Tuesday, July 13, 2010


did salma hayek over-accessorize her lilac look?

Remember how easy it is to over-accessorize your look? The balance between wearing a killer bib necklace and weighing down your neck with one too many strands can be difficult to find. One beautiful necklace can go along way, especially if you plan on wearing a veil and earrings and a huge grin all day long. But if you must over-accessorize, don't do it in front of the camera. Save your strands of beads and baubles for a night out on the town when the only red carpet you'll be photographed on is the one in your head. Salma Hayek got it almost right when she paired this pretty purple Bottega Veneta piece with both a long and short necklace for the 2009 Alma Awards this past weekend. It was styled the exact same way when it came down the runway for Fall 2009. But on Salma, something just seems different. Do you agree?

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