Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How Often to Shampoo


    How often should you wash your hair? That is a good question. And the answer is – it depends.
  • Is your hair and scalp oily?
    If you produce a lot of natural oil in your hair, you will probably prefer to shampoo your hair at least once a day or even twice a day if you happen to go to the gym in the afternoon. Use a shampoo that has good cleansing properties but one that is also gentle so that the ends of your hair don’t become dehydrated. Always use a conditioner.

    If your scalp is oily, it is a natural response to scrub it vigorously in order to get rid of the oil. In actuality, it is better to be very gentle in the massage of your head. Vigorous scrubbing will activate oil glands, thus producing even more oil.
  • Is your hair and scalp dry?
    If your scalp and hair tend to be dry, shampoo no more than every other day. If possible, go even longer between shampoos. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Massage your scalp with both the application of the shampoo and the conditioner. This will help to stimulate oil glands and will moisturize the scalp with the conditioner.
  • Is your hair and scalp in normal condition?
    You may choose to shampoo your hair every day but it is usually not necessary. Shampoo as necessary to keep your hair shiny and clean feeling.

    If you do not have oily scalp or hair but your hair feels dirty or weighed down after one day, look into the conditioner and the styling products that you are using on your hair.

    Your conditioner should not build up on your hair. It should moisturize, rinse out easily and then leave your hair feeling clean, with no waxy build up. There are many good quality styling products that do not build up on your hair and do not dull the shine. You should be able to go at least two days between shampoos with these products.
Should you change brands of shampoo every few weeks?
Does your hair become “immune” to a shampoo or conditioner? No, it is not necessary to change products every so often. Your hair does not build up a resistance to a particular product. What may happen, with some shampoo or more often conditioners, is that they will leave a coating on the hair after rinsing. This coating detangles your hair and leaves it feeling sleek. This is not such a bad thing – unless the coating does not come off with the next shampoo. Sometimes a waxy coating will stay on your hair and build up with each use. This build up, weighing down your hair and dulling the shine, is what you are experiencing when you feel that it is time to change products.

Choose products that do not build up on your hair. If you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, your hair should stay in good condition, maintaining its body and shine no matter how long you use a particular product. High quality shampoo and conditioner should be just as good for your hair in five years as it is today

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