Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fake Belly Rings

By Saptakee Sengupta

Pierced belly buttons look very attractive. Belly rings look fashionable and stylish, but at the same time when we remember the pain of piercing, we flinch away. The pain deprives us from enjoying the fashion. So what, that does not mean there is no other option. Have you every tried to adorn your belly button with fake belly rings? They are just FAKE belly rings that look REAL! Read the following content to know about them. Read more on navel piercing.

Fake Belly Button Rings

There are a plenty of fake belly button rings available in stores. They create an impression that they are pierced in the belly button but actually they are not. This clever trick of fake belly button piercing lets you off from the pain of piercing. They have a clip on or hoop that holds the fake belly ring into the navel. Wide range of silver, golden, platinum and titanium rings with fancy embellishments are available in the market. Magnetic studs are also a good substitute for real belly button rings. Non-piercing faux belly button jewelry replacement glue can also be used to keep the fake belly rings intact. Here I give you few popular designs of fake belly rings. Read more on belly button piercings.
  • Crystal spark dangle
  • Crystal dragonfly dangle
  • Crystal flower dangle
  • Crystal heart dangle
  • Flat silver non-pierced hoop
  • Blue flower non pierced hoop
  • Non pierced gun metal gray hoop
  • Non pierced gold hoop
  • Clip on silver belly bar
  • Stone studded gold spring clip
  • Captive ring belly button rings
  • Reverse or top down fake belly rings
  • Titanium fake belly button rings
  • Platinum clips with studded diamonds
How to Make Fake Belly Rings?

Try out making fake belly rings as per your choice with the following steps. Fake belly button rings are easy to make. All you need is glue, beads and jewelry wire. Check out the following steps to do so.
  • String a bead into the jewelry wire. Bend it half and it shall form the dangling part in your fake piercing.
  • Add the beads to the wire long enough, of your choice. Make the wire long enough to emerge from your belly button.
  • Tie the stringed beads. Then glue the dangling part onto your upper inside of belly button. Secure it properly.
  • Now glue one bead half inch above the upper part of your belly button.
  • Fix it well so that it stays for long and gives the impression of real belly button.
Simple fake belly button rings are inexpensive but their cost increases with the material, designs and embellishments. It's a worthwhile substitute for real rings that cause immense pain while piercing. Fake belly rings look sensational and stunning. You can even try out different designs and colors matching with your outfit. You need not take the pain to take out the real ring from your pierced navel, rather fake belly button rings are easily replaceable without any pain. It has one more advantage, it does not cause any infection or wound as contrary to piercing, that might cause infection if not taken care properly. Fake belly rings are always safe.

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So don't you want to deck yourself with fashionable fake belly button rings? This new piece of jewelry will prettify your cute belly button. Eager to grab this trendy fab? Hurry then! Fake belly rings are total gain with no pain.

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