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Raw Minerals Makeup

By Saptakee Sengupta

You might have noticed changes in your skin after application of chemical makeup and cosmetics. They leave behind rashes and eruptions, if your skin is very sensitive. Sometimes red bumps, pimples and acne may also be visible on your skin. A simple mistake can result into so much, isn't it? And you swear not to apply makeup any more. But do you really think it's the right solution? My answer is NO. There's one option that won't affect your skin after removing the makeup and that's raw minerals makeup. Read on to know the bounties of raw minerals makeup. Read more on natural mineral makeup.

Bounties of Raw Minerals Makeup

The history of raw mineral makeup dates back to ancient times. It's a well known fact that beauty and Cleopatra are inseparable. The famous Egyptian queen had immense affection for raw minerals makeup. Raw minerals makeup is a complete gift of Mother Nature with all its components being natural ingredients.

It's a composition of organic minerals derived from earth along with botanical extracts and anti-toxins. It is a safe alternative for chemical make up that are sometimes too harsh on your skin. Bare Escentuals was the first company to market raw minerals makeup. They produced a wide range of makeup cosmetics like foundations, eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes, compacts, etc.

Raw Minerals Makeup Ingredients

With organic and botanical combination, raw minerals makeup can be made absolutely safe for your skin. The key ingredients in raw minerals makeup are natural corn extract and soybean extract. Other components are active silk and vita firm complex. This combination also protects your skin from wrinkles. Active silk acts as an anti-aging factor and controls excess oil. Natural corn extracts give radiance to your skin. Soya extract has a balancing effect on the skin and prevents the skin from redness and eruptions. The vita firm complex retains elasticity of your skin and enhances the appearance and smoothness of the skin. Raw minerals makeup with SPF protects the skin from harmful sun rays.

Raw minerals make up kits are available in the market that contains all cosmetics necessary for makeup. The kit includes mineral foundations, mineral glow, blusher, concealer brush, foundation brush, active veil SPF and multitasking brush. These products are free from petrochemicals and parabens. They have no artificial color in them.

Raw Minerals Makeup Reviews

Reviews say that raw minerals are unique and do wonders for the skin. It gives the best natural make over to the skin and the quality stands highest amongst other natural make up brands. Regular application is safe for the skin as multi vitamins and essential skin nutrients revitalize the skin. The botanical extracts give a healthy looking complexion and nourish the skin to the maximum. The products are light and comfortable. They do not let the skin feel greasy, cakey or heavy. The skin looks fresh and glowing. It helps to reduce visible signs of aging and improves skin's elasticity. The products are non irritating and do not affect the skin's normal functioning. They are free from chemical dyes and carry no risk of allergy and irritation. Raw minerals makeup is also long lasting and has every safety formulation in it. You might also like to read about mineral makeup for oily skin and mineral makeup for dry skin.

Lauren Hutton's Aqua Elements raw minerals makeup is also a quality product. It contains aqua elements that do not clog spores. It lets the skin breathe and can be used daily. It has no drying effect on the skin and even after removing all traces of makeup, your skin feels hydrated and moisturized. Read more about powder mineral makeup.

There are also various mineral bronzers that can be applied to get a radiant and sun kissed look. These can be soaked with all ingredients that are healthy for the skin. Raw minerals makeup products comes as loose powder or can also be in liquid form. Read more on mineral makeup reviews.

Just opt for raw minerals makeup if chemical makeup is abrasive to your skin. The natural ingredients will beautify your skin and let you look young and rejuvenated. Try it! 

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