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Antique Necklace Fetches

Antique Necklace

An antique ‘Satlada’ necklace embedded with 1,888 pearls, once a possession of Arab world’s most famous singer, Umm Kulthoum got sold for $1,385,000 at a Christie’s auction in this rich Gulf emirate. This nine-strand necklace was purchased by an unnamed buyer from the Middle East and has fetched almost 10-times the pre-estimated sales price of $1, 20,000. The necklace is a part of the valuables collected by the Egyptian-born singer.

The descendants of Arab’s diva had put this necklace for sale. This necklace was flaunted by Umm Kulthoum at number of her stage performances. The pearl necklace with its multihued enamel and white stone minutiae was designed in 19th century India. It was a gift to the Umm by diva by Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late president of the United Arab Emirates in 1975 when she was 70

Design Your Own Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings
Since 1992, Sparkle N Dazzle is engaged into an online business of fine jewelry and gifts. But incidentally, I came to know about them months back only, which is again too late but a little early for me. My sister’s marriage is on cards. And one of our family traditions is going with the flow of diamonds. They have a huge collection of elegant diamond rings designed especially for wedding or engagement occasions.
My hubby bought me one ruby ring on our fifth anniversary. It was then I came to know about that shop. Every time I carry that ring, I get flooded with compliments. Today everyone believes in gifting affordable sapphire rings, ruby rings, emerald rings, wedding anniversary rings and eternity rings to make their relationship priceless. The company uses only the finest materials from certified diamonds to finest platinum and gold and picks the best elements to add elegance to it.

SNDGems guarantees and delivers an uncompromised service and veracity to the clients. I have suggested my sister’s would-be husband to do the entire jewelry shopping from here. The diamonds rings start at $2750 and may go as high as you can afford. The one that I like is a multi gemstone flower fashion ring that features five stones i.e. ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, diamond and others. Also, their collection of fashionable watches is worth glaring.
under this eading Great Resources – Norton from Symantec

Platinum diamond Rings

diamond-engagement-ring-11 Twosome Awesome: Platinum diamond-Studded Rings
Every girl grows up weaving dreams about getting her better half. And then soon after her engagement she is been promoted from girl to women and then starts her counting number to reach a level high after being promoted as somebody’s wife. Be it engagement or marriage, event precious ceremony is incomplete in absence of elegant rings. Lately, I came across an online shopping brand of platinum diamond and realized this dual luxury is much needed to respect every valuable occasion. Their beautiful collection of engagement rings are welcomed by Americans and Europeans as each ring is crafted with expertise to give it a discreet attractiveness. Each rings breeds high quality, style, elegance besides maintaining its affordable nature.
diamond-engagement-ring-3 Twosome Awesome: Platinum diamond-Studded Rings
If diamond is what interests your woman then you can shower your love for her with a perfect dazzling look of a single solitaire diamond engagement ring whose simplicity and grace is unbeatable. Besides rings, the whole collection of diamond jewelry is really a dose to the eyes. The glitter and polish of our high quality diamonds and gemstones engagement rings flawless bathed in gold and platinum with outstanding designs will certainly help you win your lady love.
under this eading Great Resources – Norton from Symantec.
diamond-engagement-ring-2 Twosome Awesome: Platinum diamond-Studded Rings
platinum_diamond Twosome Awesome: Platinum diamond-Studded Rings

Kitty Diamond Charm Bracelet

Peppy Hello Kitty Diamond Charm Bracelet Hello Kitty , Bracelet, Diamond , sterling silver , ‘Vogue’
We all know that Hello Kitty has become the most famous star for this season. This cute, little cartoon cat has recently been selected for the cover page of the famous magazine, ‘Vogue’, of japan. The renowned brands in fashion designing have come up to design outfits for this peppy feline. Its time for you to make this peppy cat a part of your life.

An extremely exciting Hello Kitty bracelet has been recently designed for satisfying the craze of young style freaks. This bracelet is chic and sweet. Its cuteness knows no bounds. What more do you want? The piece is a diamond bracelet. Diamonds are the weaknesses of all luxurious and elegant people.

The sterling silver of the bracelet gives it a charming appearance besides the elegance of 27 ct.t.w diamonds. The pink sapphire that has gone into the making of this beautiful product is the enhaces the girlish charm of the bracelet. Do check it out. It is an amazing accessory that one can cherish forever and is available for US$950

Sotheby’s To Hold Jewelry

And Sotheby’s is again heads up for another jewelry auction at its Geneva-based auction house. Scheduled for 15 May, the auction accessories include an oval-shaped diamond ear clip, diamond encrusted tiara, diamond corsage ornament, fine enamel and diamond cocktail watch by Cartier, cabochon sapphire-set ring and many others.
diamond ear clip
The diamond ear clips from the collection of Lily Marinho comprises of two clusters of pear-shaped diamond, weighing 11.08 and 11.66 carats and are expected to fetch between $ 1,200,000 and $ 2,000,000.
tiara Sotheby’s To Hold Jewelry Auction In Geneva
Set with diamonds in the shape of oak leaves dating back to 19th century, the tiara is expected to generate sales of $60,000-$100,000.
The diamond corsage ornament signed by Vever is from the French Belle Epoque jewelery collection and are anticipated to reach $ 155,000-$235,000.
diamond corsage ornament
Another highlight of the auction is a fine enamel and diamond cocktail watch made by Cartier in 1924.
diamond cocktail watch
The watch was given in the 1930′s by the Duchess of York Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon to her personal companion Katta Maclean and today is expected to fetch $6,000-$ 10,000.
diamond cocktail watch
The facsimile autograph of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon is featured on the overturn of a very fine enamel and diamond cocktail watch.
Also, the cabochon sapphire-set ring dating from 1930 (L), a fancy vivid purplish pink diamond ring (C) and a fancy vivid blue pear-shaped diamond are expected to reach between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000, between $ 2,350,000 and $ 2,850,000 and between $ 2,800,000 and $ 3,500,000 respectively at Geneva-based auction on 15 May

Bejeweled Rings

emerald rings

Pricey things interest me but I can’t afford to possess all. And thus window shopping remains on the cards offering me a soothing eye pill. But now I have an excuse to ink neat deals as its more about celebration than affording things. Folks, my cousin’s marriage is on cards and together we starting looking for luxurious and elegant jewelry but fail to find one as there weren’t anything suiting our taste. And the utter dismay was an entire day got wasted. Then we were told by our common friend to visit online stores as they have a huge variety that can satiate us and saves a lot of time.

And on my hunt for sapphire rings, I came across an online shop that has a specialization in dealing with all kinds of jewelry starting from rings, wedding bands, pendants bathed in ruby, diamond and emerald. The one that invited my attention was ruby rings and emerald rings. Sapphire-fitted rings looks elegant with its sapphires stones alternated with diamonds. Near to my anticipation, the price of the rings start from $1500 and the one I would like to pick for my fiancée is retailed at $2750 (pictured above)

Sports and Jewels

Elsa Peretti earrings

Well, it is rather bizarre to think of sports and jewels in the same line of thought, but in the world of fashion and marketing, every new day dawns with a new concept. The innovative ideas and concepts in both these industries are revered and are, obviously, warmly welcomed.

The luxurious jewelry brand Tiffany & Co has come up with a newly fangled idea for the promotion and marketing of its new range. The elite brand has recently signed up a deal with the extremely famous sports personality, Maria Sharapova. The renowned tennis player from Russia has entered a contract with Tiffany for a period of two long years. The company would launch its Maria Sharapova jewelry collection.

The job of the gorgeous tennis layer would be to wear the pair of new Tiffany earrings for next eight Grand Slam tennis events, together with Wimbledon as well as the US and Australian Opens. The jewelry brand will be providing Maria Sharapova with a novel pair of earrings for each of these events.
Each of these pairs of earrings would be available for sale during the event. The collection in the stores would augment with every event. This elegant and chic pair of yellow gold Elsa Peretti wave earrings is anticipated to be worn by Maria during the imminent French Open. These would be sold during and after the event for $1,150. So, the ladies have to be on a look out for the tennis tournaments! You never know when you come across a unique pair of earrings.

Diamond jewelry


How about getting a diamond pendant as your first anniversary gift? Girls love the very thought and go crazy on getting one. I believe their can be no better way than this to express your love for your beloved. History reveals the practice of carrying pendants and necklaces dates back to Stone Age when pendant comprises of stones and shells. I am fond of carrying plain dresses with deep necklines and hence keep on hunting for matching accessories that gels with my outfit. And if I can’t get any suitable jewelry then feels like blindly going with diamonds.

But another acceptable and noteworthy fact is that diamonds makes woman feel special and am blessed that my fiancée has populated my kit with variety of diamond jewelry. But then also I crave for more shiny stuff thereby inviting gifts from my love.

Enough of diamonds pendants, platinum gold diamond earrings; now am looking for elegant 2000 bracelets. And am being informed that they are available at a gems store that designs every diamond bracelet with delicacy and after placing each diamond in a setting and strung into a bracelet held together by a clasp

Eternity Rings

Elite Eternity Rings

They say diamonds form an eternal connection between loved ones. And the form that enables diamond do the needful is well performed by eternity rings. I would love to narrate a small story before you to make you realize the worth of eternity rings. Joe DiMaggio gave Marilyn a platinum diamond eternity ring encrusted with 35 baguette-cut diamonds at their wedding in 1954. And lately the ring got sold at an auction for $772,500 to an unnamed bidder. Thus it is not wrong to say that eternity rings are priceless and must to commemorate an occasion like wedding.

Lately I happen to visit an online store that has a huge variety of diamonds, fine anniversary gemstones, diamond wedding rings, eternity rings and wedding bands and certified diamonds. After reaching them I came to know that they change their stock frequently. Also, if you compare their price with any other online store then their rates are competitive with an assured quality.

You can always go with the smart combinations like ruby and sapphire, emerald and diamonds and can experiment with more also. Also, you can consider various anniversary gift available in precious metals like platinum 950, 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, silver & titanium. I am really impressed by their collection of elegant rings and am surely going to ink deal with them as soon as my marriage date gets fixed

Boucheron Bestiaire Watch

boucheronturbi Elite Find of the Day: Boucheron Bestiaire Watch

Having carved snakes on cell phones, Jeweler Boucheron is now showing an admiration for frogs on watches. The limited edition Boucheron Bestiaire timepieces are produced in counted eight-pieces and come slapped with 18K white gold. Measuring 42mm, the watch is water resistant to 50 meters bearing a white mother-of-pearl dial with the movement of a manual-wind Tourbillon well defined by 17 jewels.

Available in two editions, one with 282 rubies, sapphires and multicolored tsavorites (weighing 7.7 carats), and other with 195 rubies, sapphires and multicolored tsavorites (weighing 3.3 carats.), it is a complete form of luxury that you can ever flaunt via a timepiece

Girls Jewelry

Elton John

A sapphire-and-diamond brooch once worn by legendary musician Elton John while filming his music videos �I don’t wanna go on with you like that,� is all set to go under hammer this week. Designed like a �J,�the art deco piece worn by John in 1988 is now estimated to generate sales of 12,000-15,000 pounds (US$22,330-27,900) at Bonhams auction house in London on 25 September. The 1930s-era brooch features brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds and oval-cut and circular-cut sapphires. The brooch, on sale this autumn at Bonhams, has an estimate value of 12,000-15,000 pounds (US$22,330-27,900).
Other priceless valuables of the scheduled auction include a De Beers 11.03-carat emerald-cut diamond ring that may generate $593,000.

Elton John

Wearing Bug On Your Cuff

cuff Wearing A Bug On Your Cuff Can Be Fashionable

You can love them, hate them but the truth is that you can’t ignore them. Yep, you guessed it right; we are talking about bizarre jewelry and the fact that they never go out of fashion as long as you have the attitude to carry it off. And the one we are just going to introduce you to is as crazy as it gets, but it stands splendid in its uniqueness. The name is Shagreen Cuff with Gold Vermeil Bug and the name itself defines what the accessory is all about.

As we know, Shagreen is already quite popular amongst the fashionistas, especially the pure sting ray leather ones but the creepy bug on this one might repel them on first sight. However, we are definite that once the eye falls on the pretty rubies and sapphires on the insect, perspectives might change in a jiffy. Reminiscent of the Egyptian times of yore, this cuff would work wonders with your goth ensemble and actually win you some envious glances.

The cuff comes in size 2 1/2″ W and is made� from a good quality gray Shagreen and the Vermeil bug sits pretty on it in 14K gold, heavily decorated with precious stones like rubies, sapphires, green agates and crystals. It is priced at $1,450


necklaces_0007_preview Zip Up Some Jewelry Fun With Kate Cusak

What we like best about Kate Cusak is that she knows what she is best at and sticks to it. Well, we hope you remember this costume designer-cum-sculpture-cum-multi-media artist, who had all of us swooning over the ultra green all over zippered Philip Lim dress.

Now, Cusak has taken her inspiration for zippers to a new level with a whole line of jewelry dedicated to the same. Of course, with the aid of a range of fabric and colors coupled with brass or aluminum, she has designed some very cool and trendy fashion accessories. One look at the endless bracelets, necklaces and brooches, you will definitely know that you want to own at least one.

Available in both floral and contemporary patterms, you can pick any that suits you best because Cusak caters to both women who like to keep up the soft and feminine in them as well as those who want to bask in their hard-edged boldness. By the by, all pieces are hand-swen and come at an interesting price range of $70-$1000. In fact, we were thinking the metrosexual man might also want to try out these

Fashionable Stackable Rings

daniel-k-stacking-bands Daniel Korens Fashionable Stackable Rings

Daniel Koren has stamped a favorable impression of his creativity on the fashion critics. Last year, his Prêt‐� ‐Porter Collection with black and white diamonds was quite something. Even the colorful stackable bangles came to become a very popular trend. And now, Koren is trying to keep up with everyone’s expectations thanks to the launch of a whole line of brilliantly colored rings.

The biggest attraction these rings have is that they can both be worn singly or stacked. We do agree the design and pattern may not be something new but the diamonds and gemstones like rubies and the sapphires in various colors bring a new spark to the rings that are made in 18K white, rose and yellow gold to complement the colors of stones used.

As� we already mentioned, the design is pretty simplistic with many many precious stones queuing up in three lines along the circular ring. Among the color of stones you can pick between dark pink, green, dark blue, light green, white ice and orange brown. By the way, you also have the option of buying the whole range to stack your finger. The starting range is $2,850 and goes on to $10,050


amber Darby Scott & Her Affordable Jewelry

Darby Scott previously proved her worth with the stunning Green Tourmaline and Diamond Minaudière Clutch that went for a whopping sum of $260,000. And now, she has come up with a jewelry line that definitely should not be missed by the rich and the not-so-rich alike. Yes, this collection has items that are available at both high end and moderate prices.

The picture above features the Darby Scott Amber Statement Necklace, which comes for a cool $450. It is also available in a rich ‘Dark Amber’ shade too. We are quite taken up by the rustic feel given to the necklace. Now, this is jewelry you can happily flaunt even during the recession. Just in case you have some more bucks to spare, then do check out the decadent grey agate and malachite necklaces priced at $8,800.
By the way, Darby Scott isn’t just limited to jewelry alone. She also does classy purses and chic clothes too. Apparently, she is busy with the soon-to-be-launched line that, hopefully, will go easy on the pocket. Now, we have one more thing to look forward to

Vintage Necklace

zoom_black-and-white1 Margaret Rowes Spectacular Vintage-Modern Collection

Margaret Rowe is a world renowned jewelry designer who has created a buzz in the fashion circuit one again with her latest vintage couture jewelry. This collection has very skillfully blended the vintage costume pieces with modern trends in accessories creating a rather bold eponymous jewelry.

Forming the base of the necklaces are vintage pendants that date from the 1920s to 1950s. And these are combined with contemporary elements to create a frame like modern silhouette in the brilliant works of art. If it helps, few days back, super model Heidi Klum was seen flaunting one of the Rowe necklaces at an LA event.

One more thing that sets Rowe’s work apart is the fact that she creates her jewelry by hand and most of them are unique. Also, she has the special skill to transform your vintage heirloom into a more wearable piece of jewelry. The prices in the new collection range between $250 and $2,000 a piece. We took a fancy to the 1940s flower blossom pendant that sells for $795. By the way, Rowe claims that not everyone can drip in diamonds but every woman can sparkle in her collections

French Bijoux for Wedding

bijoux French Bijoux for Wedding Celebrations

If jewelry is what you are planning to buy, it is quite apparent that there isn’t anything that could compare with French bijoux and designs. Van Cleef & Arpels is a famous and historical jewelry shop based in Paris and they have just unveiled their bridal collection.

They look almost like jewelry made for the French royalty and the delicate cuts and designs would turn you the woman of the day on your big wedding day. They say marriages are made in heaven but the truth is there is no place like a wonderful married home. Romance, Prélude, Opéra, Tête � Tête, Estelle and Promesse, are some of the bridal jewelry available.

These glamorous rings are made of platinum and diamonds and hence would be some of the most expensive jewelry ever. These are certified for their quality but then you should not doubt French sophistication! This should be the way a married life must start.

Tournaire Rings

arton2 Wear Your Fave Building On Your Finger With Tournaire Rings
Dunno about you, but it is definitely a never-seen-before concept for we guys here. We are talking about the creations of French jewelry designer Philippe Tournaire who like to work architectural inspirations on 18 K gold and platinum rings. As unusual as it may sound, the rings will impress you with their novelty.

The collections are called “Villa de Reve,” “Metropolis” and “Marelie Baroque”. The design dazzles like in the impression of Prieure Saint-Roman in France, as seen in the Roman ring, and the Big Apple’s skyline, as seen in “Manhattan.” Be pleased to know that all rings are made by hand.

The best is saved for the last. Brand Tournaire also gives the option of customization. This means that you can have your favorite buildings, even your home into a ring. By the way, Google Earth plays an important role here. No word on price but expect it to be big.
arton1 Wear Your Fave Building On Your Finger With Tournaire Rings
arton Wear Your Fave Building On Your Finger With Tournaire Rings

Stars Design Jewelry

winsletrhodes Stars Design Jewelry For A Good Cause

The concept of ‘Stars for a Cause’ is a rather cool one. For once, it not only includes known people supporting great causes but also encourage the streak of creativity within. Yes, jewelry designer and the brain behind the little endeavor, Robyn Rhodes has asked all the actively participating celebs to design their own jewelry which they will wear on the red carpet. This jewelry will be later sold in the auction.

The unique contribution was supported with a lot of zest and enthusiasm by the likes of Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Ricky Gervais, Goldie Hawn, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon among many other prominent names.
Oscar winner Kate Winslet too is a contributing. She has designed a gorgeous ‘Y’ shaped necklace (shown in the picture above) with purple red quartz drops with hand wired tops. The estimated price of this piece of jewelry is $1,000-$2,000. All proceeds go to Cardboard Citizens. The auction also includes signed posters, shoes and purses, each embellished with a celebrity ‘kiss’ and autograph.
fergierhodes Stars Design Jewelry For A Good Cause
mileycyrusrhodes Stars Design Jewelry For A Good Cause

Rolex Daytona Shouts

rolex_cosmograph_daytona1 Rolex Daytona Shouts Bling But In Style

Rolex is the ruler among watches, and there is no doubt about that one. It is the perfect statement of luxury with an inimitable panache for style that is to die-for. It is rather rare to see any high bling action from the luxury brand, but for once we were taken aback, and pleasantly so too. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Diamond Chronometer Chronograph will set your heart racing.

The watch’s frame has been made in white gold with a width of 40mm. Two rows of diamonds line the whole structure with Arabic numerals in black enamel. Even the dials are made of diamonds. The whole presence is appropriately complemented by the white strap in leather. There is one more model that you might take a look at, this one has the numbers in blue with a little difference in the arrangement of diamonds along the frame of the watch.

The in-house automatic caliber 4130 movement from Rolex powers the chronometer which has 290 parts and 44 jewels in total. A COSC certificate accompanies the jewelry watch that has a power reserve of 72 hours. A definite must-have for those who like to live by the adage, ‘If you have it, then flaunt it

Winifred Grace Necklace

w Owning A Winifred Grace Necklace Has Its Own Fringe Benefits

Winifred Grace likes to play with her jewlery design and her effort sure doesn’t go unnoticed. In fact, many feel that they seem to be coming straight out of Desperately Seeking Susan. This Chiago-based creative mind is deepy influenced by the oceans, a fact that is reverberated by the accessories she makes. Although, starting her career only in 2003, we are told that she has been desigining with flowers and ribbons ever since she was eight.

The fringes of rhinestone on her Pink Rhinestone and Pearl Fringe Necklace are stunning to say the least. This treasure measures up to 17″ and encompasses clear crystal clusters, pink alabaster Swarovski crystals and rhinestones sitting pretty on an oxidized sterling silver chain. The freshwater pearls have 14 carat gold accents. Just combine te necklace with some messy hair, and you shall be the belle of any ball you go to.

Again, contrary to your first impression the necklace is pretty easy to clean and maintain. We haven’t heard anything on the price yet but we think it will not be anything that you cannot afford

Steelers Get Rings

steelers-super-bowl-rings Steelers Get Rings In Their Honour

Steelers rule the Super Bowl perhaps like no other and they have no intentions of playing it down. And that is why they have come up with their rings. Yes, the pride of winning the title six times is reflected in the brilliantly cut diamonds surrounding the Steelers logo on the rings. You don’t have to look closr to find yellow, red and blue stones in the shape of hypocycloids all sitting stop a football-shaoed design created with 32 other diamonds.

The jewelry designer has been quite generous with the ices as you find seven more diamonds on each tip of the football to symbolify the team’s seven AFC Championships. And when you add them up, the number 14 stands for the numer of Division titles in Steelers history.

And that is not all. Surprisingly, the rings are able to wrap up quite a lot around them including the six Lombardi Trophies rising from Heinz Field to mark the support of the Steelers fans. The Steeler colors also get representation in yellow gold with black antique backgrounds

Robert Coin’s Jewelry

coin Robert Coins Interesting Take At Jewelry Creation
As much as Roberto Coin is known for his designs, he is also regarded as someone who never shies away from utilising a complete deluge of precious stones for that spectacular shine in his creations. And his new collection CapriPlus is no different as well as the two mantra go by.
The prettiest of stones have been chosen in soft, pastel shades to keep a very earthy feel to the complete line of jewelry, except for one which dazzles in black, pink or yellow sapphires, or brown diamonds. We are told that the Isle of Capri is the inspiration for Coin to develop this new collection, which is well reflected in the name itself. In fact, special attention has been paid to capture the glorious sunsets of the place.
There are several wood versions too, if you are looking for something unique. The CapriPlus collection will be launched in September with the price ranging between $1K and $5K.
coin1 Robert Coins Interesting Take At Jewelry Creation
coin2 Robert Coins Interesting Take At Jewelry Creation
coin3 Robert Coins Interesting Take At Jewelry Creation
coin4 Robert Coins Interesting Take At Jewelry Creation

Roberto Coin’s Cento Jewelry

cento_jewelry_roberto_coin Roberto Coins Cento Jewelry Collection Dazzles

Diamonds are the ultimate form of luxury. Now, famous jewelry designer Roberto Coin has given this precious ice a more exquisite form in his new Cento Diamond Collection. What makes the cento unique is the simple fact that it has a 100 facet diamond cut. Which means that unlike the traditional cut, this one flaunts 37 facets on just top alone while the bottom has 63 facets instead of the usual 33 and 24 respectively. The extra number of facets allows the diamond to shine with hundreds of reflections of light.

Might we add that this kind of cut is applied to every single diamond used to construct the Cento. All the stones weigh over 0.7 carats and come from the category ‘flawless’ and ‘small inclusions, not visible to the naked eye’. Coin has used only colorless and nearly colorless diamonds for his design.

Again, Coin’s diamonds come certified by the KPCS which implies that the precious stones come from conflict free areas. We also hear that Coin is so happy with the response his Cento collection has recieved that he has decided to add two all-new spectacular pendant necklaces to the collection

Patravi T-ChronoGrade’s

carl-f_-bucherer-patravi-t-chronograde-watch-silver Patravi T-ChronoGrades From Carl F. Bucherer & Likes The Aviator Style In Price Tag Too

Carl F. Bucherer is in limelight again due to a new creation that goes by the name Patravi T-ChronoGrade. The reason they call it so is because the hour elapsation indicator for the chronograph is really a retrograde indicator. We are told that this one a great combination of great looks with technology with a balance rarely seen between function and user-friendliness.

Framed in a stainless steel case that this 42mm wide and 46mm high, the Patravi flaunts fine levels on the faceted hour marker as well as high levels of polishing throughout the watch. There are choices offered between a silver or black finished dial and another one between a fine leather strap or metal bracelet. Let’s tell you that the black or brown straps are aviator styled and have thick padding that’s stitched in contrasting color threads.

The CFB 1902 automatic mechanical movement holds the main machinery. It power the 6 hour flyback chronograph as well as an annual calendar complete with big date and month. Also, you can know about power reserve from the indicator. The price sits high at $13K

Serena Garbo Lady Watches

berlolucci_serenalady Serena Garbo Lady Watches From Bertolucci Make For Cool Summer Fashion
Bertolucci Serena Garbo Lady timepiece with all the standards set for a refined fashion for the summer. A spectacular design, this one is the female version of the recently launched men’s Serena Garbo watch line which was much appreciated by the darker sex. There are quite a few models in the new women’s collection but we particularly liked the Serena Garbo Animation Mosaico.

To start with, the dial of the watch reminds you of a game board and most of it has been wilved with Opaline with pink hues and several cut rubies thrown in. You might wonder what the solitary 8 is allo about. Wel, it is considered lucky in many Asian cultures. The 36.5mm wide watch has a bezel that is spectacularly lined with a number of princess cut diamonds.

The insides reveal an impressive SWiss quartz movement. The watch hands are shaped like leaves and are plated in rhodium. The anthracite colored lacquer applied to he mid section of the hands makes for a cool innovative llok. The strap is white leather, and this is what that makes the watch so summerish.

Celebrity Dress Fashion

feature photo

We’ve all sat there watching Strictly Come Dancing and wondered where Tess Daly got her dress from, or flicked through the celebrity magazines drooling over those gorgeous gowns worn to the award ceremonies and dreamed about how lovely it would be to wear those designer dresses. Well dream no more, here is your chance to dress like a celebrity whilst giving to charity at the same time.

The Closet Liverpool is a website set up by Claire Cooper, Leah Hackett and Jennifer Metcalfe otherwise know as the McQueen sisters from Hollyoaks and it is such a great idea. Celebrities are loaned dresses to wear for awards or to present shows, which always seems bizarre to me since the celebs are supposed to be the ones who can afford to buy this stuff, but it works for the designers to get their work shown, but then what happens to these dresses? Well now you can hire these, but instead of the hiring agencies just making their money, The Closet Liverpool give a donation to a local cancer charity so everyone’s a winner! If you loved Tess Daly in the stunning Philip Armstrong electric blue dress above on Strictly Come Dancing and you’re a size 10, then it can be hired for £130.