Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mobile Phone Purse

MOBILE_PHONE_PURSE Mobile Phone Purse Made of Pure Gold Woos People to Jakarta Jewellery Fair

There are certain things in life which are priceless, like getting to see jocks in locker rooms doing their business. There are also other things which come with a price, and that could come in the form of a golden mobile purse. Somebody found a mobile phone purse made of gold at the Jakarta International Jewellery Fair June 4, 2010 and it has been designed in Makassar.

The purse is made of 330 gram gold and costs $18,500. Now, it sure looks kinda outlandish, but it also looks too bling to be sophisticated. Moreover, you can’t even imagine walking around the streets with this purse in your hand.

You sure will attract the thug type of guys, instead of the jocks. Of course, they would be more interested in your purse than yourself. The purse has some really intricate designs and it could be a great symbol of the growing affluence of Indonesia.

The Jakarta International Jewellery Fair sure has caught attention thanks to this purse, which seems to be the real highlight. Perhaps, the show would reveal many more outlandish designs made of gold, diamond and platinum just like the purse here.

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