Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Punk Hairstyles for Men

By Batul Nafisa Baxamusa

You may have heard of punk hairstyles for men or Mohawk hairstyles that are very popular with rockers and bikers. If you are looking forward to getting a new punk rock hairstyle for men and are confused about your choice, then this article will help you make up your mind. Let us now get on with the different Emo punk hairstyles for men or punk haircuts for men.

Punk Rock Hairstyles for Men

The history of punk hairstyles for men dates back to 1970's, when punk rockers or musicians dyed their hair and got a spike haircut. They used this hairstyle as a message to the society that they are rebels and feared nothing or no one in the society. Well, whatever was their message, the punk rock hairstyles for men became popular and sent a wave down the fashion world. Even today, individuals dye their hair, spike them and carry the punk hairstyles for men with confidence. The following haircuts, styles and ideas will help you give a broader picture regarding the various punk hairstyles for men. You can read more on men's hairstyles.

Liberty Spikes
The name stands for what it is synonymous with, the Statue of Liberty. In this updo hairstyle, the spikes run down from the front center in a straight line to the nape of the neck, the hair on the sides is shaved or cropped so short that the scalp is easily visible. The end result looks like the crown similar to the Statue of Liberty. You can even color the spikes or add highlights to the hair in a creative way.

This is among the cool punk hairstyles for men, that resembles a fan. You need to shave the hair from the sides and the unshaven hair in the center stands upwards like a fan. The hair just like the liberty spikes runs down from the front hairline to the nape. This is one of the few very popular Mohawk hairstyles for men.

Slant Hawk
In this punk rocker hairstyles for men, you need to cut your hair diagonally, such that it crosses from one side of the neck to the other side, that is, opposite to the brow.

Dread Hawk
Here, you need to add dreadlocks to your hair instead of the usual spikes. You can even create a liberty spikes look with the dreads or braid, tie, pleat or pull your hair back. You can also get more information from this article on braid hairstyles.

270 Degree Hawk
This is another of the great punk haircuts for men. You need to cut your hair from the back of the neck to the forehead in a straight cut. The cut needs to have a 270 degree angle, thus giving rise to the name 270 degree hawk punk haircut for men.

This is a little different from the traditional punk haircut for men. This hairstyles has two or three center strips, thus giving it the name bi-hawk or tri-hawk. The traditional punk hairstyles for men have just a single strand of hair at the center. The middle part between the spiked hair strands is completely shaved.

This is a great punk hairstyle for men who would love to sport a punk haircut for men, but want a subdue look. In this hairstyle, you need to shave off the sides and have a short strip of hair in the middle. This makes the beaver one of the popular short punk hairstyles for men.

Emo Hairstyles
The Emo punk hairstyles for men has been popular among the young blood for decades. The Emo punk hairstyles for men does not have a fixed definition and one can create many looks depending on one's individual interpretation. You need to have black hair that is spiked or highlighted with bright colors. You can have long bangs that are casually brushed aside to one side that usually covers one eye. Or you can have asymmetrical lines and spiky hair. The Emo spiky hair comes under the category of short punk hairstyles for men. You can choose different colors or two tone hair color that are in combination with black hair color. You can even go in for Emo punk hairstyles for men without the alternating hair color ideas.

Goth Hawks: This is among the extreme punk rock hairstyles for men, that is not a very popular style. The hair is wider than average and does not have any spikes or stiff fans like the traditional punk hairstyles for men. You need to have long loose dendrils and this punk haircut for men is associated with Goths and death rockers. This hairstyle is also known as death hawk.

Mini Mo
This is a type of short punk hairstyles for men that does not go beyond the back of the neck or to the forehead. The hair rests in the middle of the head. This punk hairstyles for men is also called portmanteau of miniature.

Glow Hawk
This is a new adaptation of the punk rock hairstyles for men today, where you sport the punk haircuts for men with bright dyes and in different colors.

Reverse Mohawk
This is another short punk hairstyles for men where instead of having long spikes jutting out on the center, you shave off the hair from the hairline in the front till the nape. The hair on the sides stand out giving rise to a reverse Mohawk look. Girls can get more punk ideas in the article on punk hairstyles for girls.

These are just a few punk rock hairstyles for men that you can try out. The punk hairstyles for guys is technically a rebel look and something your parents will never approve off. The attitude and panache that is created by these punk hairstyles for men, can never be achieved by any other style. You need to wear the Emo hairstyles for men and the punk haircuts for men with matching clothes, shoes, attitude and even more important, you should have the confidence to carry this look. I hope you have found some useful insights in this article on punk hairstyles for men.

Article Source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/punk-hairstyles-for-men.html

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