Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tips 4 Makeup &Clothes

Author: Anki

The first thing is the right selection of dress and color. Then right kind of shoes and other accessories. Visualize the look and then assemble the ingredients for the perfect party make-up.
Usually parties are planned for the evenings. Therefore, the exhaustion of the entire day is quite likely to peep through your face and eyes. So, a fresh look is a must. For that, do the following:
Wash face with gentle face wash. Tap dry with soft towel. Wipe with deep pore cleansing milk or rose water.
Apply light oil-free moisturizing or calamine lotion.
Leave for 10 minutes. Apply foundation that suits your skin tone Spare more time for the eye make-up. Outline them with black or brown liquid liners and Kaajal depending upon your iris color and complexion. Avoid brown and blue if your complexion is darker or tends to brown. A fair or wheatish complexion takes in brown or blue well. Mascara would be a must if you have sparse eyelashes.

The choice of blush and lipsticks should also be in keeping with your complexion as well as the color of the dress. For metallic colors like brass, silver, copper or golden shaded dresses, choose a lustrous shadow and bronzer.
Avoid exaggerating jewellery. Jewellery should remain and accessory and not overshadow your face. Round faces carry long ear-rings well. And just the opposite for longish faces.
Bags and shoes must be compatible but must not be slackening or a reason for your discomfort so that you miss out on the dance or games at a party. You must be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest.
If you have short voluminous bouncing hair then leaving them open won’t be a bad idea, provided that they are well combed, shining and tangle-free. The front locks could be gelled so as to maintain a tidy and smart look. Straight long hair can also be left open. If the hair is thin and sparse then you might perm them for the occasion.
Every detail should add on to your personality and dignity.

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