Monday, August 23, 2010

Eyewear for Elegant Women

Author: Lauren Johnson

Elegance is coming back into style, and thank God for that because the modern sense of style was beginning to resemble an alien in drag. Yes, elegance is back, and hopefully here to stay. For any elegant woman, this time has been long awaited. Brush off your Versace sunglasses and your oversized hats, elegance is back baby!
The best designers for elegance are the ones who never ventured too far into the modern design age of metal, pleather and, dare I mention it, faux fur. True designers never give into fads and flash design trends, they stay true to a unique vision and whether people like it or not, they stay elegant and classy even in wastelands of style. One great, classical designer is Burberry, whose tireless devotion to British country style has long been applauded by classy people everywhere.
Though Versace dabbled in couture, we’ll forgive the label because its family has undergone such stress recently. Versace remains a stable and reliable choice for classy eyewear with the ever-so-elegant logo. Versace remains a favorite with elegant women because the designs play with modernity while still paying homage to antiquity, a rare and unique blend in the eyewear design industry and one that only Versace has been able to pull off with any success.
Prada, of course, is an elegant choice for classy eyewear, but I’m not sure they deserve the rank of ‘elegance’ due to their overly boxy, overly avant garde designs that played into the fads of the times rather than staying true to an overall design vision.

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