Monday, August 23, 2010

Nose Piercing Bump

By Pradnya S

Nose piercing which is a kind of body piercing, is the latest fashion trend. Nose jewelry looks absolutely stunning and hence most of us opt for wearing it. But, after piercing, there are chances of the development of a bump on the nose. This bump can pain at times and can lead to a lot of discomfort. Most of the times, the bump develops within 2 to 3 days of piercing the nose. But, in rare cases, it might also develop after a month or two. In some cases, the surrounding area tends to become red. Discharge of pus and blood will also be observed. Nose piercing bump bleeding will be observed only if the the condition is severe.

Causes of Nose Piercing Bump
The causes of nose piercing bumps are listed below.
  • Touching the pierced nose can often give rise to the bump. If your hands and fingers are infected, then there are more chances that the bump will develop, thus increasing nose piercing infections.
  • Improper nose piercing is also one of the reason which can give rise to the bump on nose. Also, if the technique which is used for piercing is wrong, then it can cause a problem.
  • Changing the nose jewelry within a few days after piercing the nose is also one of the reasons for nose piercing bumps. Hence, make sure that you change the jewelry only after 2 months or so have past after piercing the nose.
  • If the jewelry is extremely small, then the hole can choke, which then develops the bump.
  • Wearing a poor quality jewelry is also one of the reason which is responsible for the presence of bump on the nose.
Nose Piercing Bump Treatment
Washing your nose and nose bump with fresh water, every once in a while will help. But, make sure that you do not clean the area very often, as instead of helping, it will intensify the situation. Washing the area twice or thrice in a day is sufficient. You can also make use of lukewarm water for washing. With a cotton swab, apply tea tree oil regularly to the bump to palliate the situation. You may also like to know more on nose piercing aftercare.

If you follow a few measures, you can get rid of nose piercing bump in a few days. In order to avoid nose piercing bumps, make sure that you get your nose pierced from a professional. Also make sure that the tools which he is using for piercing your nose are clean. The jewelry which you are going to wear should be of a good quality. The quality of the jewelry also plays an important role.

If not taken proper care of, there are chances of the nose bump increasing in size and the situation becoming more intense. Hence, proper measures should be opted without any delay in order to curb the situation. In some cases, there are chances of the development of the nose piercing bump on the inside of the nose. This is a more intense situation and it can lead to discomfort. Since the bump is present inside the nose, not much can be done for treating at home. Hence, it is better if you visit a doctor and get it treated. Read more on nose piercing care instructions.

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If the nose piercing bump does not disappear even after trying different treatments, then it is better that you remove the nose jewelery. Avoid removing the jewelery at home. It will be better if you get it removed from the person who has pierced your nose. After the nose infection has been healed completely and after the bump vanishes, you can wear the jewelery again.

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