Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beauty-Is it really SkinDeep

By Prerna Salla

I remember this chapter I had read in school, it was a story really of a little girl who had lost her mother. On being asked about the description of her mother, all she could say was, "My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world!" It was quite the other way round when she was discovered though! The question is, do we really view beauty as skin deep, or do we mean something more….

The true expression

Babies and beauty go hand in hand for me, I don’t really know about you, but for me this is horribly true! Why, you may ask? Well, for the simple reason that babies are the only toothless wonders that don’t require anything really to dress them up to the extent that women do (for a good reason of course!) and yet every child, irrespective of which part of the world he/ she might be is a unique gift for us humans to savor. There have been many people in this world who will go to any length to remain beautiful. It is no wonder then why these anti-ageing pills and botox treatments have worked so far! I think it all started with when we saw the first gray hair erupting and we literally pounced upon it with our magic wand, popularly known to us as hair-dye. There has been immense research within Yoga, as a study to improve one’s quality of life. It seems, an asana (Yogic forms are known as Asanas) in case performed 3-4 times in a day, can actually help you retard the finer aspects that depict ageing factor in us. It helps in diminishing and actually getting rid of white hair, improves the quality of skin, etc., all in all a natural form of life!

Its known as the Sarvang Asasna, an exercise that you do by lying on your back and slowly raising your feet above the ground to a form a ninety degree angle. Should you feel that difficult you may support your back with your hands, and slowly raise it in the same level of your shoulders.

Maintaining beauty, the positive way!
In the words of Audrey Hepburn, who gave in her pearls of wisdom for maintaining a beautiful soul, she was often quoted as saying, ‘to improve your smile, speak kind words to all, ‘to maintain a good body, feed the hungry’, ‘to improve your skin, feel the soul of a disappointed person, your kind words will make his heart lighter, allowing yourself to feel good, and the good feeling makes you more lively, ultimately making you glow. Although in the busy lives that we all live it’s not impossible to follow all that is mentioned above, I think the safest and most efficient manner to look beautiful would be to feel beautiful, as this body is yours, what you make out of it, will be your gift to the Almighty, because he made us with a complete positive mind. Our reactions to the world outside is what actually brought negativity in. In short, feel beautiful, to look beautiful, as no amount of growth hormones, meal replacements and healthy eating can ever show their results, to an unhappy soul. Ultimately we are what we think and eat! It’s not easy to follow a happy frame of mind all the time, but it sure is worth a try! Food for thought?! You bet, it’s more like feast for the mind!!

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