Sunday, June 20, 2010

Floral Bridesmaid dresses

If you haven't caught on yet, this week is going to be all about floral. From J.Crew's latest catalogue to H&M's Garden Collection, floral are everywhere. And rightfully so. When Target announced they would be collaborating with Liberty of London to offer a a line of clothing and home goods for smart shoppers, the trend all but burst open for all to enjoy. The question is, will it translate to bridal?

It's hard to find a floral bridesmaid dress per se. There are colorful bridesmaid dresses, floral embellishments on bridesmaid dresses and lots and lots of bridesmaids holding flowers, but a floral bridesmaid dress? Can it be done? (Duh.)

While I sort through a million or so growing gardens, here's a pretty look that makes me stop to smell the roses. Strapless floral dress by Blanco, an arm stacked with bracelets and a pair of nude heels stacked high. Perfection does exist. There. I said it.

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