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Concealer Tips

By Aparna Jadhav

Concealer, is one thing without which you can't start your makeup. For your convenience, let's find out a few differences between concealer vs foundation. A concealer is defined as a type of makeup base which is used to hide and cover blemishes and imperfections on your face, to give your skin the illusion of being flawless. Foundation, on the other hand, though being very similar in function, is used to even your skin tone and give it a flawless finish too. It also covers loose pores and problem areas on the skin, to help make the makeup look fine and simple. Every woman has a little color change all over her face and there are very few who have a uniform skin tone throughout. The main color difference on the face is considered under the eyes, where there are dark circles, beige and light yellow undertones and many other dark spots. Thus, there are certain concealer tricks, as to conceal these abnormalities with a base. A few such concealer tips are mentioned below, so read on and find out!

Concealer Tips and Tricks

As every woman has at least a few color differences on the facial skin, a concealer is one of the most important products in her makeup kit. Many beauticians advise very less use of concealers, as regular use might lead to further abnormalities. Thus, if you are a daily user of foundation or concealer, make sure you use organic and herbal makeup products, along with the best makeup removers. Concealers come in liquid forms and many a times also as creams and sticks. Each of these are used for various areas of the face, like the liquids can be evened all over the face and the cream or sticks can be used for the under eyes. Thus, find out some very simple tips for applying concealer from the following paragraphs. More on how to apply concealer.
  • The first thing you should remember while following these concealer tips is, to have some basic tools for application. These tools are either your middle or ring finger, a wedge shaped makeup sponge and a small, slightly pointed or square nylon makeup brush.
  • Pick a concealer which is a lighter shade of your skin tone. It shouldn't be a drastic difference of skin shades but a slightly lighter one, as it will help to camouflage the dark areas. You can do this with either a liquid one or a cream and sometimes applying both on different areas of the face proves beneficial.
  • Once you have these tools and the concealer, you can easily apply concealer for dark circles and also to cover the unwanted dark spots on the face.
  • If you have a liquid concealer, simply put three tiny dots of it on your under eye area and pat them with your index finger. Do this until the concealer is well blended and then uniformly spread it around the area to conceal the darkness.
  • If you have dry skin, apply a light layer of powder to set the concealer, or try to use a cream or stick concealer in place of liquid. There are many liquid products which are waterproof concealers, to help prolong the stay of makeup.
  • Sticks and creams are more useful to cover zits, moles, freckles and under eye bags. Thus, to give an even and perfect look to your skin with this, apply it in the inner corners of nose, eyes and dark circles. Then gently pat the concealer with your fingertips and cover the entire eye area with it. Also, take a look at the best under eye concealers.
  • Another one of the concealer tips is that you have to apply concealer before you put foundation and thus, make sure your skin is cleaned and moisturized before application.
With these concealer tips, I am sure, you will get the finest skin base for your makeup. When you have a smooth and concealed skin tone, the makeup settles as well as stays for a longer period of time. So, try these tips and make your makeup look radiant and beautiful.

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