Sunday, September 5, 2010

Natural Mineral Makeup

By Rachna Gupta

As is implied by the name, natural mineral makeup is made up of mineral elements. Natural minerals are finely milled, powdered and made pure in form before they are used in mineral makeup products. Each product is created by mixing minerals with other inorganic pigments to create a wider color palette. These products are made up of microscopic flat crystals that overlap each other on the skin to offer a layer that protects the skin from pollutants and allows it to breathe. Mineral makeup is ideal for people with problematic skin and fines lines as it offers a long lasting effect and lightweight feel. A word of caution, use mineral makeup in small quantities only, too much will only make you look overdone.

Bare Mineral Makeup
Loose mineral cosmetics are bare cosmetics. Such products do not have preservatives, oils or waxes in them. Bare mineral makeup powders can be used to cover up imperfections and accentuate your good features.

Mineral Makeup Advantages
The skin is exposed to pollutants everyday, we need to look after our skin and nothing is better than using natural makeup. Mineral makeup is preferred the world over because of the following reasons:
  • It allows the pores to breathe.
  • It provides comfort from irritated skin.
  • UVB (Ultra Violet Type B)and UVA (Ultra Violet Type A)protection up to SPF 20 available.
  • Is water resistant.
  • Does not contain talc or fillers.
  • Is composed of materials that do not support bacteria.
  • Is sensitivity tested.
  • Is environment friendly, and not tested on animals.
  • Are available in shades to match every skin tone.
  • Provides maximum coverage that looks and feels natural.
Natural Mineral Products
There are many mineral products available in the market which cover every aspect of makeup. A few of them are listed below, with tips for application.

  1. Blush/Bronzers
    Used to add a natural glow to your complexion, these products are hypoallergenic and long lasting. As they are in a concentrated form they should be applied in small amounts only. This product can be used on the lips and nails as well to give you a perfectly matched look!

    How to apply
    Blushers and bronzers can be applied using soft cotton, powder brushes with natural bristles or a fan brush.
  2. Eye shadow
    Made without additives, dyes, waxes or fillers, these products are each handcrafted. They go with each other perfectly creating natural, bright and beautiful effects. Mix them to create a color of your choice!This product can be applied dry or wet, so go ahead and use it the way you like.

    How to apply
    You can use an eye shadow brush made of natural bristles.
  3. Foundation
    The foundation is made of pure minerals and pigments. It does not clog pores and is non drying. This mineral product provides full coverage and sunscreen too. Skin imperfections like under eye circles are perfectly covered using the foundation.

    How to apply
    Use a soft powder brush to apply foundation.
  4. Body Shimmers
    Use this product while going out for dinner, on your wedding, a formal occasion or a summer evening. With this product you are sure to receive a lot of compliments and of course you are sure to shine!

    How to apply
    Body shimmers can be applied using a flat top brush or cotton ball. Lightly dust this powder onto your shoulders, chest and back.
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