Sunday, June 27, 2010


With many choices under $80, Company 81 fashions fill your Christmas list without emptying your pocket.
If you’re looking for budget friendly Christmas gifts, Company 81 matches cost consciousness with the best in fabrics, styles and washes, articulating an overall vintage feel in the line. They bring their refreshing style to everything they make, including loungewear, plaid shirts, fitted jeans, graphic tees and more. And it’s all achieved with an understanding that their clients shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage just to wear their clothes.
Company 81
Named for the year it opened, Company 81 has been a family owned and operated venture since opening the doors in 1981. Cutting its teeth and still based in the fashion hotbed of New York City, Company 81 presents a unique clothing line that invokes classic Americana without compromising modern integrity. The designs are reflective of classic American male personas, from the boy next door to the college boy or athletic male.
Stylin’ On a Budget
Company 81’s carefree designs will go wherever the fashion takes them but one accessory they don’t indulge is the dollar sign. Company 81 prices many of the popular selections from their label under 80 dollars, making it an affordable gift for those looking to impress the people on their Christmas list. Budget friendly options are available in everything Company 81 offers, from Tees, Polos and Button Downs to Short Henleys, Hoodies Rugbys and Jeans Outerwear.

Celebrity Approved
While we often think of celebrities wearing the most expensive clothes in the market, Company 81 defies that convention by designing clothes beloved by both celebrities and the guy in your apartment building. Many of the hottest young stars have been spotted wearing the new line from Company 81, including the face of company 81, 90210’s Adam Gregory as well as Fame’s Walter Perez, The Hills’ Brody Jenner, Jason Kennedy from E! News, Weed’s Hunter Parrish, recording artist Steph Jones and X-Games Pro Ryan Sheckler. Yet the clothing rack at Company 81 knows no boundaries as it appeals to the discriminating taste of distinguished leading men like Blair Underwood and the feminine sensibility of Ciara.
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