Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pink Hair Dye

By Aparna Jadhav

Since pink is declared to be a unisex color, guys, girls, adults and teens, have started experimenting with this fresh hair color in many styles. There are many shades of pink hair dye which are used in many styles, but the most common is the atomic pink which is the brightest shade of this bold color. As pink is a complete contrast to regular hair colors like browns, black, and blond, highlights and streaks look better than a full hair color change. There are temporary as well as permanent pink hair dyes in this color and hence, you can choose however you want your hair to look. In these cases, there are no blunder risks as well, since pink can look good on almost every skin tone. Given below are a few shades of pink hair dye color ideas, so you can pick out your favorite and check if it suits you!

Best Pink Hair Dye Colors

Like the Atomic pink which is the brightest shade in pink hair dye, there are many other shades which can be chosen to suit individual skin tones. More than the permanent, people prefer to have temporary pink hair dye, as it is easy to remove and can be used to style your hair in highlights and streaks. If you want a very stylish look, you can keep your natural hair color and simply give it pink hair highlights which look gorgeous on short bob haircuts. Streaks however look very attractive on long hair, as the pink is prominent on the dark natural hair of yours. These streaks come in artificial materials as well, thus, all you have to do is clip them on and enjoy the color on your hair! We have a few more hair dye ideas using other shades of pink, mentioned below just for you, read on!

Cupcake Pink Hair Dye
One such shade in the many pink hair dye color is, the cupcake pink which is also popular. This color is a lighter version of the atomic pink, but on the glamorous side. The cupcake pink is a great choice for those who want to get a full hair color, since it is on the lighter side of pink. You don't have to bother if this is the right hair color for you as it will surely suit any skin tone, but only on people with extremely short hair. Pink suits hair which is either neck length or styled in a bob, long hair will look messy if colored in pink hair dye. If you want to use this color on long hair, highlights are the best choice, you can make to save yourselves from a blunder! Guys too can use this dye to color their Mohawk hairstyles.

Maniac Pink Hair Dye
This color is more useful if you want to get highlights, as it is too bright for a complete hair color idea. Guys and girls who have long hair can surely use this shade of pink to get a bunch of hair strands dyed in maniac pink. It is also used by many stylists to come up with unique haircuts and complement this color with their haircut creations. The maniac pink is usually tried on hair strands (a single strand with this color is very evident), hair tips, and sometimes even on the bangs exclusively to give your hair a classy look! Therefore, if you are someone who wouldn't mind, flaunting a color like this, your pick should definitely be the maniac pink.

Light Pink Hair Dye
The light pink shade in this color, is the safest hair color idea for those who want pink, but not too bright. This is a baby pink shade which goes the best with blond hair, but would look very elegant on dark hair color too. Light pink is very often used on bangs, hair tips, highlights, and sometimes to color the entire hair. Even though not many people prefer lighter hair color in pink as it is a very faded shade for an attractive choice, there are a few who are scared of carrying off dark pinks. When you decide to get your hair dyed in pink color, there is a whole palate you can choose from, hence make a safe choice with this dull yet catchy pink hair dye.

With these shades of pink hair dye along with some great ideas to use it, hope you found your choice of shade. Therefore, take your pick, and Go Pink! 

Article Source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/pink-hair-dye.html

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