Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bend the Rules” Underwear

What do Charlie Sheen, Bruce Willis and many of Hollywood’s ‘Hot Men’ have in common?
The answer to that lies just under their pricey designer clothes where you will find Bend the Rules underwear, a hot item with the Hollywood “it” crowd. They love the luxurious fabric, trendy look and fabulous fit.
Hollywood A-list men, and even some women too, are trading in their boring Fruit of the Looms or Hanes for Bend the Rules pizzazz.
Most people can’t seem to buy enough of them! Charlie Sheen who has purchased over 100 pair. And even though they are men’s BoxerBriefs, women also love to wear them. Female celebrities such as Christina Aguilera love the soft luxurious feel of the fabric.
Bend the Rules Red with Dragon.“The list of top celebrities wearing our underwear is so long it’s difficult to think of the ones who don’t own a pair of ‘Bend the Rules’”, says company founder Markus Bender.
He explains the craze, “I think men are becoming much more conscious of their bodies and the effects it has on their person of interest. We receive a lot of calls from men and women saying how hot our underwear makes their guy look. Probably why Hollywoods’ hottest men are buying them by the dozen!!!”
Bend the Rules designer and CEO, Markus Bender, previously a personal trainer to the Beverly Hills elite, is meticulous with the way clothes fit the body. Unable to find a pair of mens underwear that felt great and would flatter his nearly perfect physique, he designed his own, working for over a year with fabric knitters to develop the perfect fabric. A fabric that retains it’s shape, feels incredible to the touch and is very breathable, since an active lifestyle is a big part of what he enjoys doing. Also, he never was keen on the shapeless back of most brands, he made sure his Bend the Rules are contoured to hug and give shape to your glutes.

Charlie Sheen with Bend the Rules' Markus Bender.
Tighty-whiteys are so blasé. Why give your guy conventional undergarments in his stocking when you can spice up his private wardrobe with rockin’ Bend The Rules underwear and t-shirts?
Twilight's Kellen Lutz with Bend the Rules. We'd love to see him IN these!
Twilight's Kellen Lutz with Bend the Rules. We'd love to see him IN these!
Bend the Rules of Beverly Hills underwear and t-shirts, designed by Markus Bender, are boldly emblazoned with fierce dragons, skulls, and gothic emblems – perfect for the ‘bad boy’ on your list. Bend The Rules M.O.
Bend the Rules is a Beverly Hills-based maker of the finest men’s boxer brief on the market.
Markus spent over a year perfecting fabric – which he feels was certainly time well spent. Not only does the formulated blend of Tencel feel more luxurious, its 130% more absorbent than cotton. It’s breathable, antibacterial and is made of a natural fiber that is ecologically sound for the environment. Bend the Rules gives comfort, function, and a superior yet fashionable fit.
Fill up your special guy’s stocking this season with something that will spice to both of your lives.
To order or to find out where to buy them, visit:
Women love Bend the Rules too!
Women love Bend the Rules too!

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