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Lip Tattoo Care

By Mayuri Kulkarni

Lip tattoos are considered to be some of the most hardest tattoos to care for. Most lip tattoos are carved on lower inner lips, but some people also get them on upper lips. The main advantage of lip tattoos is that, they are not visible very easily. Hence, people who do not want to expose their tattoo usually go for such tattoo. Moreover, lips are some of the unusual places to get tattoos, which makes a lip tattoo unique from other tattoos. Since, lip is a very small area, there are not too many lip tattoo ideas that can be used for carving on the lips. Generally people go for small words or small lip tattoo designs, that fit well into the lip area. Let us take a look at why lip tattoo care is important.

Why to Care for the Lip Tattoo?
There are too many reasons for why one needs to take special care of lip tattoo. Lips contain very high percentage of moisture, i.e. saliva. And hence, there are high chances that the tattoo will fade away soon, if the tattoo bearer does not take appropriate care. Lip area is more likely to get infected. This is because, when we eat food, the food particles will friction constantly over the tattoo. Moreover, human mouth contains too much of bacterias, hence, the chances of getting infected increase. Considering all these factors, we can conclude that lip tattoos require too many efforts to maintain the ink in the tattoo and avoid infections. Let us check out some important tips for inner lip tattoo care. Read more on scabbing of tattoos.

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Lip Tattoo Care
The after care required for lip tattoo is completely different from other tattoos. Almost fifty percent of the lip tattoos fade quickly because of the improper maintenance and care of the lip tattoo. So, you must be wondering, how long do lip tattoos last? Well, many of them fade away even within a week since the tattoo was carved. The fading also depends on the ink used for tattooing. Lip tattoo needs to be carved by an expert. So, make sure you approach one such tattoo artist who is well aware of all the lip tattoo facts.

The first step for caring a lip tattoo is to keep the lips dry for at least 4-5 days during the lip tattoo healing process. A piece of paper towel that fits well in the lips, can help to absorb the moisture and avoid contact between the lips and teeth. Do not apply any lotions inside the mouth to heal the tattoo. Use a antibacterial alcohol-free mouth rinse for 4-5 times a day. Applying ointments that contain A and D vitamins can help to reduce the scab produced on the lips due to tattooing.

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The scab might irritate a bit and you may feel like peeling it. Don't do that! The will lose the ink and the tattoo will fade away quickly. Remember, do not scratch, pick or rub the tattoo in any case. Do not expose the tattoo in direct sunlight. Avoid consumption of foods with acidic content. Fading of the lip tattoo is for sure. You just need to take care that the tattoo remains on your lips for a longer time. If you notice that your lip tattoo is fading soon after some days of tattooing, then you should ask the tattoo maker to retouch the lip tattoo. But make sure that the lip tattoo swelling and the scabbing has reduced completely.

Lip tattoo care is a must, if you want the tattoo to remain for a longer period of time. Make sure you have approached an expert tattoo maker for this tattoo. Many a times retouch is required, but if proper care is taken, the lip tattoo can last at least for a year.

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