Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cornrow Styles 4 Men

By Kashmira Lad

Men hairstyles can be as fussy as women's hairdos! Surprised? Well, the men of today have a plethora of choice when it comes to dressing up their tresses. Gone are the days of short , blunt cuts or the neat and tidy, prim and proper look. Hair salons for men have an increasing number of demands that range from the wacky to the weird! At the end of the day, style matters, especially when it comes to making an impression upon members of the opposite sex! So, how far can a man go to get that uber-cool look? Let's take a peek at one of the hottest hairstyle that has been around for a number of years and continues to rule as a fashion statement.

Cornrow hairstyles have always been in demand amongst women as well as men. Cornrow styles for men are catching up in the fashion circuit. Cornrows are basically braided hairstyles that are woven close to the scalp area. Perhaps, one can call it a different version of the French braids. So, what has been the relation between men and the ever stylish cornrow braids? Plenty, considering the number of male celebrities that are caught on camera sporting cornrows. Often celebrities are seen adding an extra touch with colorful bands or clips that are used as hair accessories. African American hairstyles have always had their own charm although they do consume long hours for the entire styling process.

So, what are the different kinds of cornrow styles for men? What is the kind of hair care one would need to bear in mind for this stylish look? Here are some important and common questions in relation to cornrow styles for men.

Cornrow Styles for Men: Tips and Techniques
Always ensure you go to an experienced hairstylist. This will ensure you have a stylist equipped with the latest know-how and is professional in all aspects. Make sure you carry photographs along if you are looking for a particular kind of cornrow style. Many braid stylists often have a portfolio of their works.

The shape of your face also dictates the kind of hairstyle you need to opt for. Opt for styles that enhance your personality. For example, a man with a wide jawline should avoid opting for cornrows that are too short or woven close to the scalp. Hair should be grown longer in this case so that the braids can be tied behind by a colorful band. This adds length to the face.

The design of the cornrow always depends upon the creativity of the hairstylist. Besides, the length of the hair should be at least 10 cms. Length allows more flexibility for a stylist to create different patterns. Cornrows are never restricted to one particular pattern, the designs can be intricate depending upon the experience of the hairstylist. Some examples would be weave patterns, star shaped cornrows, creative swirls, geometrical designs, etc.

Ensure the hairstylist is gentle while braiding the cornrows. An extremely tight hairstyle will cause problems for the scalp such as hair loss.

Cornrows can be flaunted for a number of weeks. But, maintaining this hairstyle will require some amount of hair care. Hair can be washed even when styled as cornrows. To wash hair, use a shower with a mild setting. Always use a satin pillow at night to avoid the strands from knotting into each other. You can even opt to cover the head with a satin scarf at bedtime.

Cornrows can be a great option for any hair texture. In the recent times, cornrows are no longer known as just a hairstyle, these represent an artistic expression of the hairstylist. So, are you ready to add a new dimension to your personality?

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