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Lipstick for Olive Skin

By Smita Pandit

Beauty is very important to most women. Every woman wants to look beautiful and that's when the makeup products come into picture. Wearing the right kind of makeup can totally transform a plain Jane into a gorgeous diva. Most women understand what a dash of color can do to their lips and this is why the cosmetic companies have come up with different types of lipstick colors. Since the markets are flooded with different types of lipstick shades, many a time, women get confused as to which shade will look good on them. If you are looking for the perfect lip color, you must take into account your skin stone. Though the world of fashion keeps evolving, but this is one rule that has remained unchanged. Fashionistas have been stating this fact for ages. A lipstick color that might look great on fair skin might not look good on those who have olive skin or dark skin. So, don't run after the shades just because you have seen hot models or celebrities flaunting those shades. Select a shade according to the lipstick color guide. If you have olive skin, go through this information on lipstick for olive skin.

Best Lipstick for Olive Skin

Skin tones are categorized into cool and warm undertones. If you have fair complexion with pink cheeks, you have a cool skin tone. Those who have yellow pigment in their skin are said to have warmer undertones. If you are planning to buy a lipstick for olive skin, make sure you choose the one that complements your skin tone. Here's some information on lipstick color that works well for olive skin.

Lipstick colors for olive skin include corals, nudes and browns. These will definitely accentuate your lips. Are you looking for the best shade of red lipstick for olive skin? Most women love the color red but not all can pull it off. Well, if you wish to wear a shade of red lipstick for olive skin, you can go for deep reds with brown undertones. Shades such as cherry red, crimson red and yellow based shades of red that have a tinge of gold also work well for women with olive skin.

Pink is one color that is loved by most women. If you are looking for the perfect shade for a pink lipstick for olive skin, it would be a good idea to go for darker pinks with yellow undertones. Fuchsia, berry and pinks with a tinge of orange or a tinge of purple are great shades of pink lipstick for olive skin. Pale pink don't really work well for those with olive skin, so make sure that you buy darker shades. Rich browns with red undertones and dark berry shades also look great on women with olive skin.

Wine, plum, raisin, bronze, copper, beige and taupe coral shades also compliment your skin tone. While selecting a shade you must also pay attention to the natural color of your lips. If your lips are naturally pink, you can check out nudes with a tinge of pink, peach or beige. Pink lipsticks with a tinge of gold also look stunning. A warm shade of orange is also worth a try. There is another thing that you need to keep in mind while buying a lipstick. If your lips are thin, you must not go for darker shades. It would be a good idea to go for sheer or shimmery lipsticks or lip gloss instead of the matte finish. Light and glossy shades will make your lips look fuller.

So, this was some information on the best shades of lipstick for olive skin. Besides looking for the best lipstick colors for olive skin, make sure that you pay attention to aspects such as size and texture of your lips. Get the perfect shade to get the perfect pout! 

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