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Tongue Piercing

 By Saptakee Sengupta

With upcoming styles, body piercings have become a latest trend. Eyebrow piercing, chin piercing, navel piercing, lip piercing and what else? Did I forget any part of your body ? Yeah your tongue... so there comes tongue piercing, a practice followed since 14th century by the North Americans. Tongue piercing was first professionally started in the studio Gaunlet, United States and today it is considered as one of the sexiest fashions in vogue. You can get some more tongue piercing information.

How to Pierce Your Tongue
All you have to do is, go to a reputed professional piercing studio and get your tongue pierced. They will mark the point of piercing - on the edges, middle or on the tip of your tongue and clamp your tongue for grip. Then goes the needle to pierce your tongue along with the new jewelry.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry
There are varieties of jewelry available in the market and piercing shops, having different shapes and sizes, to give your tongue a seductive look. You can try out the following types that best suits your tongue.
  • Barbells: Barbells can be worn by both men and women. They have a stainless steel shaft with two balls or studs at both the ends. It is available in different styles like multicolor striped shafts, and whole body shimmering steel or balls with logos.
  • Tongue Rings: Tongue rings look good on women. They are made up of steel, rhodium, titanium, platinum and gold with balls and stone attached to them.
  • Acrylic Tip: Youngsters usually, are very fond of colorful acrylic tip tongue ring. It has a stainless steel shaft and two flexible acrylic balls attached to it at the end. The balls are colorful and trendy that makes them so popular.
  • Titanium Tongue Rings: These are made up of titanium and have a very flashy appearance. The ends of the shafts have different colorful designs like stars, skulls, animals etc.
  • UV Tongue Rings or Barbells: These are the best quality tongue rings available in the market. They are very safe to wear being non reactive with your saliva and don't cause any irritation inside your mouth.
Tongue Piercing Risks
While piercing your tongue gives you a funky look, it also carries many risks with it, if handled carelessly. Know the risks before you go ahead. Read more on tongue piercing infection.
  • Teeth Damage: Dental fracture and tooth cracks are caused by wearing the barbells. So, a periodic filling or replacement of the tooth is required.
  • Gum Damage: When the barbells rub against the gum, they cause bleeding and gum disease. If the damage is severe, a gum surgery is also required.
  • Infections: The inside of mouth is always moist and harbors a large number of bacteria and viruses. Infections are caused from the wounds while piercing and from the unsterilized needle used for piercing. Sometimes, serious viral diseases are caused by transmission of hepatitis virus and herpes simplex virus.
  • Lung Damage: The balls of the barbells are sometimes loose and slip to the lungs. If it gets stuck, it has to be removed by a bronchoscope. Choking is also caused in case a ball is swallowed
  • Endocarditis: Sometimes, bacterial invasion reaches the heart through the bloodstream and inflammation of the heart and its valves occurs.
  • Nerve Damage/Blood Loss: The nerves of the tongue can be punctured while piercing, resulting in severe loss of blood and swollen tongue. It can also lead to impaired speech.
  • Prolonged Pain: The pain lingers and lasts longer sometimes, leading to neuralgia.
  • Allergy: A serious hypersensitive reaction inside the mouth can result if the saliva reacts with the chemicals of the ball.
Tongue Piercing Care
There are definitely some ways to protect yourself from infections. So, just follow the list of do's and don'ts and start taking care of your tongue from the day one itself.
  • Use throat lozenges with Diafflam-CT (antibacterial/ anti-inflammatory) just before piercing your tongue. It relieves swelling and quickens healing.
  • Rinse your mouth with mouthwash containing Listerine or cepacol after every meal for 15 days.
  • Check that the jewelry is not loose and before touching it, wash your hands with disinfectant.
  • Avoid eating spicy food and hot beverages atleast for 10 days, as they may increase the swelling. Have cold foods, ice-creams, cold yogurt, cold drinks instead.
  • Since, the tongue swells up, do not try to change the jewelry before 14 days.
  • Compress your tongue with ice chips for a few days, to reduce the swelling.
  • Plaques may be formed on the jewelry, try to remove it with tooth brush gently and rinse your mouth with anti plaque mouthwash.
  • When you start eating solid food, chew softly and never eat in a hurry during the healing period.
  • The mouthwash must be diluted before use, as the concentrated form destroys the natural enzymes of mouth, delaying the healing process.
  • Restrain yourself from oral sex until the wound has completely healed and the swelling has reduced.
  • Try to talk as less as possible during the healing period, as the newly embedded barbell might cut your tongue.
  • Do not put fingernails, toothpick inside your mouth. They may lead to infection.
  • If you have the habit of playing or chewing over the jewelry, just stop it, as it delays the healing and forms scars on your tongue.
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I hope I have provided you with all the details of tongue piercing. Guys and gals, just learn to take care of your new jewelry and do not succumb to infections. It's a safe method, only when handled with care. So, are you ready to feel the true experience of tongue piercing? Then go ahead and get the best ornament for your tongue.

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