Monday, August 23, 2010

Dry Spots on Skin

By Mamta Mule

While you get ready to take out those warm blankets and rugs with the arrival of cold whether, shopping for the best brand of moisturizer needs no mention. The dry skin problem that starts with the winters needs to be addressed each day with the application of a moisturizer. Dry patches, dry spots on face or other parts of your body or entire skin becoming extremely dry is a common trouble. But what if winters are not the cause of dry spots on skin? Yes, you might get these any time throughout the year and probably just a dab of moisturizer won't give any results. What causes such dry spots on skin?

Dry Spots on Skin: Causes
Definitely the whether remains one of the common causes of dry spots on skin, but there can be many other reasons as well. Such dry white spots on skin can be commonly caused due to eczema. Eczema is a skin problem where in the epidermis layer of your skin swells and reddens. You might also experience itching and crusting of these dry spots. Psoriasis can be another cause of dry spots accompanied by flaky skin. This is difficult to be cured and needs to be diagnosed by a dermatologist immediately. Extreme environmental conditions can also lead to dry spots. Extremely cold whether or too much exposure to sun-rays can be the cause. Another causes of dry spots can be dehydration and aging. Red dry spots on skin can also develop as an allergic reaction to the soaps or cosmetic products we use. Read more on white spots on skin.

Dry Spots on Skin: Treatment
You can try the below mentioned treatment for dry spots on skin at home itself. If you do not see any improvements in 1-2 weeks it is best to visit a dermatologist.

Start the treatment with drinking a lot of water. Fresh juices are a good way to maintain your skin texture but stay away from aerated drinks and caffeine. A healthy and balanced diet is must, which will provide your body the necessary nutrients to fight such conditions.

Protecting your skin from harsh whether is also essential. Wearing hats and using sun protection umbrellas is a great idea. Use a sunscreen lotion and a moisturizer from the best brands according to the whether. Stay away from he cosmetics for a few days. Also skip the use of your regular soap. Opt for an herbal or a homemade body scrub for a few days. In case your profession demands application of make-up everyday, opt for natural mineral make-up.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is know to be one of the best solution of dry spots on skin. Apply vitamin E oil or pop open the vitamin E capsules an apply the oil inside of them over the spots. This is an effective remedy for curing eczema as well. Read more on red spots on skin.

You can apply honey over he spots directly to cure the problem. You can also use a mixture of ½ tsp of honey and an egg yolk for this problem. Add 1 tsp dried out milk powder to this mixture. Mix well to form a paste and apply over the affected area. Wash off after 20 minutes.

Olive Oil
Application of olive oil over the dry spots is one of the safest and effective remedy. Apply it at least 2-3 times a day and massage gently in the area. Do not wash off if possible. Else you can just cleanse it after an hour. Read more on red itchy bumps.

The aforementioned treatment for dry spots on skin are sure to help you. Follow these for about two weeks to get the results. Regular skin care, especially cleansing should not be missed.

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