Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Long HairStyle 4 Boy

By Stephen Rampur

The way we style our hair has a lot to do with our personality and the way we think. Boys who want to look simple and sober choose short haircuts. On the other hand, those who want to show their unique style and look different from the rest opt for long hairstyles. Long hair styles for boys are generally chosen by individuals who want to show off a funky look. Long hairstyles are there from decades; from the 1970s and 1980s till the 2000s. However, during this time span, many variations to these haircuts have come into the scene. Nowadays, teenagers who are music freaks are inspired by the rock hairstyles worn by metal band members in the 1980s. Let us get to know more about long hair styles for boys. More on mens hairstyles.

Medium Long Hairstyles for Boys

Typically, medium long hair styles for boys are those which extend till the shoulders. If you want to wear a long hairstyle without the need for much styling, such haircuts are the best alternatives. You can wear them straight or can pattern them to create a messy look. Such hairstyles would also look cute on teenage boys. If you want to take a look at fine-haired medium long hair styles for boys, the best place is to watch the sitcoms of the 1980s. The length of medium long hair can seem perfect for styling an emo or a scene look. A good medium long hairstyle is straight hair extending till the shoulders, and fringes sweeping to either side. A good variation can be a hairdo that is cut short on one side with the hair on the other side left relaxed till the shoulders.

Long Hair Styles for Boys

If you want to sport a long hairstyle but are also thinking about hiding it on certain occasions, you can set your long hair back with a hair band. A pony tail is also a good option for collecting all the hair at the back and getting your desired look when needed. While choosing long hair styles for boys, you most importantly need to make sure if it properly suits the face shape of the wearer. When it comes to long hair styles for boys, you also need to choose a hairdo that will suit the boy's height. It should not happen that the boy's head looks bigger than his body.

Wavy Long Hairstyles for Boys

A person can have natural wavy hair or such hair can be created. If you have natural wavy long hair hair, it is fine if you keep it relaxed on casual occasions. A mullet is also considered as a good long haircut for boys with naturally wavy hair. In a mullet haircut, the hair at the front is cut slightly shorter, whereas that of the back is left longer. It can also be referred to as 'formal from the front and casual from behind'.

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There are many variations that you can make in long hair styles for boys. Boys can wear any long hairstyle, but just make sure that the hair does not fall down the middle of your face, thus becoming a hassle in your daily activities.

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