Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Want to Remove My Tattoo

By Karen Louise Huffman

Hey! Well its really a difficult procedure but let me tell you..
Have you ever made a bad decision? Like getting a tattoo that was so cool when you were younger and now it is a constant reminder of a mistake you made. Well there is help out there. The first step to getting your tattoo removed safely is to educate your self, know the different ways to remove a tattoo. A few questions you should ask are is the procedure safe? How much pain is involved? Can this be done at home? What is the cost? And how long will it take? In this article I will cover the three most popular ways to remove your tattoo.

1. IPL therapy: This is one of the newest ways to remove the tattoo it is similar to regular lazar treatments the difference being a jell placed on the skin then the light pulses pass through the layers of skin to the ink. It is said to be less painful and takes less treatments which equates to less money. The patient describes a feeling of being sunburned, be careful to not crack, split or rip the skin as this will cause scaring.

2. Cryosurgery for tattoo removal: this therapy starts with the area being sprayed with liquid nitrogen to freeze it. Then a light is used to cause the area to peel. This is done in the Doctors office and requires several sessions to slowly peel away the layers of tattooed skin. Be warned that this procedure can leave flat white spots behind after the tattoo is removed.

3. Verapulse and the Q switch laser: The verapulse is a combination of all four wavelengths so it can be adjusted to fit the patients needs it is very similar to the IPL treatments.
These were the top three ways to remove your tattoo; however there are many different ways to do this. It is best to be educated on the issue so you can make a good decision. Some of the removal techniques are from the 18 century and in fact seemed torturous like the one using salt to remove your tattoo, in my opinion this sounded terribly painful. Others don't work at all so be careful and be educated. A tip for future tattoos is to ask for a new ink called Freedom 2 (it is FDA approved) removable ink.

You shouldn't have to live with something that bothers you or doesn't represent where you are in your life today.

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