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Lip Liner Tips

By Girija Shinde

Lipstick is the most important component of any make up. In fact, when the word make up is said the first thing that comes to anyone's mind is, lipstick. And why not, after all lipstick attracts attention and also makes the lips to look good. But as lipstick attracts attention, it is very necessary that the lipstick looks perfect. And for making the lipstick look perfect, certain things to be paid attention to very carefully, like the color of the lipstick, moisturizing the lips and the border of the lips. Lip liner does this job. Let's see some lip liner tips. Read on makeup.

Why to Apply a Lip Liner

As the name suggests, lip liner is meant to create a line, a border for the lips. Many a time, you must have experienced smudging and spreading of lipstick above and below your lips. It becomes a difficult task to rub off the extra lipstick especially, when you are done with your whole makeup! You must have also faced the problem of lipstick fading on the wrong time, i.e., when the party is in full swing! Lip liner is a remedy to all these problems. Lip liner is nothing but a type of colored cosmetic pencil, which comes with a sharpener! Lip liner gives an outline to your lips, which prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Lip liner also helps to keep the lipstick on the lips for a longer time. Besides all these uses, the main advantage of lip liner is that it gives the lips a concrete shape, which makes them stand out and look full. Read on natural looking makeup.

Lip Liner Tutorial - Types of Lip Liners

Now that we know the advantages of lip liners, let us see how and which lip liner to choose. Unlike lipsticks, there are no liquid lip liners. The ones which claim to be liquid, are actually in cream form. But cream lip liners are not much used. The ones which are popular, are the traditional lip liners which come along with a sharpener and the other, which is mechanical. There are advantages and disadvantages of both forms. Read on homemade lip gloss.

The advantages of classic lip liner is that you can sharpen the pencil whenever you want and that's why there is no danger of bacteria, and you also get a fine point every time, which is not possible in case of mechanical lip liner. The classic liner is kinda dry, which makes it is easier to carry. The advantages of mechanical lip liner is that you do not need to sharp it every now and then. Mechanical lip liners have a wetter look, which makes them look more natural, but it also becomes difficult to maintain them. Talking about the color of the lip liner, remember that lip liner should compulsorily match the color of the lipstick. One darker is okay, but it should never be dark than that and nor should it be lighter than the lipstick. The reasons are obvious, if the lip liner is fainter than the lipstick, it won't be seen, which means it will be useless. And if it is darker than the lipstick, only a border of lip liner will be seen on your lips, which will look comical as well as drastic! If you are not sure which color to buy or if you are not getting the same shade as the lipstick, go for colorless wax pencil. It will be the safest as it will perform the same job as other lip liners but without imparting any color. When it comes to price, you do not need to buy the costliest lip liners. The best lip liner can be as cheap as your lip balm! So just for the best brand. This was all the basic information about lip liners, now lets see some lip liner tips, starting from lip liner application.

Lip Liner Application
  • First of all clean your lips well, remove any signs of lip balm or gloss.
  • Be sure that the pencil is sharp enough. In case of mechanical lip liner, refrigerate it for a couple of minutes.
  • In case it becomes very pointed, do not try breaking the point! Just rub it onto a tissue.
  • To start with, make a dot in center of your upper as well as lower lip. In the same way, make a few more dots on the entire lips, keep a distance between them.
  • Start joining the dots one by one, with a firm hand. Continue till the edge of the lips.
  • Now wait for a second and carefully check in the mirror if any space is left, if you notice any space, fill it with light strokes.
  • You can apply lipstick now. See to it that the lip liner and lipstick look smooth.
These were some of the lip liner tips. I would like to give a parting lip liner tip. If your lips are thinner, apply very little lip liner, on the lip line as well as a bit above your original lip line. To make the lips smaller, apply a bit darker color than your lipstick and also apply a bit of foundation before applying the lip liner. Hope these lip liner tricks and tips help you to have irresistible lips!

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