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Pink Lipstick 4 Olive Skin

By Rimlee Bhuyan

There is hardly any women whether old or young who goes out without a swipe of lip color or lip gloss. A woman might miss using a concealer or a foundation, but she hardly misses putting on her favorite lipstick. Although there are myriad of lipstick colors available in the market, most women would say that their favorite lip color is pink. And why not? A good pink lipstick can be used anywhere and everywhere. Be it a casual day event or a formal dinner party. One swipe of a beautiful pink lipstick and you feel instantly like a princess.

Pink lip color symbolizes romance so leave the red lipstick for ambitious women who believes in power play and the brown ones for a staid boardroom meeting. Choose a pink lipstick for your Saturday night date with that cute guy and bowl him over. But a word of caution. All pink lipsticks are not suitable for everyone. A tube that looks attractive might just not work for you. You need to choose a pink lipstick shade according to your skin tone and eye color. Here we will guide you on choosing the perfect pink lipstick for olive skin. More on cosmetics.

Choosing Pink lipstick for Olive Skin

If you have an olive complexion, then it's time to thank your lucky stars. Olive skinned women have a warm skin tone and can pull off almost all pink lipstick shades. To make sure that you do not make the mistake of purchasing a lip color that will make you look unflattering you should keep certain points in mind. More on makeup ideas.

There are basically two types of skin tones - warm skin tones and cool skin tones. People who have a very fair complexion with rosy cheeks have cool skin tone and those who have tan or olive skin have a warm skin tone. If you are still not sure about your skin tone, look carefully in the mirror in sunlight and if you see any flecks of yellow or brown on your skin, then it means that you have a warm skin tone. Choose pink lipsticks that have an undertone of orange and green as they balance out the yellow pigment present in the skin. When choosing best pink lipstick for olive skin, steer clear of any frosted shades as this makes your complexion look tired and jaded.

The basic thing to remember is that, darker your skin tone the more pigment you can wear. So you can go for some deep pink colors like fuchsia, berry, orangey pinks and deeper pinks with a hint of purple. Some great shades of pink lipstick for olive skin are Lancome L'Absolu Rouge in Voile de Rose, L'Oreal High Intensity Pigments in Black Cherry, Lancome Color Fever Lipstick in Pink in the Limo, Urban Decay Iconic Lipstick in Hotpants, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Pink Wink. Read more on
There are also different formulations of pink lipstick for olive skin available in the market that gives different finishes. You can choose from long lasting matte lipsticks to creamy pearl finish ones. Those who are reluctant to wear lipsticks with an intense pigment can also experiment with different lip glosses and lip stains in shades of pinks like rich berries and dusky rose. When you wear such a muted color on your lips, you can go ahead and wear bold colors for your eyes. Opt for smoky smoldering eyes in gray or silver which compliments the pink lipstick.

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