Monday, July 5, 2010

Female Body Piercings

However in modern piercing, reasons for any of these piercings is most likely a mix of personal reasoning. Given the intimate nature of the body parts being pierced, it is recommended that anyone wishing one of these do research not only on the history behind the piercing, but also into the skills and experience of the chosen body piercer.

Clitoral Piercing - Piercing of the knobbed nerve bundle that is related to sexual stimulation. Due to potential for damage to sexual function, it is very rare for a woman to actually have her clitoris pierced. Essentially, unless the tissue is very well developed, this piercing should not even be attempted. A clitoral hood piercing is much safer and can work pleasurably for many women.

Fourchette - Labial piercing at rear of vagina. This piercing is sometimes referred to as the “female guiche” due to the similarity in location to the male piercing. This piercing can be difficult to heal as it partially pierces the rear wall of the vagina just at the opening.

Hood, horizontal - Clitoral hood piercing done with horizontal placement. This variation is most often done when the woman’s clitoral development is such that the hood does not entirely cover the clitoris with the bead of the piercing ring just brushing the sensitive bundle of tissue.

Hood, vertical - Clitoral hood piercing done with vertical placement. This directional placement is best suited for women whose clitoral hood covers the clitoral bundle entirely. Worn with either a ring or barbell, this piercing is positioned so that the jewelry can brush or rub against the clitoris.

Labia - Female genital piercing of the vaginal lips. Depending on the anatomy of the body, it is possible to pierce both the inner or outer labia as the wearer desires. Some women’s anatomy supports one or the other, for some women, both would be possible.

Queen Christina - Name most commonly used to refer to any piercing of the clitoral hood. This piercing can be done vertically or horizontally, depending on the placement desired by the wearer, and is suited for both ring or barbell jewelry.

Triangle - This hood piercing places a ring so that it goes through a small gap that sits somewhat behind the clitoral nerve bundle. This piercing should only be attempted on person's who have suitable anatomy and by a body piercer who has training and experience with this type of placement.

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