Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hair Brush

i have curly hair and i was really worried with my hair brushes before. But last week my sister sent me revlon hair brush as a gift. When i came to know it is designed specially for curly hair then i was hoping that it would be just a fake statement. because i thought my hair never can be good with any brush. But after using Revlon Tunnel Vent Hair Brush 1ea, my hair surprisingly got bouncy and silky.Revlon Tunnel Vent Hair Brush 1ea great for blow drying my hair daily. It is very best for curly hair.

The vents in this brush allow the heat to go through the hair while drying my hair and it never built up any static in it.It is also great for styling and curling the bangs and feathered sides.

i was used to spend hours in brushing my hair but now i get ready in just 5 minutes and i m hanging out. it is easy to use in very curly hair and make me feel beautiful now. i m really happy, it changed my life

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