Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kitty Diamond Charm Bracelet

Peppy Hello Kitty Diamond Charm Bracelet Hello Kitty , Bracelet, Diamond , sterling silver , ‘Vogue’
We all know that Hello Kitty has become the most famous star for this season. This cute, little cartoon cat has recently been selected for the cover page of the famous magazine, ‘Vogue’, of japan. The renowned brands in fashion designing have come up to design outfits for this peppy feline. Its time for you to make this peppy cat a part of your life.

An extremely exciting Hello Kitty bracelet has been recently designed for satisfying the craze of young style freaks. This bracelet is chic and sweet. Its cuteness knows no bounds. What more do you want? The piece is a diamond bracelet. Diamonds are the weaknesses of all luxurious and elegant people.

The sterling silver of the bracelet gives it a charming appearance besides the elegance of 27 ct.t.w diamonds. The pink sapphire that has gone into the making of this beautiful product is the enhaces the girlish charm of the bracelet. Do check it out. It is an amazing accessory that one can cherish forever and is available for US$950

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