Sunday, August 22, 2010

Navel Piercing

By Minal Srivastava

Reshma is a new-age, young professional. She has a hectic, maddening and frustrating five days a week, work life but believes in partying even harder on the weekend. Along with her attitude and mental attribute, her wardrobe and accessories goes for a complete overhaul during the weekends. Out goes her formal trousers and the stylishly colour coordinated shirts and stoles and in come the spaghettis, skirts and the varied body embellishments to accompany the wild parties.

Besides the few ear and nose piercing she recently got her navel pierced as well. ‘Yeah it was painful yet I got it done ‘cause I like it’ she says nonchalantly.

She is just a representative of an entire generation who believes in following their whims and fancies.

Choosing the jewellery is all the more fun as there are innumerable options. Besides the designs you can choose from various metal combinations. Different metals have varying effects on the body. According to acupuncture texts, silver needles are used for a sedative effect representing more lunar energy, while gold is used for energizing a point, resembling the brilliant sun. Similarly, other metals can be used for varied desired effects on the body.

This trend deserves special mention, as it is not exactly a pain free procedure. A hollow needle is passed through the body part followed by the insertion of the body jewellery in the hole. A small amount of bleeding may occur as a result of the bleeding. Naval happens to be one of the sensitive spots and needs careful attention even after the piercing.

Then again, since when has pain stood in the way of fashion? Think pencil thin high heels and sore ankles … or the stomach crunching corsets that ruled high fashion through the Middle Ages.

Body piercing is supposed to be a statement. It is supposed to be all about attitude. And while our mommies and daddies were happy growing their hair and burning bras, we seem to have chosen holey bodies as the embodiment of rebellion.

I haven't mentioned the fun aspect. This latest fad, despite the pain, is supposed to be fun! Some macho male friends of mine, who spend more time in the gym than in any other social setting, have been mouthing of one line for ages, "No pain, no gain!"

I wonder if there is a parallel here.

However, fans of body piercing maintain that the attitude is all about following your heart and telling the world that you are. So, the various rings, studs and other foreign metal objects represent an entire school of thought!

What it boils down to is one question, "Do you like it?" The form answer is to simply go ahead and do it if you do. Just don't expect me to punch holes through my body.

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