoos, get them because of a deeper reasoning. You should be aware that there may be more than one family crest for the same name. For example, the Irish name O’Connor has dozens.
Many non-Gaelic names were brought into the country especially during the seventeenth century. At that time it was very much a disadvantage to have a Gaelic or Irish-sounding name so many of the native names were ‘anglicized’ into a similar sounding Anglo or Scottish name.
irish family crest
irish family crest
Secondly, it is Mexican Tattoos.
Aztec & Mexican Tattoos
Mexican tattoos are some of the most striking new patterns around. They take their themes from those of ancient Mayan, Inca and Aztec art, a very distinctive look that’s different from most other types of tattoo designs, yet instantly recognizable. The bold, geometric patterns of Mexican tattoos make them very well suited to tattoo art.
Then next comes the Celtic Tattoo.
Celtic tattoo
Celtic tattoos and body art (as well as other tribal tattoos) have been very popular for the past decade or so. Put it down to the graceful, timeless beauty of these designs which seem to lend themselves particularly well to tattoo art. Think of Celtic knots, crosses or spirals – or, more often than not, an intricate combination of several of these elements, which are often seen as black armband tattoos or as a sleeve tattoo.
Celtic tattoo
Celtic tattoo
Tribal tattoos– native American tattoo
The tribal styles we see today originate from various old tribes like those from Borneo, the Haida, the Native Americans, the Celtic tribes, the Maori and other Polynesian tribes. The shapes and motifs of these tribal tattoos are deeply rooted in the tribe’s mythology and view of the world.
The traditional tattoo artist aims to reflect the social and religious values of the tribe in his tattoo designs. Recurring themes are the rituals of the tribe, the ancestors, the origins of the world and the relationship with the gods.
native american tattoo
native american tattoo
Hawaiian Tattoos
Hawaiian tattoos and body art have a history of thousands of years and experience a renewed popularity since the 90s, together with other tribal tattoo styles. Aloha! There’s more to Hawaii than flowers and leis, after all – the Hawaiian islands are a part of a larger chain, the Polynesian Islands, which include other island cultures such as the Maori and the Samoan, tribal communities with a rich tattoo tradition.
Egyptian tattoos
Like many other tattoo designs from mythology or ancient cultures, are growing in popularity. It’s all a part of the modern conception of tattoos – no longer limited to gang members, sailors or members of an underworld subculture, tattoos are going mainstream. They are tasteful, socially acceptable, and a great way of exploring and utilizing art imagery from all over the world. Egyptian tattoos are beautiful and striking images from the ancient past.
egyption tattoos
egyption tattoos
So now, after appreciating these various tattoo styles and their amazing culture , which one do you think you prefer so much or which is your own style?

Indian Salwar Kameez Fashion Salwar Kameez and Kurtis are all the way comfortable yet elegant and easy to wear. Designer Kurtis, Salwar Kameez and Churidar are the latest trend in Indian fashion, some are embellished with gorgeous embroidery work in pleasing designs, they manage to look smart enough to be worn for casual family gatherings, or even for a wedding ceremony. Nowadays designs are created keeping in mind the trends fabrics and colors of the season by fashion designers and manufacturers of ladies garments.

Kurti and Tunic
Indian Fashion Kurti and Tunic is very much in fashion these days. Kurti (Tunic/Top) is just a women’s top. Girls nowadays wear Kurti over jeans, Salwar, Pant, Capri and even a skirt. Indian Kurtis (Tunic/Tops) are accepted worldwide. Kurtis (Tunic/Top) look decent and sincere, versatile and stylish, trendy yet modest. Indian Kurtis will lend grace to any woman’s wardrobe. The Kurti is the ideal year around wear. Embroidered Kurti, Designer Kurtis, Printed Kurti, Cotton Kurtas, Lenin Kurtis, Georgette Kurti, Long Kurtis, Short Kurtis, Traditional Kurti, Ethnic Kurtis and Fashion Kurtis are the variants of Indian Kurtis. A Kurti surely give attractive and decent look to a woman body structure.

Salwar Kameez and Churidar

Salwar Kameez is the most popular traditional attire worn by the women in India. It is called the Punjabi Suit or Salwar Suit also. This popular Indian Dress evolved as a comfortable and respectable garment for women in India, but is now immensely popular in all over the world. There are many reasons wear Salwar Kameez such as it is modest, great value, elegant, graceful and the bottom line is that it is comfortable. Salwar Kameez gives decent yet stylish look to a teenager as well as a woman. Designer Salwar Kameez or Churidar look smart for casual family gatherings or even for a wedding ceremony.

The Salwar is a baggy pajama type of trouser, which has legs wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The Kameez is a long top or tunic, which often reaches up to the knees. The length of the Kameez can vary depending on the latest fashion in style. The Salwar is stitched very differently. It has pleats at the waist and is held up by a drawstring or an elastic belt. The middle portion of a Salwar is very wide and baggy, but it gradually tapers down around the ankle. Another variation in Salwar is the Churidar style which is a somewhat like a tight trouser, but with its fabric ending in various small folds around the ankles. Usually Indian women also wear a dupatta across their shoulders, over the Salwar or Churidar Kameez as a symbol of modesty.

There are lots of resources for the Indian fashion Salwar Kameez, Embroidered Kurtis, Designer Sarees and Kids Lehenga Choli and other type of ladies garments and accessories. Buying ladies garments from retailers or traders is a bit expansive comparative to direct manufacturer. I got a very good resource of Manufacturer and Exporter of Salwar Kameez, Embroidered Kurtis, Designer Sarees and Kids wear. I find all products in awesome designs with stylish embroidery and beadwork. All the Salwar Kameez designs have designer embroidery work or beadwork or both. Kurti designs are trendy and great looking with finest quality of fabric. Kids Lehenga Cholis are also mind blowing.

Fashion Internships

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3D Tattoos eye-popping

Has the 3D mystifying cartoons and movies gone too far? Do you really want to experienced the 3D movie “Alice in Wonderland” just like you are definitely involed in the Alice in Wonderland . Yes, it is the 3D tattoos, the world top eye-popping tattoos .The craze and infatuation over the ever-popular 3D Tattoo is mystifying again. Regardless of whether you love or hate tattoos, it’s undeniable that these are eye popping.
Maybe someone will say “Wow, the 3D Tattoo Pictures were cool tattoos, but I am too shy to be bigheaded” No problems, firstly, you can learn it deeply in all its aspects. After that, you can decide whether it is the biggest eye-popping art compared with the popular 3D cartoon.
So what it is the 3D tattoos:
The basic idea of a 3D tattoo is to slightly lift a tattoo up about two millimeters. One huge advantage of 3D, or 3-dimensional, tattoos over regular tattoo designs is the production of a more vivid and real image, primarily caused by adding depth into the design. Depth is mainly accomplished by putting in the right amount of shadow techniques to the design to make it look like it is really occupying a specific amount of space on a certain area. The product is a tattoo that greatly depicts a very realistic image or setting.
The amazing aspect about these tattoos is it seems any parts of your body can be raised, very unimaginable, right? It doesn’t matter whether it’s your cheeks, your arms or your left shoulder, it can be done if you like.
If you are a tattoo addict and you’ve grown tired of simple and traditional tattoo designs, you might want to consider getting the cool 3D (three-dimensional) tattoo.
As for a Tenderfoot who frowns at the ubiquity of popular tattoo designs and symbols, getting a 3D ink would prove to be an exciting first step into the world of tattoos.

Anyways, peeps be prepared to be stunned as now you are presented 20 mind blowing and eye jerking 3D tattoo pictures. It will be like watching Avatar, in fact if you have 3D glasses, just put them on as it will make this hub look better.
All of these amazing 3D tattoos can be grouped into 7 categories, check out 20 eye-popping three dimensional tattoos.
1. 3D Animal tats.
Those things almost look real, don’t they? See the huge tarantula on the shoulder below –how realistic the spider looks. It’s actually a 3D tattoo.

2.Grave + skin disease - which is more frightening?
3D tattoos
3D arm tattoos

3.Sun and lion. I just want to peel that sun off that skin. You feel cheering or fear ?
3D sun tattoos
4. A HOLE New World’ meets What Lies Beneath.
3D eye tattoos

5. Animated ambiguity - these trippy tats are straight-up confusing.
animated ambiguity
3D tattoos

6.Alien, Cross, Spiderman. Clearly out-of-this-world 3D tats: quite astonishing 3D tattoo of Spiderman emerging from a man’s chest. Wow:
Spiderman tattoo

7. Mecha-themed tats - always better in 3D.
3D magic tattoos
So now, after appreciating all kinds of 3D tattoos, which one do you prefer or have you prepared yourself well to have one?

Hip Hop tattoo

Hip hop tattoos lead to a big part of today's screaming tattoo craze that is spreading among teenagers and youngsters of the hip hop addicts. The main reason why Hip hop tattoo becomes the world top fashion craze trend is that these tattoos are sported by many famous celebrities in the pop music industry. Youngsters copy the tattoos made on the body of their favorite rappers and hip hop artists. Some wear these tattoos just for the sake of fashion, whereas others have a specific meaning related to their tattoos.
However, in the past time when the Rock & Roll occupied the whole world music field, hip hop was not appreciated by tattoo craze .Some people claim tattoos are being marketed primarily to a white Rock & Roll generation. Hip hop and R&B artists - from 50 Cent to Eminem - have donned elaborate, detailed and beautiful tattoos even though tattoos are primarily associated with rock and bikers.
Then later, more and more contemporary musicians from heavy metal bands to hip hop artists and R&B artists have all gotten in on the act ; more and more people are getting tattoos simply because they idolize certain rappers or R&B artists. Once there is an famous tattoo artist said, "people want tattoos because they see them on rappers and R&B artists and figure it will look as good on them".
While famous tattoos on Hollywood starlets are undeniably hot, we suspect there may be more meaning on the tattooed rappers strutting down the same streets. Check out the top ten most important tattoos in rap music.
50 Cent

50’s back tattoo is clear evidence of the over-the-top opinion he has of himself. He has his moniker tattooed the size of a Jansport backpack covering his entire back. This tattoo design appropriately fits a guy who just wants to get rich or die tryin’.
50 Cent tattoo

The Game
The Game has an LA tattoo just below his right eye, and if you actually listen to any of his music for about two minutes

the Game LA tattoo
Lil Wayne
Face with “Fear God” on his eyelids and a “C” in between his eyes which is the first letter of his last name and the first letter of his mothers name, Cita. It could also be “of” which would make “Fear of God”.

Lil Wayne tattoo


30 years from now, no other rapper’s lyrics will be studied more than the words put forth by Marshall Mathers. His words terrified the masses, and his exit from the game has left most fans and critics puzzled and yearning for more material. The reason for his absence can be seen on his right shoulder. There, you can find a picture of his beautiful little girl, Hayley Jade outlined with roses.

Eminem tattoo

One of the things that Eve is best known for outside of her music is for the set of paw print tattoos placed unconventionally, and prominently, on both breasts.

Eve tattoo

is becoming as much a part of hip-hop culture which is in turn slowly becoming part of mainstream culture and the MTV generation. Definitely, it will lead to the demise of negative stereotypes associated with both tattoos and hip hop culture.

Spring Summer Fashion

It's about time to dress up for spring! It's the time to manage your wardrobe and get some fashionable pieces for refreshing spring weather and hot summer days. Let's take a look at hottest trends for spring and summer 2008.
Designers often choose muted shades for autumn-winter collections, and spring-summer often stuns with vivid colors. The trends of 2008 are no exceptional: We will see bright and bold colors on clothing, accessories and everything you can wear. Even "Technicolor brights" - neonic pink, green, yellow and orange - are fashionable once again. If clothing of such colors is too bright for you, pick several accessories to highlight your regular wear. Purple was the hit of the past season and it is still around for spring and summer 2008. But the shade of colors has changed a lot: forget the deep purple and violet, meet lilac, subtle amethyst and lavender tones. The sweet lilac shade fits another hot trend of summer 2008, the pale azure denim fabric.
If you're looking for trendy patterns of spring-summer 2008, reveal the blossom of your beauty with floral prints. Look for clothes with flower motives all over them, because a single herb embroidered on a blouse or jacket is not enough. If you don't feel like wearing colorful floral patterns, there's another classic combination ready for spring and summer. It doesn't matter if you choose black on white or white on black - it will be the most fashionable pattern of the season. All possible combinations of B&W ruled the runways and they will rule the streets for sure. Let's not forget ethnic trend; it's on top once again. Choose tribal inspired patterns and ikat fabric clothing and combine it with chunk tribal jewelry to create a safari-chic image.
Can you imagine spring fashion without a skirt or a dress? Spring and summer trends wouldn't be complete without amazing dress. Squishy skirt is the top for spring and it will hold its positions on summer as well. Choose high-waist silk organza skirt to stun everyone. This type of skirt looks great with another fashionable detail: the cropped jacket. The fashionable length of skirt and dresses became shorter; even though the knee-length remains popular, the hottest trend is a few inches above the knees.
Feminine glamour will take over all the women. Forget the image of bad girl and look like a lady, because you are one. Highlight your figure with lovely little dresses and see-through details. Naughty decorations are recommended for spring and summer of 2008: outfit decorated with ribbons, lace and bows will make you feel and look very feminine. Corset as outwear is trendy once again; wear it on top of shirt for sexy sophisticated look. The trend of transparent clothing doesn't make you walk around half naked: playing hide-and-seek with several layers makes you appear mysterious and alluring. Glamorous ancient Roman

Corset: a sexual corset is known as a detail mostly worn by women for beauty purposes, it may also be worn by men, as it has a medical function as well. This style detail has been extremely popular in middle ages and it's getting on top once again.
Corset is a garment worn to mold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes. They are typically constructed of flexible material, such as cloth or leather, stiffened with boning inserted into channels into it and held together by laces in front or back of it.
Corsets as they were worn in Middle Ages were used by almost all women and were surely most fashionable. Sometimes they even caused serious health problems, because women who worn them wanted their torso to be as slim as possible, and they didn't pay any attention to health risks.
Nowadays, women wear corset for the same purpose, yet they usually don't get too far. Corset is now used to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette. For women, this most frequently emphasizes a curvy figure by reducing the waist and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips, while men use corsets to simply slim the figure.
Corset is considered to be a sexual detail, because as mentioned before, it's the best way to exaggerate the bust and hips while reducing waist, which makes the figure extremely feminine, therefore, sexy. Just like everything else, wearing corset has some advantages and disadvantages
First of all let's discuss health benefits and drawbacks. The benefits are: corset promotes good posture and they can reduce pain and improve function for people with back problems. Yet, they can cause Glenard's disease; deform lower ribs, which may lead to organ failure or dehydration. Wearing a corset may also deform stomach and liver.
While talking about personal advantages, corsets may give a straight posture, instantly reduce the waistline and spread the weight of big gowns. Some corset wearers enjoy the feeling of being "hugged" by corset and they also make people feel warmer. Moreover, the abdominal pressure maintenance by frequent corset use can help wearers reduce body fat by inhibiting the appetite without conscious dieting, slimming drugs or cosmetic surgery. However, it's rather difficult to get used to wearing corset. If the wearer is unaccustomed to shallow breathing, the muscles soon tire and work too slow, severely reducing oxygen supply. That's why it is important that the corset lengthens the waist.
It is recommended for those who are planning to wear corset to get used to it by practicing shallow breathing and don't tighten it very hard. Getting is to maximum tightened corset must be performed gradually in order not cause health problems.
As far as corsets are getting back on top, be sure you won't make a mistake by purchasing one. Just make sure you are using it properly so it wouldn't cause you any inconveniences. When you'll get used to wearing it and will be able to tighten it as much as possible, have no doubts you'll look excessively sexy.

Hats For Summer is the time when every woman wants to show how beautiful and fashionable she is. Not only clothes take part in forming the style. Accessories are also very important; no style can be complete without a trendy necklace, bracelets or other little details. As far as during this season of the year you have to cover your head for you may get sunstroke. A hat or a bonnet may become a perfect accessory to fulfill your style and express character.

The latest trend these days is a hat made of straws. What you must have in your wardrobe is a black straw hat with wide edges and a rounded vertex girded with a band. This kind of hat is definitely the most fashionable this summer. Although black is very popular, you may choose any other dark color that would fit better with your clothes. If you're planning a trip to the beach where women commonly wear light dresses, pick a white hat and you'll look perfect.
Another fashionable way to cover your head is a cap. Of course you have to pick them very carefully and it definitely goes with sporty style or jeans. Men should pick washed pigment-dyed caps. You don't have to buy a new one and make it look as if it was used for 10 years, you'll undoubtedly find those in any fashionable shop. While men are into "dirty" style, women are suggested caps with flowers. A bright colored cap will surely make you look trendy and add charm to your appearance.
It's a must for a real lady to have a bonnet. It's very hard to define what is on top, because top is originality. Large bonnets of any color decorated with flowers and bands are always trendy; however, you may find something very different and look amazing. Bonnets are not for everyday use. Original bonnet will make you noticeable and complete your style better than any other accessory.
If you can't find a hat or a bonnet that fits to your style or your face shape, choose an original and very practical way to cover your head. Wear a turban. Yes, it's very original and fashionable. You may choose any material and tie it up any way you like. It goes perfectly with any style. Moreover, it creates a characterized style.
Crocheted hats are also popular. However, there is one problem - it's rather hard to find one in a shop, because if you'll purchase not an original one you'll certainly notice other females/males wearing the same. You have to find an originally designed one or make it yourself. You can be sure that if it'll be self-made you'll receive compliments not only for hat but also for your good work.
You have to be very careful while choosing a hat or a bonnet. However, this summer is a great chance to start wearing it, because no matter what you choose - you look trendy. You're already fashionable if you wear one! And you may feel free to experiment with various materials and forms. Being original this season means being fashionable.

Jewelry fashion trends

Planning to purchase new jewelry? There are so many things you like that you do not know what to choose? If you are a fashionable person, you should as well choose fashionable jewelry. Accessory is the thing that'll make your style complete, so be patient and choosy and you won't make any mistakes.
Jewelry fashion industry concentrates on accessories of various styles and materials. First of all you have to choose the material, which will make it easier for you to choose the model. Only after you've decided what kind of material you want, start looking for some certain thing. Don't forget to consider your style issues before purchasing a certain thing. Although in most cases accessory is used to fulfill the style, sometimes it can be used to create a style, so be careful and decide what is creating your looks - clothing or accessory.
The most fashionable material for today is definitely silver. If you prefer gold, you should choose white gold. Silver is so popular because it goes perfectly with almost any other material. Moreover, it is less noticeable and helps to create bohemian style, which is very fashionable for this moment. If you want to be really trendy, choose bracelets and necklaces that are made of silver and gems. Such combination is on top.
It is very easy to match silver and gems with any style, for you may choose gems of various colors and types, so it would match the coloring of your wardrobe. You don't have to purchase a whole complex of jewelry (usually consist of ring, earrings, necklace and bracelet), because such peaces goes together perfectly even if they are different.
Another popular material is surely diamond. It's very elegant and creates an image of luxury, so you should prefer appropriate style if you want to wear accessory made of diamond. Diamond is used together with metal. Silver, platinum or white gold incrassated with diamond is the ultimate choice if you want to look really trendy.
Not so long ago massive jewelry was on top, however today fashion says no to huge accessory details. Yet there's a way out even if you like bigger jewelry. You may purchase any size jewelry peace if it's made of material that creates illusion of lightness. The illusion is usually achieved by using small peaces of material instead of big.
For those who don't like metal, jewelry fashion designers offer accessory made of such materials as stone, pearls, felted wool, wood or even bone. Just like with all materials you have to be very careful while choosing one of those. The benefit of such jewelry is that you'll surely look very original and fashionable.
No matter what material or color you choose, the most important thing is that jewelry must serve as a fulfillment of your style. While choosing your accessory, the first thing you should consider is whether the jewelry will serve its function and match perfectly with your clothing and its coloring. However, don't ever purchase the thing you don't like.

Sexy clothes at work

What should you wear at work? Even if there's no dress code or it says you can wear casual style, it's still a big question what you can wear and what you should avoid. Even though these days we propagate free mind and the right to be individual, you know there are certain limits in office clothing that you shouldn't cross. If you represent a serious company, your clothing should be appropriate. What about sexual dress at work? If you want to express your femininity (or manliness of course) in your style, should you stop or should you go?
Sexy clothes attract an attention. Aren't they made for this? If you walk in your workplace in miniskirt and bold décolleté blouse, you will definitely be in the center of attention. Most of people like to hear compliments and revealing cleavage can surely bring you praises but sometimes you can put yourself in ambiguous position by dressing up provocatively. However you should know your rights: no matter how you dress, it's not a reason for sexual harassment. It's important to take care of your appearance, especially if you need to communicate with customers a lot. While you are at work, you should represent the ideas of your working place, not your own standpoint.
However we are not machines and we want to be individual. No company forbids sexual clothes as long as your appearance doesn't disturb your co-workers and customers. You can express your sexuality without wearing provocative clothing. Subtle accessories and outfit that highlights advantages of your figure can gain you more compliments than unfastened shirt or spike heels. As long as you keep you style balanced between too much and too boring, you will be successful.
Of course you shouldn't be judged by you dress style, but it's not how it works in the real world. According to several surveys, if people don't dress properly for job, others assume that they don't take their responsibilities seriously. These results might be a little overstated, but there is other common opinion among office workers. If one dresses too provocatively, it can be a sign that he or she is looking for someone to date. And this behavior is often considered improper for business environment. Even though a girl or boy who dresses and acts sexy is often considered to be promoted easily, the real life shows that it's the other way around. If you don't look like you are professional, people won't take you as a professional.

Tokyo’s Fashion

Currently residing in Tokyo, Japan, I have noticed that beauty is something necessary for many females and males. Most women carry around designer bags and highly decorated cell phones with sparkle and flowers. Men carry designer wallets and wear cowboy fashioned shoes. One can easily notice that the people in Tokyo pay very close attention to the way they look. However, I must remind the readers that this is Tokyo fashion and not that of Japan. We all know that the fashion sense in New York is nothing like the one in Dallas. The ideals of Paris are not the ideals of Southern France. Therefore, Tokyo does not represent Japan neither culturally nor fashionably, and yet it's a common mistake to assume so.
The women in Tokyo must be the hardest working, highest paying customers of beauty products. It seems most of the working women can't afford to go to their office without make-up. They would be perceived as unclean if they should ever appear without it. They also shave their arm hair, their legs, armpits, and pay extra close attention to their eyebrows and eyelashes. Beautiful eyes are those with double lids, heavy mascara, thick upper and lower lid eyeliner and a light-colored eye shadow. Eye-lid surgery, along with colored contact lenses, is very popular. For those who can't afford surgery, special glue and tape are sold to create the double eyelid as a temporary solution.
As for body shape, a large behind is not desirable in women, and it is better to have large breasts. Though not many Japanese women are born with large breasts. To solve this, breast enhancers of all varieties are sold from silicon cups to herbal medicines to even massages that claim to boost the breast size. Generally speaking, the women are very slim. The average woman is about 160 centimeters tall, or 5 feet and 3 inches. Weight loss advertisements, however, often portray women who used to weigh 58 kilograms (127 lbs) and now weigh 46 kilograms (101.5 lbs) thanks to this or that miracle solution! Everyone is very quick to notice if one has lost only one kilogram or so. And in come the compliments.
Hair is important too. Black is boring, instead, blonde, reddish brown, orange, and dark brown are in. Perms are very popular, making for a huge-curls hairdo. Big, purposely messed-up hair is the Shibuya girls' fashion.

Teen fashion trends

There are many articles dedicated to fashion trends: trends for men or women, trends for kids and even for dogs. What about teens? Try to do a web search and you will see that finding nice guidelines about teen fashion trends is not as easy as it may seem. Why is it this way? The reason for this lack of information is teen fashion being more complicated than any other. Teenagers are fighting against society; they put a lot of effort to be different, but they also invent new trends and fashion styles.
The latest trend is EMO (emotional) style. EMO style is definitely for those who adore bright colors. Green, pink, red, yellow matched with black will undoubtedly make you noticeable. If you are into this style, you must have an appropriate hairdo: Zelda hairdo for girls and jet black mop top for boys. Pencil or at least cigarette-shaped jeans with studded belt is also a must-have. Rules for top are not that strict, you may choose anything you want, just be sure it's close-fitting and bright colored. You must wear large amounts jewelry and it's even better if you pierce your face (small lip ring would do perfectly). EMO style is perfect for those who wear glasses - it's a great accent and EMOs love nerdy ones.
Hip hop never goes out of fashion. Music that speaks street language is definitely for young rebellious souls. Hip-hop style for teen boys and girls is rather different. Boys are usually wearing baggy pants and t-shirt, while girls chose sexy outfits. Cap is a must for both. When it comes to colors - choose anything you want. Boys usually prefer blue jeans and white-colored top while girls are totally unpredictable. Girls wear big rounded earrings and boys must wear at least one ring.
What fashion designers have come up to this season is gothic youth. Although this fashion has existed for a number of years and has been discussed in various ways, it is the first time it is fashionable. Dressing all-black, coloring your hair black, using only black makeup means or even whitening your face to make everything else look even blacker is a hot trend. Choose big shoes with chunky heels; go for metal details all over your clothing and accessories and you're a perfect goth. No matter if you are wearing a short or a long skirt, a close fitting top or a loose one - it's ok as long as it's black.
Bohemian style is also fashionable among teenagers. Loose light colored clothes, wraps and wooden, stone or amber accessories will make you look like a real bohemian g

Winter fashion trends

What to wear this winter? The bright primary colors of the last year are gone, but this doesn't mean that 2008/2009 winter is going to be dull and boring. The hottest looks of winter demand colorful choices, architectural clothing shapes and bold combination of different pieces. Tomato reds, teal greens, indigo blues, subtle tones of apricot and honey and rich tones of aubergine purple are going to compete with come back of the grays.
Think bold when choosing clothing for winter 2008-2009, especially if you're looking for a coat. The shape of clothing should make a statement. Fashion designers offer pyramid shaped coats, emphasized hour-glass shaped coats and dresses, clothing with emphasized shoulders line, tulip shaped skirts and carrot top pants. Shapes like those are very expressive, so the garments are mono-colored or indistinctly ornamented and contain as less decorative details as possible. If trendy shapes are too daring for you, go for compromise: variations of large collars. Knitted or furry, modern or vintage style - collar must be big and make a contrast to either texture or fabric or color of the clothing. Collars are not for coats only; they adorn jackets, vests and cardigans too.
This winter is the right time to become romantic biker. Glossy leather clothing, biker jacket and shiny zippers are the must-haves. But this image is neither heavy nor aggressive; leather clothing is combined with fur, knitwear, see-through fabrics and puffy playful skirts.
Grey used to be the new black on the last winter. This color is very gratifying as it goes well with all the other tones and makes a nice background for bright colors. However, the shades of dark slate grey said good bye a year ago and softer silverfish tones appear to accompany large variety of rose quartz, pale taupe, lavender, lemon chiffon and other beiges. The creamy tones work well all together, but they also compliment rich colors that are trendy 2008-2009 winter.
There's no dress versus skirt discussion for fashion trends of winter 2008/2009. Skirts hadn't disappeared, but fashion designers presented lots of dresses for feminine, femme fatale, prom style or folkloric looks. Favorite patterns for dresses are arabesque and geometric prints. However, the hottest trend is accentuating fabric or texture or shape of a dress instead of accentuating prints.

Shoes Spring and Summer are eleven most common clues for shoes fashion in Sprin/Summer 2009 and they include:
1) Hot tints. The main color of shoes will be orange. It is lively, dynamic and bright. Other top trend colors include pink, white, red, purple, violet, all shades of grey, browns and metallics. With these colors women will look pretty feminine.
2) Establishment of flowers. Variuos sizes and shapes flower ornaments will be emphasized not only in garments but also in shoes during upcoming season. Flowers will ephasize women's beauty and they will make shoes look elegant and sophisticated.
3) Details of heavy metal. Shoes will be decorated with various chains, snaps, zippers or buckles. Because of that, they will look modern and nice.
4) Cut – Out Booties. It will be very common to cut away different shoes parts. For example, shoes with cut-away sides or cut-out heels will be very popular in spring and summer.
5) Gladiator shoes. High – heeled and bold colors gladiator shoes will be the top trend during the following seasons.
6) Flat shoes. Flat shoes will be colorful and playful, they will also be decorated with various ornaments.
7) Variety of materials. Shoes will be made of mixed media like canvas and leather side by side or ultra-soft leathers and more patents. Printed fabrics and textiles will domite too.
8) Reptile leather. Snake prints on shoes will be especially common during spring and summer.
9) Folk motives. The biggest attention is taken to Egyptian – inspired sandals and Greek style shoes, which will be decorated with jewels.
10) Fringing. Fringes associate with western movies. It is advisable to create this style shoes with colors like camles, brown or black.
11) Sophisticated decorations. Shoes will be decorated with luxurious gems and rhinestones. These details make them look very special.

In sum, the most important trends of shoes for upcomming spring and summer are platform, various ornaments, fringes and belts. Open and closed shoes will be fashionable. The dominant Greek or Roman style shoes (etc. "gladiator" shoes) will be on the fashion top. The main colors will be orange, pink, black, white, grey, brown, silver and gold. Important are also flower, reptile skin and folk motives. Despite the fact that the biggest attention is taken to high – heeled shoes, flat shoes also dominates in new Spring/Summer collections.

Stylish sunglasses,xcitefun-3.jpgOne of the most important accessories for summer is stylish sunglasses. If you do not know which styles are the trendiest this fall, take a look there! This summer you have a wide choice as there are many styles you can select from. We provide you with 10 most fashionable ideas:
1) One of the hottest trends of sunglasses this season is Ray-Ban's Wayfarers. This style of sunglasses was particularly popular in 1950's and 1960's. This year thay made a significant came back. Such sunglasses come in classic black, vintage bright colors or new two - toned frame choices which create the ultimate classic style.
2) The 70's style thicker frames have been popular for a few years already. However, you should be very careful if you decide to choose these retro style - inspired protections of sun. They should be appropriate for your face features and not to look too big.
3) Tortoise shell glasses are all still very hot this year. Stylists think that they will probably go out of style soon, but this year they are still fashionable. They are universal because they can be worn with any style of clothes. A good investment for a difficult financial times!
4) One of the lattest trends in sunglasses are the gradient lens. These sunglasses emphasize lenses, which are usually half shaded from top to bottom, and not frames. Different color lenses will make you to look modern and very stylish.
5) The round "John Lennon" style sunglasses were particularly favoured by hipies. Later they were associated with such celebrities as Philip Johnson, Le Corbusier, Dominick Dunne or Gandhi. These sunglasses helped to created unique and noticeable style. This year "John Lennon" style sunglasses made a huge come back especially for women. So, if you want to attract lots of attention, these unusually looking sunglasses are a perfect choise for you!
6) Rimles Aviators continue to be on the highest tops in fashionable eyewear world. This season they give us a sleek and modern look. They will look especially good with sport - style clothes.
7) Oversized sunglasses are the hottest trend for summer this year. Many designers have included this style in their collections and many celebrities have already gone crazy for them. Such sunglasses will look fantastic when matching them with other big- sized accessories such as massive jewerly, huge bags or a big maritime style hat.

Fashion Spring/Summer

Presented in five segments the collection with the glitter of Swarovski Elements was a modern look at fashion. "Color My World" was filled with a blitz of colours mixed with patchwork and mix and match options. A glamorous array of creations - chiffon coat, easy tunics, draped dresses, were worn with colourful tights. Zigzag print coats and side knotted minis, panelled beach wraps, Spanish black floral tunic, long ponchos and embroidered jackets along with belts in large crystals and metallic armbands and necklaces completed the look.
"Call of the Wild" was an animal print, motif and texture story with colours like black, beige, chocolate and a bit of turquoise. Slinky evening bias cut gowns dazzled with peridots and topaz. Net kaftans, layered frayed edged skirts, tiny blouses and capes and stoles had tie-dyed, shading and Shibori. The glam turbans and gold bronze armlets gave a luxurious look to the creations.
"Pucchi Prints" was all about graphics and geometrics for minis with fabric buttons, hip length fitted jackets, skinny pants with slits and zips, and stately gowns in peach, cobalt, blue and emerald green. Hooded long gowns, psychedelic minis and kaftans along with pant suits were a colourful presentation.
"Preppy Argyle" had checks in purple, lilac, beige and black, featuring collared tunics, dresses, wide pants with high waistbands and sexy gowns. Saris appeared with tights and minis with stockings and ruffled net capes over golden gowns.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" line was a Hollywood Red Carpet inspired look for long will-power dresses, cowl creations and evening pant suits recreating the 70s and 80s eras. The slinky gowns in shimmering brown, black, and green and with floral appliques were sensational.
The show ended in a shower of gold confetti over the ballroom as the three faces of Lakme, Lisa Haydon in a slinky red black gown, Amrit Maghera in a black gown with a net cover and Indrani Dasgupta in a gold gown walked down the ramp with Suneet Varma to thunderous applause as Saturday Night Fever by the Bee Gees set the night rocking.
Suneet Varma's Night Fever extravaganza inspired by LAKME'S NIGHT FEVER Summer 2010 collections was one of the grandest events witnessed by the glitterati of Mumbai and a perfect conclusion of Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2010.

Fashion Spring/Summer

The final "Drape Story" had hints of Chinese baroque prints on kurtas and blouses. The silhouettes were loose and flowing and the mix of fabrics, embellishments and patterns made a pretty rustic collection from Paromita Banerjee for not only the Indian but international summers

Bollywood on Ramp at Satya Paul's Zippy Resort Show 2010

The collection from 25-years old label of Satya Paul was just perfect for the Summer/Resort 2010 season. With a title like "Zen, Zest, Zip, Zap and Zing" the show proved to be everything that the theme promised. Opening the show was the lovely Mandira Bedi in a green orange splashed sari with a flame red halter corset. Colours, textures and shapes in varied forms floated down the catwalk in an easy fluid mode. Crushed fabrics, textured tones of soft smooth easy silhouettes in pastels, ranging from blue, pink, peach, lemon and soft orange gave the saris and clothe the perfect mood for the season.

Puneet Nanda, the designer of the label cleverly dreamt up lehengas and saris in abstract designs while the fabric line up of organza, voile, georgette, crepe, satin, net, chiffon and brocade had the right touches of embellishments as mirror work twinkled and chikan work and aari embroidery, sequins and prints gave that glamorous fashion touch.
Anita Dogre Continued Her Love for Jaipur
It was the beauty of Jaipur that fascinated Anita Dongre once again for her two collections called "Jaipur Again". From her Anita Dongre Timeless label, it was a special offering of diffusion creations which could be mixed and matched as separates with her Anita Dongre Interpret line; so that the buyer can create a personal fashion statement. There was a predominantly all white mix of garments in the show with the Timeless Collection that reflected the beauty of Rajasthan architecture.

Kurtas swirled with gota embroidery, jackets added elegance and class, the cholis appeared in all their traditional glory, net and jersey with got a work was turned into sexy body suits, dresses and skirts were embroidered with the dazzling motifs of the desert region all beautifully blended to complete the collection.
Saris came in shades of palest of pink, blue and of course creme with twinkling work all over. For a summer wardrobe that moves from day to evening glamour Anita Dongre's two labels will cater perfectly to the needs of the fashion conscious globally.
Lina Tipnis's Collection Had Turkish Flavour

The beauty of the magnificent gems at the Topkapi Palace, the swirling Turkish dervishes, the beautiful blue Iznik tiles and the 14th century Grand Bazaar of the magical city of Istanbul was the inspiration of Lina Tipnis's collection titled "Istanbul Not Constantinople" at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2010.

Blending all these intriguing facets of the Turkish capital, Lina's colour story was a neutral nude along with ivory and mahogany enhanced by rich colours of the semi precious gems.

Lina Tipnis scored a perfect ten with her Summer/Resort 2010 line which reflected the beauty of Turkey with the fabrics of India in just the right proportions.

Suneet Varma's Stunning Grand Finale Collection Was Extravagant
The Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel was draped with metres of fabrics cascading down from the ceiling in lush panels. Three giant silver globes rotated from the ceiling throwing twinkling stars on the walls. A windmill gently rotated to the left of the stage while a silver balcony on the right of the stage was reserved for Medieval Punditz Shai'r and Func who provided the most exciting live music for the show. As the show started, a white curtain slid back to reveal a tableau against a glittering Spanish mansion. It was time for the most spectacular show of Lakme Fashion Week Summer/ resort. 2010. Inspired by LAKME'S NIGHT FEVER Summer 2010 collections which comprised Enrich Satin Lip Color, Lip Artist, Eye Magic Black, I m pact Eyeliner, Lash Artist, Aquashine and Glide on Eye Color; Suneet Varma created a dream of a line aptly titled NIGHT FEVER that was a breathtaking vision to behold.