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Wedding Hairstyles 4 Bridesmaids

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Even though the bridesmaids are not meant to be the centre of attention during a wedding it is still important that they look their best in order to complement the bride and the entire wedding. During a wedding, the bridesmaids tend to take a backseat and are there to help the bride with anything they need in the background of the wedding and to lend support. It is up to the bride as to whether the hairstyles of the bridesmaids’ matches hers as some brides tend to want to stand out on their big day. Some brides may leave the hairstyles choices of the bridesmaids up to them whilst others may have clear ideas of how they want their bridesmaids to look. It all depends on what sort of bride you are dealing with and her idea of the perfect wedding.

It is usually best for the bride to first choose her dress and her hairstyle before consulting with the bridesmaids in order to either match or avoid having the same hairstyles on the big day. The key to the bridesmaid’s look is to keep it as simple as possible so as not to detract from the bride, after all it is her best day and she deserves to look the best. The same goes for the hair, if you keep to a style that is simple and elegant then is will also make it easier to match a hairstyle to any dress.
If you are struggling to decide on a style for your bridesmaids then have a look at the following guide for ideas. These styles can be done on your own without the help of a hairstylist but if you want things to run smoothly it may be wise to have a stylist to attend to your bridesmaids’ hair as this will eliminate any last minute problems. You can try an elegant low tight bun style. This is a simple but timeless style that will ensure that your bridesmaids’ will look stylish yet won’t outshine you. This style will go with most modern wedding dresses with slimmer silhouettes and is also suitable for strapless dresses as it shows off the upper body. This is a style that will suit almost any style of dress and will require little or no maintenance during the day.
Alternatively you might want to opt for a loose top of the head bun. This style involves the hair being piled on top of the bridesmaid’s head and is again a classic, safe style. This style can be modernised with soft strands around the face and will work with almost every style of bridesmaid dress.

Nowadays, brides and bridesmaids do not have to stick to classic updo. More and more celebrities are leading the way for loose bridal hair and this can be a good look for bridesmaids as well. Loose hair can be very striking and can be styled either in a curly or straight way or it could be tied at the back for a great half up half down look. 
Modern day celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Beyonce have fronted another wedding hairstyle in the form of the ponytail. A sleek, soft ponytail can look great on a bridesmaid and is a simple way of modernising a classic updo.

There are lots of factors that go into choosing the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle including the type of dress you are going to wear, the theme of the wedding and what is going to best compliment the bridesmaid’s features. If you take all these elements into consideration you are sure to create the perfect bridesmaid for your big day!

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