Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Male Body Piercings

The following piercings have mix of fact and fiction behind their names and placements, but they all have one thing in common. You must be possessing biological male anatomy to wear them. Men’s body piercing has much sexual innuendo around it, a mix of promised enhancement or implied virility.

However in modern piercing, reasons for any of these piercings is most likely a mix of personal reasoning. Given the intimate nature of the body parts being pierced, it is recommended that anyone wishing one of these do research not only on the history behind the piercing, but also into the skills and experience of the chosen body piercer.

Ampallang - Male genital piercing placed horizontally through the head of the penis, often also going through the urethra.

Apadravya - Male genital piercing vertical through the head of the penis. This piercing often also goes through the urethra.

Cleopatra - The name sometimes given to a “reverse” Prince Albert. The placement is similar to a PA, but done so as to align over the top of the penis.

Dydoe - Male genital piercing that are placed through the crown of the head of the penis. Most often small barbells are worn in these piercings.

Foreskin - The name for any piercing in the foreskin. Obviously, only uncircumcised males can have these piercings.

Frenum - Shaft skin piercing perpendicular to shaft just below the head of the penis. A ring or barbell can be worn in this piercing.

Guiche - Male genital piercing made in the flat area just behind the testicles. The placement most closely corresponds to the location of the first chakra discussed in Eastern healing systems.

Hafada - A piercing placed in the loose skin on the side of the testicular sack. Most often a ring is worn in this piercing. Sometimes this is called a scrotal piercing.

Prince Albert - Male genital piercing that goes through the shaft, just under the head, going through and exiting via the urethra. Despite many stories that Victorian consort Albert himself wore one of these piercings, there is no actual history record to confirm this. Nonetheless, this is one of the most popular modern-day men’s body piercings.

Trans-Scrotal Piercing - These rare and dangerous piercings run through the center of the scrotum, and result in a healed tunnel of skin that connects the outer surfaces of the skin. Infection rate is very high and should only be done by experienced piercers.

Whereas I can't host pictures here to further illustrate these piercings, I do have some I have hosted elsewhere. Mature viewers only, please.

Persons who decide to have such personal piercings done must also be prepared to interrupt their intimate life activities and allow for a period of healing, some of which can be weeks to months in length. Be sure to speak with your body piercer about aftercare BEFORE you get the piercing done and make sure you understand the proper way to care for your new piercing and for how long the care regime must be maintained.

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